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1.5 — Of Weddings and Toddlers
« Reply #25 on: May 06, 2018, 10:52:58 AM »
(You can read this post on Wordpress HERE)

1.5 — Of Weddings and Toddlers

Now that Ying's pregnancy is over, its high time she and Seiji got married officially! So one phone call and everyone Ying knew (except Marcus, someone has to watch Jia after all) was invited to Myshuno Meadows for the ceremony.

For some reason, most of the guest seemed more interested in getting a drink from the bar so we only managed to get only ??? 5 people actually witnessing the ceremony?

Sit down people! Please! Oi! Rachid, where do you think you're going!
Rachid: "Oh Watcher, heh heh... Sorry! But the bartender is cute. *whisper* And I think she might have a thing for me. *whisper* Besides, I'm sure Ying and Seiji won't mind. I mean, look at them! They're lost in their own world."
*sigh* Only cause you're a nice guy Rachid. And well, you're not wrong.

( Rachid's they guy in red with the top hat. I wish I had taken a pic of his formal outfit. 'twas a pretty cool combo. He works that top hat. )

The blushing bride is absolutely gorgeous with her hair up. And she's also dressed to impress! Look at that stunning qipao of hers! Who says weddings dresses can't be red?

Ying: "I love you."
Seiji: "I love you more ~"
Ying: "No I do!"
Oh, get on with it already you two!
Seiji: "Ahem, Ying. You're smart, ambitious, a go-getter. But you're also gentle, compassionate, and brigten up my life. I know you intend to build a legacy, and I want to be there with you every step of the way. I want to be your support and so much more. Will you marry me?"
Ying: "Yes! Yes! Of course!"
This is all so sickeningly sweet. I'm cringing.

Awwww, aren't they so sweet?

In fact, they're so sweet it's almost enough to give anybody diabetes.

I mean, look at them feeding each other the first slice of wedding cake! IT'S SO CUTE (And cringy. Cute-cringy)!!!!
In any case, the wedding went smoothly and Ying's got her first Gold Wedding Party, and hopefully there's going to be plenty more to come in the generations to come.

The day was still young, so the newlyweds headed over to The Gold Room nightclub for some lovely-dovery good times. Besides, Ying needs to work towards her Soulmate aspiration. I think I forgot to mention it in the previous updates, but Ying had completed her Serial Romantic aspiration right before Seiji moved in.

Ying: "Honeymoon time!!!"

Let's just say that Ying's feeling really 'in-the-mood'. The wedding high will take a while to wear off and till then, Ying's gonna be throwing out all those cheesy pick-up lines she'd learnt from all her past relationships on Seiji.

Ying: "Hey there, handsome."
Seiji: *blushes*
Ying: "Do you like skittles?"
Seiji: "Y-yes?"
Ying: "Great! Cause I've got skittles in my mouth. Get ready to taste the rainbow?"
*groan* Where did you learn THAT from?!
Ying: Shush! Can't you see, Seiji's totally loving it!

Yeash. Right in the middle of the dance floor? No shame at all. Get a room you two!
Ying: "It's our wedding day, lighten up Watcher!"

Once the day is over though, it's back to the usual humdrum of daily life. Sort of. Cause how boring can life be when you got a toddler in it?

That's right! Jia's aged up! She rolled the CLINGY trait. She a cute toddler, and takes after her father – with her curly blond locks and thin lips. I honestly do wish she had at least inherited a feature or two from Ying. It's always cool to see how many generations the Founder's genetics can last.

In any case, cue the mandatory family bonding montage!!!

Jia skills really quickly thanks to her clingy trait. And with so many adults in the house, there almost always someone out there for her to get some attention from. Ying is most definitely the strict parent. She's always the trying to educate Jia in the ways of being a top-notch toddler whenever she possibly can.

Ying: "Drrrraaaggoooon. Repeat after me Jia, Drrraaaaggooonnn."
Jia: "Da—gon."
Ying: "Hmm, try again. Drraaaggooonn."
Jia: "Daaaaagoooon."
Ying: "Good try Jia, maybe we should try another word."
Jia: "But mummy, I want to play with Uncle Rachid!"

Rachid's a really nurturing father. He's always checking up on Jia on his own, and plays with her a lot even without my nudging. Jia absolutely adores him.

Rachid: "Rachid Airlines, ready for take off! Are you ready?"
Jia: "Ready!"
Rachid: "Vrrrooooommmmm! Vrooooommm!"
Jia: "Higher!! Higher!"

Rachid: "Whoop-dee-doo ~!"
Jia: "Ahhhh!!! Wait! Not upside down!"

Since they're not tight on money anymore, Ying decided to invest in a toddler playground – ball pit and all – for Jia's enjoyment. It will be useful in raising the future generations to come. In the meantime, Jia's having an absolute blast swimming in colourful plastic.

I noticed that Jia didn't get much of an opportunity to bond with Seiji since he's been so caught up with work. So I had him take a day off to get some daddy-daughter time.

Seiji: "Eagle One requesting permission to land. Over."
Seiji: "Bbbzztt! Oh no! I think an alien ship is attack! Requesting instructions captain!"
Jia: "Shoot! Shoot at the bad monsters! Make them go boom boom!"

Family bonding aside, Rachid has been spending time building up a rocket ship.

Rachid: "Won't be long before she's ready to fly!"
Awfully busy aren't you?
Rachid: "Yeah, haven't got much to do around the house really. By the way, I picked up a job in the Atheletic career!"
Isn't that tiring? It has really odd hours.
Rachid: "Nah, am not taking it too seriously. It's just to pass time, earn some cash. Besides, it'll help we work towards my Bodybuilder aspiration! I do love myself some big guns! Heh, heh!"
Atta boy!

All the hard work does pay off though, and Rachid is ever closer to achieving the perfect body. The finishing line is not far off.

Rachid: "Hey Watcher! Look at these gains!"
Looking smokin' my man!

Ying, on the other hand, has been working on her gardening ever since Marcus fished up their first cowplant berry.

And as for Marcus. Guy has finally completed his 'Friend of the World' aspiration gah! It was such a pain micro-managing him and his constant hangouts at the beach just to get his 20 friends. Blegh.

His best friend is Gunther Munch. And I think they might have a thing for each other. Their romance bar filled up quite a bit while I wasn't looking.

