Author Topic: Sharebears 9.94: The End of This Journey (Completed 13 Mar 2020)  (Read 49867 times)

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Sharebears 9.94: The End of This Journey (Completed 13 Mar 2020)
« on: February 27, 2018, 06:36:02 PM »
A Sharebear Legacy: Sherilee Sharebear


Legacy Scoring & Fellow Sharebears
Meet Sherilee and Her Sharebears (Legacy Stats)
House Tour (Third-Generation Home)

Story Index

Prologue: Thrill Seekers Represent!

Generation 1: Sherilee Sharebear
  1.1:   Meeting the Council
  1.2:   Tragic Miscalculation
  1.3:   A Full House
  1.4:   Gen2 Heir Vote!
  1.5:   You Say Stop But I Say Go, Go, Go
  1.6:   The Founder's Farewell

Generation 2: Benicio Sharebear
  2.07: The Boy Has No Patience!
  2.08: The Good-Luck Toolbelt
  2.09: Selvadorada Lite
  2.10: Toddlers No More!
  2.11: What's That Spot?
  2.12: Gen3 Jive
  2.13: It's a Sicilian Message (+Gen3 Heir Vote)
  2.14: Hustle and Bustle
  2.15: Sofia's Choice
  2.16: Never Can Say Goodbye
  2.17: Announcing the Gen3 Heir

Generation 3: Edamame Sharebear
  3.18: A Chivalrous Champion
  3.19: Earth to Elektro
  3.20: Notice Me, Perry Senpai!
  3.21: Slower than Snails
  3.22: My Hammy Vice
  3.23: CSI: My Hammy
  3.24: Peaches, Fish Eggs, and Potatoes
  3.25: Outdoor Antagonist
  3.26: Outdoor Enthusiast/Fail
  3.27: Toddler Pandemonium
  3.28: Taler du Engelsk?
  3.29: Our Chief Concern
  3.30: Maja Moves On (Gen4 Heir Vote)
  3.31: Gone to the Dogs + Heir Vote Outcome

Generation 4: Jaga Sharebear
  4.32: In The Black Mountain Hills of Dakota
  4.33: Shake a Tail Feather
  4.34: The Matching Headband
  4.35: Party People
  4.36: Monsoon Season
  4.37: I Can't Stop the Rain
  4.38: To Bee or not to Bee
  4.39: Wacky Weather + Gen5 Heir Vote
  4.40: Veterinary Victory
  4.41: 'Twas a Dark and Stormy Night
  4.42: Nobody But You
  4.43: A Time Slip for Real (Watcher's Note)
  4.44: Remembering

Generation 5: Kirsten Sharebear
  5.45: Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman
  5.46: Winter Wonderland
  5.47: Tripping the Light Fangtastic
  5.48: I Will Survive
  5.49: If There's a Cure for This
  5.50: Fangtasia
  5.51: Granite (Epic) Fails
  5.52: Indoor Retreat
  5.53: Our Own Fairytale
  5.54: Orange U Glad to See Us? (Gen6 Heir Vote)
  5.55: The Summer of Our DisconTENT
  5.56: Careering or Careening?
  5.57: Princess Purin
  5.58: Head 'Em Up! Move 'Em Out!

Generation 6: Omu Sharebear
  6.59: Eating for Three?
  6.60: Two, Too Adorable
  6.61: Last-Chance Toddlers
  6.62: Home-Schooling, for Sure!
  6.63: Holiday Overdose
  6.64: Oh, Well!
  6.65: Finders Keepers
  6.66: Never Gonna Give You Up
  6.67: Who Wants to Live Forever? (Gen7 Heir Vote)
  6.68: The Spousal Sprint
  6.69: Going Postal (Heir Vote, cont'd)
  6.70: Downsizing

Generation 7: Shiso Sharebear
  7.71: Size Matters
  7.72: Outgoing, Incoming
  7.73: Toddler Daze
  7.74: Another Drastic Decision
  7.75: One Tiny Secret
  7.76: The Winterfest Experiments
  7.77: The Teens Are Truckin'
  7.78: One BIG Secret
  7.79: The Boys Are Eggs-hausted
  7.80: Avast Ye, It's an Heir Vote!
  7.81: Gnome Is Where the Heart Is
  7.82: Coming Up for Heir (+Heir Reveal)

Generation 8: Teagan Sharebear
   8.83: A Breath of Fresh Heir
   8.84: Tarlock Steps Up
   8.85: Festival Fetish
   8.86: The Last Avatar, Um, Heir Vote
   8.87: So, Where Were We?
   8.88: You Better Shop Around
   8.89: Urchin Makes Her Choice
   8.90: A Little Legacy Management

Generation 9: Urchin Sharebear
   9.91: Get Lamous
   9.92: Upstaged by Papa!
   9.93: Buckling Down
   9.94: The End of This Journey

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A Sharebear Legacy: Legacy Scoring & Fellow Sharebears
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2018, 06:39:47 PM »
This is a casual variation of a familiar challenge, Pinstar's Legacy for The Sims 4, which we've named the Sharebear Legacy.
We will all begin with same founding sim and occasionally marry our heirs to the same sim one of us uploads to the Gallery.
You can read about the challenge rules and view portraits of the founders and heirs of various Sharebear Legacies on this forum in the Rules: The Sharebear Legacy thread.

Legacy Scoring

Succession Laws
Gender: Strict Equality (each heir must a different gender from the previous heir)
Bloodline: Strict Traditional (only natural born children are eligible to become heirs)
Heir: Democracy (chosen by reader vote; Random, if no votes)
Species: Tolerant (a child's species has no bearing on their eligibility as heir)
The "Meet the Sharebears" post below this one provides short descriptions of every household member plus a link to a family tree with portraits.

Score (the score is updated after a new chapter is posted)
10 points can be earned in each category, except for the Extreme Start point which is merely a handicap rather than a scoring category.
2 optional points can be earned if you own the Parenthood pack. (5 March 2018 update)
3 bonus points can be earned if you own the Seasons pack (24 June 2018 update)
For a detailed explanation of the scoring for each category, click here.

