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The Middlemiss Random Legacy (Completed)
« on: September 02, 2018, 01:24:35 PM »

Hello hello, and welcome to the Middlemiss Random Legacy! And also my first story posted on this forum. I've read the stories here from the golden age of TS3 and I've been dying to post something of my own, even though I'm a few years late. we are.

I’m following the “revised” Random Legacy Challenge rules (very similar to the classic rules, but with some updates for 2018), found here:

I have Ambitions, Late Night, Seasons, Generations, and World Adventures installed, and I'm not playing with any mods. Update: As of Chapter 6, I am playing with NRaas Story Progression and Master Controller.

I'm using this random generator app thingy to do my rolls for me:

Also, I decided to have a little fun with the names in this challenge. I created a list of names combining results from a Victorian name generator and a Hillbilly name generator, and used a random number generator to select my founder's name from that list. I intend to use the same method to pick future heirs' names. The family's last name, Middlemiss, came up in the Victorian name generator, and I liked it, so I'm going with it. (I strongly considered using the name “Askew” instead, because, well, it fits the challenge, but I just liked Middlemiss too much to pass it up.)

The name generators I used can be found here: It's a fantastic and hilarious resource that I highly recommend if you ever need a name for something. I don't know how accurate the names from various cultures are (they're probably hit or miss)...but the site is a lot of fun, if nothing else.

Chapter Links

Generation 1
Chapter 1 – Odile With It
Chapter 2 – Love & Garbage
Chapter 3 – A Wedding To Clap For
Chapter 4 – Bunnies
Chapter 5 – Dolls & Hillbillies
Chapter 6 – A New Normal
Chapter 7 – Inferno
Chapter 8 – Hauntings
Chapter 9 – Frogs & Potions

Generation 2
Chapter 10 – Love in the Snow
Chapter 11 – Pavement Pounding
Chapter 12 – Fallen Angels, Sprouting Herbs
Chapter 13 – At Your Leisure
Chapter 14 – IPTA
Chapter 15 – Toy Meets Toy
Chapter 16 – Star Search

Generation 3
Chapter 17 – Imaginary, Immutable, Intergalactic Love
Chapter 18 – Blues on Tattoosday
Chapter 19 – Lewobblin'
Chapter 20 – Life & Not Death
Chapter 21 – Golden Years
Chapter 22 – Sunset Over Twinbrook

Generation 4
Chapter 23 – Sunrise Over Riverview
Chapter 24 – Getting Lucky
Chapter 25 – Long-Expected & Unexpected
Chapter 26 – A Fruit, A Composer, & A Small Appendage
Chapter 27 – Out of Luck
Chapter 28 – Red Hair, Brown Hair, New Hair, Blue Hair
Chapter 29 – The Three Musketeenagers

Generation 5
Chapter 30 – Flight of the Peach
Chapter 31 – The Firefighter & The Pink Party
Chapter 32 – Flames & Babes
Chapter 33 – Doll's Heads
Chapter 34 – Ribbons & Chopsticks
Chapter 35 – A Grim Mistake
Chapter 36 – Grandfathers & Gran Parties

Generation 6
Chapter 37 – Villain & Villainess
Chapter 38 – An Empire Is Born
Chapter 39 – Welcome, My Pupil
Chapter 40 – Joyride
Chapter 41 – Feed the Yak
Chapter 42 – The Middlemiss Bachelorettes
Chapter 43 – With Fish As My Witness
Chapter 44 – Dances, Clones, & Two-and-a-Half Heads

Generation 7
Chapter 45 – The Farmhouse In The Middle Of Nowhere
Chapter 46 – Calming & Ordinary
Chapter 47 – Fawns Are Nocturnal
Chapter 48 – The King & The Fisherman
Chapter 49 – Party Like It's Chapter 49
Chapter 50 – Finally Moving

Generation 8
Chapter 51 – Love At All Levels
Chapter 52 – Stealing Hearts & Nothing Else
Chapter 53 – Pickle
Chapter 54 – Learn All The Things
Chapter 55 – But Was The Tea Worth It?
A Brief Interlude / Author's Note Type Thing
Chapter 56 – Inferno: Part II
Chapter 57 – Playground Promises
Chapter 58 – Cops & Robbers

Generation 9
Chapter 59 – Poison Apple & The Butterfly Dome
Chapter 60 – Struck
Chapter 61 – MMTFT
Chapter 62 – The Sparkly Blue Ship Has Sailed
Chapter 63 – The Lucky One
Chapter 64 – A Puff of Smoke
Chapter 65 – Pajama Pact
Chapter 66 – The Final Hunt
Chapter 67 – Two Weddings and a Vampire Silo

Generation 10
Chapter 68 – Falling Into Place
Chapter 69 – Skylie
Chapter 70 – Démodé
Chapter 71 – Two & Three
Chapter 72 – Beach Drama
Chapter 73 – Sandbox Mode
Chapter 74 – The Festival of Nothing
Chapter 75 – Bubbles & Bake Sales
Chapter 76 – The Missing
Chapter 77 – Encrypted Love
Chapter 78 – The Cusp Of Greatness
Chapter 79 – The End

The Beginning

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2018, 01:47:11 PM »
Chapter 1 – Odile With It

Our story begins in Twinbrook. I chose Twinbrook because it’s the town I’ve played in the least. I’m not very familiar with the townies here, so I figured it would be more “random”, in a way. Or at least I can’t be quite as strategic about spouses as I would be in Sunset Valley.

It’s time to roll for Generation 1. I’m nervous. All I’ve decided is that my founder is a lady. Everything else is up to chance. Here we go.

Name: Odile Middlemiss
Family Structure – Couple
Number of Children – 2
First Career – Author
Second Career – Dumpster Diver
Generational Goal – Perfectionist
Miscellaneous Fun – Gourmet

Thank God! This seems very doable. So Odile, our lovely founder, needs to find a spouse, and have two children. She will be an Author; her spouse will be a Dumpster Diver. Odile will also need to perfect (a.k.a. supermax) one skill. Naturally, that’s gonna be writing. And finally, Odile’s favorite food will need to be random, and one of the adults in the house will need to cook everyone’s favorite food at least once. Easy.

It’s time to introduce you to our founder. This is Odile Middlemiss.


Traits: Bookworm, Perfectionist, Couch Potato, Neurotic, Good Sense of Humor
LTW: Professional Author
Favorites: Veggie Burger, French, Red

Odile picks a spacious but cozy lot on Sweetwater Loop, right between the Castors and the Greenwoods. It is big enough to build a nice home on, but not so huge as to be overwhelming.


Okay, I took way too long to build this house. I also made it unnecessarily huge. I guess this lot is bigger than I thought? I thought I was making a smallish box, but I ended up making a hugeish box. To make matters worse, I spent half the household funds on pretty wallpapers and floors. Whoopsie doodle. I barely had enough money left over to put in the essentials, plus a computer (which I only remembered at the last minute). At least there’s plenty of room to dance to the stereo we might have one day.


This might be a good time to mention that I don't consider myself to be an expert builder, or anywhere close. I tend to keep things fairly simple. As I get further along in the challenge, I'd like to make the house more elaborate and aesthetically pleasing, but for a while it's going to be a box. Just so ya know.

Ya like that door, Odile? Yeah, I thought you might.


First things first. Odile is going to be a writer, as per the Income roll. Since we have approximately forty simoleons left at the moment, it's time to get cracking. Odile sits down at her late-1990s IBM and starts her very first novel. (I’m also using generators from Fantasy Name Generators for the book titles––some titles will come from the, ahem, Book Title generator, while others will come from generators yet to be determined.) Novel number one is called Rat of Rainbows.

Did I seriously not take a screenshot of Odile at her computer? Apparently not. I will be better about screenshots next time, I promise.

Odile writes until she gets nice and stressed, and reaches Level 1 of the writing skill. Then I remember that she needs to join the Writer career. Off to City Hall we go. Maybe we can even meet some people while we’re out? Odile doesn’t know a soul in Twinbrook, and she needs to find a spouse before long.

After completing her employment paperwork, Odile spots a handsome young bloke from across the park. It’s Justin Kayes! (Okay, I’m not totally unfamiliar with the Twinbrook townies. I know that I like Justin Kayes.) Odile runs over and introduces herself.


As they’re talking, Wei Keane, Justin’s roommate, dumpster dives in the background. Hmmm…we DO need a spouse who’s willing to dumpster dive for a living…


Odile meets a few other townies—men specifically—and then heads home to make herself some mac and cheese for dinner.


She’s got a long way to go before she’s able to cook her favorite food, Veggie Burgers. Like, for real…she burns her first meal. The Autumn Salad turns out slightly better.

Odile spends most of the next day working on Rat of Rainbows. She also creates an online dating profile. And, by the end of the day, she finishes her first novel…which is a Best Seller?!

I think I underestimated this Perfectionist trait.

On Tuesday, Odile goes to visit Lincoln Baker. They met that first night by the grocery store. Odile decides to head over and chat with him. Or, I decide to send her over there, for no particular reason. None at all.


What's that you're thinkin', Lincoln? Hmmmmmm?

The Baker’s front door is set, for some reason, to the garage / laundry room door. Classy. It’s a very nice house, though. Lincoln meets Odile at said front door and invites her in to chat by the washer and dryer. By the end of the evening, they are friends, but nothing more.

On Wednesday, we’re in dire straits—the bills are due, and we don’t quite have enough to pay them. Odile is going to have to write until her bum is numb in order to keep the lights on. She starts her first Humor novel (I guess she unlocks it early because of her Good Sense of Humor trait). It’s called Gods & Butchers.

Odile writes all afternoon and into the evening, but she doesn’t submit any chapters. We only needed, like, two of those mini-payments, and she gets nothing. Time to move things along. Odile calls Lincoln and invites him over.


A couple hours later, the two have become good friends, and Odile asks Lincoln to move in. He agrees. He gets a bit of a makeover—grows his hair out, realizes he actually has 20/20 vision and doesn’t really need the glasses. He’s really not bad looking—his eyes are especially lovely. Hopefully he’ll pass those on to the next genera…wait, what? Is THAT why he moved in with us??


Lincoln’s traits, by the way, are Good Sense of Humor, Flirty, Commitment Issues, Green Thumb, and Friendly. His traits are essentially why I picked him––mainly the Green Thumb trait, which will help with the four times he'll have to cook favorite meals for his family members. He won't be able to sell any of the things he grows, unfortunately, but at least he can cook with them. I also like that he has a Good Sense of Humor, like Odile. And Friendly is always a nice trait. All in all, he'll do.

Lincoln brings in more than enough funds to pay the bills and buy a washer and dryer. He also purchases himself a bed to sleep in. I’m not anticipating an immediate marriage in this case. Lincoln has Commitment Issues, which I’m not super familiar with, but I do know that it’ll take some work to convince him to settle down and start a family. But I’m confident that it can be done. We’ll bribe him with a nice garden or something.

And that’s it for now. We’re off to a slightly wobbly but okay start. Next time we’ll see if Odile can manage to woo Lincoln, and if Lincoln can manage to woo some valuable goods out of the Twinbrook dumpsters. We will also see more screenshots, because those are, in fact, important. Toodle-oo!

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2018, 12:21:25 PM »
Chapter 2 – Love & Garbage

You know how I said last time that Lincoln brought in enough funds to pay the bills? So like, it turns out that you have to actually remember to pay the bills in order for that to apply. And I did not remember. So, on his first morning in the Middlemiss household, Lincoln wakes up to a lovely surprise––the repoman! (Whose name is Ree Treave. I love it.)


Ree sucks the bathroom mirror into his suction thingy and runs off. I replace it immediately, because we have money now. Aside from a bad moodlet, no real harm has been done.

Lincoln calls in and quits his job. He’s no longer allowed to make money through the Science career. Congrats, Lincoln! You’re a dumpster diver now!


Odile wakes up and settles herself at the computer for a long day of writing, while Lincoln heads out to dive into his first dumpster. He mostly just finds gems and a cheapo dining room chair. It's a start, I guess.


That afternoon, there’s a pool party at Lincoln’s family’s house. He showers quickly at the gym, which is close by, then zips over to the party. He is very happy to see his mum again. Awww.


While they’re talking, the option to “throw a peace sign” comes up in Lincoln’s interactions. Say what?! I check Lincoln’s info and, yep, he went to the School of Peace and Love, apparently. I haven’t sent many of my sims to boarding school, so I’ve never seen this before. It’s pretty sweet.


Lincoln heads to the backyard and jumps in the pool. I try to get him to splash his younger brother, Newton, but some sort of routing issue prevents him from, you know, getting around a certain patch of water to get to that other patch of water. Or something. Orrr, could it be because Newton and Lincoln are enemies?! Lincoln gets a negative “Enemy!” moodlet just being near his brother. This is new information for me. I’m learning so much about Lincoln’s background at this pool party!


At some point, Newton sneaks over and splashes his brother—no routing issues there. I still can’t get Lincoln to splash him back, though. Maybe Newton has the upper hand in this loving brotherly relationship. Oh, well. I send Lincoln home soon after that—but not before he gains his first celebrity star, somehow.

Back at home, it’s time for Lincoln to start learning to cook. He attempts to make his favorite food—mac and cheese.


The key word here, of course, is "attempts".