Ying: "I've seen them together, they're kinda cute."
kINda CuTe?! KINDA CUTE?! Ying have you forgotten what this man has done to you?!?
Ying: "Of course not. But I've got Seiji now, and I'm long over it. I mean, if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have met Seiji."
Hmph! Still think he's a bad guy.
Ying: "Maybe, but he's not that bad. He hasn't really complained much and does as he's told. He's also brought in quite a bit of money for us."
Yeah, yeah whatever. I don't see what Gunther sees in the man but whatever. They can flirt or make smoochy-faces so long as Marcus keeps doing what he's supposed to do. 
Ying: "Haha ~ going soft?"
What!? NO. They can do whatever they want but Marcus is doomed to live and die in this household as a servant! It's his punnishment for his fickle ways!
Ying: "Whatever you decide to do with him though, I just want you to know, I don't mind what he's done anymore."
Are you trying to get me to let him off???
Ying: "Oh no! Not at all— oh, would you look at the time! Time for Jia's word lesson!"

In any case, I think I'll end off the update here.
There should be quite a bit of excitement expected in the next update... Is that a bump in Ying's tummy? Heh heh ~ Stay tuned to fine out! ;)

Author's Note:
Moarrr babies yeaaahhh!
On a side note though, am wondering if I should get Marcus and Gunther together. I mean. Satisfaction points ayyyee ~

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Get them together, get them together! --ahem-- hehehe couldn't resist. Anyway, loved the family. The wedding was wonderful. Laughed way too hard at the Watcher telling them to get a room hehehe

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I agree!  Get them together.  Plus, it provides a valid reason for Marcus turning Ying down.  Of course, it doesn't explain why he flirted with her and led her on, but maybe he was confused.

Lovely wedding and super-cute toddler!

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1.6 — Dragon Phoenix Twins
« Reply #28 on: May 10, 2018, 09:47:49 PM »
(You can read this post on Wordpress HERE)

1.6 — Dragon Phoenix Twins

We ended the last chapter with Ying being preggy, and fast forward a few days or so, it's time for the baby!

Ying: "Guys! Watcher! I think it's time!"

Previously, Ying went to the hospital alone. But this time Seiji decided to accompany her; He wanted to be there for the birth of his child. Ying's already done this before so she's as cool as a cucumber, but Seiji practically had a breakdown. His pre-parental panic came out in full force.

Seiji: "Oh no. Oh no. Oh nononononoononoononoo—"
Seiji! Calm down!
Seiji: "What's that machine for? Why is Ying so quiet? Is something wrong with her? Is she okay? Or is something wrong with the baby?"
She's giving birth Seiji! You can't expect her to be all that talkative! And nothing's wrong, the doctor is justing giving her a check up with the machine. Relax!
Seiji: "But why would the doctor need to do a check up unless something was wrong?"
Seiji: "Oh noononooonononoo! Ying's too young to die! We've barely just started! And the baby! Oh the baby!!!"
Uh, you know what. You can just... panic there in the corner. Just do it quietly will you?

For someone who's Family-Oriented, he's sure panicking a lot. But maybe it's because he is Family-Oriented, that he's panicking.

Seiji's pre-parental panic attacks aside, everything else went ahead without a hitch. Annddd... it's TWINS. A boy and a girl! DRAGON PHONEIX TWINS
Twins were not surprising since I've got the On Ley Line lot trait to help boost fertility. But I've never gotten boy-girl twins in the game before so I'm absolutely thrilled!

Meet Chen & Feng Jin!
Chen — 辰 (chén) — means 'Heavenly'. It's also a name associated with the fire element, and also with the year of the Dragon. And since he's the 'Dragon' of the pair, it seemed fitting to name him 辰.
Feng — 凤 (fèng) — means 'Phoenix'. It's very literal and a fitting name for the 'Phoenix' of the pair. 凤 is also associated with the water element.

Not everyone was thrilled about the new additions to the family. Jia was very upset about her new siblings and went to her new room to vent to Mr. Meow.

Jia: "One sibling is bad enough. But TWO!?!"
Jia: *sobs* "I don't want siblings!!!"

( Also yes! If you've noticed from the background, I've renovated the legacy lot seeing how we have two new additions to the family. I want to show it off so I'll do a house tour later. It's much bigger and looks way better now! It's great having a ton of sims hauling in the moolah. )

With pregnancy out of the way and Seiji having upped his Painting skills, it was high time our lovely founder and her primary spouse be memorialised. 

Ying decided to throw in a medium portrait of Rachid too. He deserved one, being the father of Jia and all.

Potraits aside, Ying's completed her Soulmate aspiration easily enough. Ying and Seiji can't get enough of each other. With all Love aspirations done and dusted, she moved onto the Bodybuilder aspiration for that much desired Long Lived trait. 


Rachid had already completed his Bodybuilder aspiration, so he helped Ying out with hers by mentoring her. And boy is he a tough trainer; Look at that face! Never though him to be the 'tough-love' type of guy.

It wasn't long before Jia's birthday rolled by and the family held a party for her. Only Marcus and Ying were in attendance since Rachid and Seiji had to go to work, but Jia wasn't really bothered by it. She was excited to mingle with all the uncle and aunties (aka all of Ying's exes and a few of her female friends). The family would've gotten their first gold medal for the Birthday Party, but for some reason one of the goals was bugged – it wouldn't clear no matter how many times it was completed – so they had to settle for silver. They'll have more opportunities in the future no doubt. 

Jia rolled NEAT – just like her father – for her trait. And got RAMBUNCTIOUS SCAMP for her aspiration. A tomboy who doesn't like to get too dirty? Cool! 

If you can't already tell from her wardrobe choice, her favourite colour is purple. ;)

Uh, Jia. I'm not sure if you've noticed but those shoes and that dress don't exactly match...
Jia: "Oh, I know. But they're easy to run in! And very comfy!"
Well... Okay. And those tights, they don't really fit the outfit either. Aren't they hot?
Jia: "Yeah. It's hot! But I don't want to accidentally flash my undies! And wearing shorts under the dress makes it look poofy and ugly. Tights look better!"
Hmm... whatever floats your boat Jia.

Both Chen & Feng's birthday also coincidentally fell on the same day as Jia's and they both aged up to toddlers. Chen rolled the SILLY trait, while Feng rolled CHARMER.

They are definitely twins. Look at their matching dopey expressions! I love it! 

On a side note, I decided to let Marcus and Gunther get together after all. Their romance bar filled way too quickly without my intervention. 

Ying: "I guess they were meant to be."
*grumbles* Could've told you he wasn't interest in the first place instead of leading you on.
Ying: "Aww, come on Watcher! You're not still bitter about that are you?"
Ying: "They're cute."

Ying: "Wow, you actually let Marcus date in the house. You've really gone soft huh?"
What! I have NOT. Guther's just a nice guy and doesn't deserve to date in that shabby shack that Marcus sleeps in. Just because I don't like Marcus doesn't mean I don't like Gunther. 
Ying: "That's still rather nice of you. I'm surprised you agreed to let Gunther move in too."
Huh? What are you talking about?
Ying: "Hmm? You gave permission right? I mean, Marcus and Guther are discussing it  rig—"
Wait a minute!!!

