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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: A Full House (03/09)
« Reply #25 on: March 09, 2018, 07:45:15 PM »
Wheeeee, this family is just rapid fire bam bam bam with those point goals! I love it! It feels like a race again, just like a rival dynasty, hehehe. Sherilee is amazing, I love her and her personality so very much, her comments are just so entertaining and on point. I feel bad for the twins that they won't be able to complete all four aspirations--for some reason, it's become a thing of mine to always have my kids do all four, on top of being top-notch toddlers, just so they're skilling machines. But I have the time to do that, since I play on normal age span.

By the way, I don't know if you've noticed, but building social is much faster by just chatting with another sim compared to practicing speech. I can max social in a little over five-ish sim hours that way, and the same goes for Charisma. Obviously not five sim hours, but if you spam 'brighten day' seven times, then 'heartfelt compliment' seven times, then go on several rounds of 'compliment appearance, flatter, tell engaging story, compliment appearance, flatter, tell engaging story, etc etc' over and over again, it's just so much faster than a mirror!

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: A Full House (03/09)
« Reply #26 on: March 09, 2018, 08:07:32 PM »
I wonder if young Filly will grow up to be a spouse option? 
It's nice how everyone in the household seems to have a nice presence and role.  Of course, unlike your TGTD, no one has the role of deadweight  ;=)
I really enjoy Guadalupe's presence in the house.  She's just so pleasant and delighted to be in the house.  It's sweet  :=)

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: A Full House (03/09)
« Reply #27 on: March 09, 2018, 08:48:49 PM »
Haha, it's not supposed to feel like a race but I'm trying to gauge how much a single generation can accomplish on short lifespan.
The only household members who are earning points like crazy are primary spouse Jose and secondary spouse Colt. They both lucked out with easy first aspirations.
Sherilee's been doing Freelance Botanist since Day 2 or 3, while Lupe will probably never finish Friend of the World.
I'm fine with Happy Toddlers and with children not completing all their aspirations. There's only seven days, after all.
In my RDC, I started out skilling toddlers to Top-Notch Toddlers in four days. It can be done but it sucks all the fun out of simming, for me anyway.
If a toddler gets close to maxing all skills, fine, I'll give them the needed  boost. Otherwise, I'm going with Happy Toddlers on short lifespan.

As for Social/Charisma, I tend to play big households so what I prefer about the mirror, even though it takes longer, is that I can just leave a sim using the mirror and forget about them.
All I need to remember is to rally the troops and let them shower as needed. Thanks to the mirror, I can work with the other members of the house.
Priorities! Thanks for sharing your tips, though! There's always something new to learn about simming!

The game doesn't regard Filly as anything but Colt's daughter. But since Colt is Sherilee's secondary spouse, my legacy and I consider Filly a half-sister to the twins and Lupe's son.
So Filly will never be a spouse option for anyone in the legacy house.  I'm confused now. I've PMed you about this oh-so-important subject.

Oh yeah, it's such a treat being able to control the entire household, except our perfect butler who always does the right thing anyway. Tetsu is so perfect it's practically obscene!
Hound's Head gets no walk-bys at all, so Lupe's Friend of the World is quite difficult to advance without travelling...with toddlers, so no thanks.
Lupe's biggest contribution is freeing Sherilee to do non-gardening things. She's a relaxing presence (for me) because she can't accomplish much...

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A Sharebear Legacy: Gen2 Heir Vote!
« Reply #28 on: March 11, 2018, 08:27:41 AM »
A Sharebear Legacy 1.4: Gen2 Heir Vote!

Week 3/Monday

Alejandro: Thanks to those Focused potions, we get A's and finish Whiz Kids. Yay!
Benicio: Eh, we start Artistic Prodigy without even getting a break!

Alejandro: Not a fan of short lifespan, I take it?
Benicio: It's not that! We're working hard so that later generations can coast, y'know.
Alejandro: Yep, go us!

Sherilee: I drank my Potion of Youth this morning just in time!
And when I come home, I finally complete Freelance Botanist!
Lesson learned: Don't choose Freelance Botanist too early in a legacy.

Sherilee: I didn't get my Level 8 promotion today, so Jose's still ahead of me.
But he doesn't work again until Thursday, which gives me a window of opportunity.
I'm going to try to catch up and pass him, hehe.


Jose: Early that morning, we receive Filly's birthday notice.
In a bid to escape the darn cupcake factory, I volunteer to do the honors.

Filly: I'm a perfectionist (like Papa) with the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

Sherilee: Gregorio is in line to receive the Happy Toddler trait. You know what that means?
He's free to do whatever he wants until his birthday tomorrow.
No more toddler training for my generation!
Tetsu (whispers): She says that as if she actually engaged in toddler training. *stifles a laugh

Jose: Would you like to sample my crème brulée? This might be your only chance!
I sold the cupcake factory as soon as I maxed the Baking skill.

Also, I don't quite know how to tell Sherilee, but I've switched to the Big Happy Family aspiration.
I really want the Patriarch trait!

