Author Topic: The Golden Legacy: 1.14 — Twisty Plot Twists (21/05/19)  (Read 3409 times)

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.12 — Childhood Shenanigans (Updated 08/09/18)
« Reply #50 on: September 10, 2018, 09:18:10 AM »
Oh, those kids are just awesome!  I love Feng hehehe, and poor Chen XD I understand entirely what it's like to have an outgoing sister and be the loner of the family lol.  Wow, Jia's hair is just amazing! Congrats on the collection!  Collecting and I are- eh lol so I know what an accomplishment completing one is ^^
@Shewolf13 The twins are joined at the hip! In my head, Feng just loves dragging Chen around everywhere because "I need hiimmm. Emootionall supportt." Then proceeds to get lost in her crowd of friends while Chen just sits around awkwardly twiddling his thumbs. He's just too nice so he lets Feng have her way haha ~

Chen and Feng are both so beautiful! Oh, but adorable Chen is ineligible to become an heir. *sniffle, sniffle
Haha, got confused about Tia and had to skim through the earlier chapters. Risky woohoo, lol.

Congrats on your first of many collections!
@oshizu Chen IS adorable. Something about his awkwardness is so endearing to me ><
Somewhat regretting my whole 'matriarch' rule now ;; Maybe I should've gone down the equality route.
Is it cheating if I change the rules now? Haha ~ (NO. MUST RESIST.)

I use so many mods it's hard to keep track of them  :-\
But hey! Stuff like that keeps things interesting eh?  ;)
Just gotta make sure to take birth control if we really don't want a surprise baby.
That is, if I don't forget like I did the last time. Whoops!

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1.13 — Adventure Time!
« Reply #51 on: September 26, 2018, 03:59:18 AM »
(You can read this post on Wordpress HERE)

1.13 — Adventure Time!

Jia's got an aspiration to work towards so come Friday, she takes a little weekend trip to Selvadorada. With some adult (Rachid) supervision of course. ;)

Jia: "I don't need adult supervision, urgh. I'm like. Almost an adult already."
Nope. Watcher's word is law. You need adult supervision.
Jia: "You're just being a slave driver! I betcha you don't care about adult supervision! You just want Uncle 'chid to fish for satisfaction points!"
That's not true!
Jia: "Oh yeah, then why's it I haven't seen him at all since we've arrived? Where's my adult supervision?"
He's... dealing with immigration! Be grateful he's handling all the boring, admin adult stuff ya brat!

For all her grumblings over 'adult supervision' though, Jia still has a blast socialising with the Selvadorian natives.
Here she is chatting up a rather dashing, Facundo Molina.

Jia: "Nice sunglasses!'
Facundo: "Thanks!"

Facundo isn't the only looker out there in Selvadorada though... Heck! Almost all (pretty much all) the Selvadorians we encountered we GORGEOUS. I mean, look at 'em!

Jia! Go make friends with them! All of them! Hurry!
Jia: "Your enthusiasm is scaring me Watcher..."
Hush. We only have 2 days here. We gotta get those pretty genes incorporated into the family bloodline! Go network kiddo! No time to waste!

Once Jia's gotten all their numbers, she heads out into the wild for some adventuring. No relics, no archaeology.
So it's time to get chopping!

Goal chasing aside, I just wanna say, Selvadorada is a very pretty looking world. I mean, look at this lovely screenshot! Breathtaking. Who needs to travel when you can live vicariously through Sims?

Jia being Jia, throws all caution in the wind and dives in head first into all the challenges the jungle tosses her way... which unsurprisingly, leads to a mishap or two every now and then. Not that it puts her off. Girl actually seems to enjoy getting roasted by traps.

*cough* Weirdo *cough*

Near death experiences aside, Jia's been getting along rather well with Danna Jiménez. Network away kiddo! More beautiful sims are always appreciated!

Jia: "Hmmm.... I wonder what this spherical object is supposed to be..."
What are you talking about? It's clearly a skull-shaped sculpture! You don't need a magnifying glass to tell that!
Jia: "Shhhh! Watcher! Archaeology is delicate work! How can you be sure it's a skull huh?"

Jia's going through her 'know-it-all' phase. (Despite hardly knowing what she's doing.)
That archaeology aspiration's gonna take a while to complete.

In the adult's side-story, Seiji has started working on his handiness skill now that he's maxed out his Tech Guru career and Bodybuilder aspiration. He's working towards the Nerd Brain aspiration now ; And almost kills himself in the process.

Seiji: "I– I think I left a screw loose."
You think?

Ambitious pet projects aren't the only thing Seiji's been working on though.
With Ying's birthday around the corner and Seiji decided a romantic night out with just the two of them was in order.

The two lovebirds are still very much in love. The honeymoon phase never ends when it comes to these two.
Ying: "Thanks for the treat honey."
Seiji: 😍

Cue the mandatory derp age-up birthday faces. Ying's now an adult! Whoop ~

Seiji-Ying's love story isn't the only happening thing nowadays.

Good old Rachid's living life to the fullest these days. Now that he's nearly maxed his Bodybuilder career, he spends his free time coaching Jia and picking up random hobbies he fancies ― mixology and guitar mostly.

But sometime a guy need more than just his hobbies eh?

So some nights, he heads out to the local pub for some drinks and socialising. Which is how he met Catarina Lynx, Brindleton Bay's resident cat lady.