Gunther: "I want to be with you, spend more time with you. Would you like to move in with me? I'm living alone, my whole family has moved out. It's rather lonely home alone, and I'd love to have you around."
Marcus: "I'm sorry, I can't. I'm bound to this household by the Watcher's contract. I can't break it."
Gunther: "Watcher's contract?"
Marcus: "Yes. My—This household has a Watcher watching over us. And I can't leave unless they allow it. And I'm kind of sure I'm not allowed to leave because of uhh... reasons hahaha..."
Gunther: "Then how about me moving in then? I don't mind! It's lonely living alone!"
Marcus: "I don't think you'd like it though. I mean. I don't exactly live in this house. I live in the shack close to the beach. You've seen it. It's nothing much. You're better off living in your own place."
Gunther: "I said I don't mind. I really don't."
Marcus: "But. My Watcher might not allo—"

*mutters* I can't believe I'm doing this *mutters*

You. Gunther can move in if he wants. Tell him that. I... don't mind.
Marcus: "Seriously!!?!"
Gunther: "Huh? What? What?"
Marcus: "My Watcher just said you could move in if you want! But wait! Are you sure you want it? I mean, like I said. I don't live in the best of places."
Gunther: "Am totally okay with it! Living in such a big house alone is boring anyway! When can I move in!"

*sigh* I guess I'll have to upgrade Marcus's liv—
Ying: "And Gunther's"
*rolls eyes* —and Gunther's living space soon.
Ying: "It's sweet how secretly soft you are Watcher!"

Gunther moving in brings up the number of sims in the household up to a whopping 8! He's CREATIVE, a BOOKWORM, and CLUMSY. With the RENAISSANCE SIM aspiration. 

He's got plenty of skills at various levels, but for now, I don't have any solid plans for him. The renaissance aspiration might be a little tricky to get around, especially when there are 2 toddlers and 1 child in the household that needs attention. So for the time being, Gunther will just be doing daily tasks for his career – reading books, so easy-peasy – and have free reign over whatever else he wishes to do. 

The Jin household is going to be really busy from now on with so many people in it. 

Author's Note:
Eight sims! That's gonna be a real handful! I'm a total micro-manager but eight sims, and two of which are toddlers? This is gonna be a challenge.

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.6 — Dragon Phoenix Twins (Updated 11/05/18)
« Reply #29 on: May 10, 2018, 09:57:35 PM »
Get them together, get them together! --ahem-- hehehe couldn't resist. Anyway, loved the family. The wedding was wonderful. Laughed way too hard at the Watcher telling them to get a room hehehe
@Shewolf13 Got them together because why not? ;)
More helping hands around the house is bound to be helpful right? Or at least, I hope so! Eight sims is pretty daunting!

I agree!  Get them together.  Plus, it provides a valid reason for Marcus turning Ying down.  Of course, it doesn't explain why he flirted with her and led her on, but maybe he was confused.

Lovely wedding and super-cute toddler!
@BallerinaHippo Pretty valid explanation indeed. Whenever I'm not looking the romance bar between those two jumps like crazy! Gah! With Ying, she flirted first all the time. But for Gunther, it just happened. But whelp, not complaining anymore I guess. Gunther is a pretty swell guy! Lotsa skills he got.

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1.6b — House Tour
« Reply #30 on: May 10, 2018, 09:59:41 PM »
1.6b — House Tour

Here's the tour of the renovoated house as promised. :3
I've put it under spoliers so if you want to skip it it'll be easier.
Also, if you prefer to view this via an imgur album, you can do so HERE.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.6 — Dragon Phoenix Twins (Updated 11/05/18)
« Reply #31 on: May 10, 2018, 10:11:53 PM »
Awwww!  How sweet with Marcus and Gunther ^^ So cute!  And the Watcher is definitely a softy hehehe.  I do think it sweet that Ying sticks up for Marcus.  People (and Sims) make mistakes.  I love the family.  Chen and Feng are adorable and Jia is a darling!  I have a soft spot for tomboys since, well, that's what I was hehehe

The house is amazing!  The shell and the decorating ^^ Love the bathrooms.  Is that CC? Particularly the shower in the master bathroom and the bunkbed toddler beds?

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.6 — Dragon Phoenix Twins (Updated 11/05/18)
« Reply #32 on: May 15, 2018, 08:15:04 AM »
Awwww!  How sweet with Marcus and Gunther ^^ So cute!  And the Watcher is definitely a softy hehehe.  I do think it sweet that Ying sticks up for Marcus.  People (and Sims) make mistakes.  I love the family.  Chen and Feng are adorable and Jia is a darling!  I have a soft spot for tomboys since, well, that's what I was hehehe

The house is amazing!  The shell and the decorating ^^ Love the bathrooms.  Is that CC? Particularly the shower in the master bathroom and the bunkbed toddler beds?

@Shewolf13 I've really soften up to Marcus. He's an elder now, and he's actully pretty endearing. He smiles a lot. How have I never noticed it before! And Jia is a real trouble-maker haha ~ She really is a 'Rambunctious Scamp". But trouble-maker or not, I love her spunk! Though it does give Ying quite a headache. ;)

There's quite a bit of CC in the house! I love using CC. In fact, I think I have too much CC... >< But I just love the variety!
I got the toddler bunkbeds HERE. They're fully functional, but you gotta use the matching CC matteress without footprints for it to work.
And I got the pretty shower stalls (made by peacemaker-ic) HERE. I get most of my build/buy CC from peacemaker-ic. He makes the best maxis match build/buy stuff. Almost anything that's CC in the house probably came from him. :)

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1.7 — Retirement and Rebellious Kiddos
« Reply #33 on: May 15, 2018, 08:16:21 AM »
(You can read this post on Wordpress HERE)

1.7 — Retirement and Rebellious Kiddos

With Rachid's tough mentoring, Ying got her bodybuilder aspiration in no time. And boy is she jacked. She is not a woman to be messed with.

Looking powerful Ying!
Ying: "Yeah! I bet §100 I could be Seiji in an arm wrestling match."
Yeah. Seiji is looking a little scrawny in comparison...
Ying: "He ought to take a break from work and get some exercise in."
That'd be nice. He's always so busy trying to make money for that Fabulously Wealthy aspiration of his.

Wow, Ying. You look... really buff! It's uh, not really flattering in a tank top.
Ying: "I can't help it!"
Maybe you ought to cut back on the weight training.
Ying: "I was thinking about taking up yoga? Maybe that will slim down my figure?"
Good idea.

As usual, Ying takes the helm of educating the kiddos. She likes being involved with the child rearing, and her flexible hours as a Painter give her plenty of time to care for them.
The twins are rather well-behaved, and not prone to temper tantrums, which makes things a lot easier.