FINAL SCORE:  106/106
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Fellow Sharebears

Rilee Sharebear by PeregrineTook (Gen 4)
Hailee Sharebear by sdhoey (Gen5)
Shireen Sharebear by LenaLJ (Gen4)
Shari Behr by BallerinaHippo (Gen6)
Seamus Sharebear by wa-wa-world (Gen2)
Cherie Sharebear by FrancescaFiori (Gen2)
Ellie Sharebear by dontmindme (Gen2)
Chere Hebert by reggikko (Gen1)
Shae Berra by GlazeyLady (Gen1)
Charlee Sharebear by simfulicious (Gen1)
Sebastian Sharebear by Simfulicious (Gen1)
Aspen Sharebear by fanofaband (Gen1)

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A Sharebear Legacy: Meet Sherilee & Her Sharebears
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2018, 06:40:13 PM »
Meet Sherilee & Her Sharebears

For a link taking you to Sherilee Sharebear's family tree on the Family Echo website, click here.
If photos aren't displayed, go to the "Show" menu at the bottom center of the screen and select "Show photos." To display the legacy roles, click "Show professions."

In the following, the founder and each generational heir are distinguished by a green font and asterisk, their primary spouses by a brown font.
Please note that I don't list every aspiration completed by each household member.

     GENERATION 1: 6 sims, 2 careers
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

     GENERATION 2: 6 sims, 5 careers (incl. 2 teen careers)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

     GENERATION 3: 5 sims, 6 careers (incl. 3 teen careers)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

     GENERATION 4: 13 sims, 4 careers
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

     GENERATION 5: 5 sims, 9 careers (incl. Scouts)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

     GENERATION 6: 4 sims, 3 careers
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

     GENERATION 7: 7 sims, 5 careers
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

     GENERATION 8: ?5 sims, ?3 careers

Tristan Sharebear
Legacy role:        Spare
Traits:                 Fussy/Top-Notch Toddler; Neat, Unflirty, Snob (Good Manners, Responsible, Emotional Control)
Aspirations:         AP/RS/SB/WK; The Curator plus other aspirations
Career:               Scouting 5; Entertainer/Musician 10
Potion of youth:   not yet

Tarlock Sharebear (will move out)
Legacy role:         Spare
Traits:                 Silly/Top-Notch Toddler; Cheerful, Music Lover, Hates Children (Good Manners, Responsible, Emotional Control)
Aspirations:         RS/AP/SB/WK; Chief of Mischief plus other aspirations
Career:               Scouting 5; Politician/Charity Organizer 10
Potion of youth:   not yet

*Teagan Sharebear
Legacy role:       Gen8 heir
Traits:                Independent/Top-Notch Toddler; Outgoing, Good, Self-Assured (Good Manners, Responsible, Compassionate)
Aspirations:        RS/AP/SB/WK; Friend of the World plus other aspirations
Career:              Scouting 5; Social Media/Internet Personality 8
Potion of youth:  not yet

Aaradhya Kumar (moved in then moved out the same day)
Legacy role:        Primary Spouse
Traits:                 Clumsy, Gloomy, Goofball
Aspirations:         Angling Ace (Tier I)
Career:               Unemployed (retired nanny)
Potion of youth:   no.

Dianna (Faust) Sharebear
Legacy role:         Secondary spouse
Traits:                  Music-Lover, Bro, Snob
Aspirations:          Nerd Brain, R. Sim, plus other aspirations.
Career:                None.
Potion of youth:    not yet

     GENERATION 9 (?4 sims)

Ume Sharebear
Legacy role:         Heir candidate
Traits:                  Angelic/Top-Notch Toddler; Self-Assured, Art Lover (Foodie)
Aspirations:          AP/RS/SB/WK; Nerd Brain
Career:                Scouting 5; n/a.
Potion of youth:   

Urchin Sharebear
Legacy role:         Heir candidate
Traits:                  Charmer/Top-Notch Toddler); Music Lover, Outgoing (Snob)
Aspirations:          AP/RS/SB/WK; Jungle Explorer
Career:                Scouting 5; n/a.
Potion of youth:   

xx xx
Legacy role:         Primary spouse
Career:                n/a.
Potion of youth: 

xx (xx) Sharebear
Legacy role:        Secondary spouse
Career:               n/a.
Potion of youth: 
xx Sharebear
Legacy role:       
Potion of youth:   

     GENERATION 10 (? sims)

xx Sharebear
Legacy role:         Gen10 heir (firstborn)
Aspirations:         na/
Career:               n/a
Potion of youth:   n/a

b]xx Sharebear[/b]
Legacy role:         Spare
Aspirations:          n/a
Career:                n/a
Potion of youth:    n/a[/spoiler]

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A Sharebear Legacy: Thrill Seekers Represent!
« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2018, 06:41:01 PM »
Three of us are embarking on a casual variation of a familiar challenge, which we've named the Sharebear Legacy.
We will all begin with same founding sim and occasionally marry our heirs to the same sim one of us uploads to the Gallery.
Other rules may be set as we go along.
I created the founding sim but we will each give her a makeover.
Here's my version of the founding sim's prologue. Lights! Cameras!

Prologue: Thrill-Seekers Represent!

Hello there! My name's Sherilee Sharebear. I'm just your average librarian.
I'm nobody special. After high school, I left home to attend college like everyone does.

My bachelor's degree in Library Science wasn't as useful as I'd imagined.
Perhaps Information Sciences would have been a snazzier choice. Too late now.

It's just a day like any other at the Willow Creek Archives, where I work 9-5 with weekends off.
Sims float in, sims float out, they consistently put books back onto the wrong shelves.
My life is as exciting as heck.

Today, I have a little break between the lunch crowd and after-school crowd.
Sitting down, I skim restlessly through one of my favorite mystery novels.

