Author Topic: Sims 4 Mac Issues with Audio and Mouse  (Read 609 times)

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Sims 4 Mac Issues with Audio and Mouse
« on: March 19, 2018, 05:35:46 PM »
I have a MAC and recently done the OS update, then downloaded all my Sims 4 packs. Everything seemed fine the first time I played but now I have no audio and my mouse will move, but nothing pops up when I click on something.

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Re: Sims 4 Mac Issues with Audio and Mouse
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2018, 05:45:18 PM »
When I had this problem myself I shut down and restarted my pc and my audio came back.

Maybe try shutting down your mac and restarting it might solve the issue with both the audio and mouse issues.

If not, you may want to post about your issues on the Sims Mac Board at AnswersHQ. As they have experienced Mac users that maybe able to help.

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