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2018 Building Challenge #3
« on: May 08, 2018, 03:25:42 AM »
2018 Building Challenge 3

Color Me Beautiful

A Beach Build with a difference. Every color in the rainbow is beautiful but this time you're only allowed to pick 3. One Major Color and two Minor Colors to be exact.  Every time you use a Minor Color it will cost you simoleons over and above the build cost. 

Dates and General Challenge Rules:

Start Date: Tues. May. 8th
Photos Due: Wed. June. 13th
Voting: Fri. June. 15th - Fri. June. 22nd
Winner Announced Tues. June. 26th

Please do not upload the build until after the winner has been announced. (Date stated above)
We cannot accept late entries due to the amount of time it takes to put the polls together.
Include the Cost of Final Build, your Personal Final Budget and how many minor color items were used when sending in your 10 screenshots.

2018 S4 Building Challenges Rules

At any time you can ask Playalot or MrsFlynn for clarification of the rules or post any general questions here in the TS4 Building Challenge Discussion Thread. Link here.

Details and Information:

Challenge Background
Time to build a fun little beach home. Choose your three colors and dive in! Watch the budget though as using those pops of Minor Colors can eat away the simoleons faster than you realize.

Restrictions and Rules:
All packs are allowed.
No CC.
Dutch Colonial Architectural Style 
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
One Main Color and two Minor Colors only to be used.
Outdoor Plants are included in the color restrictions but the plain green trees or shrubs are allowed. If anything has a flower then that needs to be your main nominated color. (Or pay the penalty for using a minor color item.)
You are allowed to place one item as an exemption to your color palette. This will incur no financial penalty.

The Lot at time of saving (Cost of Final Build) must be worth $100,000 or less - Cost of Final Build you see when you save it to your library. More information Link here
Every time you use an item with one of your Minor Colors subtract $125.00 from your budget. (On top of it's build cost.)
Your Personal Final Budget must be included in your entry as well as the Cost of Final Build (upload price basically). You don't need to individually list each Minor Color item used but you do need to include how many were used.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

No career unlocks, no items that are from party rewards and no debug items.
MOO allowed.
Enlarge and decrease items sizes allowed.

Lot must be set to Residential.
The build must be functional for normal game play.
At least two floors, you can build higher if you wish.
Basement if you wish - not a requirement.
At least 3 bedrooms and the following spaces but not limited to:
Great Room
Garden area

Unique Decoration:
The main restriction here is color. The build must be mostly your nominated Main Color. Items that are multicolored can only be used if your Main Color is the main color of the chosen item. By setting the filter in build mode to your main nominated color you will be able to tell if the multicolored item is classified as that. (i.e. Your main nominated color is Purple. Set the filter to 'Purple', anything that appears in the 'purple' section, despite being multicolored, is allowed.) If there is an item that you want to include but it is not in either your Main Color or Minor Colors then you can not use it - your house will simply just not have that item. You may need to get creative for providing basic game play items for the sims to use.

Set Up:
Start a new save file. Make a sim and place into a starter home somewhere in Willowcreek.

Go to manage worlds/map view and click on either Chateau Frise (Delgato Household) or It's a Good House (Hecking Household) in Brindleton Bay 40x40 lot size. Evict the household (More>Evict Household) and then click build on your chosen lot and bulldoze.
If you do not own the Cats and Dogs DLC then you can build on any 40x30 sized lot in Willowcreek or Windenburg.
Your lot must be completely empty before you start your build.

If you want to take 'live' screenshots do this after you have saved your build and made note of your 'Final Build Price', by moving any sim into the house and going into live mode for the purpose of taking screenshots for the forum.

Saving Your Lot:
Please call your lot "2018HouseChallenge3" and include the hashtag #carlsbuild2018 in the description of your build when saving it to the library.
Include the Cost of Final Build, your Personal Final Budget and how many minor color items were used when sending in your 10 screenshots.

This year we are asking builders to upload their builds to The online Gallery with the hastags #carlsguiderdc and #carlsbuild2018. But not until the challenge has ended.
This is to allow your wonderful creations to be used by the challenge participants and their stories.
Link to Challenges Board
Link to Legacy and Dynasty Stories
If any builds are used in stories the builder is acknowledged and tagged.
This is not a requirement but we are asking you to please support us in making houses for the Challenge Team as the housing stock is a bit low! It's also pretty fun to have your house star in someone's story!

General Considerations:
While your build must be a fully functional house don't limit your color choice initially on the color swatches available on certain items. Challenge yourself to think outside the box. Don't have a pink toilet? Well that could be your one exemption item then.

How To Keep Track of your Budget:
Starting budget is $100,000 for everyone. You use one item with your chosen Minor Color so now your Personal Final Budget is $99,875 (100,000-125=99,875). Keep a written record or tally of each time you use a minor color and in which room it is in and a running total of your Final Budget. To check if you still have money to spend, just start to save the lot to see what the total cost is, if that figure is still under your allowed Personal Final Budget you still have money to spend.
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