Ying: "Chen and Feng are such good kids, if only Jia could be as well-behaved— Wait a minute!!!"
Ying: *chanting* "Parents don't have favourites. Parents don't have favourites. Parents don't have favourites. Parents don't have favourites."
Uh, you okay there Ying?
Ying: "Nothing, just reminding myself I love all my kids EQUALLY. Jia is just going through a phase. That's all."

Jia is a lot more defiant than she was as a tot. And she constantly makes messes everywhere for some reason. Least to say, she gets scolded quite a bit.

Rachid: "Again? What did I say about this!"
Jia: "Ugh. It's not like I'm making a mess inside the house. It's outside. In the dirt. What does it matter?!"
Rachid: "Don't you talk back to me young woman. Not one more quip from you or you're grounded, you hear me!"
Jia: *grumbling under breath*
Rachid: "Stop muttering under you breath and clean up this mess."
Jia: "Humph!"

Baby steps.

Jia will learn. And the family has faith she will grow out of her rebellious phase. They'll always be there to guide her down the right path.

Meanwhile, Marcus and Gunther have been all mushy together. I've yet to renovate their shack, but they been hanging around quite a bit round the main house and utilising its amenities so I guess that make-over can still wait.

Marcus also got his bodybuilder aspiration done easy-peasy. He is, after all, a Powerhouse member. Working out is his 'thing'.

And he got his aspiration done just in time too! Cause Marcus aged-up to elder a day or so after completing it. Gunther, too, aged-up to adult on the same day.

Unfortunately, they had no birthday party because the rest of the family was so caught up with the kids they honestly forgot. But all is well. Gunther and Marcus were happy to spend their birthday with each other – that's another Gold (date) medal to the count!

Now that Marcus is an elder, I decided to just let him 'retire' and enjoy the rest of his sim life doing pursuing whatever he wishes. Which is apparently, canoodling daily with Gunther and picking up mixology.

Oh God, I have gone soft.
Marcus: "I appreciate it Watcher! I know we didn't start of on the right foot, but I'm glad we've somewhat smoothen things out."
Yeah, yeah. Whatever. You're lucky Gunther's a sweet guy and I like him.
Marcus: "Yeah. I'm a really lucky guy. And Ying's really lucky to have a Watcher like you. Oh! And I'll be sure to max the mixology skill asap! That way it can count towards your legacy too!"
Urgh. Stop acting so nice and mushy... it's weirding me out. I'm not supposed to like you. I'm petty. I'm still not over Ying's first heartbreak. 
Marcus: "It's okay if you don't like me. I still want to keep skilling for the legacy anyways. :)"
*chants* I'm not supposed to like you. I'm not supposed to like you. I'm not supposed to like you. *chants*

It's hard for elderly!Marcus to not grow on you though, when he's such a grand-dad/uncle around the kiddos. Something about that white hair and wrinkles just makes the man seem more homely and approachable. That and his enthusiasm around the kids. 

Marcus: "Great job Feng! You're doing good!!"

All the doting the men do in the house balances out Ying's tough-as-nails approach to raising the kiddos. Ying takes no prisoners when it comes to educating them. 

Jia: "But muuuummmmmmm."
Ying: "No buts. No playing till you finish your homework. And it must be correct. I will check it. Anything wrong, you will redo until you get it right."
Jia: "But—"
Marcus: *whispers* "Don't worry, I'll help you. Two heads are better than one."

Whenever Jia isn't bringing down mum's (or the dads') wrath on her though, she spends most of her time outside playing on the monkey bars and working towards her Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. It's going pretty well. She's a naturally limber child, and swinging from bar to bar comes easy to her.

Her being a Top-Notch Tot really helps speed things along. I'd reckon she'll be completing it soon. 

Jia: "Heh! Hey Watcher! How long do you think I'll be able to stay out playing tonight without mum noticing?"
You might break a record today! She was potty-training Chen last I checked. And you know how his bladder control's like so she'll be occupied for a bit. 
Jia: "How does she do that?! Watcher! How does she do that?! She's like psychic or something!"
*shrug* I have no idea. I swear I didn't tip her off!

While Jia has Ying breathing down her neck, the twins are out and about skilling. They do everything together, and are practically joined at the hip! (It's easier to keep track of them in an 8 sim household that way haha ~)

They're just a hair's breath away from approaching best friend territory. 

Once the twins have got their skills down, I can't wait for them to really get to hang out with Jia. Between Jia's almost constant need for disciplinary action and the twins skilling, they haven't had as much time to bond as I would've liked. Siblings gotta stick together! 

Author's Note: I finally got a family tree up HERE! Also updated the points and 'meet the Jin(s)' section. :3
Also, wow! An eight sim household is so chaotic. I hope I'll be able to get Top Notch Tot for both the twins. ><

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Lol!  Ying makes me laugh.  She's definitely a force to reckon with.  Hehehehe, Watcher's definitely a softy and it's great ^^

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Lol!  Ying makes me laugh.  She's definitely a force to reckon with.  Hehehehe, Watcher's definitely a softy and it's great ^^
@Shewolf13 Haha ~ She's a matriarch not to be messed with. ;)

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1.8 — Still Young at Heart
« Reply #36 on: May 19, 2018, 02:09:58 AM »
(You can read this post on Wordpress HERE)

1.8 — Still Young at Heart

Despite her penchant for mischief, Jia's been doing really well. Under Ying's strict tutelage, she climbed up to the top of her class and is now an A student. And she's managed to complete her Rambunctious Scamp aspiration too.

Jia: "Feels good to be number #1, heh!"
*wipes tear* They grow up so quickly. I'm proud of you.
Ying: "I'm proud of you too! I knew you could do it! You just needed to put your mind to it."

Of course, Ying's not one for complacency so Jia still has a study schedule to stick to. Though she's less strict about now that Jia has proven herself somewhat disciplined.

Jia: "Muummmm, do I really need to do extra credit work?"
Ying: "Complacency breeds failure. Just because you're at the top of your class doesn't mean you can slack off! Success takes constant work!"
*whisper* Don't argue back! Else she's gonna start up with her nagging again. Urgh, remember the last one? 
Jia: "Uh, yeah. Sure mum. I guess, er, you're right."

With Ying's encouragement, Jia also picked up the Whiz Kid aspiration to work towards. It serves a great way for the mother-daughter pair to bond. Jia can play a mean game of chess when she really gets into it.

Ying: "Jia, we talked about this. Please don't slam-knock the pieces you're 'eating', you're going to damage them. And the table."
Jia: "But muuummm, it's not as impactful if I don't assert dominace by crushing your piecesssss."
Ying: *sigh* "Well, your enthusasium is heartening. Also, good move."