Suddenly, my fingers graze a piece of folded paper between the book's pages.
I quickly unfold it, noticing with a shock that it's addressed to me.
What exactly is going on here?

All day, I'm bursting at the seams with anticipation. Who is this mysterious Senhor?
What will he have to say to me? Why is he acting all cloak-and-dagger?

I arrive at the appointed place at the specified hour but I decide to be on the safe side.
As you can see, I've chosen to go deep undercover. Like, deeeeeeep.

I spot someone else in disguise at the back table, but he's sitting with someone else.
Could he be the one?
Oh, yes! The man with the face mask waves me over.

Marcus: I'm looking for another job tomorrow! This joint is Weirdo Central.

Senhor (Ninja): I knew you would come, Sherilee. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist!
One question, though, if you're a Sharebear, why are you dressed like a racoon?

Sherilee: Because that's not where this prologue is headed. Sheesh.

Sherilee: I have a question of my own, Senhor.
I understand that you're my liaison but why's Oscar Mayer here?

Senhor: Don't mind him. He's merely an intern-in-training. He doesn't even rate a face mask!
We have more important matters to discuss.

Senhor: Don't lose focus, Sherilee. Before your life can change for the better, you'll will need to pass a rigorous trial.
You will experience a divine visitation within a dream vision where all will be revealed.

Sherilee: Okay, I guess I need to go home and sleep then.
After the dream vision, I'll let you know whether I passed the trial or not.

Senhor: I'll be waiting to hear from you, my friend. Best of luck, Sherilee!

Back at home...
It takes longer than usual to fall asleep that night.
I sleep fitfully, a shallow slumber. Then, suddenly, an image gradually comes into view.
Huh? Is that Oscar Mayer?

Luis Alejandro "Oscar Mayer" Ponce: Well, it took you long enough to get here!
Sherrilee: Where are we? What are you doing here? Why am I dressed like this?

Luis: Who me? I'm obviously dancing. As for your threads, maybe the raccoon rags don't travel well?

Sherilee: Bartender, help me out here. Is that guy, um, twerking?
Bartender: Heavens, no! That there's the latest dance craze around these parts.

Luis: Well, Sherilee, listen very very carefully. I have five words for you.
Sherrilee: Only five words? What are they? Hurry and tell me! I'm dying to hear them!

Luis (whispers): Pinstar's Legacy on Short Lifespan. *starts fading away
Sherilee: Wait, don't go yet! I have questions! Darn, I've woken from the dream! *sighs

The next morning…
Yes, that's right, Senhor. I met your minion Luis at a dodgy cantina where he dropped knowledge on me.
What I want to know is, when do I undergo the trial?
Senhor: Dear, you've already passed the trial, or else Luis would never have given you The Message.

Sherilee: So what's next?
Senhor: Check your mailbox, my friend. You'll find a manila envelope containing everything you need to know.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I ended up penniless and unemployed, while holding the deed to the Hound's Head lot in Brindleton Bay.

Succession Laws
Gender:    Strict Equality (each heir must be a different gender from the previous heir)
Bloodline: Strict Traditional (only natural born children are eligible to become heirs)
Heir:        Democracy (chosen by reader vote; Random, if no votes)
Species:   Tolerant (a child's species has no bearing on their eligibility as heir)

Author's Notes

On the official Sims forum, a simmer created a thread asking if anyone else wanted to start a legacy at the same time as her.
I think it's such a fun idea and would like to create our own version here at Carl's Forum.
My two co-conspirators should also be launching their own Sharebear Legacy stories in the very near future.

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Thrill Seekers Represent!
« Reply #4 on: February 28, 2018, 12:20:27 PM »
So much awesomeness!  Can't wait to see Sherilee's legacy adventure get underway  ;=)

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Thrill Seekers Represent!
« Reply #5 on: February 28, 2018, 12:53:36 PM »
Bwahahahahahaha!  I love it ^^ I'll be reading avidly, as always ^^

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Thrill Seekers Represent!
« Reply #6 on: February 28, 2018, 02:31:29 PM »
Sounds interesting -- I'll be looking forward to the 3 Sharebears.
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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Thrill Seekers Represent!
« Reply #7 on: February 28, 2018, 09:15:58 PM »
A dream vision that includes Oscar Meyer and twerking? A raccoon costume? Cloaks and daggers? Your prologue has it all, darling, and I am beyond hooked! I'm so excited to see how this all works out! Especially on short lifespan! Yikes!

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Thrill Seekers Represent!
« Reply #8 on: March 01, 2018, 08:22:20 AM »
Interessting concept, you have so many nice projekts going, totally jealous here

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A Sharebear Legacy: Meeting the Council (03/3)
« Reply #9 on: March 03, 2018, 08:01:56 AM »
I had so much fun with the staging parts, then felt rather harrassed during actual gameplay because the Short lifespan is so, well, short.

Thank you for enjoying the silliness!

Thank you for reading! :D

Lol, not "everything" by a long shot! Ugh, short lifespan...I'm rethinking that. It doesn't leave enough time for fun!

Thank you, LenaLJ! I am escaping from my Townie Dynasty to another challenge where I can control the entire household, hehe.

A Sharebear Legacy: Meeting the Council

Black Hair: Hey look, folks! I believe I hear splashing sounds from our teleportation device!
No Hair: Can you explain how that works again?
Black Hair: Using telepathy, I can summon the Sharebear in my simverse to our meeting venue.

Brown Hair: While you're at it, darling, would you mind summoning my Sharebear, too?
Black Hair: No can do, amiga. It only works for the Sharebear in the simverse where it's placed.
No Hair (mutters): Looks like a regular ole Decontamination Shower to me, mumble, grumble.

Brown Hair and Black Hair (in unison): No, it doesn't!

Black Hair: Ah, there she is now, my impudent little Sherilee Sharebear!
Sherilee: First a South American cantina, and now…just where the heck am I?

