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Sharebears 8.84: Tarlock Steps Up
« Reply #525 on: November 08, 2018, 04:34:14 AM »

The ninth generation has arrived!

8.84: Tarlock Steps Up

Week 18/Saturday (Spring, Day 7)

Teagan: We all bring home promotions to Level 5 today.
While Tristan's at work, Mama suddenly completes Big Happy Family.
That's how we know that Tristan's wife Louise has given birth to twins.

Papa is waiting for my fling, Rita, to give birth.
Hopefully, she'll have twins as well.
On second thought, why does Papa think he needs the Patriarch trait?
Mama's Matriarch trait affects Tristan, Tarlock, and I.
But Papa's Patriarch trait would only affect me. *shrugs

After Nerd Brain, my wife Dianna has started on Renaissance Sim.
Homestyle and Gourmet Cooking will be two of her needed Level 8 skills.

Look! Tarlock has had a change of heart about fathering children!
Apparently, he doesn't mind the making-of-babies stage.
It's everything afterwards that he dislikes. Or so he says now.

I'm just biding my time until Dianna is ready to be mentored in painting.
My online fanbase is slightly more than two million followers.

A shocking notice arrives about Rita, who's pregnant with my children.
In her 3rd trimester, she's wed some dude and moved to Windenburg!
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Week 25/Sunday (Summer, Day 1)

The girls aged up this morning and they're both sweethearts!
Identical, green-eyed twins! Only their hair color distinguishes them.
Since they won't need to hold careers, they'll be fine as Happy Toddlers.
By the way, we'll be calling our ginger "Urchin" instead of "Uni."
Less risk of mispronunciation of her name later in life.

Today we're celebrating New Skill Day for the first time in our legacy.
It says that "toddlers ignore this tradition."
But they reached Imagination 4 before I'd read to them for 2 hours!

Count me in as a big fan of New Skill Day!
My Dianna's been getting mentored in various useful skills.
And the toddlers qualified for the Happy Toddler trait by evening.


Rita gave birth to triplets last night
I'm glad to note that their last name's become Price like Rita's husband.
It's good Rita found someone but, dang, she got married quick.
(I wonder if Price believes those kids are his?)

Well, I guess I should go find some use for Papa's Patriarch trait.

Great-Grandma Kirsten and Great-Grandpa Takuya passed away this morning.
We hadn't invited them over for quite a while.
Whenever we went out, though, we'd always run into them.
I wonder if they ever regretted curing their vampirism.

With Great-Grandma's demise, we can add another holiday tradition to our legacy holiday.
She was a music lover, an insider, and a foodie.
To honor her memory, I've added the Art & Music Spirit tradition.
Will I still be heir when Sharebear Day comes around again?

Teagan: Hey, I'm sorry to hear that Annabel Amor got married.
Tarlock: I know, man! I'd planned to propose today after work.
But she married some guy the very next day after we hooked up.

Teagan: Yeah, I hear she moved him into the former School for Girls with her.
And with that timing, her husband will think your kids are his.
Tarlock: I can deal with her not wanting to marry me.
But I wish she'd stop calling me up for dates! Sheesh!

Teagan: You're not really just going to let her go, are you?
Tarlock: You're right, Teagan! Annabel and I belong together!
How did another guy come between us so quickly? Did she know him already?

Tarlock: I can't believe you married someone else, Annabelle!
Annabel: Really? I thought I was just a one-night stand for you.
Tarlock: I was waiting to get off work today to propose so you wouldn't reject me.
Be honest, Annabel. I'm the one you really love, right?
Annabel (sighs): I didn't know. I was worried about being a single parent…

Tarlock: You wouldn't be alone. My father could help out at first.
He's dying to become a grandfather!
Then, I'd move in with you as soon I've maxed my career.
Leave that other guy, Annabel. You know I'm the one who really loves you!

And so they marry, after which Annabel's ex moves out.
Then, Elvain moves in with his daughter-in-law, happy as a lark.


Today, we celebrate the Summer Solstice on a hot, sunny day.
By nightfall, we've all reached gold holiday status.
Not only that, but the girls have maxed all their skills already.
Have I already mentioned that I love New Skills Day?

Mama celebrates her adult birthday for the second time in her life.
No Potion of Youth this time around, though.


Teagan: Tristan and Tarlock have the day off from work today.
But I leave for work in three more hours.
I've already had two moodlet solvers this morning due to death notices.
The second one was for my primary spouse, Aaradhya Kumar.
I guess living in our house for that short while robbed her of immortality.

It's hard to believe our little girls age up tomorrow!

Tarlock: I'm still angry about that guy who tried to steal my girlfriend.
I hear he's been badmouthing Annabelle and me around town.
When I invite him over, he arrives tense and angry.

He gloats. Says he knew he was proposing to a pregnant Annabelle.
I pretend as if I don't care, even though I'm seething inside.
It's a heatwave but I ask to see his cold-weather outfit before we play chess.
He won't die of overheating, darn it, but he does donate to my charity.

Now that we're good friends, he lets down his guard.
He confides that convincing Annabelle I'd never marry her was too easy.
I'm not letting him off the hook for that, not ever!

The first Scent of Death gift I give him isn't fatal.
Instead, he ages from a young adult to an adult.
I give him another and he ages up to an elder.
One more gift for you, sleazeball!

Grim: That pathetic fool!
First, he proposes to the pregnant love interest of a Sharebear!
Then, he decides to go around bragging about it?
Anyone could have warned him that it would end badly.


