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« on: March 09, 2016, 09:39:25 AM »
Back when I was playing the Sims 2, I started with Strangetown and never looked at Pleasantview again after the tutorial. Lately, I've been playing in Pleasantview, though. This isn't a story, but just a review of what's been happening there.

I started with a TS2 version of Bob and Eliza Pancakes. I made Bob lazy and sloppy, but also outgoing, playful and nice, and Eliza neat and active, and also shy, serious, and grouchy. When their neighbors came over (without fruitcake), Bob started to become friends with Mortimer Goth and Eliza started arguing with Darren Dreamer. Brandi Broke left after a few minutes. Bob got a job in the Culinary career and rose quickly to Fast Foods Assistant Manager, but got demoted to Drive Through Clerk when he accepted counterfeit money for a meal. The first time he looked through a big telescope, he was abducted and became pregnant.

At the Pleasant household, Daniel had the day off and chose to hang out with Kaylynn Langerak, the maid. His wife, Mary Sue, was working as a political intern. She edited the candidate's speech instead of doing paperwork, so she was demoted and came home early. The next thing I knew she was sitting on the kitchen floor in shock, and Daniel had a big red -5000 over his head because he'd been caught cheating. They both got visits from the psychiatrist. Meanwhile, Angela came home from school with an A+ report card, so I had her call the college and get a scholarship. She and her twin Lilith keep slapping each other, but they actually have a lot in common.

Everything was set up for a wedding at the Goths'. I assume most people know that Bella has disappeared. Cassandra kissed Don Lothario, and then they stood under the arch for a very long moment before deciding to go through with the wedding. Cassandra got pregnant, but I don't know how long their marriage will last -- Don's in a relationship with Nina and Dina Caliente and also Kaylynn Langerak, who is now working as a maid at the Goths'.

When I turned to Darren Dreamer, I discovered that he and Brandi Broke became quite attracted to each other when they met at the Pancakes'. Dirk's another A student who got a scholarship for college.

The Brokes were challenging. I took Dustin out of his job as a criminal and started him doing homework so that he could go to college with his girlfriend Angela Pleasant. Brandi turned out to be pregnant with Skip's posthumous child. Beau learned how to walk and got potty-trained before becoming a child. Dustin came home from school in a bad mood and ruined his mother's painting. And then the baby, Bruce, was born. Dustin's friend Neil broke the computer. I had Brandi study mechanics, but one point in the skill wasn't enough. When she tried to repair the computer, she electrocuted herself and set fire to the desk. Dustin rushed into the room to rescue Bruce, but then came back to jump around and shout, joined by Brandi and Beau. I finally got Dustin to extinguish the fire, but it started up again, and this time Brandi died. Dustin went out to bring the baby back inside, so there was no one to plead with the Grim Reaper. I played with the 3 boys for a while, hiring a nanny to come and look after Bruce while they were at school and a repairman to fix the computer, but it was obvious that Dustin wasn't going to be able to make a go of it on his own. So I quit without saving.

Second time around, Brandi called the repairman, and married Darren. I figured she was interested when I gave her the command "Greet Darren," and she practically knocked him over with the force of her kiss. They moved into a nice large house. At the moment, though, Brandi is a bit depressed because she was fired from her job as a teacher.

Dustin got his A+, and now he, Angela, Lilith, and Dirk (who is Lilith's boyfriend) share a house at Sim State.

I looked in on Nina and Dina, but Dina wants to own 5 successful businesses and Nina wants 20 simultaneous romances, or something like that, so I'm leaving them alone for a while.

I'd forgotten how much fun TS2 was and also how challenging.

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Re: Pleasantview
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2017, 06:01:17 PM »
Wow, I didn't think anyone else was playing Sims 2 besides me! I got back into it in 2016 and I have games going in Pleasantview, Strangetown, Bella Donna Cove, and my own Crystal Springs!

I think it's great seeing what others have done with all their Sims!

My Pleasantview:
1) Broke--Dustin got his act together, studied hard, and is currently at Sim State.
               Beau just became a teen.
               Brandi's pregnancy brought twin sons, Blake and Drake, who are now children.
               Brandi met and married Ryan Wheeler and they have a newborn son, Randy.

2) Goth--Cassandra, Mortimer, and Dina caught Don and Nina flirting so everything hit the fan!
              Cassandra broke her engagement to Don and got engaged to Darren Dreamer.
              Mortimer wanted to marry Dina, so they got married and went on an Island honeymoon. They found a mysterious hut and were given a voodoo doll!
              (Don has already been on the receiving end and I'm sure Nina is next!)
              Alexander aged to teen and wants to add to the family fortune. He also adopted a white puppy, Honey.

3) Dreamer--Darren asked Cassandra to marry him and they had a roof raiser wedding at his modest home.
                   Darlene's ghost put her blessing on the wedding by NOT showing up.
                   A honeymoon at Three Lakes added Bigfoot to the family and ended with baby music in the campground!
                   Dirk is studying and skilling hard so he can join Lilith at Sim State.
                   And he now has two half-sisters! Delilah and Isabella.
                   And Alvin Bigfoot adopted a male white kitten that he named Yoda.
4) Pleasant--Herb and Coral moved in and both completed their Lifetime Want.
                   Daniel and Mary-Sue rekindled their love and went on a second honeymoon to the Far East where Mary-Sue learned to teleport.
                   With that skill, she'll be able to keep track of Daniel quite easily!
                   Angela and Lilith mended their fences and became friends before leaving for Sim State. (But they chose separate dorms, no reason to push it)
5) Burb--John persuaded Jennifer to help fulfill his Lifetime Want of graduating 3 children from college.
             Lucy aged to teen and became a Pop sim with LTW of becoming a Media Magnate, which follows her hobby in Film & Lit.
             Twins, Meghan and Matthew were born.

6) Lothario--Don was relieved not to be engaged to Cassandra but sorry he lost a lover!
                  He's moving up in the Medical career and is enjoying the benefits of being Dr. Lothario!
                  He's got 11 names in his little black book currently but got caught cheating by Calista so he'll have to see if he can win her back.

7) Caliente--Nina's enjoying having the place all to herself.
                  She started a home business which is at rank 2 and she has a bronze sales badge.
                  She went on an Island Vacation and had a great time with Talin V.

That's all for now. It was great catching up with classic Sims.

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Re: Pleasantview
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2018, 02:28:07 PM »
Omg. As soon as I get home I need to check exactly what Brandi’s household turned out like! Haven’t played in about a month, but they’re my absolute favorite household from Pleasantview!!!!! Thank you both for sharing!! Love hearing all this. Can’t wait to share