Alejandro: Where has this space gym been hiding all this time?
I love the outdoors! I'd much rather be playing on this than typing or gaming.

Benicio: Okay, I'm done with the Scamp thingarino.
I really hope we're not expected to finish Social Butterfly.
Alejandro and I need some free time. I only have one friend my own age!

Sherilee: Things have vastly improved for me after Freelance Botanist!
I'm done with Fabulously Wealthy which, as we all know, goes well with painting and camping mascots.
Colt's really helped me out in that respect.
And I can finally fully upgrade our Snapple stove and fridge!

Lupe: An almost perfect shot of Gregorio and me on a perilous space adventure.
Too bad Tetsu decided to photobomb it!
Tetsu: Hey! When Gregorio was a nooboo, I was the one who looked after him!

Alejandro: Mama and Papa say we don't need to finish Social Butterfly.
Benicio: We're just here to earn some easy satisfaction points, that's all.

Sofia: These must be the new legacy kids living in Brindleton Bay.

Alejandro: Papa says it's impolite to ask a lady her age, but are you too old for me?
I may look like a little punk kid, but I'll be a teenager either tonight or tomorrow morning.
Sofia: I'm already a young adult, kiddo. Maybe you should meet my younger sister, Elsa.

Alejandro: Thanks, but no thanks. We're not allowed to move in premade townies like you and your sister.

Benicio: But you're the cutest girl I've ever seen in my life!
Yuki: You won't think so when you hear my third trait. Besides, you're too young for me.
Benicio: What is your third trait, Yuki?
Yuki (sighs): I'm evil.

Benicio: Oh, that's perfect! I'm a genius so we could be evil geniuses together!

Filly: Would you like to hear my haiku commemorating my first visit to Casbah Gallery?
I'm merely a spare.
When you're just a spare, who cares?
Our butler, that's who!

Gregorio: Tell me about it, sister!
Sherilee: Hey, you two! Stop playing the pity card!


Alejandro: Luckily for us, our watcher miscalculated our birthdays, hehe.
We've had a whole extra day to hang out and take it easy.

Benicio: Alejandro gets to go fishing but I'm learning to play piano? How's that fair?
I know, I know. It's my burden as a Top-Notch Toddler.
Anyway, I'm just glad Alejandro and I can skip Social Butterfly!

Gregorio: Today's my birthday, folks!
With my red hair and green eyes, I look like I share DNA with the twins, don't I?
I'm the fifth redhead in this house, but Uncle Colt's the only redhead with brown eyes.
By the way, I'm a Genius aspiring to become a Rambunctious Scamp.

Jose: I'm glad I've the day off today so I can celebrate the twins' birthday with them.
Alejandro: No, Papa! No photos! I'm wearing a hideous outfit!
Benicio: And what is this hairstyle I'm wearing?

Jose: You boys look quite handsome even before your makeovers.
Anyway, your mother won't be home for eight more hours, so…

Sherilee: Well, I guess that clears up the mystery about those rosebud lips!
Jose: The twins have the color of your hair and eyes. Their eyes resemble yours, too.
Sherilee: Yes, but their lips and jawline are all yours, sweetness.


Sherilee: What luck that a single father with grade-school children moved in nearby yesterday!
Filly: I made friends with Rae last night. This is her brother Robert.
Once I'm friends with him, I'll be done with Social Butterfly! Yay!


Sherilee: I'm a little upset that I missed my Level 9 promotion today, but it couldn't be helped.
I spent my workday kissing hands and becoming the girlfriend of all my coworkers at The Lab. Well, that's why it's called an active career, right?
I also encountered a few strays to add to my count.

I'm just waiting for Jose to come home so we can go on those gold-medal dates.

Waiting for four songs to be written for Musical Genius on Short lifespan, ugh.
This is the moment just before Colt completes his fourth song!

Sherilee: In case you're wondering, Jose and I are as close as ever.
I'd told him a few days ago that I would be starting Serial Romantic.
Jose: And I told Sherilee about needing a third child for Big Happy Family last week.
Too bad you'd promised Lupe that she could adopt a child, Sherilee.

Sherilee: Yeah, I had the stupid notion that my secondary spouses should do something spouse-y. But that's just spilt milk now, darling Jose.
The question for today is: Are you ready for three sizzling-hot dates?

Jose and I have made "sacrifices" for our legacy--from now on, it's all uphill for the two of us!

Total Score: 29/103

In this legacy, I may do some pollinating for spousal options but never to provide children for Social Butterfly.
Pinstar says: "You MAY move in new families into the neighborhood during your challenge (keeping in mind that they can be used for friends, but not spouses) but you may not play them."
Dario Thomson and his kids Rae and Robert are clarabarke382's "Single Dad," a #legacyloves household.

Please help choose the Gen2 Heir

Short lifespan sure moves quickly!
In four more sim-days, Alejandro and Benicio become young adults!
The candidate with the most votes becomes heir; the other remains in the legacy house as cadet.
In the absence of votes, I'll choose the next heir on the basis of merit.