And lets just say, they hit it off right off the bat.

Hubba hubba ~
Rachid woohooing reminds me I still have got that 'Risky Woohoo' mod sitting in my mod folders.
The chance of Catarina getting preggo is pretty slim but still, I do wonder...
Oh well, if it happens. It happens.

It still remains to be seen if Catarina and Rachid are more than just a one-night stand but aye ~ Rachid could do with a more intimate companion in his life now that Jia's all grown up and he doesn't have to babysit the girl.

Author’s Note:
I’ve been wanting to expand the family’s home. So the next update might take awhile since I take forever just deciding the type of wallpaper to use. But look forward to a bigger, better home! I think I’ll give the kiddos each their own rooms too!

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Re: 1.1 — New Beginnings
« Reply #52 on: September 26, 2018, 09:30:06 AM »
(You can read this post on Wordpress HERE)

1.1 — New Beginnings

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

So… today is Ying’s first day in Brindleton Bay. She’s looking a little serious in this shot.

Why don’t you at least give our readers a smile?
Ying: “You wouldn’t be smiling if you were $200 in debt now would you Watcher?”
Oh yeah. I almost forgot about that. But you wanted this no? You insisted on Brindleton Bay because Oasis Springs was too hot and Willow Creak was… “blegh” in your own words.
Ying: “Just because I wanted it doesn’t mean I’m immune to the occasional pangs of buyer’s regret! $200 is a lot of money when you have nothing okay!”

It wasn’t in the original plan to begin with an Extreme Start; It just sort of happened. I hadn’t gotten to play Brindleton Bay as of yet and I wanted to have a go at the town. Not to mention the lovely scenery! So bright and open and spacious! It’s not as dreary as Windenburg and the 64 × 64 lot is a bonus.

But that now means Ying is going to have to be really counting pennies as she tries to earn that $200 to buy the Knight of the Octagon Table while making end meets at the same time.

Ying: “It’s no biggie. I’m great at being stingy and living rough. Also have all the know-hows on making moolah! No worries Watcher.”
That’s very sweet of you Ying, to try and reassure me. I’m sure we’ll figure things out together!

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

We wanted to jump right into money making because Ying was really strapped for cash and the sooner we got her out of debt, the better. But there was the Welcome Wagon and we figured that it can’t hurt to spend some time to get to know the neighbours right?

The Delgato(s) came over for the Welcome Wagon, but only Supriya Delgato actually appeared although the notification text showed her hubby, Justin doing the greetings. Justin even appeared on Ying’s relationship tab despite her never interacting with him.

Ying: “Weird… I guess. We. Got acquainted through text messaging? Is that a thing in Sims? I didn’t know that. Also, if you think about it, isn’t that really creepy? How did Justin get my number? I just moved here!”
Is this you breaking the 4th wall? Are you breaking the 4th wall? You are aren’t you. Stop that. You’re going to ruin our reader’s immersion!
Ying: “I’ve been communicating with you since the beginning Watcher. I think the 4th wall has long been broken.”

No one else other than the Delgatos showed up. And the Welcome Wagon didn’t last very long before another notification pops up saying that they’ve got to go. So that’s that.

That just means it’s time for Ying to go make some money. Here she is taking a short jog to the beach just a stones throw away from the property. Isn’t the view gorgeous? Brindleton Bay is just so pretty scenery wise.

The neighbourhood is really pretty. There’s the beach that spans a fair distance, a small BBQ area ( FOOD! ) with benches and a public toilet and lots fishing areas. Perfect for the hobo life. And best of all, it doesn’t need to be loaded! It’s very convenient.

( I really miss the open world of TS3 ;; )

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

In any case, Ying throws out a line and starts fishing. And she actually catches Tuna for her first catch that goes for a tasty $88!

How did you do that?!
Ying: “有志者,事竟成。Heh, heh. When there’s a will, there’s a way. But anyways, that’s 44% of my $200 debt. I think I’ll be able to pay it off in no time!!”

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

Ying must be a really lucky sim. Or maybe she’s just really good at fishing, because she catches a mid-tier fish that sells for around $20, and then ANOTHER tuna. I don’t know how she does it.

But after that her catches are lacklustre in comparison and eventually she decides to try her luck treasure hunting instead since the fish are no longer biting.

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

A few rocks later, Ying manages to gather up a couple of fossils and common metals that she sells off to clear up her $200 debt entirely, with a decent amount of extra simoleons to spare.

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

Pressing debt dealt with, Ying spends some time socialising with some beach goers. One particular man catches her eye – Marcus Flex. And he certainly is flexing. He’s in the Partihaus and Powerhouse clubs, so that means two things. One, he’s cool. Two, he’s fit.

Ying: “He might make a good spouse, don’t you think Watcher?”
Well, you certainly do seem taken by him.
Ying: “Maybe. He’s certainly got anattractive physique. Nice and strong. I reckon he’d be able to produce healthy offspring. But that’s only if he’s not jacked up. Steorids can’t be good for the babies. I’ll need to get to know him better first…”
Aren’t you approaching this whole romance thing a little too… I don’t know? Objectively? Calculatingly? It’s okay to just like him you know? There’s no need to think too much about it. If you like him, then you like him.
Ying: “It always pays to be cautious. Also, of course I have to be objective! It’s my legacy at stake!”