In the early morning, our girls age up with their mother's big green eyes.
Ume is self-assured, while Urchin is a music lover.
Both Top-Notch Toddlers, they start out together as Artistic Prodigies.

I'm closing this update here.
As you can see, however, the girls are raring to go.
Make way for the ninth generation!

Legacy Score: +1 (98 points)
Seasons (1): Have 1 legacy holiday with 5 traditions

Household Stats
Shiso (Gen7 heir): 11 days to elder
Ronan: 12 days to elder
Tristan (5 days to adult): Entertainer/Musician 7
Tarlock (5 days to adult): Politician/Charity Organizer 6
Teagan (5 days to adult): Social Media/Internet Personality 6
Dianna (6 days to adult): full-time caregiver
Ume & Uni (7 days to teen): Scouting 1

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Re: Sharebears 8.84: Tarlock Steps Up (6 November)
« Reply #526 on: November 08, 2018, 07:06:50 AM »
So close to completion, the girls are darling beautiful :)

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Re: Sharebears 8.84: Tarlock Steps Up (6 November)
« Reply #527 on: November 08, 2018, 11:58:22 AM »
So much happened wow! Sorry to see Kirsten and Takuya go but they lived way longer than expected and now there are so many kids in the next generation it's great!

Story Progression randomly making anabelle marry a townie is so annoying! I guess that ended fine anyway though, no innocent sims were harmed in the making of this chapter (?)

Urchin and Ume are super cute! I think I lean more towards Urchin though
Gallery Id: Soda_Stealer

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Re: Sharebears 8.84: Tarlock Steps Up (8 November)
« Reply #528 on: November 08, 2018, 03:50:35 PM »
Grim's commentary about Annabel's ex-husband was hilarious (and so true)!  Don't mess with a Sharebear's love interest, dude.  And how dense do you have to be to accept three Scent of Death gifts in a row?  Glad it all worked out for Tarlock. 

Ume and Urchin are cute as can be.  I have an early favorite, but I'll wait to see how they grow up. 

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Re: Sharebears 8.84: Tarlock Steps Up (8 November)
« Reply #529 on: November 08, 2018, 11:26:28 PM »
So close to completion, the girls are darling beautiful :)
Shockingly, I have 16 in-game days left of actual gameplay. I might do a one- or two-day heir vote, LOL!
We were lucky to find such a lovely sim for the girs' mother!

So much happened wow! Sorry to see Kirsten and Takuya go but they lived way longer than expected and now there are so many kids in the next generation it's great!

Story Progression randomly making anabelle marry a townie is so annoying! I guess that ended fine anyway though, no innocent sims were harmed in the making of this chapter (?)

Urchin and Ume are super cute! I think I lean more towards Urchin though
It was time for Kirsten and Takuya to leave the world, I agree!
Even though I made sure to give them only Supernatural Speed before they moved out, they would come over and bat-teleport all over the house.
It made them awful mentors because they were hard to chase down, lol.
Once I figured out what was wrong with my MCCC settings, MCCC went absolutely crazy with the matchmaking and pregnancies.
The first "Marriage Check" day after I fixed my settings, MCCC arranged 13 marriages!!!
I was a little shocked that even pregnant sims involved with the active household would get swooped up into the marriage frenzy.
There's an MCCC setting where the Marriage Checks bypass sims who are already in a relationship; I guess I should have enabled that.
It was pretty funny, though. Tarlock gets a message that his girlfriend got married then she phones him up for a date...

Grim's commentary about Annabel's ex-husband was hilarious (and so true)!  Don't mess with a Sharebear's love interest, dude.  And how dense do you have to be to accept three Scent of Death gifts in a row?  Glad it all worked out for Tarlock. 

Ume and Urchin are cute as can be.  I have an early favorite, but I'll wait to see how they grow up. 
I didn't mean to make such a production out of Tarlock eliminating his wife's ex. But having the guy play chess in his cold-weather clothes during a heatwave didn't work.
Not sure why, but we've similarly failed trying to freeze a fisherman to death. Some sims must have temperature immunity or something.
But yes, I expected the "victim" to expire after one Scent of Death gift. I didn't realize that it would cause a non-elder to only age up one stage.

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Sharebears 8.85: Festival Fetish
« Reply #530 on: November 09, 2018, 05:57:45 PM »

8.85: Festival Fetish

Week 25/Thursday

Teagan: Our artistic prodigies only need to play an instrument for 5 hrs.
So, once again, we head to San Myshuno, hoping to despawn that festival!

We'd hope to learn some new City Living recipes.
Too bad that food stall vendor prefers to watch fireworks with us.


We stay until 2 am but the festival remains glitched. *sighs
Then, we try to go home but learn there's a vampire break-in.
I find two vampires in Casbah Gallery: Hajar Vatore and Uncle Elvain.
Thanks, vamps! We're stuck here with nothing to do.

Ume and Urchin are forced to do their homework on the pavement.
Hajar and Elvain both leave the Gallery at 6 a.m.
Go ahead, Ume. Make the phone call so we can travel home!

Tarlock and I both earn promotions today.
That's why he's back to collecting donations.
For someone who hates children, he sure likes trying for babies!

At Level 7 Charity Organizer, Tarlock gets serious about seeking donations.
But since our home lot draws zero walk-bys, he invites family over.

Papa and Grandpa really are close, aren't they?
I wonder why Mama asked me to keep close tabs on those two?