The next day’s work is far more successful for Lincoln—he finds several hundred dollars’ worth of discarded furniture. But it’s also far more traumatic for him. He seems to realize, for the first time, how disgusting this work actually is.


After tackling both dumpsters behind the restaurant downtown, Lincoln heads to none other than his mother’s house to rummage in his childhood garbage can. I love his face when he looks around to see if anyone’s watching.


“Newton, if you sneak up on me, you’re gonna get more than just garbage thrown in your face!”


After vomiting into the hydrangeas, Lincoln heads home, where Odile is sloooowly working her way through her second book. Yes, it’s still Gods & Butchers.


So, I’ve been dillydallying when it comes to the romantic side of things. While I’ve been perfectly content to force two sims to fall in love many times in the past, for some reason I feel weird about it this time around. I always prefer it when sims fall in love of their own accord. However, that doesn’t seem to be happening at all here. Odile and Lincoln weren’t instantly attracted to each other when they met. I neglected to have Odile ask Lincoln for his sign before he moved in, and now the option doesn’t come up for either of them, so I can’t see if they’re compatible in that regard. I’ve been hoping that one of them will roll a wish to do a romantic interaction with the other, but so far, I’ve been disappointed. It’s almost one week into the challenge, though, and while there’s certainly no rush to have babies…I’m kind of in a rush to have babies. For my own personal fun factor.

So I start pushing things forward a little bit. I have Lincoln tell Odile a dirty joke—that interaction is available under his “Flirty” trait interactions. She thinks it’s amusing, but that’s about it. Sigh.

But then! Aha! Lincoln rolls a wish to give Odile a gift. It’s not exactly romantic, but it’s something. I look through his inventory and he happens to be carrying a pretty rare book (and one worth something like 1k)—The Legend of Queen Nosylla and King Nayr. He gives it to Odile. Of course she loves it, because it’s a book.


Then, I take things a step further and have Lincoln give Odile flowers.


Theeeere we go.


There’s that flirty face I know you’ve been hiding somewhere, Lincoln!


I let things play out naturally for a while. The two of them do a mix of flirty, friendly, and funny interactions. Not quite what I was hoping for, but at least they’re good friends who feel comfortable throwing some flirtatious jokes around. We’ll see how things go tomorrow.

The next morning, Odile decides to go in for the kill, so to speak. She flirts with Lincoln. Several times. He reciprocates by giving her an amazing massage, and at last! They start rolling wishes to go on dates with each other. Fiiinally.

They head out to brunch at the Boxcar Diner. They have their first kiss afterwards.


Allistair Pine, who’s become a paparazzi, decides that the girl making out with Lincoln Baker is pretty hot. (Back off, dude. Just because you’re a random guy hitting on a legacy founder doesn’t mean you’re worthy of getting with a random legacy founder.)


Then Odile officially asks him out (right as Lincoln’s mother walks by), and they’re a couple. Zing zang zap.


At home that night, after cleaning all the filthy appliances around the place and starting a load of laundry...


...and after Lincoln does a round of trash rummaging, Odile finishes what she began at the diner. At least, she tries. Both parties have to stop mid-wooing in order to shake water out of their ears (in Odile’s case…how she got soaked just from doing laundry is beyond me) and/or throw up (in poor Lincoln’s case). But after that’s out of the way, Odile kneels down in her puddle of laundry water and asks Lincoln to marry her.


And…amazingly, he says yes!

I actually forgot about the whole Commitment Issues thing. I just went about things like I normally do. It probably helped that Odile and Lincoln were best friends before they were lovers. Other than that, I have no idea how it went over so smoothly.

Next time, it's wedding time. Until then, toodle-oo!

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2018, 12:48:52 PM »
Chapter 3 – A Wedding To Clap For

The next day, Sunday, is the wedding day. Lincoln finally gets around to starting a garden—just a tiny one for now.


Odile puts on her pretty white dress and freaks out. That’s what you do on your wedding day, right? It’s certainly what I’m going to do on mine…


I’ve added some flora to the lot to make it prettier. It’s the first day of fall, so everything is tinged with red and gold—absolutely lovely.


The guests arrive in midafternoon. The guests are mostly men, since Odile only really knows men. Many of them were potential spouses at one point. The rest of the guests are people Lincoln knows, and of course his mother. (I don't think Newton showed up at all.)

The dancing starts up right away. Odile dances with Goodwin Goode, whom she met online but never in person until now. He was a contender for a spouse until he turned into a vampire. They would make some pretty beautiful babies together…


The young’uns, Shark Racket and Jade Greenwood, are entranced by the mixologist Lincoln hired. She really knows her stuff.


Odile and Lincoln meet under the arch as the sun sets and dusk gathers under the trees.



Apparently I put the chairs for the audience too close together, so only like three people can sit down, but the others seem content to stand around and weep, as is appropriate.


Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Middlemiss! Awwww.


Afterwards, Odile cuts the cake and the guests begin to trickle out.


This is the point at which Lincoln starts showing signs of stress over the fact that he’s married. He’s not Neurotic like Odile is, so he doesn’t officially freak out, but he does a very freak-out-like action autonomously several times throughout the evening. Also, instead of taking a slice of cake, he heads straight for the bar and makes himself a drink.


Take it easy there, Lincoln. It’s going to be okay.


I didn’t get a screenshot of this, but Odile spends a little time getting to know her new mother-in-law, which is sweet. Mary Baker has a Good Sense of Humor as well, so they get along swimmingly.

Odile eventually sees her husband imbibing at the bar and comes over to comfort him. She assures him that he made the right choice in saying yes.


Then she (autonomously!) gets frisky with her new hubby, and they head to the bedroom that they now share.



Now that's a man (and woman) in love. I hope.


It’s late. The guests have dispersed except for the mixologist, who has made herself at home and is using the Middlemiss family computer to check her email.


Oh, and Marc Brandt, who is this particular wedding’s Guest Stuck Clapping For Eternity. It's not a Sims 3 wedding without one.


Maybe he’s applauding for the pieces of cake lying uneaten on the grass? We’ll never know.


Normally I use resetsim to, well, reset whatever sim is stuck clapping at the end of a wedding, but this time I decide to let the glitch run its course. Maybe we’ll have an undying, unaged, perfectly preserved Marc Brandt applauding the family’s every accomplishment in the front yard for the rest of the challenge. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? I certainly wouldn’t mind. I don't know why people say everyone in Twinbrook is ugly. Mm-mm.

Alas, Marc only claps until dawn, when he pees himself. Then he starts cheering again as the rising sun casts a golden glow on the green of his armpit stank.


Finally, he announces that it’s time to go home and takes off into the sunrise.


Bye, Marc! I’ll miss you :(

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2018, 01:36:43 PM »
This looks like a fascinating challenge.  I've seen a few random legacy rule sets before but this is much better (and nearly as mad as the Apocalypse Challenge).  *Adds to Sims 3 'to do' list.*

I was going to suggest getting their relationship high first and then making Lincoln propose - with trips to City Hall to change surnames as appropriate - but it seems to have worked out fine anyway.  Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Middlemiss!

Reallly enjoying this so far.  Good luck with the remaining nine generations! :)

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
« Reply #5 on: September 03, 2018, 01:57:29 PM »
Thanks so much, hazelnut! I actually considered doing the Apocalypse Challenge, but it's soooo incredibly complicated...this seemed much more doable, and also more fun. I hope you do give it a try sometime!

I didn't even consider having Lincoln do the proposing, for some reason––I guess because Odile is the founder, I figured it should be her doing the asking. Having Lincoln do it would've been smart, though. Noted for future sims with Commitment Issues!

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
« Reply #6 on: September 04, 2018, 03:30:20 PM »
Chapter 4 – Bunnies

Odile doesn’t feel well. She spends the day after her wedding intermittently writing her book and throwing up. Actually, the first time she feels nauseous, she runs outside instead of to the bathroom—and has one of her freak-outs, which cures the nauseous moodlet. She doesn’t even have to vomit. Weeeird.


A few hours later, she runs outside again and throws up for real. Must’ve been a glitch.


We all know what this means, but Odile has no idea. She keeps anxiously banging away at her keyboard while Lincoln makes his dumpster rounds. (Lincoln finds a hunk of mummitonium in the junkyard dumpster today. Um, wow.)


That night, Odile can’t sleep. She climbs out of bed whilst Lincoln dreams of divorce next to her.


And…surprise, surprise!


Odile immediately rolls a wish to have a boy. Lincoln, still unconscious, decides he’d prefer a girl. I myself am hoping for a boy (I have a great list of boy names I can’t wait to dig into). However, this is in fact a Random Legacy, so naturally I have no control. *crosses fingers*

Odile spends the next couple of days preparing for motherhood. She goes to the spa, then heads to the library to read up on pregnancy. Lincoln joins her there and reads a cooking skill book, because it’s about time we got past normal quality mac and cheese, thank you. (I don’t even have to eat it, and for some reason I care.)


Odile swells up quite beautifully. Lincoln sells some salvaged furniture and gems and I’m able to add a little living room area to the house, and also buy a crib.


I never get tired of these interactions. They’re just so sweet.


I think Lincoln is going to make a good father. Time to work through your commitment issues, ma friend.

Sidenote: Just after feeling his wife’s tummy, Lincoln rolls a wish to join the Education career. That caught me off guard. Or maybe it’s fairly common for a sim to wish that after encountering a pregnant woman. In any case, it’s not going to happen, unfortunately. Maybe next generation…

We need to pause the story for a second. This is the new maid. Her name is Anne T. Septik, she wears knee-high stockings and protective glasses, and she is here to clean your toilet. Watch. Out.


Well, turns out she’s pretty good at her job. She discovers an old slice of wedding cake that was hiding behind the house and has been rotting there since the wedding. I wonder how long that would’ve stayed there with just me on cleanup duty...

That evening, Lincoln burns dinner twice in a row. He switches to veggi rolls, which don’t require use of scary things like stoves, and does better. I think he's at Level 5 of the cooking skill by now? What's the problem, man? (Although really, I feel like none of my sims start cooking decent food until level 7 or 8 of the skill. Which is stupid. I could rant about this all day, but I won't.)

It’s after 10 pm when Odile finally gets around to going into labor. (She took a shower shortly before this and was a victim of the post-shower-makeover glitch, which blessed her with octopus hair and clacky high heels. At least she got to keep her socks.) Since it’s so late in the day, I have Lincoln take her to the hospital in hopes that it will speed things up.




I wait very anxiously after the Middlemisses disappear into the hospital. They go in just after 11 pm, and I’m hoping they’ll be done before midnight so we skip a day of infancy. I’m also still holding out hope for a boy.

And...NOPE! I get neither of my wishes. A baby girl is born at 12:02 am. Time to roll a name! Yippee!

I end up rolling one of the least repugnant names on the list: Roberta. Honestly, I don't mind this name at all. I was hoping for something really wacky, but oh well. Roberta it is. I also roll traits for her, at least initially. She gets Neurotic and Heavy Sleeper. I decide to keep Neurotic, since she inherited it from her mother, but I replace the other trait with Genius, for no reason in particular.

Some further facts about Roberta Middlemiss: While the popup with her name didn’t appear until after midnight, she was apparently really born the day before, as I’d hoped! She’s already a whole day into her infancy by the time she gets home from the hospital. Phew! Also, her favorite food (which is important because of the Gourmet requirement) is Frogs Legs. Which means a trip to China is on the horizon, sometime before she becomes a Young Adult. Finally, Roberta likes Indie and Turquoise, and she’s cute as a freaking button.


I know all nooboos look the same, but like, LOOK at her. There’s something particularly cute about this little pink bunny bundle.

The next day is Spooky Day, and Odile gets invited to a costume party at DeAndre Wolfe’s house. She heads down into the basement and WOW?? There are windows looking into DeAndre’s pool?!??? It’s amazing. It’s absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. (Of course I forgot to get a screenshot, I was so flabbergasted.) This game was created almost a decade ago, and I’m still discovering the wonders it holds. Anyways, here’s a picture of Odile dressed as a bunny signing an autograph for a very excited hot dog. (She and Lincoln are both four-star celebrities now, mostly just from dating, engaging, and marrying each other.)


Roberta’s baby days pass quickly and without any hiccups. (Wouldn’t it be cute if nooboos actually hiccuped, though?) With a little prompting, Lincoln and Odile are good parents. Lincoln in particular makes the cutest little cooing sounds when he’s playing with the baby. I’m excited to see how both of them take on the challenge of toddlerdom.



Saturday is Roberta’s toddler birthday—and, incidentally, Lincoln’s adult birthday. A cake magically appears overnight on the kitchen counter, and when everyone is awake, it’s time to see some sparkles.

Look at this cutie! She’s absolutely adorable, and looks to be a lovely combination of her parents.


Lincoln starts on the potty training right away.


It looks like the bunny costume thing might have rubbed off on Roberta a little bit. (On a side note, that bunny toy looks TERRified.)


And now, enjoy some toddler spam.




Roberta gets an Imaginary Friend in the mail, and it's even more imaginary than usual...


That night, Lincoln ages up in the middle of eating his nightly bowl of mac and cheese. (We’re up to nice quality now, by the way. Getting there…) Lincoln promptly falls into a Mid-Life Crisis after aging up.



The next day, Odile rolls a wish to have another child. At almost the exact same moment, Lincoln rolls a wish to divorce Odile. I chalk it up to the Mid-Life Crisis and not his commitment issues. He’s been perfectly happy up till now—hasn’t even rolled a wish to flirt with someone else. Just sit tight for about thirty more years, Lincoln, and this will be over before you know it!