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

Whatever Ying might say though, Marcus is certainly a charmer. Look at how charmed Ying is by Marcus’s suave flirting!

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

In any case, the day goes by rather quickly. But yay! The purchase of the Knight suit has been made and the challege can now start proper.

Ying: “I wish the statue came in red. Silver’s rather basic, don’t you think?”
Don’t be ridiculous. A red suit of armour would look weird.

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

With the day coming to an end, Ying headed off to the Brindleton Bay’s Gym / Spa ( I placed one of those Spa-Gyms that came with Spa Day in the world since Brindleton didn’t have a gym ) to deal with her hygiene. She spent a whole day fishing and digging around in the dirt and most certainly smells funky. But she was so tired she went straight to the couch to nap instead.

The shower can wait.

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

The next day, after she’s decently rested, she takes a nice long thoughtful shower to freshen up before proceeding to job hunting on her mobile. She settles for a job as a Palette Cleaner. The job itself isn’t amazing or anything, but painting is a skill that brings in a lot of dough even when freelanced. So why not kill two birds with one stone? Besides, Ying hopes to memorialise her primary spouse in the future with a painting.

I love this first chapter so much! Yin is so pretty and has such a good sense of humor! I look forward to reading more <3

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Re: 1.3 — Most Eligible Bachelor(s)
« Reply #53 on: September 26, 2018, 09:58:21 AM »
(You can read this post on Wordpress HERE)

1.3 — Most Eligible Bachelor(s)

Ying's been throwing herself into work as of late and grinding career progression and painting skill. She nabbed herself another promotion, and she's finally got enough to actually get a literal roof over her head. At last!

Here's the little shack we've built for her. I'm actually pretty bad at building so I'm pretty proud with how neat and cosy it turned out.

Here's a peek on the inside. Finally a fridge of her own! No more running to the public grill by the beach every time she wants to eat!

In other news, I've been starting to worry about how slow rolling things have been. It's my first time taking on the Legacy Challenge and actually committing to the rules. Not to mention, we had an extreme start and I'm not used to being so strapped for cash. So Ying and I sat down to have ponder where we would be taking this legacy. It's always nice to have a Watcher-Watched heart-to-heart every now and then.

So... what are we going to do now? You're making money. But you've been dumped—
Ying: "Rubbing it in, aren't you?"
You're going to be half-way through your young adult stage in a few days. And we haven't made much progress in terms of finding a suitable spouse.
Ying: "Yeah, but it's not like it's raining men. Also, I flirted with some people at work and yeash! Anyone who's available sucks. And anyone who doesn't suck isn't available."
About that. HOW is it possible that almost all the men you meet hate children?!?
Ying: "I don't know. You're the Watcher. You tell me."
What do we dooooooo! We can't have men who hate children produce the offspring for your legacy! That's just... not right!
Ying: "You know Watcher, the whole Marcus issue has got me thinking. Maybe we shouldn't care about who I romance. Instead of being selective, maybe I should just go for every male I come across. Eventually one will be a hit right?"
True... you need to complete your Serial Romantic aspiration too anyways. I almost forgot about it.
Ying: "Yup! Yup! We don't need to care about who I romance. Just who we choose to move in first as our primary spouse! The rest we can just move in afterwards to work for us or something.
Ooh! Ooh! Like a harem. But with men instead! We can even have them take care of the kiddos! Marcus would make a lovely eunuch. *cackles* A life of servitude seems like fitting revenge for a non-committal guy like him.
Ying: "Yeah. I'm just gonna seduce as many men as possible since I need to for my aspiration anyways. Eventually there must be one good guy we can take to be our primary spouse right?"
Ying: "Let's take our time."
Definitely. If you get too old you can just get you a Young Again potion. Speaking of which... looked who has walked in.

Marcus might've rejected her once. But he won't be rejecting her a second time. It's been decided that Marcus will enter the family later on as a servant of sorts. And since Ying plans on taking advantage of him to raise her legacy family, she might as well go all the way and use him to complete her aspiration too.

It's easy enough buttering him up. And they have an impromptu date that ends with him (naively) agreeing to be her boyfriend after he gets caught up in the moment.

Hohohohoho ~ can't wait to break it to him when the time comes.
Ying: "I can't wait till I find the one. Seduction is tiring work. Phew!"
But all those tasty satisfaction points Ying!

Ying spends the next few days (i.e. every waking hour) getting around town (and outside of town) meeting people here, there and everywhere. And all I've got to say is that, Ying might be good at making money, but she has absolutely horrible luck with partners. All those randomly generated sims keep rolling a 'Hates Children' trait. How is that possible? I don't know. But Ying keeps meeting sims with that trait it's ridiculous.

First up is Sergio Romeo. He's a townie so I already knew his traits (Hates Children, Active, Materialistic) but unff, if it weren't for his 'Hates Children' trait he would make a fine spouse. He is a pretty boy.

Ying: "Dresses really smart too. I have a thing for men in cardigans."
If I remember correctly, his aspiration is to be rich or something like that. Which also means he probably is Buisness Savvy.
Ying: "A man who knows how to handle money! Oh, I'm in love."
Are you?
Ying: "Eh, not really. But hey, I can respect a man who knows how to bring in the dough!"
*sigh* Yes. He would've made such a fine spouse if it weren't for that 'Hates Children' trait...
Ying: "God is fair?"