Obviously, Jia's not one to take things very seriously.

Jia: "Ahhhh. Doesn't it smell amazing Watcher?"
It smells... like rotten eggs and sulfur.
Jia: "Exactly! It'd make a perfect stink bomb! Justin's been annoying me lately. Framing him for nasty farts ought to take him down a notch, don't you think so?"
Heh, make sure your mum doesn't find out.
Jia: "She won't! I think...?" *looks around nervously*

Meanwhile, Seiji's been busy as ever with work/money making. The Fabulously Wealthy aspiration is much more annoying (and hard to complete) that I'd originally anticipated. He's the only one in the family who has yet to complete even one aspiration.

He's opened up a small roadside 'gallery' to sell the family's artwork (at 100% mark-up) in hopes of churning out dough more effectively.

Seiji: "Watcher, earning money is hard. I'm not so sure it's worth it. I haven't been able to spend much time with Ying... or the kids... I miss the family."
I know...
Seiji: "It's hard not being able to watch our kids grow. I feel like I'm missing out so much..."
I know. Just a little more Seiji! Just.. a little less that §100,000 left to earn! And I've heard that retailing is the best way to earn that money! You'll be done with that stupid aspiration and back to your family in no time! I promise!
Seiji: "I hope so. Money isn't everything after all."

Seiji was looking really scrawny in comparison to the rest of the family. And he's been stress with work, work, work. So I  nudged him to get some exercise for a much needed change of pace.
It was supposed to be a 'de-stressing' activity, but it seems like it was more stressful.

Rachid took the hard-ass approach like he did with Ying when mentoring Seiji. Let's just say, it didn't go so well. Seiji just felt worse off and entirely demoralised.

*whisper* Hey Rachid, don't you think you should take it a little easier on Seiji?
Rachid: "A good fitness regime requires discipline, and it's developed by being pushed to your limit!"
Absolutely, but Seiji's originally a pretty disciplined guy and look! He's already so stressed out by... everything. A little more encouragement wouldn't hurt. Maybe it'd be more effective that way too. Different strokes for different folks and stuff, you know? 
Rachid: "Hmm, you might have a point there Watcher."

Rachid switched up his mentoring style and it certainly helped a lot. Lots of progress was made.

While Seiji struggled with his aspiration, Rachid took on Painter Extraordinaire as his new aspiration. Ying more more than happy to help mentor him as he skilled his painting. Of course, Ying being Ying, was just as tough a mentor to Rachid as Rachid had been to her while she was working towards her Bodybuilder aspiration. Progress is pretty fast when you've got a Master Painter-Mentor and top-notch art equipment in the house.

Ying, on the other hand, has taken on the Freelance Botanist aspiration. She's speeding through that one too since she'd already leveled gardening some before picking up the aspiration. Most of her plants were already grown and ready to be evolved/grafted (Death Flower, here we come!!!) so all she really has to do to complete it is evolve 10 excellent plants and get to level 10 gardening. It'll take a little time, but she's not sweating it.

She has also picked up Yoga to slim down her bulky figure.

( And yeah, I renovated the gym and the family is once again – broke. I need to stop spending money so frivolously; But they earn money pretty quickly nowadays with so many painters around so eh. )

As for Gunther, he reached level 4 of the Writing career and quit, switching over to a career in Entertainment in pursuit of his Renaissance Sim aspiration.

Also, I wasn't too fond of Gunther's wardrobe choice so I gave him a makeover! I tried not to alter his style too much, and I'm rather happy with how it turned out.
His theme was woody brown, and clearly he likes his sweaters and cardigans – makes him feel like quite the intellectual (which he absolutely is). He also grew his goatee out just a lil' bit for a more mature look. 

Marcus loves it.

Speaking of which, Marcus might be an elder now, but he's still got it and romances his man the way he would at his prime. A slick man he is. 

Though there are times he's... not so slick. Like when he's trying to play coy and 'seductive' with Gunther by demonstrating how flexible and nimble he is via body rolls. 

*facepalm* The second-hand embarrassment is real...
Gunther: "Heh heh heh, I think it's cute."

Gunther absolutely loves it so who am I to judge? 

Speaking of loving things, Gunther is absolutely overjoyed when Marcus proposes to him. Old age must've mellowed out Marcus, and I guess he finally wants to settle down at long last. 

They celebrate by *ahem* woohoo-ing in the rocket ship. It was all Marcus's idea, of course. He's still young at heart and a Casanova through and through; Guy knows how to keep the romance exciting. 

I mean, look at that 'come hither' face of his! 

When Ying heard of the news, she was very supportive and happy even for Marcus. In fact, she's very excited for the wedding. Marcus didn't ask, but Ying is all over planning the event.

She just loves planning and organising and managing stuff. 

*sigh* Like Watcher, like Watched.
Ying: "So, what do you think about the aisle? It's not much, since we don't have that much in the hosuehold finacnes. But managed to convince our Watcher to plant the tree, and I think it makes up for the simplicity. Give off quite the romantic ambiance no?"
Marcus: "It's— I mean. Wow, Ying! You really didn't have to go that far! Gunther and I don't really care about a ceremony or anything."
Ying: "Yeah, yeah. But it's always nice to have one. Pretty sure Gunther's secretly really into it too. I caught him all starry eyed and dazed infront of the arch the other night."
Marcus: "I— Oh, really?"
Ying: "Mmmhhmmm, anyways. Important question. Would you rather sugared mixed nuts, or chocolate for the wedding favours? Or both. We could do both." 
Marcus: "Uhhh, anything is—"
Ying: "Oh come on Marcus! Choose something!"
Marcus: "Yes! I mean, uh. Nuts. Nuts sound good."

Can't wait till the wedding!

Author's Note: 
I know the twins didn't get much screentime this update, but that's cause they're mostly just skilling loads and nothing interesting is happening. I want them to both get Top-Notch Tots if possible so I've just been power skilling them lately. They should get more screentime the next update, and even more once they're kids!

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.8 — Still Young at Heart (Updated 19/05/18)
« Reply #37 on: May 19, 2018, 01:19:00 PM »
Awww, Marcus and Gunther are getting married! So cute! Hehehe, I love Jia. She's such a scamp. She'll be loads of fun as she gets older.

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1.9 — Kiss the Boy!
« Reply #38 on: June 24, 2018, 11:20:40 PM »
(You can read this post on Wordpress HERE)

1.9 — Kiss the Boy!

Marcus & Gunther's wedding day small and cosy, with only the Jin household plus Gunther's family in attendance. But it still provided quite a whirlwind of activity!

It's always a mother's wish to send of their child to their happily-ever-after, and Mila Munch couldn't be happier for her son. Both mother and son are practically glowing with joy!