Lincoln does roll a couple of helpful wishes, though. He wishes to work out until fatigued, and with just a few hours on a treadmill he slims down quite a bit. He also wishes to plan a new outfit. He comes out looking pretty snazzy for a middle-aged guy with two kids.

Wait, two kids? Is that what I said??


I'll have to show you all Lincoln's mini-makeover next time. Along with some more toddler spam. Toodles!

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
« Reply #7 on: September 05, 2018, 12:55:41 PM »
Chapter 5 – Dolls & Hillbillies

Odile is up to level 6 of the writing skill and is hard at work on her fourth novel, another humor one called Dolls & Robots. Her last book, a biography of Bill Racket that she wrote for an opportunity, was titled You’re Making Quite a Bill Racket. Since switching to pregnancy clothes this time around, Odile has insisted on typing while wearing gloves. I know it’s cold out, girl, but it’s not THAT cold.


The good thing is that, with her Perfectionist and Bookworm traits, Odile consistently writes good books that sell well. She’s already made a few thousand dollars altogether, and that’s only going to grow the more she publishes. Hopefully she’ll complete the Speed Writer skill challenge before too long, and everything will move along quicker. (I can’t believe it’s taken her this long to write four books. Ugh.)

Lincoln continues to slowly level up in cooking. He is a big fan of this plate of pancakes he made. Like, possibly too big a fan. Excuse me, do you ever look at your wife that way?


Lincoln loves his little girl. His favorite thing to do is tickle her—sometimes he’ll pick her up and do the tickle interaction multiple times in a row. Roberta giggles and giggles. It’s really convenient having Lincoln around all the time—he can watch Roberta and teach her her toddler skills, and Odile can focus on her writing.



Odile’s second pregnancy goes smoothly—she pretty much just writes the whole time, and reads when her fun bar is low.


On Wednesday, she gets invited to yet another one of DeAndre Wolfe’s parties. I have a feeling she’s not going to be there for very long, but I send her anyway to get her out of the house. She’s had the Stir Crazy moodlet for days now. Lincoln tags along this time, too.

Odile lasts a couple of hours at the party, much longer than expected. Then she goes into labor while talking to Gala Ball.


Unfortunately, Lincoln is down in DeAndre's aquarium-like basement discovering the magic of guitar for the first time, so he has no idea when his wife leaves to go to the hospital. (There, I got a picture! See? See?!) Eventually he gets the memo and meets her there.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, poor Roberta is having to deal with one of the worst babysitters ever. He ignores her crying for a good hour—she’s hungry, tired, and needs a diaper change—and instead of taking care of ALL her needs, he just plunks her in the crib. Great. When she continues to cry, the babysitter moves her to the high chair to feed her, but then leaves her there while she has an accident. Oi. Hopefully Odile’s birth is, again, a quick one.


It’s a repeat of last time, aside from the snow blanketing the sidewalk outside the hospital. The practically-midnight hour. The hoping for a boy. And…hooray! A boy is born about twenty minutes before midnight. Time to pick our first boy’s name of the challenge…


YES, our first hillbilly name! Everyone say hello to Joe Bob Middlemiss. I’m laughing as I’m typing this. His name is Joe Bob. I’m dying. (Joe and Bob are perfectly normal names, but when you put them together…)

I roll traits for Joe Bob. He is an Artistic Genius. That will work out very well for next generation. (I’ve done the generation two roll, but I won’t reveal anything until our heir ages up. Also, I haven't picked the heir. For now, they are both eligible and will have to impress me with their accomplishments.)

At this point, I use pretty much all the family funds to tack an addition on to the house. No more cribs-in-the-living-room nonsense. I build a nursery with two cribs, one for each little Middlemiss.

Odile has her adult birthday in the nursery and demonstrates the fact that I forgot to put lights in.


Here’s the nursery WITH lights. And with two little nooboos.


Let’s fast forward to Joe Bob’s toddler birthday, because we all agree that’s the most interesting part. Right? Right.

Oh. My. Gosh.


I’ve seen a lot of cute toddlers, but few are as cute as this little guy right here. I’m just saying. He’s a copy of Lincoln in a lot of ways, but CUTER. (I bet Lincoln as a toddler was pretty darn adorable, though.)

Joe Bob ages up to toddler just after midnight and is fully awake at that point, so he spends the entire night playing in the living room while everyone else is asleep. Eventually I have to drag Odile out of bed to teach him to potty before he has an accident, but other than that, he fares well on his own for a while.



He’s a little cutie.


Joe Bob’s toddler birthday also happens to be Roberta’s child birthday. Finally, another self-sufficient person in the house!

She’s beautiful. I roll her third trait, and it’s Bookworm. I couldn’t have picked a better one myself.


That Sunday, after Odile gets a nice round of royalties, I build another addition onto the house. I really want to start expanding it for future generations, but funds are still very limited. The most the family has ever had is about $8,000, and I blow it all immediately on a laundry room and second bathroom. I also rearrange the kitchen a little bit.


Roberta spends most of her childhood playing. She loves to play princess.


She also plays with her Imaginary Friend, Buddy. Buddy is one of the least annoying IFs I’ve had. He stands around and watches more than he interrupts, and his voice is really cute.

I’ve never seen this before—at one point, Buddy watches while Roberta presides over the royal court (and Odile eats lunch, oblivious to what’s going on around her). And then he sweeps into a bow!


I love how Imaginary Friends run. It makes me crack up. And when one of them is being chased by a T-Rex, it’s even better.


One evening, I notice that Roberta hasn’t come home from school yet. I right-click on her portrait and the camera pans over to the cemetery, where she is swimming in one of the lily pools! I forgot that she had a field trip there. I guess she just stayed there after school. And her homework is already done, too.


Here's another thing I've never seen before––a child (or toddler) playing with another child's Imaginary Friend doll. That very night, Joe Bob is once again being nocturnal. Buddy has returned to his doll form while Roberta sleeps. And Joe Bob goes over and starts cuddling Buddy like a teddy bear.


I think Buddy really does act like a teddy bear in this instance. Joe Bob doesn't get any of the IF moodlets, since it's not his doll. He just gets the "Having a Blast" moodlet. Super weird. Makes me wish he'd gotten an Imaginary Friend of his own. :(

Lincoln, meanwhile, continues to dumpster dive like a champ. I send him out for hours at a time to dig in the same dumpsters over and over again. He has Simmunity, so he doesn’t get nauseous anymore, but he still gets very dirty and cold. I really feel bad for him. He had so much potential as a scientist, and I had to drag him out of that career and into this one. Ugh.


At least he makes beautiful, beautiful babies.



Next time, we'll see Roberta become a teenager and Joe Bob become a child. And hopefully, one day soon, we will pick the heir.

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Chapter 6 – A New Normal

Odile is really starting to make it as a writer. At last! She writes her fourth bestseller (a satire titled Bags Program—yes, that was a randomly generated book title) and completes her lifetime wish when I’m not even looking. Congrats, Odile! (She’s not satisfied, though, because she’s only at level 5 in her career.)


On her last night as a child, Roberta plays chess with Buddy.


I enjoy watching the pieces on the chess board move around seemingly of their own accord.


Lincoln is finally able to cook his wife’s favorite dish—Veggie Burgers. He can also make his own favorite food, Mac and Cheese, and Joe Bob’s favorite, Spaghetti with Veggie Sauce. That just leaves Roberta’s favorite food, Frogs Legs. Note to self: Do not forget to take a trip to France.


Oh gosh, it's a floating mop! No, wait, it's a ghost., wait. It''s the most helpful Imaginary Friend imaginable! Thank you, Buddy!


Okay, things are getting a little weird with Buddy. He seems to be less imaginary than he’s supposed to be. For one thing, he cleans up around the house without being asked. And secondly, Lincoln rolls a wish to “Give a Friendly Introduction to Buddy”. Buddy’s portrait is there and everything! But Lincoln still can’t see Buddy, of course. It’s like he’s just aware of his presence. Weeeeird.

The kids’ birthdays roll around. Joe Bob ages up first—he gets a cake, because I’m more anxious to get him out of the toddler stage. Toddlers are tiring.

His daddy brings him up to blow the candles while Buddy, always wanting to be in the middle of the action, looks on. (Buddy is like my dog. Always needs to be right smack in the middle of the highest concentration of people in the house at any given time. It's an endearing characteristic, but also annoying as heck.)


This boy is going to be a looker when he grows up, I’m JUST saying. He rolls Lucky as his third trait.


Between the agings-up, I do a bit of building and renovating on the house. There’s a new bedroom for the kids to share (sorry, Roberta), and I’ve added a half wall to the living area to make it a little more separate. I like this house overall—it’s one of the better ones I’ve built, I think, but I still don’t love the whole “great room” concept. I’d also love to fit a library/office in here for Odile, at some point.



That evening, Roberta ages up while experimenting at the new lab station.


She just keeps getting more and more stunning as she grows. She rolls the Slob trait, which seems to conflict quite severely with her Neurotic trait. She's in for an interesting life.


Buddy, of course, ages up as well. The first time he and Roberta interact after aging up, little pink hearts fly up. (Of course I didn’t get a screenshot of it.) Buddy seems quite taken with Roberta. He constantly wants to dance with her. It’s kind of adorable. It’s the most physical interaction they can have, I guess, besides a friendly hug.


Roberta, in turn, seems particularly motivated to discover potions. She does need to get her logic skill up for potential future careers and such, so I let her go at it as much as she wants. And then some.


Life takes on a comfortable sense of normalcy now that both the kids are in school. It's the weekend, so the family can hang out together. The bookworms read in amiable silence on the couch.


Roberta tries her hand at cooking on the big girl stove.


She also tries her hand (er, tongue) at licking plates clean. She tries to do it when her father isn't looking...he clearly does not approve. Which is funny, because he pretty much embodies the slob trait for a living, even if he doesn't have it himself.


Roberta and Joe Bob have a really sweet relationship. Joe Bob asks her to read him a bedtime story the first night she's old enough to do so. She chooses a cooking skill book, because she cares so very much about his skill development. What a good big sister.


Yes, things are quite peaceful around the Middlemiss household right now. Hopefully it lasts forever.

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Chapter 7 – Inferno

First, a lil update. I've given in and installed a couple of mods: NRaas Story Progression and Master Controller. I'm hoping that Story Progression will make future generations more interesting and provide some more varied genetics as well. I'm already enjoying the drama that's blossoming around town.  ;D Master Controller is super fun, but feels a little bit cheaty (so far I'm just using it to find out nosy details about various sims around town, not make any actual changes). I may end up uninstalling it. But for now...being able to read the town's population like a book is kinda great. We'll see how long I feel like––


It's a normal Tuesday in Sunset Valley. It's fall. The air is crisp and cool, and the kids are off to school. Odile settles herself at her computer and starts working on her current book (another satire, called Vampire Pancakes). Lincoln heads across town to the junkyard to dig up some furniture to sell.

He’s there about ten minutes—not even halfway through his first dumpster dive—when that notification appears. About the sky going dark, or whatever.

Another sim wanders over and looks up into the sky, shielding her eyes from the sun. Lincoln, waist-deep in garbage, doesn’t notice anything.


I realize what is about to happen and cancel Lincoln’s action queue. I'm more excited than nervous at this point. I've heard of this happening, but I've never seen it in any of my games. I'm thinking, Is this because I installed Story Progression? Wow, why didn't I do this sooner?! So much drama is happening!

I am waiting to see a shadow. That’s what happens, right? A shadow shows you where the meteor is going to fall so you can run away?

I pan the camera up into the sky. There's something there, all right. Or is that just the sun?


But I don’t see anything on the ground––no shadow. Or I miss what is there. It all happens so quickly. Lincoln pulls himself out of the dumpster, at my bidding. He finally seems to realize what is happening and looks up.


Two seconds later...




Cue absolute and utter shock.

At first, I'm like, Oh, it's fine. Lincoln got away, right? It probably just fell next to him...the explosion is humongous, of course, but that doesn't mean it killed him. He probably just got singed, right? Yeah, he's gonna be fine!



I have never been more wrong.


Lincoln Middlemiss has been crushed by a massive rock from outer space.


Grim comes and does his work. Lincoln begs for his life, because duh, it wasn’t over yet?? He still has so much to live for?? Etc. etc.?? But Grim, as always, remains firm. He reaps Lincoln like a sheaf of corn. And that is that.


I’m pretty sure my mouth stays wide open for about five solid minutes as all of this is happening.

I’m quite devastated. I really liked Lincoln! He was a central figure in this story, and Odile loved him, and his two kids loved him. Hey, yeah, he left behind two kids! How cruel can fate be?? I suppose the timing was as good as it could have been…Odile can make enough money to support the family now, and the kids are old enough to take care of themselves. But like…WHY???

Odile learns of what happened and runs to the junkyard as fast as she can get there.


She reaches the site of the impact. She looks at where her husband was standing, at the rock that destroyed him. She looks at his gravestone in the grass on the other side of the fence.


She weeps. Because it ISN’T FAIR.


Then she takes the grave home. The kids get home from school. They know. They’ve heard. Joe Bob’s plumbob (if this wasn’t such a sad scene, I’d laugh at that phrase) is already in the red. Roberta copes by burying herself in her book; Joe Bob just cries, over and over again.