The next guy Ying got cozy with was Ayaan Savalani who's actually not that bad. He's cheerful, materialistic and lazy. The lazy trait makes Ying a little uncomfortable; It clashes with her personality.

Ying: "So what do you do during your off days?
Ayaan: "Nothing very exciting. Everyday's an off day for me, so it gets kinda... boring?"
Ying: "Everyday's an off day?"
Ayaan: "Yeah, I'm unemployed. Haha!"
Ying: "Oh.. well, if it's boring doing nothing then why don't you find a job?"
Ayaan: "It's a bit troublesome, don't you think?"

Well... he's not that bad of a guy.
Ying: "..."
If there's no one else I guess we could settle for him?
Ying: *whispers* "I sure hope it doesn't come to that. He'd make a nice friend. But a spouse? No thanks."

Next up, Kengo Kobayashi. He's a snob, squeamish and hates children. Too many meh traits and not a single redeeming one. Ying didn't care much for him. She just snuggled up with him for a bit, got her kiss, made him her boyfriend and got out of there to check out the other fish in the sea.

Ying: "If he were just a bore to talk to, that would've been fine. But he's not a bore. He's just plain annoying."

Ahhh, Nobuya Sasaki. A man Ying had the greatest (dis)pleasure of encountering. He's an insider, which isn't so bad. But he's also evil and, wait for it... hates children.

Ying: "Him hating children isn't even an issue anymore! This pasty keeps insulting me for no reason other than to be insulting!"
It's his evil trait talking.
Ying: "I don't even want to seduce a snake like him! Hmph!"
But you've already gotten so far! I can see his relationship bar with you! He may talk like that to you but he quite fancies you! It'd be a waste for you to stop now!
Ying: "If this is how he talks to someone he likes, I wonder how he'd treat someone he doesn't."
Just bear with it a little bit? You won't have to see him again ever once we're done getting what we need from him.
Ying: *sigh* "For the legacy."

While Ying was smooching Nobuya though, Ayaan happened to be there to witness it as seen in the photo above.

Ying: "Well, better have his heart-broken now than later. At least now he can move on from me and perhaps find someone suitable for himself."

I wasn't really familiar with the townies of San Myshuno so I initially had no idea Baako was a townie. Let alone married with kids. It was really a shame though, because he really was a great guy. He's a goofball, music lover and family oriented. And to top it off, he's well established in his comedian career. It's everything Ying would want in a man. Except...

Ying: "I could never break up a family though."
Of course, I understand.

Besides, Baako is already an adult and it'd be much better to search for a partner closer to Ying's age.

Ying doesn't want to homewreck Baako's happy family so she just flirts with him enough to get a kiss from him for her Serial Romantic aspiration and breaks it off instantly thereafter. It does hurt their relationship a bit, but Ying truly does hope they'd be able to stay friends. Baako really is a good guy and it'd be nice to see him and his family around.

It's the same story with Brent Hecking who is Ying's co-worker. I also had no idea Brent was a townie initially (I usually stick to Willow Creek or Oasis Spring).
Brent's a dog lover, romantic and goofball. And also happily married.

Ying: *sigh* "If he weren't taken he'd have been a fine catch."
All the good men are unavailable, and all the men that are have questionable personalities. Finding 'the one' is tough!

Ying deals with Brent the same way she did with Baako. Steals a kiss, and asks to just be friends. They live in the same town, so she hopes that they'll have an amicable relationship in the long run.

Ying even had a short tryst with the Don. Ying doesn't know of his reputation, but I certainly do, and as Watcher I have to protect her from that Casanova.

Just make him your boyfriend and get that kiss from him and kick him off the lot! He ain't worth your time! I'm telling ya he already has like 2 women.
Ying: "I trust you. Didn't really like him anyways."

Things start looking up when Ying happens upon Rachid Assaoui during a trip to Windenburg's library. He's neat, a bookworm, and jealous.

Ying: "I do love myself an intellectual."

Rachid would've been first choice for primary spouse — because at last! a decent, available man (he's pretty cute too)— had Ying not happened upon...

Seiji Sakamoto. He's materialistic, a genius and family oriented. And honestly, the last trait had Ying sold. A family oriented man to be the founding spouse of her legacy? Yes please!

Ying: "We'll need to do something about his hair though."
Yes. Indeed. I say he's using way too much gel.
Ying: "A man bun would look good on him don't you think?"

Since Ying has decided she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Seiji, she spends more time (compared to the other guys) getting to know him better before popping the question. And when she does, she does it in the hedge maze.

She thought it rather romantic.

Seiji moved in that night. For the time being though, they will be putting off the wedding till they're a bit more financially stable since Ying just splurged on renovating the shack into a home more fitting to raise a family in. Meanwhile, I gave Seiji a much needed makeover.

If you look closely you'll notice how pre-makeover Seiji has some 'monster eyes' with solid black scleras and golden irises; A cc of mine meant for my vampire sims. Clearly that's a no-no. And so is that 'too-much-gel' hair.

Looking much better.

You can't see it from the front, but Seiji's rocking a pretty cool man bun.
(Also, ignore that visual glitch through the wall, one of my buy CC when crazy — it's fixed now.)

In other news, Ying hasn't forgotten about Marcus. And she reckons it's a good time to abuduct bring him in as the family's servant/attendant a secondary spouse.