I'm trying something new for this heir vote. If it ends up being a hassle for you and me, I'll try something different next time!
Please read about the candidates, then click the link below to cast your vote.


Alejandro Sharebear

Traits: Angelic/Happy Toddler; Loves the Outdoors, Unflirty (YA trait: Foodie)
Aspirations: W. Kid/A. Prodigy/R. Scamp; Computer Whiz (Tier III)
Career: Retail 2 (future Tech Guru)
Skills: L7 Violin, L4 Fishing/Programming/V. Gaming, L2 Charisma
Favorite color: All shades of blue
Hobbies: Fishing, programming, FF XV, scoffing at PDAs

Alejandro: I have to say that fate was much kinder to my brother when we rolled for traits and our first aspiration.
Once I'm a young adult, though, you know I'll be killing that Tech Guru career!
And just because I'm unflirty, that doesn't mean I'd make a bad heir!
Anyway, my parents have held onto four VIP buckets which trivialize my Unflirty trait!
What oomph I lack as a Happy Toddler, I make up for by dedicated efforts.


Benicio Sharebear

Traits: Inquisitive/Top-Notch Toddler; Genius, Creative (YA trait: Loves the Outdoors)
Aspirations: W. Kid/A. Prodigy/R. Scamp; Fab Wealthy, Nerd Brain (Tier II)
Career: Fast Food 2 (future Astronaut)
Skills: L10 Piano, L5 Logic, L3 Painting/Violin, L2 Handiness/Rocket Science
Favorite color: Orange/brown combinations
Hobbies: Music, star-watching, Star Trek, shaking my piggy bank

Benicio: You're probably thinking: "Oh, Nerd Brain…yawn!"
Can I just say that, after maxing Fab Wealthy, I deeply longed to be an  Archeology Scholar.
But I came to my senses and picked Nerd Brain. Someone has to get that UFO plant!
Definitely after Nerd Brain, though, I'm picking Archeology Scholar…
If you're a fan of versatility, vote for me! I'm a creative genius!
P.S. Did you notice I was a Top-Notch Toddler, too?

To go to an external website and vote, please click here.

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Gen2 Heir Vote! (03/11)
« Reply #29 on: March 11, 2018, 11:20:49 AM »
I went with Benicio on the deep and meaningful basis of his looks and the fact that I like orange better than blue :)

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Gen2 Heir Vote! (03/11)
« Reply #30 on: March 11, 2018, 12:13:29 PM »
I must say of the two of them i must choose Benicio. He is a darling.
You are getting though the legacy pretty fast and also with a great amount of points. I am inspired to do my own legacy story again.

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Gen2 Heir Vote! (03/11)
« Reply #31 on: March 11, 2018, 02:08:16 PM »
I decided to be a bit different and go with Alejandro.  He has glasses and I do lol  That and the unflirty trait doesn't mean he won't be affectionate with a spouse.  I've had some very flirty unflirty sims XD

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Gen2 Heir Vote! (03/11)
« Reply #32 on: March 11, 2018, 04:34:46 PM »
I, too, went with Alejandro.  They are both nice looking guys, but I like Alejandro better.

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Gen2 Heir Vote! (03/11)
« Reply #33 on: March 11, 2018, 10:45:30 PM »
Team Alejandro!  I mean, he looks cool and he had the good taste to go after Sofia and I have a soft spot for her.  An older spouse could sill be an option, right?  Right? 
Anyway, a lovely update all around.  Can't believe how quickly things go on short lifespan!
Kudos to Jose for being such an understanding spouse!  Sherilee and her active career indeed!

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Gen2 Heir Vote! (03/11)
« Reply #34 on: March 11, 2018, 11:16:52 PM »
I went with Alejandro because unflirty has more comedic potential.

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Gen2 Heir Vote! (03/11)
« Reply #35 on: March 12, 2018, 12:14:32 AM »
I voted for Benicio! I just love the contrast of genius and creative, heh.

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Gen2 Heir Vote! (03/11)
« Reply #36 on: March 12, 2018, 11:47:50 AM »
I voted completely based on hair, but I'm not telling who I voted for because SUSPENSE!
Love your heir poll!

Jose is such a prince to look the other way about Serial Romantic. Could that guy get any more perfect?

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Gen2 Heir Vote! (03/11)
« Reply #37 on: March 14, 2018, 02:14:26 AM »
Thanks for voting! I'm a fan of orange and brown, too! Go ahead and be superficial! This is the sims we're talking about, lol.

I think they're both really handsome, but I'm shamelessly biased!
As for my score, I'm obviously going for the easy points first, haha. I was really anxious at first and whined a bit to FrancescaFiori and PeregrineTook about Short lifespan.
But now I'm really enjoying it and can't stop playing it, lol. The career-related points will be hardest, I imagine.

Alejandro aged up with those glasses and so I kept them. I'm glad they're twins. If they'd been identical triplets, I would have trouble moving one of the three out early, haha.