Ume: We've only got two more Scout badges left, Urchin!
Are you ready to start Rambunctious Scamp now?
Urchin: Yes, let's finish it by tomorrow afternoon.
We can start Social Butterfly after that.
Ume: Maybe we can just goof around on Sunday?
Urchin: Fat chance! *rolls eyes


Teagan: Today's Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Has a year already passed since my brothers and I were born?
We all change into pirate garb and talk like a pirate. Yarrrrr!

The girls earn their Keep Fit badge then attend a scout meeting.
Only their Civic Responsibility badge to go!
And now they're off to Cavalier Cove to meet people.

Urchin: You there! Chips ahoy!
Ume: Um, sis, I think that's the name of a cookie…

Boy: Why are you two dressed like pirates?
Urchin: We wanted to dress like Social Butterflies, actually.
Ume: Yeah, but today's Talk Like a Pirate Day, so…

Teagan: How did Tristan get so far ahead of Tarlock and me?
He comes home tonight with a promotion to Level 9 Musician.
Then, the smiling Wishing Well grants him a full promotion!
I wonder what Tristan wants to do now?
(Tarlock and I are still only Level 7…)

We'd been waiting for Tristan to come home and make a wish.
Now, Dianna and I take the girls to the Heartthrob Orphanage in Oasis Springs.
The six boys who live there won't be children much longer.

On the top row, Laurent's a goofball, Noe's outgoing, and Zef's a bookworm.
Below, Andy and Kade are geniuses while Jesse's squeamish.
They're all attractive boys; only one has red hair, sadly.
As for traits, well, we have re-traiting potions coming out of our ears.

Girls, make like Social Butterflies and invite them back to house!

Week 26/Sunday (Fall, Day 1)

Ronan: Well, this is certainly the life!
My son practices bar drinks and I learn Mixology vicariously!
Shiso: So, what now, Teagan? Will you ask Tristan to leave?
Maybe squeeze in a few more death types before the end?

Teagan: Tristan's not the one who hates children, Mama!
Tarlock gets a negative moodlet around our girls. He must go!
He's getting his Level 8 promotion tonight, I trust.

Ume and Urchin need one more adult friend for Social Butterfly.
I try hiring a nanny and one we've never seen before arrives.
Bazinga! Instant adult friend for the girls!
They'll be done with Whiz Kid in a flash, I'm sure.


Tetsu: Not that I mind donating $1,250 to your cause, sir.
But shouldn't you be taking from the rich and giving to the poor?
Tarlock: Have you taken a good, hard look at your fancy-shmancy bedroom lately?

Tetsu: May I point out that you've already reached your $5k milestone?
Tarlock: You know they're going to raise the bar after my next promotion!
I'm just trying to plan ahead. I want to go live with my own family!

Teagan: So here's another reason this legacy is ready to end.
At school, Ume's performance is a bit higher than Urchin's.
That's why I decide to check Urchin's traits.
Why in heaven's name does she have Professional Slacker?

For one thing, Tarlock and I are finishing up the last two careers.
Our watcher loves cheese but she wouldn't illegally equip traits.
If the game wants to glitch, at least give Urchin a more useful trait!
Like Savant or something!

Gah, I have not been paying attention to my promotion requirements!
Now that I'm a Level 8 Internet Celebrity, I need 10 million followers!
Tonight's the Humor & Hijinks Festival!
I'll just livestream a Let's Play The Sims Medieval for another hour.
I mean, The R.E.F.U.G.E…

This time, we household adults all drink the Pranksters tea.
Maybe we need to trigger the start of the Humor & Hijinks Festival?
Chief of Mischief Tarlock multi-tasks by asking for donations.

Ume: I thought we'd do something fun since we finished everything?
Urchin: Can you believe Mama had us bring our Doctor Sets?
Ume: Eh, while the adults are out there causing mischief…
Urchin: We're in the Casbah Gallery treating our sick bears.
Ume & Urchin (whine in unison): Life is so unfair!!!


We Pranksters naturally win the Humor & Hijinks competition.
And by 1:13 am, the festival has entirely despawned.

Take-away lesson: We needed to join the festival instead of just hanging out in the Arts Quarter?

b]Legacy Score[/b]: unchanged (98 points)
Nature (0): completed Musician; 35/37 career branches left

Household Stats
Shiso (Gen7 heir): 6 days to elder
Ronan: 7 days to elder
Tristan (0 days to adult): Entertainer/Musician 10
Tarlock (0 days to adult): Politician/Charity Organizer 8
Teagan (0 days to adult): Social Media/Internet Personality 8
Dianna (1 day to adult): full-time caregiver
Ume (2 days to teen): Scouting 5
Urchin (2 days to teen): Scouting 5

Up Next: Teen birthdays and a 2-day heir vote!
I'm planning to post a very short update later today.
It will include the heir vote which will only run until Sunday.

Chapter Notes

Heartthrob Orphanage: The six boys are some of my favorite Gallery sims, who I aged down to toddler.
One of them came pre-skilled, so I cloned him first, aged him down, then deleted the original sim.
Since aging the sims down to toddlers completely randomizes their traits, I feel these six are fair game for the final legacy spouse.

Humor & Hijinks Festival
It's gone at last! All that hanging around in the Arts Quarter previously had no effect whatsoever.
But as soon as my sims drank the Prankster tea, everything but the H&H Festival objects disappeared.
I wonder if the festival would have despawned if my sims had drunk the Jokerster/Prankster tea on a non-scheduled H&H Festival day.

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Sharebears 8.86: The Last Avatar, Um, Heir Vote
« Reply #531 on: November 10, 2018, 12:58:05 AM »

8.86: The Last Avatar, Um, Heir Vote

Week 26/Tuesday

Teagan: Are you ready to drink your Potion of Youth, Dianna?
Tristan: Isn't she a day younger than us, Teagan?
Dianna: Oops, maybe, but it's too late now!