My heart is actually breaking for these kids. And for Odile. Just…wow.

Roberta gets into bed around 6 pm. I like to think this is because she’s too sad to face the world right now, and not because she was up until 2 am discovering potions. Joe Bob finishes his homework like the good little boy he is, and then crawls into his parents’ bed. Well…Odile’s bed. She’ll be sleeping there alone now. :( Joe Bob asks for a bedtime story. Odile chooses to read him Murder in Pleasantview. Really, Odile? This is, like, not at all the time to exercise your sense of humor.



The only good thing that comes out of this is the meteor itself. Odile collects it, because I think she deserves that much, thank you very much. It ends up being worth over 5,000 simoleons. Definitely not worth losing Lincoln…but at least it helps a little with the absence of our second source of income.


I swear Odile’s neuroticism intensifies after her husband’s death. She checks the sinks and the stove a lot more, and freaks out more often. It’s only sensible. Her world has been turned upside down in the worst way possible. The universe might seem to align with itself most of the time—until a meteor drops out of the sky and kills your husband. I mean, what are you supposed to do when that happens? Get ten times more anxious than usual, that’s what.


I realize soon after this that there is one thing Lincoln didn’t finish doing for the challenge. Not only was he a major source of income—he was the family cook. For the Gourmet requirement of this generation, someone in the family needs to cook everyone’s favorite dish at least once. Thankfully Lincoln got through three out of the four favorite foods in the family, so we don’t need to repeat those. But he did not get to make Frogs Legs for Roberta. He didn’t even get to France. Now Odile has to get her cooking skill up enough to make the last favorite dish for her daughter. Luckily, you only need level 3 cooking to make Frogs Legs, and Odile is already on the high end of level 2. She will need to fish as well, though. I’m not sure if she needs a certain level in order to catch frogs…hopefully not. We’ll have to get ourselves to France and find out.

The next couple days after Lincoln’s death are difficult for everyone. Odile pours herself into her first ever drama novel, which she has titled A Meteor Killed My Husband And I Am Not Okay With It. I still haven’t seen Roberta cry—except the one time she cries on Buddy’s shoulder.


Joe Bob, oddly enough, is one of the most bookwormish non-bookworms I’ve encountered. He reads autonomously almost every chance he gets. I also have him work on his logic and cooking skills as much as possible. Roberta, too. One of them is going to be the heir, so they both need to get their skills up in preparation.

I feel even more reluctant to choose an heir now, though. I need to decide before Roberta reaches her Young Adult birthday, because if it ends up NOT being her, I have to move her out within 24 hours of her aging up. Right now, I just don’t want to lose another family member. This is really affecting me a lot. I think I need a glass of nectar.

So yeah, we'll continue next time. RIP Lincoln. I'll miss you more than you know.  :'(

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Oh no!  My Sims are meteor magnets but I've never actually lost one  :'(.  Poor Lincoln!

On a happier note, frogs are easy to catch.  You don't need any fishing skill at all, although it helps to have Cherimola Blan grapes as bait.

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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The Middlemisses appreciate your sympathy in this difficult time. And thanks for the tip about frogs! Good to know that it can be a quick and easy trip to France. That'll happen in the next chapter, I think. Thank you for reading  :)

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Chapter 8 – Hauntings

The mourning period ends eventually, and everyone slowly finds their way back into normal life. There’s still a shadow of doom and gloom cast over the family (or maybe that’s just me being sad), but life goes on, as it always does.

Odile takes up the mantle of the garden. There’s not much of a reason keep it going, really (Lincoln’s lifetime wish was The Perfect Garden, which is the main reason I had him start it), but it’s in full bloom (or the fruit-and-vegetable equivalent of that), and Odile hates the idea of seeing it all wilt and die. Plus, Lincoln’s gravestone is there. He deserves to be surrounded by healthy, beautiful plants.


Roberta gets singed while working at the lab station. Don’t, Roberta, you’re giving me flashbacks!


Everybody wants to sit on the last couch that Lincoln salvaged from the dumpster. Or was it a celebrity gift? Either way, it is everyone's favorite couch. (That’s the new butler, Allison. I hired her in the hopes that she would do laundry. She does not do laundry.)


Thursday evening is prom. The evening starts with some more weirdness from Buddy. The second the limo pulls up outside, Buddy absolutely BOOKS it out the front door and…disappears into the limo. I zoom up close just to make sure. Yup. There he is, sitting inside, waiting for Roberta to join him.




Well, here’s Roberta, looking absolutely smashing in her prom getup.


But then, as soon as Roberta gets into the limo, Buddy gets back out. And sprints into the house. I guess the sight of such a pretty girl made him lose his nerve? I don’t know. Guess he's not going to prom after all.


Roberta has a mixed experience at prom. She’s elected prom queen, because I don’t know if I’ve ever had a sim who is NOT elected prom queen (except siblings, maybe), but she also gets into a couple of fights and is rejected twice for a dance—once from a popular guy, once from a loner guy. Ouch. See, this is why Buddy should have come along with her. They would have danced the night away, and he would’ve made sure Roberta was having a great time.

On that note: I have never seen so much evidence of attraction between a sim and their Imaginary Friend before they are made real, as I have with Roberta and Buddy. It’s mostly on Buddy’s end—he follows Roberta around, talks to her, dances with her. He even jumps out of his little doll form a few minutes before she wakes up, then waits at the foot of her bed and greets her with a wave and a hello. Like he misses her while she’s asleep. It’s the sweetest thing. And Roberta, while she is of course a normal sim and lives her own life accordingly, seems to value his friendship greatly. There’s a closeness between them that I’ve never seen before. I might ship it.

But we'll see.

A few days pass. Fiiinally, on Saturday night, the night before his son becomes a teenager, Lincoln makes his first appearance as a ghost. (Meteor ghosts are pretty cool looking, by the way. All fiery orange and stuff.)


The first thing he does is take a shower, probably because when he died, he was reeking of garbage. (I’m so sorry, Lincoln!) Then he goes and looks at his sleeping kids.



And then…more weirdness. Lincoln drifts around the lot a bit, and then he goes next door. On the way, he rises high up into the air and floats in through the second story wall. It’s actually really creepy and this screenshot doesn't quite capture the eeriness (or the full height he reached). I’m probably going to have nightmares about it. Scrolling down now. *shudder*


Anyway. Lincoln goes next door, to the Castor household. Because I have Master Controller now, I can do things like see into other houses. (Woot!) So I open up the Castor house and watch what Lincoln does. Well, it so happens that his brother Newton, of all people, is hanging out with the Castors at four in the morning. Ohkay. He actually looks relatively excited to see his brother. Or maybe he’s just happy that he’s dead? Who knows.


Lincoln and Newton have their first civilized conversation ever, probably.


It doesn’t last long, of course—these guys are enemies, after all. Lincoln tries to crack a joke and Newton shoots him down, and then Newton starts talking trash (literally) about him.


“Man, you smell like GARBAGE. You…you ARE garbage!”

“Oh, wow, I’ve never heard that one before!”

Or something.

Anyway, Lincoln takes a very brief nap on one of the beds in the house and then vanishes at sunrise. I have no idea why he felt the need to go to the Castors. Maybe he wanted to try and make peace with Newton? It didn’t work, unfortunately. Maybe someday.

Sunday is Joe Bob’s birthday. Odile, wanting to liven up the household after such a dark week, decides to throw him a birthday party. This is a nice idea, except for the fact that there are no townies Joe Bob’s age. They’re all homeless sims and newspaper deliverers. So while there are several teens and plenty of adults for his mother and sister to talk to, there’s nobody for Joe Bob to play with. He spends much of the party practicing chess by himself.


He ages up outside in the rain, and rolls the Light Sleeper trait.



Not bad. Not bad at all.


A couple nights later, Lincoln returns. This time, he soars right through the kids’ bedroom and wakes them both up by getting sort of stuck in the corner behind their bunk beds. (I know this looks like a picture of Roberta's butt, but if you look below the top bunk, you can see our friend Lincoln hanging out in Joe Bob's pillow.)


Fortunately, Odile is still up doing laundry, so she gets to see her husband for the first time since his death. It’s a touching reunion.


Odile asks Lincoln to watch the stars with her. I only realize afterwards how inappropriate a request that is, considering it was star-like matter that killed him. But he obliges, and they nestle together near the garbage can (Lincoln’s comfortable there, I guess) to stargaze.


They stay out there until almost 5 in the morning. I try to get them to woohoo (because how many chances does one sim have to woohoo with a man who was killed by a meteor? NOT VERY MANY), but Lincoln is oddly skittish. He kisses her one last time and heads back to his grave. Dawn is coming, and Odile is about to fall over from exhaustion. I guess it wasn’t meant to be.



Next time, we'll venture to France in search of frogs, and also find out who the Generation Two heir will be! Toodles.

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Chapter 9 – Frogs & Potions

A few days before her Elder birthday (what), Odile books a flight for her long-awaited trip to France.


Ahh, I love France. The scenery, the music…especially the music. It gets stuck in my head and I don't mind it at all. I apologize (to you all, and to myself) that my graphics are so meh. I do wish I had a more powerful computer expressly for the purpose of traveling in the Sims. *sigh*


It's still beautiful, though. So beautiful that Odile freaks out the second her feet touch European soil.


Anyway! Odile heads into the bookshop first thing and buys the Frogs Legs recipe for 900 freaking simoleons. (Luckily she’s a celebrity, so she gets half off.)



Then she heads out to one of the local fishing spots and tries fishing for the first time.


@hazelnut was right––I needn’t have worried about Odile's fishing skill. She catches her first frog in about .2 seconds. By nightfall, she’s caught ten of them. I was going to send her home as soon as she got a handful of them, but since she's having such success, I decide to have her stay out her three days. May as well stock up the fridge. It is Roberta’s favorite food, after all. (Weirdo.)

Odile fishes dawn to dusk the next day. There's nothing like a French sunset over a French pond in France.


On the third day, she buys some cherimola blan grapes at the general store first. These allow her to catch much better quality frogs than the previous two days. By the time she goes home, she’s reached level 5 of the fishing skill and has caught nearly thirty frogs, along with a handful of other types of fish. She has also decided that frogs as big as footballs are NOT particularly disgusting. Whatever, lady.


Odile returns home with her progeny (frogeny?). The next day, another much-anticipated event finally happens: Roberta figures out the formula for the Imaginary Friend Metamorphium potion.

These two have been best friends ever since Roberta was a toddler. Roberta has tried to find a townie worthy of her attention, but no one has come close to meaning as much as Buddy means to her. It's high time we make this relationship real.


The second she discovers the potion, Roberta turns right around and gives it to Buddy, who has of course been watching her this whole time.


“I’ve been dreaming of this for so long…”



Buddy is a good looking guy. Actually he looks exactly like another IF-made-real I had fairly recently…but whatever. As soon as he transforms, he wishes to kiss Roberta for the first time. All right, bud. Keep your pants on. Let’s fix your mullet first.


Here’s Buddy after a bit of tweaking. His traits are Ambitious, Star Quality, Shy, and Daredevil—a surprisingly nice mix of traits for an Imaginary Friend. An interesting mix, too—those last three seem to almost contradict each other. I think he and Roberta will do well together. She’s a completely contradictory Neurotic Slob, after all.


The following day is Spooky Day. No school—a perfect opportunity for Roberta and Buddy to get to know each other as girl and boy, not as girl and toy.

Buddy has plans. He gets up early and makes a plate of waffles for Roberta. (Do you like his boxers? I like his boxers.)


Roberta really enjoys those waffles. Look at those crumbs fly!


Then, when they’ve both eaten, he asks her out on a date.


They take a cab across town, under a glistening rainbow.


Willowglen Ampitheater is one of my favorite lots in the Sims 3. It’s like something out of another world. (Which I guess it is.) Buddy takes Roberta there, because it’s probably the most romantic setting one can find in Twinbrook. I thought I took a pretty screenshot of the lot as a whole, but it turns out I just took this:


Not my best work. Anyway, Buddy and Roberta arrive. And the romance is not far behind. As rain drips down from the leaves above, Buddy confesses his attraction to Roberta, and before long…


Awwww. Buddy gets his 1,000 point wish to kiss Roberta, and they make things official.


And now, let's give them a little privacy...or sneak a glimpse from afar. (Here's a better shot of Willowglen Ampitheater.)


And with that, it's announcement time: I’ve chosen the heir, and it’s Roberta! Not surprising, probably. I’ve sort of always thought of her as the heir, even though I made sure Joe Bob got his skills up just in case. I adore Joe Bob, and I’ll be sad to see him move out, but I know he’ll do very well on his own. And probably get married in a hot second, because that’s what all the townies are doing now that Story Progression is a thing.

So, congratulations to Roberta, on the boyfriend and on the heirship. (Heirdom? Heirness?) Next time, we'll see some big-time birthdays and watch Roberta take the helm of the Middlemiss Random Legacy. Woot!

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Chapter 10 – Love in the Snow

We must begin this chapter with a bittersweet occasion: Odile's elder birthday.


She ages up in the midst of writing, of course. She hardly does anything else.


She's quite a lovely elder.


Sunday is the first day of winter and Roberta’s Young Adult birthday—the start of Generation Two. It’s also Buddy’s birthday, of course, since his birthdays always match up with Roberta’s.