Thanks for voting! The twins each have the same number of votes right now. It's a bit maddening, haha.
Yeah, Alejandro is a little more modest--he's unflirty and isn't whizzing through aspirations like a hot knife through butter. :)

Oh come on, Pippin! Everybody knows that Sofia's no match for Yuki. Joking aside, I'm a big fan of geeky Yuki and her turquoise hair.
I'm avoiding all premade sims, since I know their traits already. Things are going fast not only because of Short lifespan.
Every birthday, I think: Oooh, I can't wait until the next birthday so I'll just play a few more sim-days. Rinse, repeat.
Also, I'm having trouble deciding on how I want to write about my legacy.
Part of me feels like I should explain/give proof how I'm earning points instead of a passing remark and a revision of my Legacy Scoring post.
Another part of me feels that's boring to read. So for now, I'm doing both and neither. Seriously, I'm still deciding.

I've played an unflirty spouse before and they're putty once they're alone with their romantic interest. Ah, you've played Raj Rasoya, I remember now!
An unflirty sim's response to PDAs is always funny.

Luckily for me, Benicio stays inspired when he paints and stays focused for handiness and rocket stuff.
I remember trying to have Lilith Vatore (also has the genius/creative combo) paint in a different challenge, and she would always get focused at the wrong time.
If I were choosing traits myself, I'd never pick that combo! I'm just not good at playing sims with it.

I don't know what everybody else thinks, but I'm rather liking the poll because--as you so aptly put it---SUSPENSE!
Erm, Sherilee and Jose both cheated a teeny-tiny bit for the Horde. I mean, for the sake of their legacy.
Sherilee did Serial Romantic but Jose needed to sire a third child for Big Happy Family. *coughs

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A Sharebear Legacy: You Say Stop and I say Go, Go, Go
« Reply #38 on: March 14, 2018, 02:29:39 AM »
Sharebears 1.5: You Say Stop and I Say Go, Go, Go

Jose: Any time you need help with an aspiration, honey, just let me know!
You're a Great Kisser!
Sherilee: Thanks, sweetheart, I know. I'm also done with Serial Romantic. Good riddance!

Jose: I earned a point for completing both Food aspirations in one generation.
Sherilee: Yep, now I've earned a point for one sim completing both Love aspirations!
Jose: Noooo, stop tickling me!

Week 3/Saturday

Jose: I take photos of our boys to use for painting portraits.
They're neck-to-neck in the polls! It's really close!

Well, they're identical twins so whoever wins, the Sharebear genetic pool doesn't change much.

Jose: Our nanny hasn't left for several days now, it seems.
I take advantage of her presence to have her mentor me in guitar.

Sherilee: Colt becomes an elder on our next birthdays, Jose.
Shouldn't you be learning painting instead?

Alejandro: I've started designing a mobile app.
Once that's done, I'll be stuck on Computer Whiz until my birthday.

Maybe I'll learn a skill nobody's finished yet.

Benicio: Mama and I just finished building a rocket ship.
I'd like to take it out for a spin, but it's time for work! Shoot!

Sherilee: After both boys leave for work, Mama Bear (that's me) gets busy.
Before their young adult birthday in three days, we've got to have a plan!

Let the spouse hunt commence! *leans back and blows a hunting horn
After checking the sims in our household's contacts, these three stand out.

Yumiko is the sole female teen in our simverse.
Thing is, a teen can suddenly acquire a non-unique trait on her young adult birthday. Risky!

Altman, Altman…why does that name sound so familiar?
Colt: Because Christine is my daughter.
Sherilee: You never told me you had a family!
Colt: You never asked!

Sherilee: Anyway, Christine shares two traits with my Jose. She's not primary spouse material.
Mariko, however, is perfect!
Attractive, unique traits, and I learn she works as a Chief of Staff.

To recap:
   • Yumiko Ishikawa (Teen): Lazy, Dog Lover (2 unique)
   • Christine Altman (YA, unemployed): Bookworm, Cheerful, Self-Assured (1 unique)
   • Mariko Okada (YA, L10 Doctor): Ambitious, Glutton, Vegetarian (3 unique)

I ask you: Is there any need to continue this spouse hunt? I think not.

Jose: The twins reach Level 3 in their teen careers.
Benicio: I max mine first! The fast food industry is the worst!
Alejandro: Retail wasn't bad but why did it take us three days for one promotion?
Benicio: Whatever, let's quit!

Week 4/Sunday

Colt: Hedging your bets, eh, Jose?
Jose: You know it! We'll be happy with whoever wins, since they'll both be staying.
And thanks for mentoring me to Level 8 painting, Colt.

Gregorio: There's only two children I can befriend in our simverse, so Social Butterfly is out.
How else can I contribute to this legacy!
*starts being repeatedly mean to the nanny.

Filly: Gregorio's trying to get the Insensitive trait, while I'm aiming for Compassionate.
Oh wait, never mind! You two won't be living here until your young adult birthdays.

Sherilee: We're finally at the Flea Market!
You're The Curator, dearest. Which MySims do we lack?
Jose: *pulls out a list then starts buying the missing ones

Sherilee: Nice! We only need the rare "Carl" to finish our MySims collection!
Jose: We were super lucky! The vendor sold me three out of the four rare MySims trophies!!!