Ying: "So, what do you say? Not a bad idea huh? There's shared family funds. And we get to casually stick together, no strings attached. No commitment needed. It's just like living in a shared home and we get to see each other more easily. That's all."
Marcus: "Doesn't sound bad. I've been getting pretty tired of my current housemates lately..."
Ying: "You'll just have to sign some papers. You know how landlords can be. Guy wants to be sure about who's moving in and all."
Marcus: "Sure, what papers do I have to sign?"
Ying: "Just sign, here. Here. And here."
Marcus: "Okay."
Ying: "Thanks! Now you can start with taking out the trash and preparing dinner for us!"
Marcus: "Huh?"
This is why you always read the fine print. *cackles*
Ying: "You just signed away your life to the Jin family. The servant's quarters are that way. We'll call you when we need you."

Anyways, gonna end the post with a screenshot of the renovated house. Marcus's room is the one on the left. It's separate from the main household. I plan to expand the children's bedroom and add in more child-rearing goodies later on, but for the time being most of the money has been spent so it'll have to wait for a bit.

So happy that Yin is doing well! And ugh the dating game is so stressful--both in Sims AND IRL lol. Marcus makes a good dad in one of my saves, and actually a pretty good husband too despite the non-committal trait: you just have to "court" him for a while to make it happen XD

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.13 — Adventure Time! (Updated 26/09/18)
« Reply #54 on: September 26, 2018, 09:59:11 AM »
I love this first chapter so much! Yin is so pretty and has such a good sense of humor! I look forward to reading more <3

@ShyLilSimmer I'm glad you liked it! ^^
I saw your introductory post in the Member Zone, welcome to the forums! Looking forwards towards your Not-so-Berry challenge ;)

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.13 — Adventure Time! (Updated 26/09/18)
« Reply #55 on: September 26, 2018, 10:02:54 AM »
Ahh yes I am still working on it. Thank you so much <3

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.13 — Adventure Time! (Updated 26/09/18)
« Reply #56 on: September 26, 2018, 11:29:09 AM »
Woohoo, go Rachid! lol I love Jia's know it all phase bwahahahahaha. Great to see everyone again and can't wait to see the house!

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.13 — Adventure Time! (Updated 26/09/18)
« Reply #57 on: September 27, 2018, 09:38:47 PM »
Ying and Seiji are as adorable as ever.  Rachid and Catarina make a cute couple, too.  It's nice to see Catarina get a cameo in a story (as something besides a crazy cat lady).

I agree that Jai needs supervision in Selvadorada.  You are too young and too pretty to go off on your own just yet, young lady.

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Re: 1.4 — Surprise Nooboo!
« Reply #58 on: October 07, 2018, 09:17:26 AM »
(You can read this post on Wordpress HERE)

1.4 — Surprise Nooboo!

All is well in the Jin household. Seiji got a job in the tech guru career, Ying is churning out paintings and progressing her career while Marcus spends most of his time either painting or fishing to supplement the household income and to help get Ying that cowplant berry.

Then came the surprise...

Ying: "Urgh, I'm not feeling so good..."
Woah woah woah! Wait a minute what?! This isn't what I think it is right???
Ying: "I, I think I might be pregnant."
What?! Who??? HOW! You've never tried for baby!!!
Ying: "I don't know! But the body doesn't lie!"
WAIT! Waaiiiittt... I just remembered now... Oh. Oh. Uh...

( I forgot I had the risky woohoo mod in play. )

Ying: "What? What! What is it?"
Ahahahaha... nothing. But er, who was the last person you woohoo-ed again?
Ying: "Erm. Rachid? I guess. That was before Seiji and got together of course."
How about Seiji? Have you and Seiji like. Woohoo-ed recently?
Ying: "Seiji and I haven't woohoo-ed yet. The opportunity never came up... The father is probably Rachid huh?"
Oh. Okay. Erm. Yeah, basically.
Ying: "What are we going to do about this?"
... I guess, we just have to tell Seiji? And Rachid?

Rachid took the news pretty well. Boy am I glad he and Ying ended on good terms.

Rachid: "It must've been quite a surprise."
Ying: "Yeah it was. I'm sorry for dumping this on you out of nowhere."
Rachid: "No, we should've been more careful. But what's done is done. I'll be there for you and the baby regardless."
*sniffs* Such a good man. Let's invite him to join the household Ying! He should have the option to stick around for his child if he wants to!
Ying: "If you want to... you could move in? That is, if you want. If you'd rather not want to be burdened by a child that's fine too. Because I've already got Seiji."
Rachid: "I'd love to! I'd love to stick around to watch my child grow! And Seiji doesn't have to worry. You and I, we're just friends now. What we had is all in the past. It's only because of the baby. Cross my heart, hope to die!"

And thus, Rachid became the first official, secondary spouse of the Jin Legacy.

Seiji was just as understanding.

Seiji: "Don't look so down. I'm not upset! Besides, this was before we got together, so what's there to be upset about?"
Ying: "But it's not your child..."
Seiji: "A baby is a baby. Doesn't matter if it's not mine. I can still make a great step-dad!"
Ying: "So.. you're actually okay with this?"
Seiji: "We've been wanting a baby anyways right? We got one!"
Ying: "How about Rachid? Are you okay with him moving in?"
Seiji: "Oooh, he's moving in? Great! It takes a village to raise a child. It'd be nice for the baby to know their biological father too... he's a nice guy right?"
Ying: "Errr, yeah? I guess? He's a good guy."
Seiji: "Great! Then the baby will be in good hands... I can't wait to see who the baby takes after!"