Sherilee (whispers): Hmmm, looks like I'm not alone here.
Could those three bozos be my abductors? Or have I wandered into a cosplay convention?

No Hair: Your Sharebear's got quite a mouth on her, eh?
Brown Hair: What did you expect, darling? She takes after her watcher!

Black Hair (left): Bozo? Is that a nice way to refer to your watcher, Sherilee?
Sherilee: Huh? You heard that? And you claim to be my watcher, even?

Black Hair: Yes and yes. Allow me to skip to the introductions.
The three of us form the Sharebear Executive Council. My name's oshizu, your watcher.

Brown Hair (right): And I'm FrancescaFiori, dear. I'm the sophisticated  member of this council.
No Hair (center): And that leaves me, Pippin, the most tenacious simmer. Nice to meet everyone!

Francesca: You poor thing! You're absolutely filthy. You look like you've been grubbing for frogs!
Sherilee: Maybe because I have?

oshizu: Yo, don't you have an outfit more appropriate for meeting your Executive Council?
Sherilee: Just a sec….how about this?

Pippin: Wrong movie, but we'll take it!
Note: I have been jokingly referring to the three of us as the Executive Council.
My Execution Executive Council scene is inspired by Francesca's passing comment that she envisions us as the Future Council from the film Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Sherilee: So, why have you summoned me here, Watcher?
Thanks to all your silly staging, I haven't even gotten around to buying my Knight Statue yet!

oshizu: No worries, Sherilee. You've been summoned so I can have you spread the word.
Sherilee: What word? I'm all ears.

Francesca: Any forum member is welcome to download the founding Sharebear sim and start a Sharebear Legacy, if you wish.
Our legacy challenge is based on Pinstar's Legacy. The more the merrier!

oshizu: You can find the founder on the in-game Community Gallery:
Item name: Sharebears
Hashtag: #sharebears
Once you've downloaded her, give her a new first name and a complete makeover.

Pippin: You also need to decide on your Lifespan setting and your Succession Laws.
You can choose whatever you'd like for these.
More details are available in the "Stories and Member-Created Challenges" board.

Francesca: We realize that's a lot to remember, darling. Here, I made you some leaflets to distribute.
Now run along and start your legacy while recruiting new Sharebears!
Sherilee: *turns around and is about to walk away

Pippin: Hey, don't forget to leave your offering, gurl!
Sherilee: Do I throw it in this fountain at the base of the dais?
oshizu: Oh come on! Don't tell me you've never made an offering before. Here, use this basket!

Pippin: Well, I think that went really well, don't you, Francesca?
Francesca: Of course, it did!
oshizu: So, who's going to host the next meeting of the Sharebear Executive Council?
Francesca: I’m game. Not immediately, but do plan on visiting my simverse for the next meeting.

Week 1/Sunday

The hours pass as my watcher has me, in her usual style, start fishing and frog-hunting.
I'm ecstatic to fish up a voodoo doll which sells for $950. Life's little pleasures.


By 2 am, I'm ready to go seek out my better half. I've done well on my first day, I believe.
2 cowplant berries, one dragonfruit, a pair of Whirlyflower frogs rank among my top prizes.

And here's proof that I bought the Knight of the Octagonal Table, before I stash it in family inventory.

Traveling to Selvadorada,  I rent the cheapest place and head for the only place open at this time of night.
I ask the bartender if he knows the Senhor or that dancing fool I've fondly nicknamed Oscar Mayer.
Curiously, he's never heard of either of them.

The bartender (his name's José Alejandro Ríos) is extremely nice.
I learn that he's a cheerful, self-assured cat-lover. Could his traits be more perfect?

What should I do now? I'd been hoping to kindle a flame with the Senhor.
You know, the man who initially contacted me by letter, the one in the ninja mask.
Yo, you don't have time to sit meditating about your options! We're on short lifespan, remember?

I like everything about José except that troublesome acute accent mark over the "e."
After I march right back into the cantina, we flirt, share a first kiss, and enjoy a gold-medal date.
We go to an archeological museum for our second date, which ends with a silver medal.

José and I are soulmates, engaged, and BFFs now, but we can't marry because I'm on vacation.
Apparently,  I can't make any more progress with my Soulmate aspiration in Selvadorada.
I can't even ask my fiancé to move in with me!

Well, there is one li'l thing I can do before parting from José and leaving Selvadorada.
Yep, eating for two! It's time to get back to my garden!

Moving in and marrying Jose were much easier tasks than I'd expected.
I create a legacy club, add him to it, and start a gathering.

Bless Jose's warm Selvadoradan heart! His aspiration is The Curator!


With Jose's help, I finish Soulmate at Desert Bloom Park, buy Connections, and join the Scientist career.
The many hours we spent there for our dates spawn lots of dig sites for Jose.


By Wednesday morning, Jose is done with The Curator except for a complete collection.
He does have enough satisfaction to buy Connections. After he buys it, he joins the Culinary career.
When we met, he was a bartender, remember?

We've saved enough to build an unskilled knock-off of the Jungle Bungalow, mostly unfurnished.
Our garden collection lacks only three Sixam plants, the trash plant, and that stupidly elusive UFO plant.
Maybe we can both collect postcards?


I have three secondary spouses now. Jose is self-assured, so he feels secure about my love for him.
On the far left, Colt Altman is my co-worker at The Lab, but I'm asking him to quit.
He's a good, perfectionist bro, so he'll make a great painter once he finishes Leader of the Pack.
Colt's a gem. He would have made a good primary spouse, if I'd met him sooner.

On the far right, elder Rhonda Schreiber has the highest painting skill at the moment.
Childish, insane, and hotheaded, she's just a temporary helper.
Too bad she won't live long enough to finish her Fab Wealthy aspiration.

You'll meet Guadalupe-- the seventh member of our household--another time, I'm sure.

I ask for family leave today so I won't be forced to leave work early to give birth.
I've been worrying that my pregnancy is problematic because it seems so long.
Who knew that a pregnancy lasts three days even on Short Lifespan?