Tarlock drinks his potion sitting on the bench on the front porch.
He's off to Cavalier Cove, collecting donations as usual.

Ume (right): Uncle Tristan, does the grind never end?
Urchin (center): Yeah, when does the fun begin?
Tristan: Well, I happen to be fishing for fun, girls.
Actually, I'm fishing to spend time with the both of you.

Teagan: Hearing about my follower fiasco, Tarlock checks his requirements.

Tarlock: I need $20,000 in donations for my Level 9 promotion.
Since I'm at $16,300 right now, I only need 4 more victims, I mean, donors.
I can take care of that tonight!


Tarlock: Well, this is it, folks!
I've made an offering and the Well glows white then smiles.
Wish me luck!

Good thing I cleared my inventory and packed up before work this morning.

Take one last look at my gorgeous face, people, cuz I'm outta here!
I hope the Well's hood doesn't bring bad luck to Teagan!
Maybe buy him a brand-new Wishing Well?

My family awaits me over by Dachshund Creek!
Did I tell you that Annabelle and I have two sons and two daughters?
Come on by for a visit, Teagan, but don't bring your kids!

See you around, you handsome, children-hating devil, Tarlock!

Teagan: Everyone's been working so hard! Let's go out for dinner!
Omu: Thanks for inviting me along, grandson! Your mom never invites me because…
Ronan: Hush! *elbows Omu

Ume: Isn't this only so Papa can do a shout-out to gain followers?
Urchin: Who cares? This is our very first no-skilling-involved outing!

Shiso: Pssst, Teagan? Isn't that Rita, your former…
Teagan (hisses quietly): Eyes forward, Mama. Our table's this way.
You trying to stir up trouble between me and Dianna?
Tristan: I know, right? This is why we don't go out much!

Teagan: I invited you with us tonight, Grandpa Omu, to share the news.
Our legacy will be ending soon.
Omu: And you've accomplished everything you need to do, grandson?
Teagan: Our score won't be perfect but it will be high enough.
And no, we didn't complete all the collections or achieve all the death types.
We're on short lifespan after all. We needed some slack to keep it fun!

Omu: So what's left?
Teagan: I need to max Internet Personality, which is the last career left.
Then, either Ume or Urchin become the heir on their young adult birthday.
Once the heir gives birth to a son, this legacy will be done.

Ume: Hey, Urchin! You're not spamming friendly socials on our no-skilling outing, are you?
Urchin: Erm, I'm just filling the time until our food comes, y'know?
Besides talking with folks is better than yakking at the mirror!

Ume: True dat. But, still, we don't even need Charisma!
It's not like we'll ever have to negotiate for a bonus, right?
Urchin: Isn't higher charisma better for getting a boyfriend?


Ume: Why are we eating Selvadoradan food at home, Papa?
Teagan: Because we waited until 2 am but the restaurant never served us.
Urchin: Why is everyone else sitting over there to eat, Papa?
Teagan: Why else? Because they're rude idiots!
Shiso: I heard that!

Teagan: Just a few more hours until the girls' birthdays!
Well, I managed to reach 10 million followers before my next work day tomorrow!
But my final promotion requires 25 million followers. *sighs

Ume: Almost everybody ignores me when I blow out my candles!
Papa continues chatting with Grandpa.
Grandma and Great-Gramps Omu can't even be bothered to look over.
Soooo sad!

Ume: Of course, everyone gets into party mode when Urchin cakes up.
It's like I was just there as warm-up for Urchin! Grrrr.

Ume (left): Whatever, we're both teens now!
Urchin (right): You shoulda known they'd be lame like that!
Remember earlier, how they wouldn't sit with us to eat?
Ume (shouts): It's time for our makeovers yo!

Urchin: Here we are in our everyday and formal outfits.
Hah, you know we're gonna spend all our time in our cold-weather garb!

And here are our traits and our first aspirations.
We won't get our third traits, though, until our young adult birthday. That's one week from now.

Please vote!

This will be the very last heir vote for this legacy.
To go to an external website to cast your vote, click the link below:

IMPORTANT: This vote closes on Sunday evening.

Legacy Score: unchanged
Nature: completed Charity Organizer career; 36/37 careers maxed.

Gallery Downloads
"Jungle Restaurant" by ladyloial (30x20): edited to include a table for 8.

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Re: Sharebears 8.86: The Last Avatar, Um, Heir Vote (9 November)
« Reply #532 on: November 10, 2018, 10:30:46 AM »
I voted, but it was a tough choice since they are equally beautiful.  Congratulations to all your Sharebears for being so close to finishing!

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Re: Sharebears 8.86: The Last Avatar, Um, Heir Vote (9 November)
« Reply #533 on: November 10, 2018, 11:00:23 AM »
So hard!  But I did have to go with the one that still has the red hair and that has archeology scholar. But they are both gorgeous.

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Re: Sharebears 8.86: The Last Avatar, Um, Heir Vote (9 November)
« Reply #534 on: November 11, 2018, 02:50:50 AM »
Heir Vote Re-Opened Until Monday Evening

I've reopened my heir vote poll to close on Monday afternoon instead of Sunday night.
No doubt, the result will still be the same but still.
Since I won't reach the girls' YA birthday until Monday afternoon, I might as well keep the heir vote open until then.