Wow, it's great that he's family oriented. He took it really well.
Ying: *whispers* Yeah, he's more excited than all of us combined.

It isn't long before D-Day arrives and Ying heads to the hospital to give birth.

How you feeling?
Ying: "Not too great."

Annnnddddd..... IT'S A GIRL. Which was sort of expected, considering how Ying basically gorged herself on strawberries after learning of her pregnancy. After all, only a female can be an heir.
In any case, meet Jia! The first poteintial heir to the Jin Legacy!

Ying: "Isn't she adorable?"

The dads with their baby girl is an absolutely adorable sight. Rachid is a very nurturing father, and he's almost always the first to respond to Jia's cries. And Seiji is absolutely smitten by his step-daughter. He just loves cooing at her! Jia has seemed to have taken a liking to Seiji too!

On a side note, here's a random photo of Marcus hanging with Ying's exes (Ayaan, Kengo and Nobuya were there too, but not in frame).

While the family was dealing with the pregnancy, Marcus was out socalising and raising his charisma because he has that annoying 'Friend of the World' aspiration.

You're such a pain, even as a servant. Urgh.
Marcus: "Well... you could just fire me?"
Nice try. Also watch your mouth. Say anything funny about Ying to her exes and I'm taking away your bed and you can enjoy sleeping on the floor. I won't stand for slander against my Watched. I only had Ying call them here so you could complete your stupid aspirations. Make friends with them and get back to fishing!
Marcus: *sigh* "Okay."

We're gonna milk this man of his satisfiaction points as much as we can! Muahahahahahaha!

Authur's Notes:
Jia's name is written — 甲 — and has the meaning of 'first'. She's the first born child, so I thought it'd be a pretty apt name for her. Hehe ~

Man. I probably should've done a survey of my mods before I started playing the legacy. Ying's pregnancy nearly gave me a heart attack! My mods folder is a mess so I haven't been able to check every inch of it, but I did a quick one over and I think there shouldn't be anymore surprises. Hopefully. I think I'll keep the risky woohoo option 'on' though, because I like it for my other gameplays. It just means I have to be more careful when woohoo-ing from now on.

Anyways, I finally got a 'Meet the Jin(s)' section up! Woohoo!

Awwww she had a baby! I am so happy for her! I always keep the risky option on along with other MCC tweaks--it adds some much needed plot twists to the game.

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Re: 1.6b — House Tour
« Reply #59 on: October 07, 2018, 09:32:51 AM »
1.6b — House Tour

Here's the tour of the renovoated house as promised. :3
I've put it under spoliers so if you want to skip it it'll be easier.
Also, if you prefer to view this via an imgur album, you can do so HERE.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I LOVE THE HOUSE! So pretty! I think Jia's room is my favorite--probably cause purple is my fav color too XD

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Re: 1.10 — Grief and Moving On
« Reply #60 on: October 07, 2018, 09:40:06 AM »
(You can read this post on Wordpress HERE)

1.10 — Grief and Moving On

The newlywed couple spent their honeymoon being all lovey-dovey and stacking up gold date medals for the legacy.
Since Marcus is retired, he has lots of time on his hands. As for Gunther, well, he's not exactly part of the legacy and I'm not really pushing for him to skill/level anything so I had him take time off work do just chill with his hubby.

I just wish they'd woohoo in their own bed. Yeash!

They keep using Rachid's bed even after I explicitly directed them to their own bed.
The pathing is weird in this game! I reckon Rachid would be less than pleased if he knew what the two lovebirds were continuously up to in his room so...
I just keep him busy whenever they're there. :/

It's supposed to be all happy times seeing how Marcus & Gunther are so fresh from their wedding, but then tragedy struck!

I had entirely forgotten death by overexertion was a thing!!!

Marcus is your stereotypical jock who – even in his old age – pumps iron on the regular whenever I'm not looking so he gets that 'uncomfy' moodlet quite a bit.
But death by overexertion is so rare, and I've never ever had it happen in my games before so I never paid it much heed.

Clearly I should've! Cause after one of their dates (and woohoo session) the notification popped and uh oh...

Not good at all.

Gunther, unsurprisingly, doesn't take it very well.

The whole household got hit with a pretty powerful sad moodlet. But Gunther had it the worst of all.
No one else in the household was directly related to Marcus, but Marcus was Gunther's husband, and they had been newlyweds too.
It wasn't even a double whammy, but a TRIPLE whammy of super big sad moodlets that Gunther was hit by.

I actually had to check if death by depression was a thing (its not, phew) because Gunther was so terribly sad and crying everywhere.

After much mulling, Gunther decided that what he needed was a fresh start. The house reminded him too much of Marcus and was affecting his mood, so he needed a change of scenery.

Gunther: "I think I'll move back to my hometown, Windenburg. I know the place well, and it's nice and quiet there."
Sounds like a plan. I think the fresh air will do you good. Windenburg sounds like the perfect place for you to recuperate.

Living alone can be a rather lonely endeavour, especially after the death of a loved one.
Rather than wallow in sadness, Gunther felt that perhaps having a child he could give love to would give him new perspective and help him heal.
So he set about adopting a young girl.