I'm glad we have twin boys the first time around.
If I were to give birth again, I'd have to spend 6 days pregnant out of my 12-day young adult stage.
Doesn't that seem a bit unbalanced to you?

Anyway, here are our angels: Alejandro and Benicio.


My Jose has such team spirit!
He argues with Rhonda until she gets angry enough to paint an Angry painting!


It's past midnight when we get our twins' birthday notices.
Really, this Short Lifespan is no fun at all! I'm so worried about not getting the essentials done!

Our boys, however, are gorgeous! And they both have my red hair and green eyes.
That's angelic Alejandro on your left, and inquisitive Benicio on your right.

Author's note:
Timing is passing too swiftly with Short lifespan.
Sherilee is already halfway done with her young adult phase but has only earned one promotion so far.

Point-Grubbing: +5 points
Extreme Start/1 point
Family/1 point (for YA founder)
Love/1 point (Primary spouse has 3 unique traits)
Athletic/1 point (Sherilee completes Soulmate)
Popularity/1 point (20 gold-medal points)

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Meeting the Council (03/3)
« Reply #10 on: March 03, 2018, 09:12:42 AM »
Oh heavens!  I had things to say and then saw the adorable picture of the boys at the end and lost all thoughts to gushing about how cute they are!
Sherilee and her harem.  How twistedly cute  ;=)
Hey, that council member in the middle sure was a handsome bloke  ;=)  Loved your usage of the council!
Feelig very inspired.  Must go get in some Rilee time.  Really  ;=)

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Meeting the Council (03/3)
« Reply #11 on: March 03, 2018, 10:16:21 AM »
Hmm, in your note you refer to the Council as the Execution Council. Is there something about this challenge that poor Sherilee hasn't been told? Great setting, and it's nice to see all your simselves.
I'm amazed at how much progress she's made in just a week. And yes, the twins are adorable.
When the Zombies Come(Completed)--The Wisewoman of Forgotten Hollow

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Meeting the Council (03/3)
« Reply #12 on: March 03, 2018, 11:57:09 AM »
Lol!  Loving the Council ^^ Such a great idea.  Oh my, look at all of her help.  And those boys... oh my!

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Meeting the Council (03/3)
« Reply #13 on: March 03, 2018, 05:01:28 PM »
-dances around like a goofy fool- Wheee, another Oshizu legacy! I love the Sharebear concept, and I love your founder. She's making rapid strides, which is excellent since you're on short lifespan! I can't imagine trying to do a legacy on short--I don't know how you'll have time for everything! Are you modifying the point goals as well, to account for having less time?

Those twins are adorable! Red hair and green eyes, oh my heart! And the new wild/curly hair has to be my favorite toddler hair, hehe.

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Meeting the Council (03/3)
« Reply #14 on: March 04, 2018, 01:09:44 AM »
I get to be the sophisticated one??? La de dah! 'Scuse me. I'm just going to go and demand a little more respect and admiration from the other members of my household.
Jose is a total dream, and those traits! *drool*
The boys are too adorable, and two for two with the red hair and green eyes! High five, kiddos!
You have such a fantastic start going. The house looks good. The garden is amazing (natch). Good going, Sherilee! You make this councilwoman proud, darling!

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Meeting the Council (03/3)
« Reply #15 on: March 07, 2018, 10:42:00 AM »
@oshizu I am a bit confused by the secondary spouse thing. Are they just helpers or do they have a different role?

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Meeting the Council (03/3)
« Reply #16 on: March 07, 2018, 01:29:02 PM »
Awh Benico and Alejandro are adorable lil redheads!
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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Tragic Miscalculation (03/08)
« Reply #17 on: March 08, 2018, 02:50:25 AM »
Yes, Alejandro and Benicio are the most beautiful twin toddlers my sims have ever produced!

Thank you for catching my type--what was I thinking? Doing a legacy on short lifespan feels very different from a tournament challenge on short lifespan.
I appreciate now how the tournament has us focus on a select number of activities and goals.

Regarding the Council, it felt odd putting words in the mouths of the other Council members.
If I'm too cautious, they'll seem boring; if I go too far, I could lose some dear friends. :)

On Short lifespan, there will definitely not be time for "everything." When I played a Normal-lifespan legacy, maxing all the careers took all nine generations.
Still, I'm sure there will be enough time to have fun, if I accept a low score. So no modification of point goals. It's have fun or go home, hehe.

Haha, my bad. I realized only later that I should have had oshizu or Pippin describe Francesca as "the sophisticated one," instead of using a self-description. :) Still, it's true!
I'm so in love with these twins, though I usually favor dark hair, lol. They're even cuter as children!
Sherilee is moving forward so haphazardly, almost zigzagging but she has Jose. She'll be fine!

Haha, I wrote so many posts about secondary spouses during my Mori Legacy last year.
Usually, I only bring one in if the "true love" has duplicate traits; then I chose a "primary spouse" with 3 unique traits, but have children and all that with a secondary spouse.
According to Pinstar, a primary spouse doesn't necessarily have to be involved in marriage or procreation and one may move in multiple secondary spouses.
In a comment, Pinstar has written that a founder/heir could have a veritable harem of secondary spouses.
   In this particular instance, I invited in the three sims as secondary spouses for something you'll only learn about in the next update.
Are you ready to take the plunge into the Dark Side, reggikko? We haz cookies. :)

I'm so curious how they'll age up, since neither parent has their little rosebud lips.

A Sharebear Legacy: A Tragic Miscalculation

Our incomplete collection of emotional paintings snowballs into the unexpected.

Week 1/Saturday

Hey, Sherilee! Why are you looking so upset, girl?
Your life looks pretty perfect from where I'm sitting. What's the problem?

Sherilee: Arrrgggh, I'm so frustrated with my career!
After my first week, I'm still only a Level 5 Scientist!
In six more days, my adult birthday is coming already!