They celebrate by throwing a party for all of their friends and acquaintances. Jade Greenwood decides to tell a ghost story first thing, which means the first hour of the party is spent in the dark. Thanks, Jade. Very helpful.


Roberta blows out the candles on her cake.



Here is our new heir! She aged up with the Daredevil trait, a trait she shares with Buddy. Her final traits are Genius, Neurotic, Bookworm, Slob, and Daredevil.


Before we continue with the birthday festivities, here are the rolls for Generation Two:

Family Structure – The Shake Up
Number of Children – 1
Income – Medical / Professional Sports / Day Care
Generational Goal – Career Student
Miscellaneous Fun – A Sim For All Seasons

This is a pretty fun set of rolls! The Career Student requirement just means that one of the adults in the household has to take 10 classes at different rabbitholes around town. (You can also fulfill the requirement by getting three University degrees, but I don’t have University.) And the Sim For All Seasons roll means that Roberta will enthusiastically celebrate every season and holiday by planning season-specific outfits, decorating the house, visiting festivals, and throwing holiday parties.

Speaking of which, here’s her first seasonal outfit for winter.


I’m excited for this generation! And I’m excited for Roberta to take charge. I’ve very much enjoyed Odile, and I’m sad to see her as an elder already (where did the time go?), but it’s high time that Roberta take over. She’s ready. I’m ready. Lessgo.

But first, Buddy ages up:


I don’t get to choose his trait since he spent exactly one day in school, but miraculously, he rolls Athletic. He’s going to be doing the Professional Sports career, so uh, yeah. Couldn't be more perfect. He grows out a bit of facial hair. (I could've made it pink to match his eyebrows, and I was tempted, but it looked just a little ridiculous.)


Monday morning is graduation.


Buddy graduates with merit and is voted Most Likely to Save the World––an impressive superlative to earn after only one day of school. And Roberta graduates with merit as well (though she should’ve received highest honors, since she got on the honor roll) and is voted…Most Likely to Take Over the World. Interesting. Interesting that these two are going to get married.

Wait, what? They’re getting married? Since when?!


Roberta gets down right there in the snow at City Hall and asks Buddy to marry her. To the great surprise of everyone, he says yes.



They get married that very afternoon, in the snow. The background really wasn’t cooperating for these screenshots—I don’t know why the lot is a purple square when it’s covered in snow.



Congratulations, Roberta and Buddy!


I should’ve turned the arch the other way…that’s MUCH prettier.



The newlyweds make their way to their newly built bedroom (featuring their semi-clashing favorite colors, turquoise and red) to woohoo for the first time.


Can we just admire these adorable faces for a minute?




Meanwhile, Odile puts the finishing touches on her first romance novel, entitled Roberta & Buddy. It's completed just in time to give it to her daughter and son-in-law as a wedding present.


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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Chapter 11 – Pavement Pounding

The next morning begins a new era––the era of Roberta. She starts the morning by heading to City Hall and suing for slander—apparently it’s gotten around that she was “seen woohooing with an occult”. (No, I want to say, she was woohooing with a FORMER occult, but of course that doesn’t make a difference to the Twinbrook Tabloids.) Amazingly, she wins the case, even though the accusation is, uh, true.

Afterwards, she applies for a job at the hospital.


Buddy, meanwhile, gets a job at the stadium. Then he jogs home to start working on his athletic skill.


The night before the newlyweds’ first day of work, an alien visits the house for the first time! I still find space-related events exciting, even though the last one proved to be very deadly. This alien seems fascinated by the chilly wet stuff falling from the sky. And by Roberta's car.


I rouse Roberta from bed (unwisely, since she has work in a few hours) and she goes out into the snow to greet him. His name is Sezzad Vajjevoo. Yay, a name I can pronounce! They’re attracted to each other, which is…cute? Roberta really does like those occults, I guess. He takes off in his spaceship soon after.


Roberta and Buddy have good first days at work, though neither of them gets a promotion. (Buddy is about as close as you can get. I hate that you can’t “Work Hard” in the athletic career.) Buddy also learns that one of his coworkers is none other than Newton, his…uncle-in-law? Is that the correct term?

After work, Roberta decorates the house a little bit for winter. There’s not a lot to work with, but she finds an extremely large icicle ceiling light for the kitchen (like really, it’s so large, these sims should be walking right into it) and a snowflake-shaped mirror. (This picture, I’m now realizing, is horrible. The snow from outside snuck into the house or something. Sorry about that.)


Also, mistletoe! I remember trying to find mistletoe ages ago and not being able to find it in buy mode, for some reason…but this time I sort by collection and find it in the Seasons one. Hooray! Of course, as soon as Buddy gets home from work, Roberta corners him and asks for a kiss. Buddy looks a little spooked.


Roberta's “kiss me under the kissy plant” face manages to be both derpy and sultry.


Snowflake Day rolls around, and it’s time for Roberta to throw her first holiday party! A space is cleared for the presents and everybody dresses to the nines. A big crowd of people shows up this time—it almost looks like a bigger party than usual. Even Sezzad is there!


A very pregnant Emerald Castor (née Greenwood) parties it up. I don't know how the schools are going to handle all the babies that are being born...


Roberta puts some effort into getting to know her uncle at the party. He’s not rude, exactly, but he doesn't really make an effort, either. He pretty much just thinks the conversation is boring.


The gift giving takes forever because there are so many guests. Roberta and Joe Bob both receive chess sets, because we definitely need more of those.


Buddy gets a nice fishing painting or something. And Odile receives coal! I’ve never seen that happen before! She must have given someone a bad rap in one of her books or something…or maybe it was Newton. It was probably Newton.


Buddy has the next day off, so he uses it to start taking some classes around town. (One of this generation’s adults has to take 10 classes, and since Buddy has a looser schedule than Roberta, he’s our chosen “Dilettante”.) I never realized how quick these classes are. He gets through handiness, charisma, and writing before lunchtime, and then guitar, painting, athletic, and logic before dinner. Good grief, man! We're gonna be done with this requirement by the weekend!

Joe Bob has an awards ceremony after school. He already has a trophy for being president of the Debate Club, and he’s on the honor roll as well. He’s quite an accomplished kid. I’ll be sad to see him move out of the house in a few days, but I’m also very curious to see where Story Progression takes him.

Days pass. Odile gets the mail for the first time in, I guess, quite a while, because there’s a stack of love letters (including one from Buddy to Roberta…awww) and a wedding gift from Lincoln––from beyond the grave! Spooky. It's something silly––just a painting of a bunny (or maybe it's Odile in her bunny costume?)––but of course it still means the world to Roberta, and she hangs it in their bedroom accordingly.


I’ve built a little basement beneath the house to begin displaying each heir’s achievements. If I’d thought of it sooner, I’d have had someone learn the photography skill to take portraits—but we’ll have to make do. There’s a bookshelf full of Odile’s published books (she’s written fifteen…just five more and she’ll have completed all her requirements for this challenge!), a reading corner decorated with the first bouquet of flowers Lincoln gave her, and a wall displaying her high school diploma and writing mastery certificate.


On a side note, Buddy is looking SUPER buff. He hasn’t even been lifting weights that much—mostly running. I don’t know if I’ve ever had such a beefy sim before.


Before anyone realizes it (myself included), it’s spring! Time flies when you’re in a really boring part of the challenge and you do everything at 3x speed.

Roberta gets to decorating for the new season, and this time, it’s all about plants! Plants in the living room. Plants in the kitchen. Plants in the bathroom. Plants in the bedroom. Plants hanging from the ceiling. Plants outside the door. Plants everywhere a plant can fit, even if it doesn’t look good.


I accidentally use up all but $200 of the family funds on these plants…I forgot that I purchased a new car for the family this past week. Fortunately, it’s Sunday, and Odile gets more than $20,000 in royalties a few hours later. Phew!

Here's Roberta’s spring outfit.


Joe Bob has been learning the guitar skill, and since he just took a drums class, Buddy rolls a wish to play the drums. They both head downtown and start jamming. They don’t get any tips (and I’ve just realized that that would’ve been against the rules anyway…), but they have a good time and draw a decent crowd, sort of.


Joe Bob ages up to young adult just as he gets too cold to play anymore.


Here’s our grown up boy. He rolls the Eco-Friendly trait, to be added to his Artistic, Genius, Lucky, and Light Sleeper traits.


That night, it’s time for Joe Bob to head out on his own. He hugs his mother and his sister goodbye, then puts in a call to get his own place.




And with that, Joe Bob Middlemiss walks out into a new life.


I follow Joe Bob with the camera after he leaves, and it turns out he moves just three houses down! It’s nice to know he’ll be close by.

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Chapter 12 – Fallen Angels, Sprouting Herbs

Not even 12 hours go by after Joe Bob moves out before he’s got a girl. I knew it! He starts dating some chick named Allyson Pettit, whom I’ve never heard of or seen around town. Congrats, Joe Bob! I wish you'd choose an actual townie...but oh well.

Roberta has become best friends with her boss, Angel Johnson. He’s a very amiable fellow with a new wife and a baby daughter. Roberta asks him over after work on Tuesday, hoping to butter him up and ask for a promotion.

She is surprised by what Angel has in mind instead.


Yes, Roberta's boss appears to be infatuated with her. She responds with polite enthusiasm (perhaps a bit too much enthusiasm...).


"Oh, Mr. Johnson..."

"Please, call me Angel."

"Right...Angel. This is very kind of you, but––well, I was wondering what you think of my performance at work lately?"


This puts her in a bit of an awkward position. When she asks Angel for a promotion, and he happily agrees, Roberta wonders if he’s only saying yes because he fancies her, and not because her performance has been consistently top-notch. She tries to forget about it and simply be grateful.

Angel stays the rest of the evening and continues to flirt. Roberta spurns his every attempt at wooing her. If this were real life, we’d be approaching the sexual harrassment zone…but this is the sims, and Angel Johnson simply can’t get over the fact that he has a major crush on his employee. I guess.

Buddy gets home from work soon after that. He may suspect something weird is going on. If he does, he doesn’t show it. He cozies up to Roberta on the couch and listens as she tells him (quietly, but eagerly—Angel is sitting just over there in the kitchen) that she just got a promotion.


“You invited your boss over to ask for a promotion?” Buddy asks. “Why couldn’t you just do it at work tomorrow?”

“It’s easier to talk to him outside of the hospital,” Roberta says. “And this way I can start the day tomorrow as a paramedic. Anyway, Angel likes seeing me outside of work, I guess.”

“Does he,” says Buddy.


He doesn’t seem to think much of it, though. Angel, who has been reading in the background, gets up to leave while Roberta and Buddy are liplocked. Roberta doesn’t get a chance to thank him again for promoting her.


After Angel leaves, though…Roberta rolls a wish to kiss him for the first time.  :o (I think it's only because Angel turned their hangout session into a "date" by flirting with her, and because it supposedly "went well" for a date. But STILL. Bad, bad Roberta.)

It's not until the next morning that Buddy notices the bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table. He doesn't remember giving those to his wife.

"What the...?"


The next day, Roberta gets another promotion—to Medical Intern. Soon she’ll be working 10-hour days, and after that, late nights. Buddy is at work in the evening, as usual, and Roberta grows anxious. She has taken to staring out of windows more often than usual. The encounter with Angel yesterday seems to have unnerved her. She worries that Buddy suspects something—but then remembers that there’s nothing for him to suspect. Or is there? Roberta remembers very well the sudden urge to kiss Angel that swept over her at the end of their evening together. The thought haunts her. How could she ever imagine being with anyone but Buddy?


Roberta is called into the hospital for a medical emergency that night. When she gets home, she feels exhausted, hungry, and a little ill. At first, she assumes it’s just the anxiety and the stress from work, but then…


She’s pregnant! This explains the nausea she’s been feeling for the past couple of days. She thought it was all anxiety, but nope!

The next day is Love Day. First thing in the morning, Roberta tells Buddy the great news. He’s thrilled, of course. Both he and Roberta rolled wishes to have their first child recently, so the timing is perfect.



The family decides to get out of the house and celebrate at the Spring Festival. It’s rainy and chilly, but Roberta is determined to celebrate.


She and Buddy just want to dance. Aside from taking a greeting card photo together, they just dance the entire time. (Naturally, the next day they’re crowned Spring Dance King and Queen.)




The whole Angel thing seems to be in the past. Phew! (Though Odile continues to expand upon the drama-that-could-have-happened in her latest romance novel, Fallen Angel.)

In other news, Odile has at last supermaxed writing. With her twentieth novel, Odile completes all her requirements for Generation One and is invited to City Hall to accept a Writer’s Honor Trophy. *sniff* I’m so proud of my little founder!


Roberta goes into labor late Friday night. Buddy and Odile flip out, of course; Roberta has one painful contraction and then heads straight out the door to the hospital.



It’s not a quick labor this time. It’s after midnight by the time Roberta emerges from the hospital holding her son (and our first male heir of the challenge), Basil.


Basil is a Genius who Loves the Outdoors. I will be choosing the traits this time around—I did the rolls for his generation, and certain traits will be indispensable.

Back at home, baby Basil gets to know his mommy, daddy, and granny.




This little boy is going to be very well loved indeed.

Next time, we'll see Basil become a toddler and Roberta throw a drama-filled summer bash. Stay tuned!