Meet Hailee Flex-Munch!

She had pre-rolled monster CC eyes so I gave her a make-over in CAS. I kept her eyes blue though, just without the black scleras. She's a beautiful girl.

After saying their goodbyes to the Jin household, Gunther & Hailee packed up and moved out to their new house.
It's a quaint little cottage of sorts located on a small plot of land on Windenburg Island.

To liven up the place, they've also adopted an Ainu dog. They've named him Snowy.
I won't be playing them anymore moving forth, but I do hope to see them up and about town and moving on with life.

Author's Note:
Down to 6 household members. Still a lot, but anything lesser than 8 should be easier to manage! ><

ohhh no. Poor Gunther. He and Marcus were so cute together T_T

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Re: 1.13 — Adventure Time!
« Reply #61 on: October 07, 2018, 09:44:53 AM »
(You can read this post on Wordpress HERE)

1.13 — Adventure Time!

Jia's got an aspiration to work towards so come Friday, she takes a little weekend trip to Selvadorada. With some adult (Rachid) supervision of course. ;)

Awww Jia's grown up to be such a cutie. I love her spirit!

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 20/11/2018, Status Update
« Reply #62 on: November 19, 2018, 11:07:17 PM »
Just a little update to the few people who do read my legacy.
I'm really sorry about the slow pace of updates and for being gone for... almost 2 months. OTL
It's my exchange semester at an overseas university so I've been busying myself both academically and socially. And admittedly, when I do have time, I've been spending it playing other games in short bursts (when it comes to sims I like to get down and sink hours at a go).

I haven't lost interest in the legacy though! I can't wait to get back to them! I've renovated the house already (got the screenshots and all; post is even drafted) and *hint hint* the twins have aged up! I still need more content before I can get up another chapter though...

Also, Get Famous is out and so is the huuuggeee November patch. Personally, I use a ton of CC and mods (8GB and counting... I think) in my games so there's also a need for me to clean out my mods folder and that will take some time too. I think I might also wait a little for EA to patch out a few (pretty big) bugs first before diving fully back into the legacy. I really love the Jins and don't want to end up having to scrap them due to a corrupt save. ><

Thanks for you all who've been reading my legacy up till now, and once again, sorry for the slow pace of things. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to posting chapters soon though! By December! Gah! I have so much I want to do with the family.

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1.14b — House Tour #2
« Reply #63 on: May 20, 2019, 10:03:30 AM »
1.14b — House Tour #2

I've been gone forever and tbh idk if anyone is still following the legacy but what the heck.
I miss my fam and wanna jump back after sorta abandoning them late last year dude to life in general lol ~ It'll take awhile for me to get back into the groove of things considering how much has change in terms of patches/content. Need to update my mods. Apparently some of the rules for the legacy challenge has changed to? So I need to check my spreadsheet and make updates. But in general I'm very excited to get back to playing the Jins.

I'll need to dust off my screenshot folders and get to arranging the next gameplay post (the twins have aged up!) as well as — most importantly — play them!
But for now, hope you guys enjoy the super duper late tour of the 2nd renovation of the legacy house. :)

Presenting... the second house tour! Ta-da ~
I've put it under spoilers so if you want to skip it it'll be easier.
Also, if you prefer to view this via an imgur album, you can do so HERE

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 20/05/2019, House Tour #2
« Reply #64 on: May 21, 2019, 04:46:19 AM »
The house looks absolutely beautiful! I look forward to knowing what happens next. Take your time though! My story sort of ended too after my game got corrupted and I had to restart the challenge, but now I have too update my game with all the mods too so I am just waiting for that. Have you played around with Strangerville?

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 20/05/2019, House Tour #2
« Reply #65 on: May 21, 2019, 09:16:48 AM »
@ShyLilSimmer Thank you! It's been awhile since I've played the Sims so there's so much I need to clean out in my mods folder. Pretty sure I spent more than an hour purging stuff lol
My condolences for your lost save game ;; Your writing style for the legacy was really enjoyable so I hope that you'll be able to get back into it when the time is right. :)
I haven't gotten Strangerville yet unfortunately. >< But it's probably a good thing since I still haven't gotten around to playing Get Famous much at all! Am waiting for an expansion pack to drop so I can bundle it together with a stuff pack for the sweet discount haha ~

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1.14 — Twisty Plot Twists
« Reply #66 on: May 21, 2019, 09:35:16 AM »
(You can read this post on Wordpress HERE)

1.14 — Twisty Plot Twists

Feng finally got her Social Butterfly aspiration done and dusted with! Whoop whoop ~! That aspiration is a real pain to complete. Yuck!
In any case, things are rolling forwards as per usual. With the lovely Watcher (moi!) being ever the slave driver.

Skills are important if your want to make it in life kiddos!
Kids: “Urgh”

It isn’t long before the twins’s birthday roll by and to celebrate, the whole family + Gunther & Hailee sit down for a celebratory feast.
The newly renovated dining room is perfect for the occasion!