Actually no. Your birthday's delayed by three days due to your pregnancy.
Sherilee: Oh, so I'd actually gain three days by having more children! Hmmm.

You're doing fine, Sherilee. This is supposed to be fun!
Sherilee: It is? By the way, I accidentally misled our readers last time.
I said we're only missing the trash plant and the UFO plant.
What we're missing, in truth, is two Sixam plants, a lily, and a UFO plant. *sighs

Rhonda: I'm so excited!
Our emotional painting collection is complete except for the sad painting!
I don't have much time left, but I want to leave behind the sad painting as a memento.
I know, I'll summon a Tragic Clown! That should make me feel sad!

Sherilee: Oh no, you di'int! You are sassing the wrong sim, lady!
I'll have you know that I'm having an extremely bad day!
I don't care if you have bad hair, poor fashion taste, and the Evil trait.
You, Masami Nakamura, are going down! *points finger and does the head bob

Rhonda: Hey, Sherilee. I summoned a Tragic Clown but it never arrived. Have you seen it?
Sherilee: Who me? Um, no…

Masami: Mwahahahaha! I love riling  up the tourists!

Week 2/Sunday

Sherilee: Angelic Alejandro is such a treasure.
I've been busy with Jose's postcard collection and our garden.
Luckily for me, neither twin seems to care that much.

Jose:  This is our lively second-born son, inquisitive Benicio.
Just think! Five days ago, I'd never stepped foot outside of Selvadorada.
And now, instead of a cantina bartender, I'm a mixologist with a lovely family!

Life moves in mysterious ways.
(whispers: I must confess that I do miss Selvadoradan cuisine at times…)

Rhonda: I knew Sherilee was feeling beyond frustrated last night.
And then she met the Tragic Clown who pushed all the wrong buttons.
So now she's trying to drown that evil sim.

My new plan is witness the clown's death then paint the final sad painting.
Over 12 hours have passed already, but the clown seems oddly chipper.


Rhonda: My age bar began bubbling this morning and I can no longer wait on the clown.
My days in this household have been delightful.
Sherilee took me in even though my own children had turned their backs on me.
As a parting gift, I am offering Sherilee my life.

Jose: The mailperson delivers our 14th postcard, which completes our postcard collection.
Sherilee: I'm glad spamming all those penpals paid off! What's next after The Curator?
Jose: I'm switching, of course, to the Master Mixologist aspiration.

Guadalupe: Once Colt, Sherilee, and Jose leave for work, I panic.
After I go to work, would the toddlers be okay at home with the Tragic Clown?

I hire a butler (who turns out to be rather handsome, by the way).
Then, just in case, I take the day off from work, too.

Rhonda: This is how I have chosen to leave this simverse.
All my life, I have never achieved anything worthwhile.
Today, in death, I have a chance to become part of something bigger than myself.
*shouts: Guadalupe, I know you're home. Get up here and witness my passing! NOW!

Guadalupe: The portraits of Sherilee and Jose were painted by Rhonda.
Sherilee painted two emotional paintings; Jose, Rhonda, and Colt painted one each.
And I'm the one who contributed the sad painting, completing the collection.

Guadalupe: That's me chatting up--I mean, chatting with--the butler, Tetsu.
He's a goofball so he cheers me up a lot.

Did you hear I'm a childhood friend of Jose from Selvadorada? Just good friends.
My aspiration is Friend of the World and I work as a chef.
Since this household never leaves the house, though, I'll never finish my aspiration. *shrugs

Sherilee: No, that's not an inset showing my needs!
Those are the needs of our Tragic Clown, Masami Nakamura.
After nearly three days, I finally realize my miscalculation!
Tragic Clowns cannot die by drowning, hence I'm inventing a SimRay, hehehe.


Sherilee: Sweetheart, it's been 8 hours now and the Tragic Clown's running out of objects to transform.
Jose: Are you asking me to give up my MySims Trophies? Seriously?
Sherilee: You're a lifesaver, dear!

Jose: Why don't you just buy the cheap gnomes?
Sherilee: Because I didn't think of that until later. But I have some good news, darling!
After roughly 12 hours on that little podium, the evil clown finally burned to ash.

Grim: Wait, don't tell me! You Sharebears must be one of those Legacy families…

Sherilee: You're probably wondering why an upstart legacy like mine would have a butler.
Guadalupe hired Tetsu the butler in a state of panic but now our watcher insists we keep him..
Why? Because he shares the name of her deceased father. That works for us.

Sherilee: Speaking of parents, I might be the worst mother in the simverse!
With their angelic and inquisitive traits, the boys practically teach themselves!
Even so, can you believe they'll be children soon and I can't even "give a second wind"?

Sherilee: Look at my beautiful Alejandro. We gave him Jose's middle name, you know.
Sadly, I can never get back all the hours I chose to not spend with my toddlers!

Jose: Why is the cowplant drooling when I'm the one who will be eating the cake?
Just kidding. I know exactly what I'm doing.
I want to give Sherilee an Essence of Focused to help with her career.


Sherilee: Jose darling, thanks to you, I brought home a promotion today!
Jose: We all knew you could do it!
Sherilee: How was your day off? How are the boys?
Jose: I received the twin's second birthday notice in the afternoon.
Let's give Benicio a little more time. He's almost done!

Aljejandro: It's quite late when we finally age up!
I love the outdoors and I'm both a Happy Toddler and a Whiz Kid.
Benicio: I'm a genius, a Top-Notch Toddler, and a Whiz Kid.

Sherilee: Sweetheart, where did our boys get those rosebud lips?

Jose: Why don't we all go out and celebrate your promotion, Sherilee?
I hear Club Calico was torn down and replaced with a new lounge!

Sherilee: What a perfect idea! We've been stuck at home for days due to the Tragic Clown!

Jose: Sherilee, we couldn't have a real wedding but I brought you here so we could renew our vows.
Sherilee: Jose! When did you have time to buy me this wedding ring?

