Author Topic: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: A House Full of Love (Sept 12)  (Read 11839 times)

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: The Shoe Bandit: Parts I & II (Aug 16/17)
« Reply #275 on: September 12, 2019, 12:19:20 PM »
I partially read through your story last week but got caught up today.
Wow, I didn't even recognize Maja at first in her 1920s apparel!
How great that the Gen5 redhead also rolled the Loves the Outdoors trait. Hazel is simply gorgeous.

I lol'ed that you moved out Maja and Darwin, but kept Darwin's daughter! Speaking of which, how are you enjoying the Parenthood pack?
Hard-boiled Ross is the best! Can't wait to watch Holly, Ivy, and Luz grow.

P.S. Didn't one of the spares have a child with Father Winter? Did the child get the Father's Winter Child trait?
Is that trait worth doing the old chubby dude for?
I really can't believe that I'm on Gen 5 and still have a redheaded heir.  We'll see what happens with Gen 6.

I like the Parenthood pack a lot better than I thought I would.  I was afraid it would make things harder, trying to get character values and everything, but I think it actually makes some things easier.  I used the "influence" and "encourage" commands frequently. 

I did get a Father Winter's baby- it was Clara, daughter of Hess.  Hess was one of the adopted kids from Gen 3.  Clara eventually married Magnus (brother of Maja).  I don't know if the trait is really worth it for a spare.  Clara did have an easier time getting aspiration points from whims so she bought potions for other family members, but it wasn't really a game-changer.

I love the black and white story part. So with the times. I hate it that the splash and screenshots aren't working now.
Thanks!  I didn't know the screenshots weren't working.  Did they fix it?  I don't really use the in-game camera.  I tend to rely on print screen or the snipping tool.  Basically, I am probably doing things the hard way.   ;D

You are so creative! You have a real talent for pastiche. I love Ross and I loved everything about this little interlude. :)

I haven't been commenting much, but this legacy is, as they say, the absolute bee's knees!
Thank you!  I wasn't quite sure how to work Ross's career into the main story so he ended up with his own chapters.   ;)

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: A House Full of Love (Sept 12)
« Reply #276 on: September 12, 2019, 12:53:35 PM »
Where we last left off, the adorable Gen 6 heir candidates (Holly and Ivy) just had their child birthdays.  Luz took over a club.  Hazel maxed her career while Ross, Basil, and Kale were each only one or two promotions away from reaching the top of their careers. 

A House Full of Love

Hazel:  Now that the girls are old enough for school, we can finally finish that Soulmate aspiration of yours.
64.1 Soulmates.jpg

Ross:  Whatís a nice lady like you doing in a place like this?
Hazel:  Iím looking at you, handsome.
64.2 date 1.jpg

Hazel:  Donít make any sudden moves. There is an actual bat flying over our heads.
Ross:  I wonít let it bite you.
Hazel:  I know you wonít, but all the same, letís go somewhere else for our next date.  Okay?
64.3 Date bat.jpg

Hazel:  Now this is much more civilized.
64.4 Date 2.jpg

Hazel:  Or maybe not.  Did that woman just take your food right off our table?
64.5 Stolen food.jpg

Hazel:  What did you say to make her give back your plate?
Ross:  Flashed the badge.  Threatened jail time.
Hazel:  At these prices, Iíd say thatís justified.
64.6 Food saved.jpg

The next day is Love DayÖ

Ivy:  Mom, do I have to give someone a flower on Love Day?  All the boys in my class are icky.
Hazel:  You never have to participate in a holiday tradition, sweetheart.  But if you want to give someone a flower, it can be anyone you choose, like a friend or a family member.
Ivy:  Thanks Mom!  I know just who to pick!
64.7 Ivy Hazel.jpg

Ivy:  Grandpa Behr, may I give you this rose?
Darwin:  Oh my goodness!  You just made this old manís day.
64.8 Ivy Darwin.jpg

Holly:  Grandma Behr, I picked a flower for you.
Maja:  Arenít you the sweetest!
64.9 Holly Maja.jpg

Luz:  What do you think of all this Love Day nonsense, Uncle Kale?
Kale:  As a loner, I ignore the whole thing.
Luz: Yeah, as an evil sim, I ignore it, too.  But everyone else is all worked up about it.
64.10 Luz Kale.jpg