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Chapter 13 – At Your Leisure

Roberta is off work for a very long time, because pregnancy, and because weekends don’t count toward maternity leave apparently (I am all for maternity leave in real life, please and thank you, but not so much in the sims). She spends most of her time working at the lab station and searching the galaxy, trying to get her logic skill up the rest of the way. Between experiments, of course, she takes care of baby Basil (with plenty of help from the very capable butler, Weston).


Basil ages up to toddler, and wow! I have never seen a child inherit any physical characteristics from an Imaginary Friend parent. I have hoped for it in many a game, but have never seen it happen until now. Basil inherits his daddy’s magenta-tinged hair and bright turquoise eyes. It’s absolutely unreal.


The resemblance is uncanny.


Buddy loves his son regardless of appearance...but he also is a rather big fan of his son's appearance.


The next day is Roberta’s first day back to work. She’s relieved, I’m relieved, everybody’s relieved. She’s only gone for a few hours before tragedy occurs.


Odile is 91 or 92 at this point, so it's not exactly a surprise. I was hoping she'd make it through her masterpiece, though...

Grim pops out of the ground outside the house and does his creepy summoning through the window, which is…even creepier.


Then he takes his sweet time drifting around the side of the house to enter through the front door.


No no, take your time, Grim! We'll just stand here and suppress our weeping until you arrive! AT YOUR LEISURE!


So Odile passes on to the next life (that is, to her corner of the Middlemiss basement) while writing her 2,000 page masterpiece, Don’t Miss The Middlemisses. She was less than 10% of the way through it. :( As an aside, Grim takes so long to get to her that she doesn't even do the whole beg-for-life / shake-hand-peaceably interaction. She just turns into a wisp of light and disappears.

And so, we have our second death of the legacy, and the first one that’s not a freak accident. We love you, Odile! RIP.

Summer arrives, and Roberta updates her outfit once again. 


Poor Basil has to grow up without remembering his grandmother. :( And I’m a little anxious about getting through his toddler skills now that there’s nobody home 24/7 except the butler (who will take excellent care of him, but won’t teach him anything). To comfort ourselves, let us revel in toddler spam.





He’s got that Lincoln jawline…


Leisure Day soon arrives, and Roberta throws a party. She also invests in some summery “decor” to entertain the guests in the front yard. Hopefully it doesn’t rain.


Ah, look who’s here! Yes, hello, Angel...hi.


I forgot to mention something. Angel changed jobs recently. He was Roberta’s boss, as you’ll remember; now he works as a Latrine Cleaner (lovely) in the military career. He and Roberta haven’t seen each other for quite a while, but they pick up right where they left off.

“I’ve missed seeing your beautiful face around the hospital every day, Roberta.”

“Aww, I’ve missed you too, Angel! You were––um––you were such a good boss!”


(You can’t see it very well in the picture above, but Buddy notices. He definitely notices.)

Joe Bob is the first to really show any indignation. He gets right up behind Angel and starts giving Roberta the evil eye. You go, Joe Bob! (I forget who is fighting in the background of this picture…possibly the butler.)


Eventually, Buddy comes over. He listens as they exchange flirtatious pleasantries. And he erupts.

“Roberta, what is this? Your mother just died yesterday, and now you’re flirting with your boss?! How can you have such disrespect for our family? For ME?”


“I didn’t––I wasn’t––I was just––“


“I thought something was off the last time this jerk was in our house. I saw the flowers he gave you. I should have said something then.”

“Buddy, it’s nothing! He was just being nice!”

“Oh, and I suppose you were just being nice five seconds ago when you were complimenting his appearance?”


“He and I are good friends! Nothing more! I would never—“


Buddy doesn’t want to hear it. He’s seen and heard enough.


“I have to go,” he says.

He picks up his phone and puts in a call.


Then he runs out without saying another word.


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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Chapter 14 – IPTA

The party is over. Buddy is gone—moved out. And Roberta is alone.


Roberta misses Buddy from the minute he leaves. She immediately rolls wishes to talk to him, to hang out with him. (She rolls similar wishes for Angel, but we don’t talk about that.) She doesn’t even know where Buddy moved to. He left most of his possessions, which makes her hope he’ll return soon, but she’s afraid to hope too much. He didn’t even say goodbye to his son.

Roberta is heartbroken. She lost her mother yesterday, and now her husband has left her too––over a misunderstanding, a false accusation.


She hardly has any time to be sad, though. Basil needs her. He is over in the kitchen, playing quietly on the floor with the toy bunny that Roberta loved so much as a child. She goes over and scoops him up. She holds him close. He’s all she has now—at least until Buddy cools off and comes home.


It’s late, but being wide awake, Roberta decides to stay up later and start teaching Basil how to walk. He hasn’t learned anything except potty-ing yet, and now, his toddler skills all down to her. She hardly thinks about the fact that she has work in the morning.


Roberta finally goes to bed around 2:30 am. At 4, she is forced to wake up for an emergency at the hospital that requires her presence. Poor girl is going to be so tired later…


She comes home, sleeps for an hour, and then has to go right back to work. It’s just like real life! Amazing! To top off the negative moodlets that are already stacking up (mourning, hunger, sleepiness, loss of friends…), she gets falsely accused while she’s at work and loses even MORE friends. I would very much like this game to let ME torture my sims and stop torturing them for me. Please and thank you.

Roberta comes home and collapses into bed. Basil, like all Middlemiss toddlers, it seems, is on a nocturnal schedule. He plays with his bunny in the kitchen all night, with only his granny for company. Oh, yeah, Odile makes her first appearance as a ghost!


She plays computer games for a while, then breaks the computer and haunts the toddler potty instead. Soon after, she disappears. Great to see you, Odile! *rolls eyes*

Roberta's falls into a torturous routine: work, feed the baby, sleep for two hours, work again, sleep for an hour, try to teach Basil to talk, work again, sleep for three's pretty awful. She needs help. She is, at least for now, a single mom with a toddler to care for while still holding down a full time job (and one with ten-hour shifts and late nights at that). Weston, the butler, continues to be an exemplary caregiver when Roberta’s not home, but he isn’t able to do as much for Basil as an actual member of the household could do.

Roberta thinks through all the people she knows around Twinbrook. She has friends, to be sure, but they are all married and have families of their own. Several are also raising toddlers. Nobody would ever have time to help Roberta, and definitely not to move in with her.

There is someone, though. Someone Roberta met a while ago, back when she was just starting in her medical career. A visitor.

She calls him.


He arrives just minutes later, probably scaring the mailman half to death.



Roberta invites him inside. They catch up a bit. Before long, the two are good friends, and she asks him to move in. He agrees.


“Thank you so much, Sezzad,” she says. “You don't know how desperate I am.”

“I do know,” he says. “It is the middle of the day and you are in underwear. Your child is screaming and you seem not to notice. And you have invited an alien into your home. These are not normal human behaviors. Something is not right.”


Roberta is about to go take care of Basil, but Sezzad beats her to it. In that moment, she knows she made the right decision.

Sezzad Vajjevoo’s traits, by the way, are Daredevil, Savvy Sculptor, Childish, Green Thumb, and Ambitious. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to use his sculpting or gardening tendencies very much, or at all—at least not to make money. There is a far more challenging profession in store for our new alien friend.

Full disclosure: I cheated a little bit with Sezzad. I actually tried to befriend a different alien a while back, but she was already an elder (like most aliens I encounter) and she died about two hours after arriving. I was worried the same thing would happen with Sezzad. (His “days to transition” stat has changed a couple of times in Master Controller, so I’m hesitant to trust it.) So my solution was to have Sezzad drink a Young Again potion as soon as he joined the household. The rules do prohibit life-extending methods for humans, but they are a little bit vague when it comes to occults––they allow using mods to extend the lives of occults, so I hope using a potion isn't too far outside that rule. I just really wanted Sezzad to join the household and not kick the bucket in the first five minutes. Hey, I’m not going for points or anything.

Sezzad takes to his new role of Substitute Parent Of Basil Middlemiss very easily. He does seem to have a natural affinity with kids. He forces Weston the butler, on several occasions, to wait his turn before attending to Basil’s many needs. He also likes to play with Basil’s toys.



So it’s only natural, when he consults the newspaper, that he express interest in the Day Care career.


Roberta thinks he’s absolutely crazy, but she’s not about to say no to an alien who could probably fry her to a crisp in a second if he wanted to.

So Sezzad takes on a new calling. He also takes on full responsibility for Basil’s toddler skills, as practice, and because Roberta is too exhausted and has to work in ten hours anyway.


It's time for a Buddy update. You guys, I am spooked.

A few nights after the disastrous Leisure Day party, I finally get around to spying on Buddy. I’ve been trying to figure out through Master Controller where he lives, and he doesn’t appear to have a house of his own in town. My guess was that he moved in with another family that had space. Anyway, I lurk outside the stadium utnil he finishes work that night, and then I follow him home.

He stops his car next to the railroad tracks. He gets out and runs into the weeds.


He runs around behind the criminal warehouse and the science building, into this building that I’ve never noticed before. It’s called the Twinbrook Industrial Train Center.


Is this where homeless sims live in Twinbrook?? I am fascinated. I can see inside the building, sort of, and there are a few pieces of furniture, but it doesn’t look like enough to live there. There are a couple of desks, two bookshelves, and a small sofa. (And two dumpsters, which I wish I’d known about while Lincoln was alive.) That’s it. The rest is empty space.

Weeeird. Anyway, back to our usual programming.

But wait! First, another family member update: our very first gnome, Debbie, passed away recently. I didn't even know that gnomes are able to pass away. I swear, I learn something new every time I play this game. Here she is memorialized forever in our front garden.


RIP, Debbie!

The next morning, Roberta is off to work again and Sezzad has his first day of work as a Day Care…person. I purchase some extra toys and strew them around the house. I also provide a couple of extra potties.

The parents show up promptly at 9 with two little baldies in tow. Looks like Mrs. Petersen is expecting yet another little one.


I’ve never tried the Day Care career, so this is all pretty new for me. Savannah and Esperanza are some needy little darlings! Like, wow. Sezzad also has Basil to care for…fortunately Basil is pretty self-sufficient, for a toddler. It’s just that he still needs some talking lessons, and it’s hard to teach a little boy to talk when the other toddlers in the room are peeing and crying every five seconds.



Weston, are you sure you’re allowed to help with this…? Actually, I don’t care. THANK YOU, KIND SIR.


The day goes fairly well. Unfortunately, there isn’t time to finish teaching Basil how to talk. When he ages up on his own that night, I’m not able to pick his trait. Drat.


He gets the Disciplined trait, which is utterly useless for his particular set of rolls. I mean, I guess he could practice Martial Arts as a hobby…but there’s really no reason to. We’ll have to make some changes later on.

Here’s Basil as a child. I didn’t even realize this initially, but not only did he inherit Buddy’s physical features, he inherited Buddy’s occult status. Basil is himself an Imaginary Friend! That’s bonkers. I didn’t even know that was possible. Now that I think about it, it makes sense. He can turn himself into a toy and everything. Magical!


That’s all we have time for this time around. Next time, we’ll see more from the Interplanetary Toddler Academy (IPTA), watch Basil grow up, and find out more about Buddy’s life as a Middlemiss expat.

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Chapter 15 – Toy Meets Toy

Basil is a unique kid. Even he knows this, at such a young age.

He’s the only kid in town who lives with an alien. He likes to brag to his friends that an alien taught him how to walk and talk. And he loves to ride in Sezzad’s spaceship. That’s probably the coolest part of living with an alien.

He also has a secret ability—he can turn himself into a doll, a toy version of himself. The first time he did it, it terrified him, and he hasn’t really done it since. He wonders how such a crazy thing is possible. Maybe one day, when he’s a scientist, he’ll figure it out.

Basil’s favorite things to do are practice chess and use his mom’s telescope. Maybe it’s because of Sezzad, or maybe it’s just how he was born—Basil loves studying the stars. He has all kinds of questions about the universe.


Sezzad has told him that sometimes space rocks fall to earth, even here in Twinbrook. Basil has a dream of finding one sometime. When he told his mother this, she got very nervous. She gets nervous a lot. Her least favorite topics of conversation seem to be space rocks, and Basil’s dad.

Basil doesn’t know very much about his dad. He asks his mother whenever he can, but she always looks sad when he brings it up. He asks where his dad is. Roberta says, “He’s out of town for a while.” Basil asks when he’s coming back, and Roberta says, “I don’t know, Basil.”

Luckily, Basil doesn’t have to wait forever.

It’s a crisp fall day. Weston the butler is out raking the leaves, as every donut* butler loves to do.


Basil is fixing himself breakfast. And the doorbell rings.


In walks a man Basil has never seen before. He’s tall and muscular—and he has magenta-tinged hair, just like Basil! The man walks closer, and Basil sees that he has ice-blue eyes. There is no question. This is Buddy, Basil’s dad.


The man walks toward Roberta. He’s obviously here with the purpose of speaking to her. Basil sits down with his waffles and watches his father suspiciously. He doesn’t know what to think. Why is he suddenly showing up now? Why does he think he’s allowed to just stroll in unannounced? Why doesn’t he seem to care that Roberta is in her underwear?


Basil eats his breakfast and listens to his parents—yes, his parents—talk. They talk quietly and politely, like they’re trying to be as nice to each other as possible. He hears his mother say, “It’s about time.” He hears his father say, “I know. I wanted him to be old enough to understand what’s happening.”