Jose: What do you think I'm doing all day when you're at work and I'm off? Hmmm?

Jose: Look at our sons, my love. Aren't they wonderful?
Sherilee: Yes, they are heartbreakingly handsome, just like their father!

Sherilee: Our nanny, on the other hand, is shamefully underdressed.
It's the last time we ever invite her out anywhere!

Sherilee: This has been a hard several days, but this moment makes it all worthwhile.
Even though we lost Rhonda, the Clown was a pain, and my garden isn't evolving...
Even though our nanny is a public embarrassment and my gown clashes with this lounge's décor...
Even though I'm worried sick that I will never reach the pinnacle of the Scientist career...

My beloved Jose, our gorgeous boys, my diligent housemates, our little spot of beachfront heaven.
I embrace these choices I have made. I would trade this life of mine with no other.

Point-Grubbing: +10 points/15 total
Creative/1 point (Gen1 portraits)
Knowledge/3 points (8 skills maxed)
Athletic/2 points (maxed 3 aspirations)
Nature/3 points (6 emotional paintings, postcards, all consumable rewards)
Deviance/1 point (1 Potion of Youth on lot)

(I plunked the 30x20 "Brazilian Wedding Venue" by thesimscake into the center of the 30x40 Club Calico lot.
Then, I added a kitchen, bathrooms, fountains, and greenery in the remaining 10x30 areas on either side.)

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Tragic Miscalculation (03/08)
« Reply #18 on: March 08, 2018, 03:48:32 AM »
What a speed you are going at andthe points are also racking up nicely.
Are you playing on the short time lenght?
Is that enough to get anything done?

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Tragic Miscalculation (03/08)
« Reply #19 on: March 08, 2018, 08:09:02 AM »
Awww, what a sweet update! there a Guadalupe and Tetsu boo in the future?  I mean, spouse options, amirite?
I'm really looking forward to getting to know the bays' personalities more now that they're children  :=)

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Tragic Miscalculation (03/08)
« Reply #20 on: March 08, 2018, 12:31:41 PM »
Yes, I'm on Short lifespan. It's nice that the toddler phase only lasts 4 days, but the career-related points will be harder--if not impossible--to earn.
Every sim is allowed one anti-aging consumable, though, so that will be crucial for maxing careers.
In the legacy I finished in January 2017, PoYs were more of a vanity item to keep the sims looking young.
Essentially, though, I'm fine with a low score--just an not abysmally low score.

Haha, I was just thinking about Tetsu earlier. Aren't butlers immortal?
The only children I plan to have in the legacy home are directly (but no always biologically) linked to the founder or heirs, but may include cadet kids.
Children born between Guadalupe and Tetsu would fall under neither of these categories.
I've had female sims move out pregnant in the past. Anything could happen. :D
Um, did you make a typo? You wanted to refer to Alejandro and Benicio as "baes," right?

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Tragic Miscalculation (03/08)
« Reply #21 on: March 08, 2018, 02:46:15 PM »
It was a beautiful ceremony even if it wasn't a wedding. Vow renewals are very important and I think they're well worth celebrating in style. Especially with such handsome young groomsmen! The boys are adorable!
I don't know where those sweet puckered lips came from, but they're darling!
Very nice score on the butler, too! He's quite handsome and no doubt useful to have around!
Your evil clown in the swimming pool shot is horrifically wonderful. I'm going to have nightmares. Good to know about clowns being drowning-proof, though. I wonder why?
Grats on the complete collection! Your Sharebears are really rocketing along!

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Tragic Miscalculation (03/08)
« Reply #22 on: March 08, 2018, 09:22:42 PM »
Um, did you make a typo? You wanted to refer to Alejandro and Benicio as "baes," right?
Hahaha.  Boys.  Not bays, nor baes.  Boys  :=)

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Re: A Sharebear Legacy: Tragic Miscalculation (03/08)
« Reply #23 on: March 09, 2018, 12:23:01 AM »
Those boys are adorable! And loved the renewel of vows ^^ The title scared me a bit XD

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A Sharebear Legacy: A Full House
« Reply #24 on: March 09, 2018, 06:38:57 PM »
We initially hired a butler rather carelessly but now we can't live without him!
I stupidly watched as that clown didn't drown for three sim-days, hahaha. Then I remembered that the tragic clown in my Mori Legacy died by fire. Do you think they're semi-immortal?
Fire seems to be the great equalizer.
The twins will be teens very soon. I can't wait to see what happens to their little rosebud mouths.

I'll have you know that both Alejandro and Benicio wept bitterly when they learned that they were no longer "your baes." Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Haha, I'm not sure why I even bother thinking up titles for each update. Probably because I enjoy it…
I ran into a new problem when I tried to throw a party at that venue.
It was Ghost's Night so, after changing the lot type a gazillion times, I couldn't throw anything but a failed birthday party there. (I used the Lounge category)

A Sharebear Legacy 1.3: A Full House

Week 2/Thursday

Jose: It's past midnight when we arrive home from the new Club Calico.
Alejandro and Benicio get right to work on Whiz Kid.

Jose: And I'm back practicing bar flair.
One more level and I'll be done with Master Mixologist!
Life outside Selvadorada isn't as tough as I'd expected!

I guess nobody's noticed that I'm now a clean-shaven sim with longer hair.

Guadalupe: The only thing I don't like about the Hound's Head is its isolation.
In Selvadorada, I just visit the marketplace and I'm surrounded by people!

Here, only a few sims visit the nearby Cavalier Cove each day.
Not the greatest place to try and become Friend of the World.

Guadalupe: You're probably thinking I'm like a servant in this household.
That's so far from the truth! Well, yes, I work in the garden but so does Sherilee!

I begged her to let me move in with her and Jose. I was dying to get out of Selvadorada.
She not only said yes, she also made me a promise that's coming true very soon!

Colt: Only one more masterpiece and I'm…oh the fire alarms!