Sherilee: When we get home, Watcher declares she's going to tear down our house and rebuild it.
Before she's done, I unexpectedly get notified that I've completed Mansion Baron.
Jose: Cool! We didn't even have to buy any violins!

Sherilee: Anyway, with so many satisfaction points,  I buy 2 more Potions of Youth.
Colt: Me, too! I buy Entrepreneurial and 5 Potions of Youth. That makes eight PoYs total.

Sherilee: Half the rooms in our new home still lack flooring and wall coverings.
At this point, though, I like this family room the best.

Sherilee: I invent a few serums while Alejandro works on a school project.
Both twins will grow up to be responsible with good manners, I'm sure.

Benicio: There! I'm done with Nerd Brain!
I so want to start Archeology Scholar but I can't just take off and head for Selvadorada.
Since I've already finished Renaissance Sim's first milestone, I choose that instead. *sighs

Sherilee: I have Handiness 10 and Fishing 7, so switching to Angling Ace seems like a good decision.
First stop, Forbidden Grotto. Uh, I mean, Forgotten Grotto!

I bring all my boys along to catch bait for me.
We haven't brought any food or moodlet solvers, so we're going home when our needs get low.


Sherilee: I caught five new fish at Forgotten Grotto, but our collection still lacks five.
The good news is that I'll only need three more for Angling Ace, when I reach Tier IV.

Sherilee: Oh, no! Benicio crash lands and gets Dazed. Quick, son, to the garden!
Benicio: Huh, what?
Sherilee: Eat the cowplant's cake then milk the cowplant for your Essence of Dazed.

Benciio: Why, Mama?
Sherilee: The operative word is not "why," dearest son of mine, but "for whom"?
Essence of Dazed will be quite useful for the death by electrocution.

Jose: Once everyone's left for school or work, I check my contacts for elders.
What lousy timing! All the original adults have already passed on!
There is, however, one non-nanny elder still alive in our simverse.
*mutters: I just hope she isn't one of those San Myshuno weirdos…

Eh, enough of that! Have I told you that my daughter Jordyn is now a toddler?
I'm surrounded by redheads!

Filly: I cake up as soon as I get the notice, not waiting for Papa Colt to come home from work.
Nobody's home except me and Uncle Jose, who's mysteriously busy.

I'm a perfectionist snob with the Mansion Baron aspiration which I insta-complete.
After doing the first tier of Musical Genius, I have enough to buy five Potions of Youth for a total of 13.
(The legacy total, not "my" total.)
No use hoarding those points. I'll be moving out tomorrow after Gregorio's birthday.

Alejandro: Mama is chomping at the bit to move in Mariko Okada asap.
Benicio and I both know her from somewhere. She's a nice enough lady and very smart!

Since our birthdays come tomorrow, we're both going to make friends with Mariko tonight.


Benicio: Yesterday, after Alejandro and I both befriended Mariko, I asked to take her photo.
This morning, I have Colt mentor me while I paint her likeness in that photo.

The portrait on my right doesn't count because I was only Painting 7 when I started it.
But I'm Painting 8 now, so my current portrait of Mariko will definitely count!

Meanwhile, in a far corner of the lot...
Guadalupe: I know Sherilee plans to move me out later today with Filly and Gregorio.
I never completed Friend of the World, nor have I maxed any unique skills.
I'm a Level 7 Chef but don't work for three more days. I'm just a slowpoke, I guess.

Until this moment, I've never done anything especially great for this legacy.
With my 2,125 satisfaction points, I buy one Potion of Youth and a moodlet solver for the legacy.
Farewell, my Sharebears! Know that I loved you deeply though ineptly.

Colt: Is that going to be my fate, too, Watcher?
Not at all. Unlike Lupe, you've maxed 4 aspirations and donated 9 Potions of Youth.
You've also mentored Jose and Benicio until they could paint memorial portraits.

Colt: So, do I keep living here?
There won't be enough room in the house, Colt. You'll simply move out.
Colt: Cool. I can live with that, literally.

Grim Reaper: You know, I'm really torn about having these Sharebears on my turf!
On one hand, I don't get paid overtime. Would someone please tell them that?
On the other hand, the Sharebears are doing wonders for my quota.
The Big Boss has noticed all my extra reapings and she's extremely pleased!
Kowloon the Cowplant: Moo?

Legacy Score: 40/103

Author's Notes

At some point soon, this family will be buying an additional lot to use as a museum to house collections.
I recall reading Pinstar's comment that we leave all our collections on the lot, but I'm going to store mine on a separate lot to minimize lagging.

The Gen2 Heir Vote
The twins have been tied for votes since the poll started two days ago.
Either twin will make a great heir which is why, I guess, they're equally popular.
If you haven't voted yet, please take a minute to cast your vote by clicking the link below.
Voting is anonymous, by the way.

I'm literally four or five sim-hours away from the twins' birthday.
Alejandro and Benicio are both friends with Mariko Okada.
Finished portraits of all three await on standby.
However, a certain something prevents me from exiting my game, hehe.
Somebody, please help break the current tie (but without voting twice, obviously).