Roberta tells Buddy about work. She’s an Infectious Disease Researcher now, a huge accomplishment that she’s worked incredibly hard for. She tells him about Sezzad. Buddy is surprisingly gracious about that, and nods at the alien across the room.


Then it’s time. Roberta beckons her son. Basil gets up from his half-eaten waffles and comes over to stand in front of his father for the first time.

“Hi, Basil,” says Buddy.

“Hi, Dad.”


They smile at each other. Basil can’t believe it—his father really does look just like him. He wonders if he’s like him in his secret way—he wonders if he can turn himself into a toy, too. Probably not…that would be crazy.

They talk a little bit. Buddy asks Basil how his mother has been. Basil says that she’s usually very stressed out and very sad. Buddy tells his son about his job as a professional athlete. Then Basil asks Buddy if he wants to play tag. Buddy agrees, and out they run into the crisp air and falling leaves.


They play tag for a long time. Later that afternoon, Roberta comes outside and asks them (calling them “you boys”) if they want to go to the Fall Festival. Both boys get excited and say yes. They all pile into Roberta’s car, and off they go.

Basil and Buddy brave the haunted house together. Basil is confident his daddy is strong enough to beat off any mummies or skeletons they come across.


Then, the whole family competes in a pie-eating contest.


Buddy wins, of course. He's gracious enough to look surprised.


Soon after that, Buddy has to go home—he’s staying with Uncle Joe Bob and Aunt Allyson on the other side of town. He hugs Basil goodbye and says he’ll be back to visit soon.

One weekend evening, Roberta goes over to Joe Bob and Allyson’s house. Ever since Buddy stopped by to meet his son, she’s been feeling more okay about things. Buddy was very civil to her, even a little affectionate. She misses him desperately. Maybe things can go back to the way they were?


Buddy is there, and happy to see his wife. They spend a long while talking. It's easier now that Basil is not in earshot.


Buddy is very busy with his games, but enjoying staying with Joe Bob. He asks about Basil. Roberta tells him he’s doing well, and seems happier now that he's met his dad. But he wants to get to know his dad more.

Then Roberta brings up the forbidden topic––Angel. She explains that what happened was entirely one-sided, and while she may have had a little bit of a workplace crush on her boss, she never dreamed of acting on it.


"I know," says Buddy. "I don't know what came over me. Jealousy, I guess. I just felt this overwhelming need to leave. Almost like it was out of my control." He takes Roberta's hand. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you, too," she says.


“I won't be ready to come back for a while,” Buddy says.

“I understand,” says Roberta.


They end the night by watching the stars together. Things aren't exactly back to the way they were, but they're getting there.


(Side note: A couple days later, Roberta rolls a wish to kiss Sezzad for the first time. Roberta, I’m not even going to ask. Get a freaking grip, woman!)

Life goes on in the Middlemiss household. Sezzad upgrades objects and cares for a variety of Twinbrook toddlers; Roberta reads her medical journals; and Basil practices cooking on the toy oven and plays blocks to start working on handiness.



Weston the butler has retired, sadly, and been replaced by a very nice lady named Deanna (I think). She does a lovely job, but everyone misses Weston (myself included). Here she's holding Hillary Peterson, who was a baby in her mommy's tummy last we saw her.


Roberta ages up to Adult, and starts a Mid-Life Crisis. One of her wishes is to remodel the house a bit. I change some wallpapers and transform the exterior into red brick. I also update the roof. I’m quite proud of this house—it looks more like a real house on the outside than any other house I’ve built before. Additionally, I put some walls around the stairway to the basement and put in a locked door to prevent people from wandering down there in search of a book. Odile’s bookshelf needs to remain Odile’s bookshelf, with only her books on it. (Of course, bookshelves in TS3 seem not to retain the same stock of books no matter what I do…but at least this will stay as Odile’s bookshelf in spirit.) I only took pictures of the exterior, apparently...but I'd like to do a more thorough house tour at some point. Maybe next generation.


Winter arrives, and with it, lots of snow. Roberta changes her outfit for the new season:


Basil hardly gets to go to school at all as a child. The last couple days are declared snow days. Roberta tutors him to keep his grades up. And in the mean time, he gets to stay home and experience the Interplanetary Toddler Academy firsthand!

He even helps keep the toddlers entertained.


(Fun fact: This little toddler is Conor Kadukin, the son of my simself and a recently-moved-in townie. I put my simself into the game a couple weeks ago, just to see what Story Progression would do with her. She's the same sim I used for my avatar. Maybe you can spot her in some past and future screenshots...)

At the end of the second snow day, Basil ages up and becomes a teenager.


He gains the Star Quality trait, to be added to his Genius, Loves the Outdoors, and Disciplined traits. We'll have to get rid of that Disciplined trait at some point, but until then, he's right on track to start his requirements in a couple of weeks.

Until next time!

*I just reread this two days after posting it and saw that I wrote "donut" instead of "butler". I think I was talking to my boyfriend about donuts while writing...? I don't know. I'm leaving the evidence there because it made me laugh.

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Chapter 16 – Star Search

(Author's note: I had to squeeze a lot of story into this post, and because of the picture limit, not every part of the story includes screenshots––I had to spread them out a bit. Sorry for that in advance!)

Basil has his sights set on being a celebrity. He wants to be the most famous and beloved Sim in all of Twinbrook. He’s already getting popular among the other high schoolers (and, thanks to Story Progression, there are many of those). And he’s begun to check out the teens around him, keeping his eyes peeled for potential partners. He has an idea of which families in town are wealthy and well-known; he intends to become one of them by the time he grows up. (Not that the Middlemisses aren’t already wealthy and well-known…)

It’s time for the second annual Middlemiss Gift-Giving Party! (I hope you’re not tired of these parties yet…) Much of the guest list for this party consists of teenagers. Roberta is aware of Basil’s requirements and is keeping an eye open, too.

Basil’s formal wear gives him a bit of a “rebel” air. He looks awesome and he knows it.


He starts chatting up the ladies right away. This is Sherita Castor, daughter of Thomas and Emerald Castor (née Greenwood).


This is another contender, Leanna Greenwood. Ever since Spooky Day, she’s been stuck in trick-or-treat mode and goes around in her hockey mask. Her mother is original townie Jade Greenwood, who is still alive and kicking after having like 97 babies. (Oh hey, this makes Leanna and Sherita cousins!) Leanna’s father is Notzo Curious, but he never moved in with Jade so all her children were born with the last name Greenwood.


(There seems to be a Spooky Day glitch in my game—every holiday, there are some teens that still treat it like Spooky Day and come to the house to trick-or-treat. It’s kind of hilarious, I guess.)

The next day is a snow day (again), so I send Basil over to the Castor house to get to know Sherita. He seemed to like her well enough at the party (he didn’t get a chance to talk to Leanna).

They talk and become good friends. The moment they become friends, Basil rolls a wish to kiss her for the first time. All right, Basil—if you know what you want, then I’m gonna give it to you (at least this time around). He convinces her to break up with her boyfriend, Donnie Kadukin, but before he can ask her to prom (which is tomorrow), she gets overwhelmed with hunger and must go make a pot of mac and cheese.

Basil waits patiently for Sherita to finish cooking. He seems to like what he sees. (Sidenote: Sherita looks so much like her grandmother, original townie Beverly Castor.)


At last, Sherita cures her hunger pangs and allows Basil to talk to her again. He quickly asks her to prom, to which she excitedly agrees, and then rushes home before he’s caught after curfew.


The next evening is prom. Sherita arrives nice and early, and she and Basil head out to the limo together.


Within ten minutes of prom starting, Sherita asks Basil to go steady! Awww. She also learns that Basil has never been kissed, asks the band to put them in the spotlight, and then kisses him in front of everyone! I think I like this girl. She’s got some spunk, and she definitely knows what she wants. Go Sherita!

Basil spends the following day taking a charisma class—the charisma skill will be essential if he wants to get to the top of the celebrity pecking order—and socializing with people in town. He makes good progress in his level 2 celebrity status just by chatting up a couple of one-star celebrities. I’ve only had one or two 5-star celebrities in past games (and they might have all been immortals in my immortal dynasty, meaning they had all the time in the world to reach level 5)…but we’ll see what we can do. I’m trying to start Basil as early as possible and introduce him to everyone I can find.

Monday arrives, and with it, plenty of toddlers to keep Sezzad occupied. He’s really getting good at the day care thing (as am I)—so good that I don’t even notice that Deanna the butler has been raking leaves all day instead of helping with the kids. Sezzad does just fine on his own.

That night, Roberta reaches level 10 of the medical career, achieving her lifetime wish. Congrats, Roberta! All those extra emergency shifts allowed her to make progress more quickly than other sims I’ve played in the past, I think. Her level 10 bonus also brings the family funds to just over 100k, which will be an excellent buffer for future generations that may roll low-earning careers.


Oh, and she also changes her outfit, once again, for the new season. Here's her latest spring outfit:


Basil’s teen years move along. (They’re not very exciting, honestly.) He goes to school, study club, and debate club. He works on his logic skill and also practices cooking so he can take over that aspect of family life when Roberta is gone. Roberta, now at the top of her career, has more time off than before and spends a lot of time reading books—her favorite pastime. (She’s read almost 40 books, possibly more than Odile read in her lifetime.)


I build a small addition onto the house after Sezzad gets promoted and his client count goes up to four toddlers instead of three. The former living room area of the great room is now the dedicated toddler play area, with extra toys and lots of space for crawling and crying and screaming. The living room area is now a full-on living room. I think it looks rather nice!


I’ve been trying to think of other things to do with Sezzad. He only works as a day care person three days a week because Thursday is always a holiday (grrr) and he gets Friday through Sunday off as well. Then I have an epiphany—we need to find Sezzad a lady!

I use MC to find all the single ladies in Twinbrook who aren’t too old to have babies (just in case, you know). There is exactly one. And it’s Juliana Jones-Brown, daughter of Goodwin Goode. She and her father are the first and last vampires Twinbrook has seen in this game. (I turned vampires off as soon as I saw that Goodwin became one early in the game.) I never would have considered Juliana as a partner for anyone…but then, how often do you see aliens and vampires getting together? Not very often! I must heed the call of potential vampalien babies!

I track down Juliana’s house and send Sezzad over to say hello.


She lives in a crummy little house with her three grown sons. She was dating another guy for many years (and had three kids with him), but he recently passed away. Of course, by the time I get to her house, she’s dating someone else. Thanks, Story Progression. But that doesn’t stop Sezzad. He pushes through and convinces her to break up with what’s-his-face, using plenty of allusions to his knowledge of stars as padding for his arguments.


Then they flirt like crazy, have their first kiss, and quickly progress to the bedroom (where one of Juliana’s sons is apparently stuck, and in a halloween costume…even though it’s not Spooky Day). No rest for the occult!



Meanwhile, it’s Love Day. Roberta goes to the Spring Festival because she has to for her requirements. (I honestly am not going to mind when this whole celebrate-every-holiday thing is over.) She starts dancing right away and goes on to win Spring Dance Queen for, if I remember correctly, the second year in a row. Incidentally, her old sort-of flame and ex-boss Angel is there with his wife. They manage to get along fine and dance the night away.


Basil calls his lovely Sherita and asks her to meet him at the festival. This is the first time I’ve actually seen them kiss. Their first kiss was behind closed doors, at prom. They’re pretty sweet together, I must say.


They also try out the Love Tester. It tells them they’ve found true love and to hang on to each other!


And that night, as Love Day winds to a close, Roberta finds herself missing Buddy. Even though they’ve made up and are on pleasant terms again, they haven’t been lovers in a very long time. She misses him like crazy. So she calls him and invites him over.

He’s missed her, too.


This is when I notice something weird—after Buddy moved out, he and Roberta apparently lost their “married” status. I should have noticed this in the relationship panel, where it just said “Old Friend”…but I didn’t think much of it, for some reason. It’s clear now that they’re not married anymore because Roberta has the option to ask her husband to go steady.

Well, why not? They seal the deal with their first kiss in many a year.


Weirdly, though, Buddy rejects Roberta’s invitation to woohoo. Perhaps he’s a bit squeamish after all this time. Oh well. Maybe he’ll come around in the future.


I’m getting very impatient with this generation. I admit it. Basil is just four days from aging up and taking over as heir, and I CANNOT WAIT. Of course, I adore Roberta—she’s my favorite heir so far (out of two and, like, two-thirds)—but her requirements were really quite easy, aside from the whole soulmate-has-to-move-out thing. These last few weeks have been relatively boring.

What am I going to do with these people for four days???

Well, as I’ve hinted already, one of Basil’s requirements as heir will be to become a 5-star celebrity. (I’ll reveal the rest of his rolls when he ages up.) That takes a lot of work and a lot of celebrity contacts. There aren’t any high-level celebrities in Twinbrook right now, aside from, well, the Middlemisses. So it’s going to take even more effort from Basil to get to that five-star mark.

It’s been a long time since Lincoln has made an appearance—I don’t think I’ve seen his ghost since Basil was a toddler. He sneaks into the house one night—I don’t even hear the music—and when I mouse over him, I’m reminded that he’s a four-star celebrity! He has the highest celebrity level of any Middlemiss thus far. I guess getting destroyed by a meteor really puts you on the map.