Everyone has a banging good time socializing for a bit before the ceremony. The twin tots aren't shy at all around the new faces.

Ying, of course, opted to provide the catering for the wedding all by herself. She didn't skill up her cooking to level 10 for nothing! Time to flex all that skill!! That's not the only thing she's flexing though, cause look that those guns! ;)

My Ying, that dress really does accentuate your toned arms.
Ying: "Heh, heh. Thanks Watcher!"

While Ying's cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Jia – being the well-mannered child she is – helps set the table.

*sniff* So proud of you Jia, so proud *sniff*
Jia: "Yeash Watcher, you're making a big deal out of nothing!"
What are you talking about! The you from a few days ago would've just ran off to play on the monkey bars! This is character development that's what it is!!
Jia: "People can mature yeash. Stop being so dramatic."
OH MY—! Look at you, throwing around words like 'mature'! You're growing up so fast! 
Jia: *groan* "Please Watcher, you're being embrassing..."

In any case, the wedding goes on without a hitch. The ceremony would've been picture perfect... if only the guest could just sit still! Guther's family kept running off to the bar for drinks!

Gunther: "Mum please!"

Audience or no, it was still a lovely, lovely ceremony.

Vows exchanged, it was time for some CAKE!! As per tradition, first slice perks goes to the groom and groom.

The newlyweds are just as sappy as Ying and Seiji had been on their wedding day not too long ago. It's so cute, GAH— I love happy sims! :3

Once the grooms have had their slice, it's time for the rest of the guest to dig. And boy did Seiji really dig in! Look at him viciously chomp down on his slice of cake. Heh!
The wedding also ends off on a high note, with the family earning a gold medal. Woot ~ !

While the adults have polite, cultured conversation in the dining room, the kiddos let loose in the living room. It's about time the siblings started spending more time together! 

It's really great having so many adults in the family. Each kiddo always gets attention one way or another and there's little to no sibling rivalry between them thus far. Or maybe that's just Jia to be honest... She just wants the adults to get off her back to do her own thing really. I can't wait till the tots age up. There ought to be more sibling bonding then!

Author's Note: 
*rises from the dead*
I'M BACK. There's been such a gap between my update on the Jin household and I'm so sorry. >< I got caught up with stuff irl, but I hope I'll be able to pick up the pace with regards to the legacy! I do miss my sims!

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.8 — Still Young at Heart (Updated 19/05/18)
« Reply #39 on: June 24, 2018, 11:26:10 PM »
Awww, Marcus and Gunther are getting married! So cute! Hehehe, I love Jia. She's such a scamp. She'll be loads of fun as she gets older.
@Shewolf13 Can't wait till the twins age up too! Wonder what kind of kiddos they'd be! As for Jia... I look forward to her future romantic endavours ;)
She's such a free spirit, I wonder how things will turn out for here. :3

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1.10 — Grief and Moving On
« Reply #40 on: July 01, 2018, 09:04:51 AM »
(You can read this post on Wordpress HERE)

1.10 — Grief and Moving On

The newlywed couple spent their honeymoon being all lovey-dovey and stacking up gold date medals for the legacy.
Since Marcus is retired, he has lots of time on his hands. As for Gunther, well, he's not exactly part of the legacy and I'm not really pushing for him to skill/level anything so I had him take time off work do just chill with his hubby.

I just wish they'd woohoo in their own bed. Yeash!

They keep using Rachid's bed even after I explicitly directed them to their own bed.
The pathing is weird in this game! I reckon Rachid would be less than pleased if he knew what the two lovebirds were continuously up to in his room so...
I just keep him busy whenever they're there. :/

It's supposed to be all happy times seeing how Marcus & Gunther are so fresh from their wedding, but then tragedy struck!

I had entirely forgotten death by overexertion was a thing!!!

Marcus is your stereotypical jock who – even in his old age – pumps iron on the regular whenever I'm not looking so he gets that 'uncomfy' moodlet quite a bit.
But death by overexertion is so rare, and I've never ever had it happen in my games before so I never paid it much heed.

Clearly I should've! Cause after one of their dates (and woohoo session) the notification popped and uh oh...

Not good at all.

Gunther, unsurprisingly, doesn't take it very well.

The whole household got hit with a pretty powerful sad moodlet. But Gunther had it the worst of all.
No one else in the household was directly related to Marcus, but Marcus was Gunther's husband, and they had been newlyweds too.
It wasn't even a double whammy, but a TRIPLE whammy of super big sad moodlets that Gunther was hit by.

I actually had to check if death by depression was a thing (its not, phew) because Gunther was so terribly sad and crying everywhere.

After much mulling, Gunther decided that what he needed was a fresh start. The house reminded him too much of Marcus and was affecting his mood, so he needed a change of scenery.

Gunther: "I think I'll move back to my hometown, Windenburg. I know the place well, and it's nice and quiet there."
Sounds like a plan. I think the fresh air will do you good. Windenburg sounds like the perfect place for you to recuperate.

Living alone can be a rather lonely endeavour, especially after the death of a loved one.
Rather than wallow in sadness, Gunther felt that perhaps having a child he could give love to would give him new perspective and help him heal.
So he set about adopting a young girl.

Meet Hailee Flex-Munch!

She had pre-rolled monster CC eyes so I gave her a make-over in CAS. I kept her eyes blue though, just without the black scleras. She's a beautiful girl.

After saying their goodbyes to the Jin household, Gunther & Hailee packed up and moved out to their new house.
It's a quaint little cottage of sorts located on a small plot of land on Windenburg Island.

To liven up the place, they've also adopted an Ainu dog. They've named him Snowy.
I won't be playing them anymore moving forth, but I do hope to see them up and about town and moving on with life.

Author's Note:
Down to 6 household members. Still a lot, but anything lesser than 8 should be easier to manage! ><

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.10 — Grief and Moving On (Updated 01/07/18)
« Reply #41 on: July 01, 2018, 06:21:40 PM »
Oh!  My condolences to Gunth.  It looks like he and Hailee and Snowy will be happy in Windenburg.  It's nice of you to set them up comfortably.   :)

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.10 — Grief and Moving On (Updated 01/07/18)
« Reply #42 on: July 17, 2018, 09:54:39 AM »
Oh!  My condolences to Gunth.  It looks like he and Hailee and Snowy will be happy in Windenburg.  It's nice of you to set them up comfortably.   :)
@BallerinaHippo It was so unexpected! On the bright side though, I guess that checks one death type off the list? Makin' lemonade out of lemons yeah?
I think I'll make the whole 'setting up' thingy for any future family members I move out in the future. I can't bear just 'throwing' them out. Even if I don't play them anymore, it'll be nice to visit every now and then. :)

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1.11 — Birthdays Galore
« Reply #43 on: July 17, 2018, 10:04:30 AM »
(You can read this post on Wordpress HERE)

1.11 — Birthdays Galore

The time for the twins to age up has finally arrived! And of course, they celebrate their shared birthday together. :3

It was exciting to see the tots finally grow up, though the excitement was tempered some by the ridiculous amounts of glitching in-game. ( I might've invited too many people... )
We barely managed a gold medal, and it was a rather stressful endeavour.