Ross:  For the classiest dame I knowÖ
Hazel:  Thank you!  Itís beautiful!
64.11 Ross Hazel.jpg

Hazel:  I have something for you, too.
64.12 Hazel Ross.jpg

Luz:  I donít really like the idea of giving flowers, Dad, but will you be my best friend?
Basil:  Of course!
Luz: (thinking) Take that, Miss Sadie.
64.13 BFF.jpg

Hazel:  This is good timing. As long as this date gets a gold medal, youíll complete soulmates on Love Day.
Ross:  Back where it all started.
Hazel:  Thatís right!  Only now we donít have to let Basil and Sadie tag along.
64.14 date 3.jpg

Ross:  You still got it, Kitten.
Hazel:  Thanks!  And thatís all I needed to max the bowling skill.  I canít believe I was just one frame away from finishing it.
64.15 Hazel bowls.jpg

Hazel:  Why is that woman making eyes at you?
Ross:  It ainít me, Kitten.  Sheís lookiní at you.
Hazel:  This is awkward.  Letís go find a table for two.
64.16 woman flirts.jpg

Hazel:  Much better.
64.17 Hazel Ross bowling date.jpg

Caleb: *sitting down at the next table*  Hey Captain!  You got the night off, huh?  I just finished eight hours on patrol.  Man, my feet are beat.  Haha!  Feet beat.  Beat feet.  Get it?
Ross and Hazel: *completely ignore Caleb*
64.18 Caleb in back.jpg

Luz:  I changed my mind, Dad.  Hereís a flower.
Basil:  Thank you!  This means a lot.
64.19 Luz Basil.jpg

The next dayÖ

Hazel:  Congratulations Basil!  I heard you got promoted!
Basil:  Thanks sis.  Iím doing a special performance at the Blue Velvet this afternoon.  Will you come?
64.20 Basil promo.jpg

Hazel:  Weíll bring the whole family!
64.21 Basil comedy.jpg


Basil:  Thanks for coming over, Sadie.  Thereís something important I have to ask you.
Sadie:  Really?  When you didnít call me on Love Day, I thoughtÖ
Basil:  You thought what?
Sadie:  Oh, nothing.  I didnít mean to interrupt.  Ask the question.  Please.
Basil:  Sadie, will you marry me?
64.22 Basil propose.jpg

Sadie:  Yes!  Finally.  Yes! 
Basil:  Iím sorry about Love Day.  Hazel asked me to watch the kids, and then I had to work.
Sadie:  Itís okay.  Iím already over it.
64.23 Sadie yes.jpg

Luz:  Auntie Hazel, you gotta help me.  This is serious!
Hazel:  Whatís gotten into you, Luzie?
Luz:  Itís Dad.  Heís gone completely bonkers and asked that woman to marry him!  I donít want to leave.  Please donít make me live with them!
64.24 Luz begs.jpg

Hazel:  Itís okay, honey.  Iíve already talked to your dad, and he agrees that this is the best place for you.  He wonít get married until after your teen birthday, and even then, you can stay here.  No one is going to make you move out.
Luz:  Thank the watcher!  Youíre the best Aunt Hazel.
64.25 Hazel Luz.jpg

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: The Shoe Bandit: Parts I & II (Aug 16/17)
« Reply #277 on: September 12, 2019, 01:03:18 PM »
Hazel's date with Ross was hilarious. Ross seems to really attract all types of female attention, haha!
Luz and Kale's conversation about Love Day also made me laugh.
Poor Luz! Struggling to hold her own against Sadie the Intruder! I'm glad she's staying with Auntie Hazel, though.

I can't let Erwin read this chapter or he will see Luz and weep....

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Re: BallerinaHippo's Sharebear Legacy: A House Full of Love (Sept 12)
« Reply #278 on: September 12, 2019, 01:56:42 PM »
Ahhh, poor Luzie so much anxiety.  But Auntie Hazel made it all right!  Loved the date.  So true, you try to go have a night together and the entire world interferes or shows up!  Hope Erwin doesn't catch this one.  He'd never forgive Pollinator #3 for allowing someone else to have her.  Lolz.
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