Move away from the fire, Benicio! We're on full autonomy here!
Pretend like you're supposed to be experimenting and go talk to your plushie animal!

Colt: After putting out the fire, showering, and checking on Filly, I'm back at my easel.
And that small classic masterpiece signals my completion of Painter Extraordinaire.
I'm not a fan of sitting for hours at a time, so I switch to Musical Genius.

Alejandro: I love the outdoors so I prefer fishing to staying indoors. You like fishing?
Benicio: It's okay. It's nice doing something different for a change. I'm sick of the science table!


Jose: As soon as I get home, we all head for the Casbah Gallery, where I max mixology. Tada!
Sherilee: What next, Senhor Master Mixologist? Master Chef will be a piece of cake for you.
Jose: Good, because I'm trying to earn as many food-related points as I can!

Sherilee: Thanks to Colt's new aspiration, we are forced to be seen in public with our nanny again.
Colt, don't we know anyone else who can mentor violin?

Guadalupe: That's odd. He doesn't look Irish to me!

Jose: Has anyone mentioned lately how much we love our butler Tetsu?
He's a quiet gentleman but he's always there to take care of business.
He inconspicuously and autonomously cleans, gardens, and looks after small children. He is, literally, a godsend!

Colt: Did you hear that I adopted a little girl two days ago?
I shamelessly renamed her Filly, daughter of Colt.
She aged up to an inquisitive toddler this afternoon while I was at work.
Filly's buggy. We got the "Filly ages up!" toddler message four times. *sighs

Sherilee: I've heard from Colt that my darling Jose's left for work shirtless two days in a row.
Jose claims that he works as a mixologist at Make a Dish.
Do you think I should hire a private investigator? At least he's not wearing low-slung jeans, I guess.


Jose: After finishing work at 1 am, I earn a promotion and Lupe completes the frog collection!
I throw a dinner party for my Master Chef aspiration, which requires a silver medal.

Our party goals don't register so a gold medal eludes me, I'm sad to say.
But I can count 5 sims eating and dancing at the same time, can't you?

Jose: I'm giving up and ending this party early, folks. It's hopeless!
Sherilee: It's almost 6:30 am, anyway, dear. Time for you to buy three Potions of Youth.
Jose and Lupe: *drink and restart their young adult stages
Colt: *drinks and restarts his adult stage

Sherilee: I don't like myself much lately. Sure, I finished Soulmate but since then?
Unable to coax any excellent plants from the garden, I can't finish Freelance Botanist.
While I've only maxed Gardening, my dear Jose has whizzed through Cooking, Mixology, and Gourmet Cooking.
One more level in his Chef career and he'll max his third aspiration, too.

And it's not due to our lot traits! Our watcher forgot to set any lot traits until yesterday.
Let's change the subject, shall we? *cough
You need to set priorities, Sherilee: Freelance Botanist, handiness, and a full set of tested serums. Whaddya say?

Lupe:  You know, I was worried that Sherilee might not give me a Potion of Youth.
My charisma is only Level 2 so I may never finish Friend of the World. And I'm still only a Level 5 cook.
But I've contributed three cowplant essences so far plus, lately, I garden more than anyone else!

And today we're here at the park just so I can hit another milestone for my aspiration. Life is good!

Benicio: First Officer Jacob, look sharp! An alien flying saucer looms closer from the starboard!
Jacob: Uh huh, whatevs.
Benicio: Hey, play serious or go home! I hardly get out of the house except for school!

Lupe: I adopted a boy immediately after Filly's toddler birthday and he aged up to a toddler today.
I've renamed him Gregorio Sharebear, but don't you think life is strange?
Colt's Filly has black hair and dark skin like me, but my Gregorio has red hair and pale skin like Colt.

Week 3/Sunday

Jose: Max quality Baked Alaska, my second point in the Food category.
Sherilee: I must have some amazing karma from a past life, because Jose has been such a gift!
So very handsome and affectionate plus he's skilled to the hilt!
*whispers: I'm so relieved he's wearing a shirt to work again. He's mine, you hear! Miiiiiine!!!

Sherilee: Yep, I'm doing exactly what you think I'm doing.
It's taken me two full weeks to reach this point, but it's never too late, right?

Benicio (left): Why are we even bothering to level our Social skill?
Alejandro (right): I know, right? We'll be teens in two days and we still need an A for Whiz Kid!

Benicio: Well, I say we go back to playing Keyboard Commander. We can max that skill today!
Alejandro: So true! No way, we'll finish Whiz Kid and the other three aspirations in two days anyway.
Sherilee: No worries, boys. Filly and Gregorio can pick up the slack (we hope).


How is everything going these days? You seem happier now than the other day…
Sherilee: Jose has been incredible! He even completed the Master Chef aspiration today.
Colt's halfway through his second Creative aspiration and Lupe's been a great help, too.

What about the kids?
Alejandro and Benicio are doing great on their own.
Filly is in line to be a Happy Toddler so we just let her do what she wants.
As for wild Gregorio, we each spend a little time with him but rely heavily on our nanny.

Are you ready to age up? You'll get your birthday notice at 8 a.m. today.
No, of course not. I plan to wait 11 hours after the notice, then drink a Potion of Youth.

Sounds like Sherilee Sharebear and her crew will do fine.
Are you wondering about what role Filly and Gregorio will play in the Sharebear household?
As children, they'll each complete any unfinished aspiration and earn an A in grade school.
As teens, they'll move out soon after maxing a teen career not completed by Alejandro or Benicio.

Up next: Alejandro and Benicio as teenagers

Point-Grubbing: +9 points/24 total
Fortune/3 points (total worth: $228,920)
Knowledge/1 point (13 skills maxed/Mixology, Cooking, GCooking, Mental/Creative x2)
Athletic/1 point (max 5 aspirations)
Nature/1 point (Frogs)
Food/3 points (Baked Alaska, 6 sims eating at table, Master Mixologist+Master Chef)