Author Topic: The Sims Freeplay Legacy Challenge?  (Read 969 times)

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The Sims Freeplay Legacy Challenge?
« on: August 10, 2018, 01:59:38 AM »
I literally cannot believe that this didnít come up with anything when I googled it. You can actually do the legacy challenge in SFP!

I have never actually done a legacy challenge, but, I have an idea as to what the rules would be:
1. You must choose a family to begin the legacy challenge. If they have already had children or grandchildren or great grandchildren those generations WILL count as long as they were created according to the rules.
2. All aging MUST be kept on, no reversing age or pausing age. The only exception is if somehow a child of a founder/current sim would age up to a senior before them. Only here can you intervene.
3. You have to have completed Life Dreams And Legacies to start this challenge, but if you can still use any pre-challenge family, even ones before auto aging, as rule 1 explains.
4. NO CHEATS ALLOWED. Doing in-game purchases is ok as funds are not household by household. But you canít cheat to get ANY funds, even SP.
5. You can still use any sim you want, whenever, even those not in the challenge family, but still no cheats, even for these sims.
6. The founder and everyone down the lineage line must complete their life dreams.
7. You must send your sims to work or school. Only exception is if you need them to complete a discovery quest or help finish an event, but you should be using a non-family sims for this.
8. There needs to be a heir.
9. Try to keep motives as high as possible.
10. You do NOT have to max out hobbies.
11. DO NOT age up sims early.
12. You may adopt children, but they can only be the heir if they are the only child.
13. The heir SHOULD keep their surname but itís not required.
14. DO NOT delete ANY sim to make more space in town.

Follow all the rules and have the family stretch out 10 generations.
Break a rule, have the founder/current head sim and their spouse die without having children, or with all children in the household preteen or younger.

It would be interesting if someone tried this.