Edited to add: The Gen2 Heir Vote closes on the morning of Friday, March 16th.

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Re: Sharebears: You Say Stop and I Say Go, Go, Go (+Gen2 Heir Vote) (03/14)
« Reply #39 on: March 14, 2018, 04:47:55 AM »
40 points Oshizu? In the first generation? Thats insane but very good.
And I give up, you got me, I am doing a Legacy on the short setting now... Couldnt keep myself from it, so the Petals will soon come to this forum. Must admit though, I set myself some restrictions so it becomes alot harder I think (and yes I am insane in that way)

I love your way of writing stories I am really entertained each time. And still rooting for Benicio

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Re: Sharebears: You Say Stop and I Say Go, Go, Go (+Gen2 Heir Vote) (03/14)
« Reply #40 on: March 14, 2018, 05:00:26 AM »
It has to be Mariko! And a vegetarian glutton sounds like fun! I've already voted for the twin. I went with the unflirty man because that has more potential to be interesting than creative / genius.

The house is looking really good with the plants and strong Salvadoradan influence. 350k value already. I guess that's the benefit of a full house. Cow plants still creep me out. I'll grow one for the aspiration and remove it immediately. Very good way to ensure 'dazed' though.
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Island Living Beachfront Mansion

It is a little thing of my own. I call it "Heart Foam". I shall not publish it. Farewell! Patience, Patience, farewell!

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Re: Sharebears: You Say Stop and I Say Go, Go, Go (+Gen2 Heir Vote) (03/14)
« Reply #41 on: March 14, 2018, 08:00:44 AM »
If you check your rear view mirror and look really really close, you'll see me trailing behind you in both points and timeline  ;=)
Sherilee's crew are doing wonderfully!
I was all set to ship Alejandro and Yumiko, but it looks like you're set on Mariko.  Too bad.  Yumijandro was really fun to say  :=(
I'm glad that you're having so much fun with your Sharebears.  As I recall, the TGTD was giving you some headaches, so it's a delight to see you enjoying this household so very much. 
Poor Guadalupe!  She did manage to contribute something beneficial to the household, even though skills, aspirations, and massive points managed to elude her.
Looking forward to finding out that Alejandro won and decides to marry Yumiko who becomes the heir!

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Re: Sharebears: You Say Stop and I Say Go, Go, Go (+Gen2 Heir Vote) (03/14)
« Reply #42 on: March 14, 2018, 06:24:57 PM »
A level 10 doctor with three unique traits? And she’s cute? Somebody marry that girl, fast! She’s a legacy jackpot!
Your new house is so gorgeous. I love the details on the exterior. Interior floor and wall coverings? Psssh! Who needs ‘em?
I’m also in love with your outdoor arbor-covered massage area. Your Sims have got it good!
Farewell to this generation of helpers! They are all so dedicated, and the know just when (and how!) to make their exits. :)

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Re: Sharebears: You Say Stop and I Say Go, Go, Go (+Gen2 Heir Vote) (03/14)
« Reply #43 on: March 14, 2018, 10:58:57 PM »
Wowsa!  Mariko is quite the catch!  *keeps fingers crossed for Alejandro*  I can't even believe how fast you are accumulating points!  *bows before oshizu*

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Re: Sharebears: You Say Stop and I Say Go, Go, Go (+Gen2 Heir Vote) (03/14)
« Reply #44 on: March 15, 2018, 07:25:18 AM »
Hello, I'm one of the silents readers.

So, I forced myself to choose.
I would have picked Benicio on the only basis of his toddler trait that make easier to skill up and he seemed to be the more "vocal" as kid, but I finally picked Alejandro because he has the long hair. Also, I like his name better, but to be really honest, it was the hair.

Your future wife seems to be a great catch.

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Re: Sharebears: You Say Stop and I Say Go, Go, Go (+Gen2 Heir Vote) (03/14)
« Reply #45 on: March 15, 2018, 06:49:12 PM »
-bites nails- The vote closes tomorrow? I can't wait to find out who wins, omg.

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Sharebears 1.6: The Founder's Farewell
« Reply #46 on: March 16, 2018, 07:17:33 PM »
Thanks so much for your kind words!
My score's the result of some lucky early choices that were not part of some carefully crafted strategy, haha.
I'm so excited to see how your legacy goes! I'm really hoping that your story summaries explain the struggles and happy discoveries that you make along the way!

@Heart Foam
Thank you for voting! For my house, I used a plan for a 5-bdrom Mediterranean style house which I modified for my full household. The notice about completing Mansion Baron surprised me. I immediately entered Build mode to check the lot value and it was around $298k.

Your points will accumulate as your legacy progresses, you'll see!
Yumiko is cuter, of course, but her YA trait might not be unique. Plus, I didn't know how long we'd have to wait until her YA birthday.
Also, doctor!!!!