To go to an external website to cast your vote, click the link below:

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Re: Sharebears 8.86: The Last Avatar, Um, Heir Vote (9 November)
« Reply #535 on: November 12, 2018, 04:14:38 AM »
Cant belive it was already time for the last vote.
Thanks for reopening it, I wansnt home in the weekend to vote :D

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Re: Sharebears 8.86: The Last Avatar, Um, Heir Vote (9 November)
« Reply #536 on: November 24, 2018, 09:25:51 PM »
In case you've been wondering what happened to me, I've been on a reading jag for the past 2 weeks.
Thanks to a break from simming, I'm caught up with all the reading I'd hoped to do by November end.

Now, I'm hoping to wrap up this legacy and finish the 2019 Tournament's last challenge within the next week.
I'm pretty sure all sorts of weird things have happened to my game in my absence.
Regardless, my Sharebears will attempt to hobble toward their conclusion.

Thank you for stopping by! ;D

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Sharebears 8.87: So, Where Were We?
« Reply #537 on: November 25, 2018, 06:43:32 AM »

From left to right: Gen9 Urchin, Gen8 heir Teagan and his wife Dianna,
Grandpa Ronan and Gen7 heir Grandma Shiso, Uncle Tristan, and Gen9 Ume

8.87: So, Where Were We?

Week 26/Thursday (Fall, Day 5)

Vaguely familiar redhead: Hey, watcher! Remember me?
You changed your hairstyle, Ume!
Redhead: Eh, get our name's straight, watcher! I'm Urchin. Ume's my twin!
Anyway, I look pretty cool, right? A little more like our founder now.

True, true. Sooooo, where were we? I haven't seen you in over 2 real-life weeks.
Urchin: I believe the last time you logged in was soon after my teen birthday.
Yeah, I gave makeovers to those teen ophanage boys. They're dazzlingly handsome!
I almost caved and thought about having Gen9 complete the three new careers…

Urchin: But you didn't update and you've disabled Get Famous for now?
That's right. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and all that.
Oh and, by the way, congratulations on winning the Gen9 heir vote.

Urchin: My sister is gorgeous but she never stood a chance.

A big thank you to those of you who voted! 💖

Urchin: It's Founder's Love Day today, the anniversary of our founder's passing.
That's Papa Teagan. He's the current heir until my young adult birthday next week.
Mama Dianna is a descendant of Jaxton Faust. I get my green eyes and red hair from her.
Hey, watcher, are you having me introduce them to remind yourself who they are?
Um, busted? But some of the readers might have forgotten, too?

That's Grandma Shiso. I've heard some rather unsavory rumors about her.
Apparently, she had a child with three different men, around the same time.
But Papa says Grandpa Ronan is the only one Grandma's ever loved.
Sounds complicated.

Ume: Feels great to be a teen, eh, sis?
Urchin: I don't know. I mean, what are we 'sposed to do for a week?
Ume: What do you mean?
Urchin: Only three more things need to happen now.
One, Papa maxes his career. Two, I move in a spouse with 3 unique traits.
Three, I give birth to a son. That's when the fat lady sings.

Ume: So, we don't need to get good grades or finish our aspirations?
Urchin: Exactly.

Urchin: I've been hearing words about some Positivity Challenge, so I phone the coordinator.
Huh, a new Positivity Challenge aspiration? That's no good for Ume and me!
Just a sec! Lemme summon the rest of the household.

Ronan: It's nice to have something new to do for the rest of the week.
But what are we supposed to do with these packages?
Dianna: Who knows? All I can do is put it in inventory or place it in the world.
Teagan: Eh, my first priority is completing the last career: Internet Personality!

Urchin: So I've decided to drag along everything with me here to Selvadorada.
What are my options? Sleep at triple speed until next Thursday?
Nah, I'd rather play around with my Jungle Explorer aspiration.

Might as well take advantage of the fact that Ume and I have the day off!
Dem teen boys aren't going anywhere. We can always meet them on Sunday!

Ume: Obviously, I stay home to read my three books for Nerd Brain. *sighs

Urchin: I seem to recall that Uncle Tristan married Mama's twin sister, Louise.
Auntie Louise is pregnant (again).
Uncle Tristan, couldn't you pick a nicer spot to ask to feel the baby?
Looks like a fight's about to break out behind you!

Despite my lack of preparation, I've passed every gate obstacle successfully so far.


By the time I'm done exploring the temple, it's 8:05 am.
Quick, let's head home, folks. Ume and I still have time to attend school today!

By the way, I manage to bring home three rare Omiscan treasures!

We arrive home at 8:25 am, but Ume and I can't leave for school. Darn!
I was so lucky in Selvadorada during my recent trip!
The temple traps didn't give me any problems at all.
Somewhere, though, I picked up the three-day Curse of the Food Mirage.

Papa comes home with a promotion to Reality Show Contestant.
In other words, he's now a Level 9 Internet Personality.
Thing is, he's short about 13.3 million followers for his last promotion.

Urchin: I'm not going to even try to finish my Jungle Explorer aspiration.
Just for kicks, though, I buy that Madre statue to max my Selvadorada Culture skill.
Don't bother, people! It's faster to socialize with the vendors at Selvadorada.

After Papa completes his daily task, he jogs over to the Wishing Well.
A big smile breaks out on the hooded Well's face at Papa's generous offering.
We're all relieved when Papa gets a full promotion to Internet Superstar!
Papa is officially done with grubbing for followers!

Tristan: Congrats on maxing the legacy's final career, Teagan!
How great that we're dining out tonight to celebrate your success.
(Even though I didn't rate a celebratory dinner when I maxed Musician last week…)
Teagan: Thanks, Tristan, but it's not just about me.