Regardless, looked who showed up!
Hailee was the only other kid attending the birthday party ( Jia was at school ) and the trio had a blast together.
I think I see a life long friendship in the future!

Chen and Feng aging up to kids means they can now officially move into their new shared room.
It also means they're finally old enough to join the family's legacy club – Golden Age!
The club has been building itself up slowly since the start of the legacy and now has all those tasty perks that help them breeze through their homework, easy peasy.

Such handy things clubs are!

Club perks aside, the twins were in need of a make-over!
I couldn't do it immediately after they aged up because of all the glitching
( and also because everybody in the household needed to be present on the lot – Jia was at school; Rachid/Seiji at work – before entering CAS or they'll glitch too ),
but once everything settled, it was the first thing I got about doing.

Here's their made-up wardrobe!

Chen's a sharp dresser with a penchant for darker colours (mostly black).
He rolled the WHIZ KID aspiration and the LONER trait, and it looks like he'll be spending most of his time experimenting with chemistry set.

Chen: "The black will help hide any weird stains!"

As for Feng, she rolled the ARTISTIC PRODIGY aspiration and the PERFECTIONIST trait, taking after mother.
She has a little more girly of a style as compared to her older sister, Jia.

Feng dives right into doodling in mum's art room.

While Jia helps Chen with his Whiz Kid aspiration.
 Jia is somewhat thrilled to have someone to boss around and act all 'grown up' and smart around. Chen, being the mild mannered child he is, takes it all in stride.

Jia: "Haha! Let big sister show you how it's done!"
Chen: "Wouldn't this be a better move though?"
Jia: "What are you talking about? Of course no— oh wait. Actually that's not a bad move at all. You're uh, pretty good huh?"
Chen: "You are a good teacher."
Jia: *grinning* "I am aren't I? Hey! Lemme show you my special move! I beat mum once with this!!"

I'm thinking Jia has taken quite a liking to her younger brother. 😏

Jia's affections might be a tad bit one sided though.
Because when not studying the ways of chess with Jia, Chen much prefers playing on his own. He quite likes playing Doctor.

So Chen, you want to be a doctor when you grow up?
Chen: "It's kind of fun. Treating people. And the white coats doctors wear are so cool, don't you think so?"
*mutters under breath* Actually I'd much rather you be a Scientist... the family needs a Scientist.
Chen: "Huh? Did you say something Watcher?"
Oh! Nothing! But er, don't scientist wear white coats too? They look just as smart and cool as doctors don't you think?
Chen: "I... guess so? But doctors get to use all those fancy, complex equipment! I want to try doing that when I grow up!!"
Scientist have cool equipment too! You should see the stuff they use!

*rubs hands* There's still time to subtly steer Chen's subconscious towards a career in science through suggestion.
The family could do with a cloning machine... think of all those satisfaction points that could be saved on cloned emotion potions!!

The twins can certainly be a handful at times. Their first night as kids, they woke up hollering about the monster under their bed about 30 minutes after being put to bed.
Jia had her fair share of 'monster-under-the-bed' shenanigans, but somehow it felt more chaotic with the twins.
Maybe it's because they share a room, but they woke up simultaneously and started freaking out together and making a huge commotion in their room.

Feng ran to get Ying. Meanwhile... Chen being a practical, logical boy tried to negotiate with the monster under his bed. It was rather cute.

Chen: "Mr. Monster, I propose to you a deal. If I leave food for you down there in the morning, will you promise not to ever come out at night? I'm a growing boy and I need to sleep well."

After a little adult intervention – aka spraying the monster – the kids finally settled down and went to bed.
Phew, all in a night's work!

The family threw another birthday party a few days later; Coincidentally, Rachid's and Seiji's b-day fell on the same day so they had a joint celebration.
Everyone was pretty burnt out from the twin's big birthday bash a few days earlier, so their party was a small event.

With Ying out for work and the kiddos away at school, it was pretty much a guy's night out! Fun times. 😎

And thus, the dudes of the household age up to adults.
Derpy faces and all! I espcially loved Rachid's confused face during his age up animation. Heh.

Rachid: "I think I saw my life flash before my eyes."

Cue bonding time over cake. Also...

Hailee! What are you doing here? You're skipping school??
Hailee: "I'm not skipping! Just... taking a day off to celebrate uncles' birthdays."
Guther! You let her skip school?
Guther: "Well— Ah! Rachid, Seiji. Done with your cakes? Me too. I'll go clean up the dishes. Shouldn't let the birthday boys do dishes on their day eh?"

In other news, Seiji finally completed his FABULOUSLY WEALTHY aspiration. Gah! I never realised how hard earning money was. So glad to have it done with.

That means that Seiji could finally get to working on Bodybuilder for that Long Lived trait.
And since he's been working out with Rachid as his mentor for a long time now, he easily tore through all the mini-milestones. Lovely!
Seiji also looks pretty good all bulked up. 😏😏😏

Also, look who else popped by the family's gym. A fitness nut even in death eh, Marcus?
You'd think he would've learnt. But well, it's not like he can die twice.

Author's Note:
Update(s) have been pretty irregular and I'm really sorry about that. ><
School is starting up in a month for me and since I'll be going on exchange next semester, stuff has been a little hectic.
Gameplay is a little bit ahead, but I haven't been able to downsize screenshots and compile them into posts.
I can't make any promises, but I'll try to shorten the wait time between updates!

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.11 — Birthdays Galore (Updated 17/07/18)
« Reply #44 on: July 17, 2018, 05:54:34 PM »
It's cute that Hailee was the only kid that got to participate in the "guys night" birthday party.  And it's nice to see that Gunther and Hailee are still a part of the group.

Did Chen make any progress with befriending the Monster Under the Bed?  I've never had that interaction be successful.  I'm wondering how many times a kid has to talk to the monster before they are friends.

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.11 — Birthdays Galore (Updated 17/07/18)
« Reply #45 on: August 20, 2018, 10:36:32 PM »
Got all caught up!  It's been a while, I know.  Good luck with school and your exchange!

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.11 — Birthdays Galore (Updated 17/07/18)
« Reply #46 on: September 08, 2018, 10:52:33 AM »
It's cute that Hailee was the only kid that got to participate in the "guys night" birthday party.  And it's nice to see that Gunther and Hailee are still a part of the group.