I agree that Mariko's a real find! Did I mention I'm not a big fan of the doctor career? Doing it myself, that is.
Thank you for liking the new house! I was getting tired of seeing everything scattered around the yard and got bored with my misshapen Jungle Bungalow knock-off.
Thanks for noticing the wellness pergola. As you know, I usually just toss a massage table on the lawn and add a privacy screen or two, lol.
I'll do a Better Homes & Gardens tour once all the rooms are furnished.

A lot of my points were just dumb luck which I exploited to the max.
I explain a little of that in this update.

Thanks so much for dropping by to vote!
It's always fascinating to hear how simmers decide how to vote. The hair, eh?
That seems to be common theme this time, hahaha.
   Early in a legacy, finding a spouse with 3 unique traits isn't that hard.
But a spouse who also brings in a maxed time-consuming career like Doctor is worth their weight in gold.

Bite your nails no more! All will be revealed.
(And thanks for getting so into the spirit of things!)

Sharebears 1.6: The Founder's Farewell

Week 4/Tuesday

Sherilee: I hope you don't mind if I wax sentimental today.
You see, I realized with a start this morning that my generation is nearing its end.
My generation has been successful largely due to my diligent household.
Before the next heir takes over, I'd like to share with you some secrets of our success.

Before I begin, though, I wanted to show you our new sitting room.
While adding the final decorative touches, I felt an inexplicable urge.

I just had to hang this painting of butterflies over the fireplace.
Please don't ask me why, but viewing this painting makes me feel connected.
Strange but true!

When I quit my librarian job and traveled to Selvadorada, I had no idea what I was seeking.
Escape from a prosaic life? Yes! Adventure? Definitely! Romance? Not really.

But then I fell in love at first sight with the cantina's bartender.
Ever since, I have adored Jose deeply and madly.

I had no strategic plan to move in a mixologist, but Jose had Level 8 Mixology.
He's maxed all 4 cuisine-related skills and earned 5 out of 10 points in the Food category.
My beloved Jose has been a major factor in this household's success.
By the way, only after a household member has maxed a skill do we buy the related club skill boost.

Colt Altman, my former co-worker at The Lab, is another lucky find!
I naively thought his Perfectionist trait would be advantageous for painting.
Colt's paintings have contributed immensely to this household's wealth.
He won't max Master of the Real before moving out, but that's fine.

He donated a total of 9 or 10 Potions of Youth out of our current total of 21.
He earned a point in the Creative category for completing the painting and music aspirations.
As his final gesture, he's ensuring that that our Gen3 kids will have a friend their age.

You already know a little about our dearly departed Guadalupe.
Unlike Jose and Colt, Guadalupe had a habit of dropping queues.
In fact, the only skill we'd really hoped she'd max was Wellness, but she could never stay focused.
Guadalupe's unique contributions were cowplant essences, her son Gregorio, and her death.

Toddlers make earning points for maxed skills incredibly easier!
Toddler and child skills account for close to 50% of all skills maxed by this household.

Our first-born Alejandro takes a computer break to read up on Vampire Lore.
He hasn't maxed a unique adult skill, but he'll be first to master Programming,  Video Gaming, and Vampire Lore someday soon.

Benicio was blessed with an easy-to-finish first aspiration and he's never looked back.
His unique maxed skills include Logic, Piano, and Rocket Science.
And, yes, he's ready to install the rocket ship with a wormhole generator.

Filly, Colt's adopted daughter, is quite an accomplished young lady.
She was the first to max Social, Social Butterfly, and Charisma.
She insta-completed her first aspiration, Mansion Baron, and donated 5 Potions of Youth.
Today, she's been dancing her little heart out since morning.

Around noon, Jose's elderly "friend" passed away in our basement.
She'd been suffering from a terminal disease, it seems.

Grim: Oh hey, I remember you from this morning, over by the cowplants.
Why are you the only one who shows up to mourn around here, butler?
Tetsu: I don't know. Isn't mourning in my job description?
Grim: Doubt it.

Grim: So, what's it like working for the Sharebears?
Tetsu: Can't complain! Steady income, light housekeeping, friendly people.
Sweet private quarters with lightwells and an ensuite.
Grim: Rumor has it that you're even being considered as a future spouse…

Sherilee: Hush, Grim! Spouses come and go but a butler lives forever!
Tetsu is perfection as a butler. Why mess with that?
Tetsu: Awwww, shucks!

Sherilee: To my complete surprise, Gregorio maxes fishing as child.
Even I haven't reached Fishing 10 and I'm an Angling Ace!
He then ages up into a pear-shaped sim which our watcher immediately remedies.

Around this time, I get forced home early, thanks to Watcher's foray into CAS.
You do realize I only have one promotion to go, don't you?
Sorry! I had a knee-jerk reaction to Gregorio's pear shape!

Gregorio's first aspiration is Bodybuilder, which he can't start here.
But he does donate a single Potion of Youth, just like his mother Lupe.
As a parting gift, he adds an Essence of Playfulness to our collection.


Evie Delgato: Blech!
Colt: Sherilee, I do think your grandchildren will have a neighbor their own age!