Urchin: Uncle Tristan, I chose this restaurant because it serves Selvadoradan cuisine.
I'm trying to cure my Curse of the Food Mirage!
Teagan: Aren't we returning to Selvadorada tomorrow?
Urchin: I'd rather not, Papa. Completing Jungle Explorer is too much work!
Why should I spend so much time on an aspiration that's already been completed?

Teagan: So what's your plan until next Thursday, Urchin? Sleep?
Urchin: Hardly! Ume and I are going to go meet those boys we met as children.
Each of us will pick the one we fancy the most.
Then we're going to date every day until our next birthday.
Ain't that right, Ume?

Ume: I'm merely the Spare-in-Waiting, Urchin, so thanks for thinking of me.
It's sad to think that our time with this legacy will be so short. *sniff, sniff
But we're going to have a blast until it's over!
*whispers: May I move in someone and have a nooboo, too, sis?

When Papa goes to pay the check, the restaurant comps our meal.
The manager says it's because Papa's a star.
We're assuming it's because he's an Internet Superstar.
That has to be it. I couldn't avoid downloading Get Famous so I've disabled it.

Urchin: After all the time we spent in the Arts Quarter, what happened with Zombie Carl?
Teagan: Well, the Humor & Hijinks Festival finally despawned.
But afterward, the two food stalls spawned on the other size of the plaza.
Instead of facing the Casbah Gallery, they're facing the other way kinda.

Urchin: But we're still gonna keep checking, right?
Teagan: Might as well. *sighs

Ume: Hey, sis, I thought you didn't want to return to Selvadorada anymore!
Urchin: Believe me, I didn't. But just eating Selvadoradan food didn't cure my curse.
I don't want be dazed for the next days!
Don't worry, Ume. We'll be leaving right away. I just need to check one thing...

Ume: Check what?
Urchin: Remember how our founder married the cantina's bartender Jose?
I thought that it would be cool if maybe…
Ume: Nope.
Urchin: Right. Visit those guys in Oasis Springs tomorrow?
Ume: Finally!

Legacy Score: +1 (99 points)
Nature (+1): Completed Internet Personality career; 37/37 careers maxed)

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Re: Sharebears 8.87: So, Where Were We? (25 November)
« Reply #538 on: November 25, 2018, 11:40:55 PM »
Getting caught up on reading is a great reason to take a sim-break.  You picked a good time to do it, too, since you must have missed most of the worst patch bugs. 

How funny that your sims decided to stand in their positivity challenge boxes!  I hope they figured it out.   :)

It's nice to see that Gen 9 gets to relax a little.  The previous generations set them up well. 

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Re: Sharebears 8.87: So, Where Were We? (25 November)
« Reply #539 on: November 26, 2018, 01:14:16 AM »
Getting caught up on reading is a great reason to take a sim-break.  You picked a good time to do it, too, since you must have missed most of the worst patch bugs. 

How funny that your sims decided to stand in their positivity challenge boxes!  I hope they figured it out.   :)

It's nice to see that Gen 9 gets to relax a little.  The previous generations set them up well. 

reggikko introduced me to my first Reading Challenge in spring.
Since then, I've discovered that I enjoy reading challenges--yearly, quarterly, monthly--as much as I love sims-related challenges.

Even though I pre-ordered Get Famous right away, I have yet to play it. I couldn't avoid downloading it, but I immediately disabled it.
I feel like I have so much catching-up to do, haha. When I read the Get Famous threads, I have no idea what simmers are talking about.
Part of me wants to let Gen9 do the three new careers, but the more rational part of me says no.
I'm better off starting a test file and learning all the ins-and-outs of Get Famous gradually and leisurely.

No Positivity Challenge for my Sharebears, either. I want to focus on the Gen9 girls rather than run around trying to do good deeds, lol.
Still, I'm having trouble bring my legacy to a close, for some reason. Haha.

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Sharebears 8.88: You Better Shop Around
« Reply #540 on: November 26, 2018, 01:38:12 AM »

8.88: You Better Shop Around

Week 26/Saturday

Urchin: What are we doing here at Nacho Mama, watcher?
I thought Ume and I were on our way to visit the boys.
You just bought that restaurant, Urchin.
Urchin: Now? This late in the game?

Your household funds have almost reached the $9,999,999 limit.
To avoid possible lag, you can transfer some of that over to Nacho Mama now.

Urchin: Hey, I can't manage this restaurant at all, not even to transfer funds!
Eh, I guess it's because we've ignored the last two updates. Let's move on.

Ume: Well, here we are over at the orphanage again!
Urchin: Do you remember the boys from our visit during the Summer Solstice holiday?
Ume: I barely remember them, sis.
Urchin: That's because our childhood whizzed by in such a blur. But I remember Laurent and Noel...

Ume: So, do you know what you're looking for in a husband, Urchin?
Urchin: Well, Zef has two unique traits currently while Kade has only one unique trait.
But I'm going to pass on these two because I want our last heir to have red hair.

Ume: Are you talking primary spouse material? Because Zef might be…
Urchin: Nope, I'm strictly talking "future baby daddy."
Grandma says she's already found a young adult with three unique traits.

Urchin: Out of these six guys, I've narrowed my choice down to three.
Ume: What's wrong with Jesse?
Urchin: Sis, nothing's wrong with any of the six--they're all sweet and charming.
It's just that I have three other favorites, okay?

Urchin: This is Laurent Ernst. He is so stylish.
Our watcher might be in sim-love with Laurent.
Ume: He has awful traits, though.
Urchin: There's always re-traiting potion. But we're Gen9, girl.
At this point in our legacy, traits don't matter for a secondary spouse.