Did Chen make any progress with befriending the Monster Under the Bed?  I've never had that interaction be successful.  I'm wondering how many times a kid has to talk to the monster before they are friends.

@BallerinaHippo I can't bear to just cut them entirely out of the family's life so we invite them over regularly. Hailee also hangs out with the kiddos loads! I see a life-long friendship in the works! :3

Thus far, Chen hasn't made any progress befriending the monster I'm afraid. I'm not sure if it's for lack of trying or because of mods though. Cause Chen's bed is a CC furniture and you can never be certain about whether these things affect interactions. The monster tentacles actually don't show in-game for his bed cause it's a CC so it looks kinda weird in that he looks like he's talking to nothing.

Got all caught up!  It's been a while, I know.  Good luck with school and your exchange!

@Shewolf13 Haha ~ I've been gone so long myself ><
And thanks for the well wishes! I'm starting to settle down into my exchange semester.
Not used to being so far from home in a foreign country, but it's all very exciting. ^^

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1.12 — Childhood Shenanigans
« Reply #47 on: September 08, 2018, 10:54:59 AM »
(You can read this post on Wordpress HERE)

1.12 — Childhood Shenanigans

The kiddos are just where we left them off, working towards their childhood aspirations. Look at their matching 'pondering' expressions!
Definitely twins those two! It does get a chuckle out of me though, how Chen looks so picture perfect whereas Feng just went full derp.

It's a lot easier this time round thanks to the legacy club boosts!
That, and the fact that I might be neglecting the adults in the family a bit at the moment in favour for raising the kiddos.

Seiji: *mumbling* "Not that we mind..."
Rachid: "Yeah, Watcher's a bit of a slave driver."
Seiji: "I love having so much time to do nothing. Heh."
Huh? What was that you guys were saying?
Seiji, Rachid: "Nothing!"

Feng finished her (Artistic Prodigy) aspiration ahead of her brother and decided to tackle the Social Butterfly aspiration next, and my is she quite the butterfly!

Look at her getting all chummy with Marcus. Feng is also quite the Little Miss Popular!

She gets called up by her classmates pretty often to *gasp* play hookie! Which she just as often agrees too.
Occasionally, Hailee is an instigator which honestly isn't that surprising seeing how Gunther seems to be pretty relaxed as a disciplinarian – letting her skip school for a birthday and all that jazz.

If your mum knew what you were up to during school ho—
Feng: "But she won't! Will she Watcher?"
And how do you know that? She's an all-seeing woman, you know that.
Feng: "Yeah, but she'll only know if you tell her. And you won't tell her, right Watcher?"
What makes you so sure I won't tell her huh?
Feng: "I mean, I'm a potential heir right?"
Right, but—
Feng: "I need to network... make connections! Friends! It'll be great for when selection day comes! And the satisfaction points Watcher! It's all for the good of our family right?"
Where in the world did you pick up such mature vocabulary?!? And are you trying to psycho me? The WATCHER? ME?!
Feng: "But I'm right aren't I? And oh, Chen taught me heheheh ~"
Urgh. Chen. I need to have a talk with him...

Feng's sociability doesn't stop there though. Since she needs a ton of friends/relationships for the social butterfly aspiration,
she organises quite a number of impromptu play dates/outings for her classmates every now and then.

Of course, no one would skip out on a play date initiated by the Queen Bee of the class.

Big outings with tons of people isn't really up Chen's alley, but Feng can be quite a overbearing sister.
Chen himself has a hard time saying no to her so he finds himself being dragged along most times.
Being a loner by nature though, he always takes the first opportunity he gets to sneak away. He much prefers playing on his own.

Kristie Montalvo's – daughter of Travis Scott (and some randomly generated Sim) – a friendly girl and tries socializing with Chen. And he doesn't actually mind.
Two is company but three's a crowd eh?

But well, it looks like Chen's ability to socialise might be a hit-or-miss depending on the situation.
Because promptly after starting a convo with Hailee, he proceeded to somehow simultaneously bore her while embarrassing himself.

It's okay kiddo, you've still got time to practise.
Feng: "And you still got me!"

However awkward Chen might be, at least he's still got his little sister looking out for him.
They're best friends now! ( Yay, one step closer to the Social Butter Aspiration! )
Also, did I mention that they've both joined the Scouts? I couldn't wait for for the Seasons pack to go on sale so I finally got it and am having a blast, and so are the kiddos. :3

While the kids are experiencing the ups and downs of childhood, Jia has finally aged up!

Boy, do I love those doepy faces they make when blowing out the candles.

The aging up animation always gives me a chuckle one way or another. Look at all that sass! Her hair is amazing, and she's absolutely keeping that haircut. I love it on her! But the rest of her wardrobe? Definitely needs a make-over. Jia really does takes after her father, Rachid though. She has his lips, and looks nothing like her mother.

Her teen trait is SELF-ASSURED and rolled the ARCHAEOLOGY SCHOLAR aspiration. Interesting.

And here's out tomboy all grown up and looking rad in her favourite colour, purple.
Did I mention how much I love her hair? I really, really love her hair. 😍

In any case, she's got some active teen years ahead of her!
Jia wastes no time in hitting the shelves for an "Introduction to Archaeology" and hunting down a part-time job as a Retail Employee.
With the headstart skills she's gotten as a tot / kid, she easily advances to the top in a matter of days. Woot ~

To round off this post, I'm just gonna brag about finally completing one collection (even though it was probably the easiest one to complete... heh, heh).
At last! Pretty postcards for the study! Lovely!

Author's Note:
It's been... a month? Two months? Since my last update? 😬
Really sorry about how slow things are ><
I've finally settled(?) / am settling down in my exchange university and maybe, just maybe updates will get better? Hopefully? But aye ~ I plan to focus a little more on Jia in the next update since she got so little screen time here. The teen years are definitely much more interesting than the kiddie years. So stay tuned! ^^

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.12 — Childhood Shenanigans (Updated 08/09/18)
« Reply #48 on: September 08, 2018, 12:03:52 PM »
Oh, those kids are just awesome!  I love Feng hehehe, and poor Chen XD I understand entirely what it's like to have an outgoing sister and be the loner of the family lol.  Wow, Jia's hair is just amazing! Congrats on the collection!  Collecting and I are- eh lol so I know what an accomplishment completing one is ^^

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.12 — Childhood Shenanigans (Updated 08/09/18)
« Reply #49 on: September 10, 2018, 12:28:45 AM »
Chen and Feng are both so beautiful! Oh, but adorable Chen is ineligible to become an heir. *sniffle, sniffle
Haha, got confused about Tia and had to skim through the earlier chapters. Risky woohoo, lol.

Congrats on your first of many collections!