Sherilee: Benicio had been waiting on Colt's "mission" to leave for Sixam.
Honestlly, I'd hoped to be the first to step foot on Sixam but Benicio's earned that right!
He quickly gathers alien fruit, geodes, and rare ores and crystals.

He returns with Mariko Okada, which is a timely but bizarre coincidence.
What exactly was Dr. Okada doing on Sixam in the middle of the night?

Alejandro's the one who's been working in the garden lately.
But he has only one more level of Vampire Lore to go, so Benicio plants his own harvest.

You're probably wondering how we've become so rich without all three Sixam plants.
You may remember that Colt, Benicio, and I have completed Fab Wealthy.
That added investment income has exponentially increased our household funds.

Sherilee: Filly masters the Dancing skill at last! Congrats!
Filly: I would've been done earlier if Benicio hadn't visited Sixam!
Sorry about that! I'd mistakenly assumed you'd keep skilling while he was there.

I'm happy to discover that Colt's two biological children live at Yuma Heights!
Gregorio is old enough to live on his own but would rather not.
When Colt invites him to move with him and Filly to Oasis Springs, Gregorio leaps at the chance.

Colt will be an elder tomorrow, so he can enjoy his remaining days as he pleases.

By this time, it's almost 5:30 am and I've mastered Fishing, too!
We need to get this show on the road so I'll have time to prep for work!

I phone in a birthday party and the boys cake up before the guests arrive.
Well, Mariko is already at the house, remember? I mean the other guests.

The party is going fabulously!
I make a toast to Jose and company on a successful generation.
Have 3 sims get playful. Check (We enable 2 playful paintings)
Make a group meal. Check (Benicio makes 8 servings of Caprese Salad).
Some goal I can't remember now about eating. Check

Everyone except Benicio has eaten 2 pieces of cake already.
Benicio's on his third piece, but the party goal won't register.

That's Alejandro at the other end of the table, chatting with Yumiko.
Christine Altman's sitting across from Benicio. She's wearing the fuschia hat.

The "Play games" goal doesn't register when 4 sims played games on their phones.
Four sims on a gaming console don't count, either.
I don't know what you think, folks, but I'm counting this party as a gold!

*sings: It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.
             You would cry, too, if it happened to you!

With the party over and done, it's time for the heir to move in Mariko Okada.
Throughout the vote's 5-day duration, Benicio kept a one-vote lead.
Watchette voted on the first day to avoid having to make the tie-breaking vote.

Thanks to everyone who voted! Congrats to Benicio, the Gen2 heir.

Benicio: Since you agreed to move in with me, I'm assuming you know what's in store?
Mariko: Oh yes! My Big Happy Family aspiration and I are on board 100%!!!
Benicio: Hey, I appreciate your enthusiasm!

Mariko: I hope this isn't too personal a question, but do you have the Fertile trait?
Beniciio: Erm, I haven't even had the woohoo talk with Papa yet. *blushes
Mariko: Whatever. Well, do you or don't you?
Benicio (shyly): Yes, I do. It's for gardening, right?
Mariko: Don't you worry about that. *pumps fist victoriously
What matters here is that your household has 3 vacant slots!

Benicio (whispers): Don't you want to get to know me better first?
Mariko: Listen, I'm just 11 days away from my elder birthday!
We can always get to know each other…uh, later!

Legacy Score: 44/103

Mariko Okada
In fact, Mariko is three days older than Jose and 6 days older than Sherilee.
So she'll be starting too late on Big Happy Family to ever finish it.
Jose, on the other hand, is very likely to complete Big Happy Family.

Alexandro's Love Life
Alejandro will need to have one child because Big Happy Family requires 4 grandkids.
I noticed at the party that Yumiko Ishikawa is a YA now, so let's hope she got an acceptable third trait.

Again, thanks so much for voting!

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Re: Sharebears 1.6: The Founder's Farewell (+ Voting Results) (03/16)
« Reply #47 on: March 16, 2018, 07:32:10 PM »
Yay, Benicio won! :D -victory dance- That was a lovely recap post. I still can't believe how quickly you've been slaying through the points! That 3 sims party goal bug is making me so sad :/ I wish they would hurry up and fix it, I can't throw a gold party to save my life now. I think you totally deserve to count it as gold.

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Re: Sharebears 1.6: The Founder's Farewell (+ Voting Results) (03/16)
« Reply #48 on: March 16, 2018, 08:12:57 PM »
Awww --sniffs-- Was so hoping for Alejandro.  :(  Oh well, Benicio is a cutie as well (just not my favorite :P ).  Thanks for sharing your secrets!  You are awesome!  Can't wait to see what this next generation of the Sharebears has in store ^^

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Re: Sharebears 1.6: The Founder's Farewell (+ Voting Results) (03/16)
« Reply #49 on: March 16, 2018, 09:52:17 PM »
Those party goals! They're the only blight in an otherwise perfectly planned legacy! I firmly believe that of you are playing all the requirements then it counts as a gold. After all game bugs can not be controlled by the player and you are certainly playing your legacy well. Looking forward to seeing what Benicio will get completed in his short life time. Bravo for playing on short btw!
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