Urchin: The likelihood of Andy and I having redhaired kids is 100%. 'Nuff said.
Ume: And he's so cute with good traits! How could you hope to find a better match?

Urchin: In grade school, I had a major crush on both Laurent and Noel.
I don't know. If red hair wasn't a factor, I'd pick Noel! Or Laurent...
Ume: And what? I get your dregs?

Ume: I don't understand Laurent's appeal, Urchin.
His dark hair will probably dominate your redhead gene. And he has lousy traits, too.
What do you even see in Laurent?
Urchin: Um, I don't know. I've always admired a guy who can cook, you know?

Urchin: So, I decide to invite my three faves, my sister, and Jessie (for my sister) to Chez Llama.
When I reach the table, my sister has seated herself right in the middle of the boys.
I mean, that's where I was planning to sit! And she's chatting them all up. Sheesh!

Urchin: A little help here, watcher, please?
Sure, I'll just make sure that Ume chats only with Jesse.
Urchin: Thanks! I was having trouble focusing on ordering the food.

Urchin: Don't tell Papa, but I'm starting to understand how Grandma Shiso felt.
I wonder…

Urchin: Sis, I've narrowed my choice down to Noel and Andy.
Ume: Does that mean the other four guys are all fair game?
Urchin: Why are you in such a rush? You don't even need to have children before our legacy ends.
I'm thinking I might try for twins or triplets, even.

As much as I like Noel, Andy and I make such a handsome couple, don't you think?

Week 27/Sunday (Winter, Day 1)

Turns out that I have hours and hours to chat with my guests.
Our meal doesn't arrive until 3 a.m., though we must have ordered around 8 pm last night.

After our unforgivably delayed meal, I invite everyone to Narwhal Arms.
It's a pleasure to boogie down after being seated for so many hours.

There's just something about Laurent…

Ume: I'd initially considered Jesse like a hand-me-down and didn't take him seriously.
But I've since learned that we get along really well.
That is, I think we'll be great friends. I'm not really into… *looks over at her sister

Urchin: After watching Laurent dance, I find myself drifting toward him again.
He has an undeniable attraction. I can't put my finger on it.
I'm not convinced he's the man I should marry, yet I can't let him go.

I didn't realize you'd have so much trouble choosing, Urchin!
Urchin: All three of them have their appeal.
What if it didn't matter if your children had red hair?
Urchin: Then I'd choose between Laurent and Noel.

What if I said you could marry without having children right away?
Of course, in that case, three new careers would need to be completed.

Urchin: So I would become an actress while my husband and sister become stylists?
Then, based on their fashion sense, I would choose Noel. 
Would you really let me enjoy life with a family, extending the legacy for several more weeks?

Of course not! I'm just trying to help you choose!
Urchin: Oh...

Ume: I hear Urchin tell our watcher that she chooses Noel.
Does that mean Laurent has become a free agent?
I leave Jesse in mid-sentence to sidle up to Laurent.
Moth, flame, singed wings, the whole works. That man should be wearing a fire alarm!

Urchin: I guess you'll become a young adult before I do, Noel.
Noel: Just two days before your birthday, it seems.
Urchin: Well, what do you think about hanging out with me 24/7 until my birthday?
Of course, I have to attend school on Monday, but…
Noel: My pleasure, Urchin. Let's go someplace warm and romantic. What about Selvadorada?

Ume: Even though my sister claims to have chosen Noel, I have a nagging suspicion she's not over Laurent.
So I'll just sit over here by myself and wait for Jesse to return from the men's room…

Gallery Downloads

The six orphanage boys are not random NPCs spawned by the game.
They are sims I downloaded from the gallery, ageing them down to toddlers before adding them to the game.
Therefore, I cherry-picked their genetics but ensure that their traits are randomized.
Both Laurent and Zef came as pre-skilled sims, so I cloned them, then aged down the clones to toddlers to add to my game.

"Cute Guy" (Noel Parris) by Rhisk
"Raggedy Ann & Andy Today" (Andy Raggedy) by Rhisk
"Ernst♥" (Lauren Ernst) by 12mich06 (cloned to avoid pre-existing skills)
"Zef Legand" by 12mich06 (cloned to avoid pre-existing skills)
"Kade Lamar" by Lenti299
"Jesse* nocc" (Jesse Cassleberry) by 96LangerLui99

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Sharebears 8.89: Urchin Makes Her Choice (28 November)
« Reply #541 on: November 29, 2018, 01:33:52 AM »

8.89: Urchin Makes Her Choice

Week 27/Sunday (Winter, Day 1)

Noel: I thought you'd invited me on a trip to Selvadorada?
Urchin: Yes, but we just learned that my Great-Grandpa Omu passed away yesterday.
Papa wants to collect his urn. It won't take long.

Teagan: I'm still the current heir, you know!
I'm just letting Urchin narrate early, since she won't spend long in our legacy.

Anyway, I obviously haven't visited Chateau Frise for quite a while.
I find the urns of  my great-grandparents Kirsten and Takuya and Grandpa Omu.
The fourth urn belongs to my primary spouse, that ex-nanny.

My daughter's eager to be off but I take the time to offer comfort to Grandma Amanda.
She'll surely be joining Grandpa Omu soon.

With the passing of Grandpa Omu, our Gen6 heir, we can add tradition to a legacy holiday.
Founder's Love Day commemorates the anniversary of our founder Sherilee's demise.