So! So! How do you like the new furniture Ying!? Those chairs are great aren’t they? I got them for a steal at (CC)Ikea!
Ying: “Hmm… it’d be hard to wash stains out of the white fabric…”
Yeah bu—
Ying: “Don’t you think upholstered chairs might be a bit inappropriate as dining chairs? And white ones at that? I imagine they won’t be pretty looking for long.”
Oh come on. It can’t be that bad.
Ying: “You know how Jia is. Holes in her mouth that girl.” *sighs*
*mutters* What a Debbie Downer

Feng: “Hey hey! Chen! Let’s take a selfie before cutting the cake! ”
Chen: “Okay!”


Feng: “Ouuuhhh ~ I look cute! This will make the perfect ‘gram!”
Chen: “H-huh? You’re going to post the photo?”
Feng: “Yeah? Why else would I take a pic?”
Chen: “Umm.. could you maybe uh— n-no—”
Feng: *raises eyebrow*
Chen: “Uh, nothing! Just uh, make me look good…. and don’t tag me.”

Wait a minute! Feng! Since when did you get an Instagram?!? Aren’t you… I don’t know? Too young for that??
Feng: “Uh, I’m a pre-teen. And I’m entering high school like, tomorrow. Literally. How can I not have an Instagram?”
You know what… Nevermind. Should have expected that from a kid like you.

Anyways, cake anyone?

Wow do you need a makeover Feng.
Chen: “…”
Not you sweetie, you’re good.

I also decided to age up Hailee at the same time because *slams fist* they’re childhood friends **it! It’d be weird if their ages are different across the board.
And just look at Hailee! Girl is as fabulous as Jia was when she aged up. Perfection.

In any case, MAKE OVER TIME.

Chen’s got a thing for sweaters and cardigans apparently. And black. And maybe a tad bit of shiny hair gel.

Looking good kiddo! Just. Don’t overdo it with the gel okay?
Chen: “I won’t! I just want to keep my hair out of my face, that’s all!”
I know, I know. I just don’t want you to look back on your youth and cringe. Like your father.
Chen: “Dad?”
*cackling* Oh yeah. I don’t think you’ve ever seen how your dad dressed before he met your mother eh?

Feng’s got her favourite colour too — pink! She’s a real fashionista that girl.

That dye job’s gonna be hard to maintain.
Feng: “Probably. But isn’t the ombre soooo pretty?!”
It is. How much did it cost though?
Feng: “Hmm, enough. Hey Watcher, does this blouse go with this skirt? Or should I ditch it for the skinnies?”
Dodging the ques— Huh? Oh, I— Hmm, I like the skinny jeans a bit more.”
Feng: “Hmm. Yeah. You’re absolutely right. I get the benefit of flaunting my booty while maintaining the illusion of modesty.”
Wait whut.

While I was at it, I decided to give Hailee a quick makeover too because why not? Buy 2 get 1 free eh?

The twins take after their mother. Specifically the lips. And the genetics is especially strong in Feng. She’s practically a spitting image of Ying!
For traits, Chen rolled the GENIUS trait, which is actually quite fitting. While Feng rolled… EVIL.
As for aspirations, Chen rolled the GOOD VAMPIRE aspiration while Feng rolled PUBLIC ENEMY.

Ohhhh booyyy.

Whatta twist! Looks like we’ll be getting a vampire in the family eh?
Feng’s aspiration is a good match with her trait. It looks like she’ll be going down the criminal route… which is honestly not something I had expected. But okay.

In any case, things are about to get real interesting with the up-and-coming Queen ** Bee of Brindleton Bay High entering the scene.
Just look at that exquisite side-eye!

As for Rachid, he’s decided that it’s time for him to move onto the next phase of his life.
All the kids are teens now, and he’s at the top of his career. He’s still too young to retire, but he wants to settle down properly after such a hectic youth.
And he thinks he can find this peaceful happiness with none other than Catarina Lynx. So he sets up a date to pop the question.

But wait what?!

That’s… quite a belly.
Rachid: “Oh. Wow. I guess it’s a good thing I planned to propose today anyways?”

Good thing indeed.
And Catarina is more than happy to accept. She’s been feeling a tad bit lonely herself since the passing of all of her cat babies.
But it looks like the couple will be welcoming a new baby sooner than later ;)

Rachid moves in with Catarina the following day and they elope there and then.

Catarina: “Dear, lets elope.”
Rachid: “Now??”
Catarina: “Yeah. Lets quickly make it official.”
Rachid: “Are you sure? Don’t you want a proper wedding or something? I’m pretty good at organizing stuff like that you know? I’ve done it twice already.”
Catarina: “Gosh. I don’t think I could bear a boring ceremony. Not to mention I doubt I’d fit into a dress with this stomach.
Beside, we’ve got more important things to deal with! I’ve been wanting to talk to you adopting some kitten… are you free to drop by the shelter with me today?”
Rachid: “Well… if it’s okay with you. It’s okay with me. And sure, I’d love to go kitty hunting with you right after!”

Looks like there’s going to be an abundance of furbabies in the duo’s future. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Author’s Note:
I won’t be playing Rachid any more from now onward. He’s finally free from the Watcher’s slave driving ways haha ~
That aside, now that the 2nd gen are all teens at last, the focus is going to shift from their parents to them so lets see how that goes :3

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Re: The Golden Legacy: 1.14 — Twisty Plot Twists (21/05/19)
« Reply #67 on: May 25, 2019, 07:14:13 PM »
Awesome house!  I love how all the teens turned out.  Generation 2 will certainly be interesting.  Looking forward to it!