Party Animal was Grandpa Omu's first aspiration, so the Party Spirit tradition makes a good match.

Urchin: Papa, why did the whole household come with us to Selvadorada?
Teagan: I have no idea, Urchin. I only invited you and your young man.
Urchin: Please send everyone home, okay? Especially Mama! She's making eyes at Noel!

Urchin (to herself): We're good friends, so I thought he'd be easier to seduce than this.
But he keeps going upstairs to get a book and even rejected a few of my advances at first.
Maybe he's nervous because my father's with us?

Teagan: I'm painting as fast as I can, daughter dear.
As soon as I finish Noel's portrait, I'm going home.
You might be wondering why I'm painting Noel's portrait already.
According to our tradition, the heir's marriage partner always gets the large portrait.

With Noel's traits, he can only become the secondary spouse.
But my daughter seems to have her heart set on Noel.
Mark my words. He'll be down one knee proposing to Urchin before this week is over!

Noel: Are you sure we should be doing this? I mean, your father…
Urchin: I heard my father pack his easel and phone for a taxi.
It's just you and me now.

I casually ask Noel to show me his sleepwear.
Um, Laurent who?

I don't want Noel to think I'm easy, so I invite him out on a date.
Two dates, in fact.
For our first date, we visit the Archaeological Museum.

It turns out to be a rather small museum with only one bench out front.
As soon as we arrive, it becomes packed with tourists.
What a surprise to see Grandma Shiso's sister, Raichi, there.
She starts chatting up a storm, so I quickly invite Noel on another date.

The cantina is also crowded so we give up on enjoying a romantic, secluded date.
By this time, we're also famished so we sample some of the local delicacies.

Noel: I should have known Selvadorada would be crawling with tourists in winter!

Noel (whispers): Let's go back to our place, Urchin.

Urchin: Do you think maybe we should wait until my young adult birthday, Noel?
Noel: Don't worry. We're just messing around! Look, we're both fully dressed!

All I know, readers, is tonight with Noel has been THE highlight of my short life!

I am not my Grandma Shiso, though I briefly considered keeping Laurent on the side.
But now I'm absolutely sure. Noel is all I want.


Ume: How could you go to Selvadorada without me?
Urchin: Because it was the only time I could spend some private time with Noel.
But the boys should be ageing up to young adult soon.
Let's go visit them once they're young adults, k?
Ume (sighs): Sure. Well, off to our first day of high school!

Jesse: Why did Urchin invite us to go temple exploring, Noel? Weren't you just here?
Noel: Uh, we didn't explore the temple much yesterday. *looks nervously at Teagan
Teagan: Ahem, my daughter wants to make a little more progress on Jungle Explorer.
And she invited you both along because she believed the temple might intrigue you.

Jesse: You're right, sir. Noel and I could never have visited Selvadorada otherwise!
Noel: Hush, Jesse, just be real.

Urchin: We get home late that night.
When I start tidying my inventory, I find that limestone I dug up during my first trip with Noel.
And what do you know? It's our missing fossil!
Better late than never, right?


Noel and I decide to do an all-nighter before his young adult birthday.
It takes us some while to finally locate a skating rink.
The smaller adjacent ice skating rink is closed, so we try roller skating.

I'd envisioned Noel and I performing dazzling figure skating routines.
Truth is, we can barely skate round in circles. Plus, I completely forgot Noel is clumsy.

Once Noel leaves for school, I'm suddenly able to practice tricks and a routine!
Can you spot Uncle Elvain behind me, watching from afar?

I discover the ice skating rink is open, so I phone the family to join me.
Since Ume and I take the day off from school and none of the adults work, we can do what we want.

Maybe later, we'll hang out at the GeekCon for a little bit.
I wonder if Noel will invite me to his birthday party later.

Legacy score: Unchanged
Nature (0): maxed Fossils collection; completed 21/25 collections

My apologies if you feel like this legacy is dragging to a close.
I'm feeling sentimental about it ending and somewhat bad for Urchin, our Gen9 heir, because her time as heir will be cut short.
So, I'm stretching out the time until she does what she needs to do to produce a male heir.

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Re: Sharebears 8.89: Urchin Makes Her Choice (28 November)
« Reply #542 on: December 04, 2018, 10:04:39 AM »
Congrats on finishing that fossil collection!  Even if you already have all the nature points, it's nice to complete as much as possible. 

I can understand wanting to stretch out the 9th generation.  They need their time in the spotlight, too! Urchin made a good choice with Noel.  Of course, her top three were all good candidates.  Teagan is a very understanding father, painting Noel's portrait and then leaving them alone. 

I'm wondering whether Ume chooses Jesse or someone else.  Guess I'll just have to wait and see.   :)

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Re: Sharebears 8.89: Urchin Makes Her Choice (28 November)
« Reply #543 on: December 14, 2018, 08:37:31 PM »
Oh goodness!!  I just adore Urchin!  Seeing her make her indecisive way through all her choices was quite charming.  Of course, Ume just hanging out waiting to grab the scraps was pretty darned funny too! 
If I'd actually kept up with the legacy (as in, if I'd had a laptop at the time), Urchin would definitely have been my vote.  She's a lovely champion to carry your legacy into its completion.  Bravo!

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Re: Sharebears 8.89: Urchin Makes Her Choice (28 November)
« Reply #544 on: December 21, 2018, 12:17:00 AM »
Oh my, look at all those handsome, handsome men!  And Laurent... can I just say yum?! Oh well, I'm saying it anyway XD It helps that I love that particular hair style lol Can't believe it's the ninth gen already!