I haul Basil out of bed and he meets his grandfather in the hallway. Unfortunately, since he’s a teen, the most he can do is ask for an autograph. Which he does, happily.



I really hope Lincoln returns after Basil ages up. If they can become best friends, that will give Basil a significant boost in his celebrity level.

Saturday night, Buddy throws a party at Joe Bob’s house, and Roberta attends. As soon as she gets there, she heads into the bathroom to check the sink, and who should find her there but Angel! Yes, the guy who caused Roberta and Buddy to separate. He’s an elder now, and still flirts with Roberta whenever he sees her in public (except at the Spring Festival, when he was satisfied to watch her dance, I guess). He strolls in to Roberta’s private neurotic moment and compliments her, as always.


Roberta is on the verge of yelling at him—she’s so fed up with his advances—when Jade Greenwood goes and kicks the bucket on the front porch. Jade has been a family friend for nearly three generations now, and has procreated abundantly and filled the town with lots of little Greenwoods. Thank you for all you have done, Jade. RIP. (I took a screenshot of her death, but I'm almost out of space, so I have to leave it out. Apologies!)

Let’s get back to the real drama. Roberta has reached her breaking point with Angel. She yells at him. She slaps him. She even fights him, and, uh, loses…twice…but let’s not dwell on that. The point is that she fights him. Because it's about time we put a stop to his creepiness.


You go, girl! Put him in his place!


Roberta feels humiliated about losing two fights, but she also feels like things are back to normal. Hopefully this will stop Angel from flirting with her ever again. She’s ready to make things right with Buddy once and for all.

Next time, Basil takes the helm and Generation Three begins!

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Chapter 17 – Imaginary, Immutable, Intergalactic Love

We begin this jam-packed chapter with some exciting news––Juliana is pregnant! I’m really, really hoping for a vampalien. That’s probably not a thing. And if it is, there’s probably like a .03% chance of it happening. But I’m still hoping. At the very least I want a baby that’s one occult or the other. I am squealing with excitement.

Summer begins (already?), and Roberta chooses her last seasonal outfit as an adult. Might as well take advantage of that youthful bod while you’ve got it, eh?


Juliana gives birth to a baby boy named Gerry, and…he’s an alien! Huzzah!


The next day, some weird glitch happens with day care and no toddlers show up. *shrug* Fine with me! Instead, Sezzad invites his lady over and they get busy a second time. Afterwards, Sezzad is so overwhelmed with lovey-dovey feelings that he proposes to Juliana!


While having Sezzad upgrade all the things in order to fulfill his constant wishes to upgrade all the things, I learned very recently that you can upgrade alien spaceships to travel in space! And to give them laser cannons…I’m a little afraid to try that one. But then, I don’t play with aliens very often, so…


I rather stupidly thought that those laser cannons would cause more destruction than they did. It’s basically a pretty light show that makes spectators run around screaming with their arms in the air (not pictured). Also, there’s cool music. That’s about it, really. Anyway, good to know, and I certainly had fun watching it happen.

The next day—at long last—is Basil’s young adult birthday. He still has to go to school, because it’s a Tuesday, and then he also has debate club afterwards. But the second he gets home, he makes the call to throw a party.

It’s a rockin’ party! Everybody who’s anybody shows up to this rising star’s coming-of-age bash. A huge crowd gathers to watch Basil blow out his candles.


Maybe I just set up the party room well this time around, but I’ve never seen such a neat and orderly ring of guests surrounding a birthday party. Basil is pleased to learn he has so many devoted fans.


Here is our Generation Three heir! He gains the Computer Whiz trait upon aging up. His final traits are Genius, Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined, Star Quality, and Computer Whiz. (Actually, Discplined is not final––I plan to change it as soon as Basil gets enough LTH points for the Mid-Life Crisis reward. Probably to something like Friendly, to help with the celebrity thing.)


Here are the rolls for this generation:

Family Structure – Single Parent
Number of Children – 2
Income – Freelance Scientist
Generational Goal – Five-Star Celebrity
Misc. Fun – Tattoo Addict

Most of these rolls are self-explanatory, save two. As a Freelance Scientist, Basil can make money by discovering stars, solving problems on the computer, collecting insects and space rocks, and hacking. If I had whichever expansion pack comes with the Science skill, Basil could do that as well, but I don’t, so we’re limited to these options. It should be pretty easy to keep the funds flowing in. As for Tattoo Addict, that means that Basil has to acquire a new tattoo every sim week. I think that fits well with the celebrity requirement. It’ll be like a weekly shot of botox!

So, there you have it. Obviously the unfortunate piece of this is that Basil can’t have a spouse living in the household while he’s raising his two children. The rules do state that his partner can move in temporarily before the first child is born and while she is pregnant, but she must move out again as soon as the baby is born. Sad stuff. If anyone can roll with it, though, it’s Basil's longtime girlfriend and the future mother of Generation Four, Sherita Castor.

Basil's birthday also happens to be Roberta's birthday. She doesn't age up until 2 am though, well after the party ends. I assumed I had the day wrong until the camera panned over and she aged up in her bedroom.


Fear not, Roberta! You make a lovely elder.


Actually, she seems rather fine with this whole old lady thing. Or maybe it was just a good party.


The next day is graduation. Basil graduates with highest honors, is declared Valedictorian, and is voted Most Likely to Take Over the World—the same superlative his mother received. Honestly, this time, I feel like it suits the recipient better.


As the sun begins to set that evening, Basil takes Sherita out on a date to the scenic Twinbrook Esplanade. (She doesn't think to change out of her graduation robes into something more photogenic. Oh, well.) He tells her about his heirdom, his requirements, and his restriction to being a single parent. They discuss their options and decide not to get married just yet. They’d rather marry when it can be a permanent thing and they won’t have to separate afterwards. This will be possible when their second child is midway through his or her teen years. Until then, Basil and Sherita are content to remain unmarried.


Even so, Basil asks the question, just to make sure.

“Sherita, will you marry me in approximately twenty years’ time?”


“Um, heck yeah!”


Sherita moves in that night. Again, it's temporary––she can hang around until she gives birth, and then out she goes again until the next pregnancy…and out she goes again after that. Here she is after a bit of a makeover (though really, she didn’t need much help). Her favorite color is grey, but I dress her in red because I think it suits her.


Her traits are Brave, Good, Clumsy, Artistic, and Snob. Her lifetime wish is Master of the Arts, and she’s self-employed as a painter. She is allowed to keep her current career and earn money that way while she lives in the household. (It’s not like she’s going to make much anyway—she doesn’t even have the painting skill yet.)

Some fun facts about Sherita: At graduation, she was awarded Most Likely to Burn Down Her Own House. Very promising for a legacy partner. Also, I looked at Sherita’s family tree. She’s a direct descendent of the original Greenwood and Castor families, who lived on either side of the Middlemisses when the game started. The fun part is that Sherita’s mother, Emerald Greenwood Castor, recently remarried a gentleman named Greggory Cornwell, who used to be married to Sherita’s sister Regina. So basically, Emerald married her son-in-law. Cute, Emerald. Cute. Additionally, Sherita’s brother Morgan is dating the daughter of the infamous Angel Johnson. They just had a baby daughter together. Story Progression is certainly making this town a lot more interesting!

The next day dawns warm and humid. It’s Leisure Day. First things first—since passing the torch on to Basil, Roberta has been aching to invite Buddy back into the household. She invites him over and does the deed. Welcome back, Buddy! (The picture below is from Basil's party, before Roberta became an elder, but I just think it's so cute. Also, I completely forgot that I gave Buddy this swimwear outfit. I’ve never seen him in it. It’s amazing.)


Then Sezzad invites a very pregnant Juliana over, and they throw a little family wedding next to the house.


Congratulations, Sezzad and Juliana!

Sezzad moves out and joins Juliana’s household, so he can raise his children and be with the one he loves. The second the switch happens, Juliana goes into labor…and disappears off the lot. The family is left caught between throwing rice and screaming their heads off.

“Yay marriage!”

“Oh heavens, she’s in labor!”


Juliana is nowhere to be found, though. Sezzad doesn’t seem concerned and pulls out a book. I can’t control him anymore, so I guess poor Juliana is on her own. :(

When things finally settle down and the family heads back inside, Buddy approaches Roberta. The two of them have been all over each other since making their relationship "official" again in the last chapter. But it's not quite enough.

“Now that I’ve moved back in,” Buddy says, “Maybe…we could go back to the way things were?”


He gets down on one knee.


I love this picture because Buddy looks so happy and in love.


These two really are soulmates. They do this autonomously just after becoming engaged. Awww.


That very evening, Roberta and Buddy bring the family to Willowglen Ampitheater, where they had their first kiss and became boyfriend and girlfriend waaay back when they were teens.


Many years have passed since then, but their love is stronger than ever. They renew their vows under the towering pillars whilst their son and his fiancee chat with some random townies who show up on the other side of the lot. Oh well. You can’t have everything.



Congratulations, Roberta and Buddy! *wipes away happy tear*

And that is it for this jam-packed chapter. Phew! Next time, we’ll see Basil begin his third-generation adventure.

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Chapter 18 – Blues On Tattoosday

First, a couple of updates leftover from last chapter.

Buddy finally had his elder birthday. Somehow moving him out of the household messed with his age bar, so now he’s a couple days younger than Roberta. (Since he was her Imaginary Friend growing up, they’ve always had the same birthdays, until now.)



I forgot to show you some updates to the house that I did around the time Basil aged up. I renovated the first floor a bit, mainly the kitchen and dining room area. I emptied out the foyer and added a rug because who the heck knows what else to put in a foyer. (Later, somebody gifted the family a grand piano, so that's there now. Great timing!) This is also where the stairs to the brand new second floor are, and the fire pole thingy that everybody loves to slide down.

Screenshot copy.jpg

I can't find my screenshot of this, but Odile’s old bedroom is now a little office/study type room. The door to the basement remains locked for now. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue putting every heir’s awards and stuff in the basement—since I’m not doing portraits for this legacy, it doesn’t make for a very interesting “museum”. But we’ll see. We might need the space for other things in future generations.

Here’s the upstairs. It consists of an art studio for Sherita, a bedroom for Basil and Sherita, and a bathroom fit for a snob who likes to wear red.



Sherita starts painting pretty much as soon as she moves in. I don’t even have to make her—it’s all she ever wants to do, on her own. (Well, that and dance to the stereo downstairs.)


Roberta is the first to take to the piano, and she seems to enjoy it immensely. She gains a few skill points within a couple days.


Now that Buddy is home, the two of them spend a lot of time together––mostly doing different things, but near each other. I think it's adorable.


Basil starts trying to earn money by solving problems on the computer. He sucks at it. He doesn’t make a nickel until at least the third attempt, when he makes $83. Which is a lot more than I expected him to get so early on.


He also searches the galaxy for celestial bodies. One evening, he sees a rubber ducky...? And doesn't like it...?


Basil and Sherita are very much in love, so it's only natural that they consummate their, er, engagement early on.


The nausea hits Sherita like a train while she's painting the next day.


She realizes what is happening later that evening while standing in a pile of her own dirty clothes.


Basil is overjoyed. He can't wait to be a daddy.



For this generation, and for Basil, Tuesday is Tattoosday. He heads over to the salon bright and early to get his first tattoo.

Uh…that’s…that’s the wrong arm, dear…you’ve already done it on the other one…


That evening, Roberta once again takes a seat at the piano, and Sherita decides to join her on the guitar. They play blues together for hours. Buddy eventually joins in the fun with his own, er, instrument.


Sherita is very happily pregnant. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pregnant sim do the “sigh dreamily and rub tummy” action as much as she does it. It’s really too bad that she has to move out as soon as she has the baby, and leave the baby behind. :(


Sherita goes into labor in her art studio, naturally.


Anxious about giving birth alone, she makes her way over to the stairs, Sherita, wait, that's the pole! You don't want the pole!



After surviving an act of idiocy that would probably end very tragically in real life, Sherita makes it to the kitchen in time to give birth to a baby boy.


Meet baby Llewellyn! He is Grumpy and Brave.

Sadly, now that the baby is here, his beautiful mama has to go. Basil comes over to say goodbye.


“I’m sorry you can’t stay here to help raise Llewellyn,” he says, holding Sherita in his arms.

“Oh, don’t worry,” she says easily. “I’ll be around. I’m going to help raise him even if I can’t live here.”

“You know you can come back when you get pregnant again,” Basil says slyly.

“I’m well aware,” she says, smiling.


It’s a bittersweet departure. Well, mostly bitter. Fortunately, Uncle Joe Bob has recently moved to the house next door upon the death of his wife, Allyson. Sherita will be living with him until her return—so she’ll always be just a hop, skip and a jump away. Not even that. More like a hop.

She kisses her baby boy goodbye, and heads out into the night. Well, not immediately. She falls asleep on Basil’s childhood bed first.


Basil must now raise Llewellyn on his own. He doesn't seem too worried about it––his fiancee is just next door, and his parents are around if he needs extra help. He's mostly just excited to experience fatherhood for the first time.


Next time, we'll watch Llewellyn grow into a toddler. Will he inherit his mother's adorable cheeks? His father's colorful features? Will he get to meet his alien "siblings" across town? Who knows? Not me!

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Chapter 19 – Lewobblin'

Llewellyn is a well-loved baby. When his daddy isn’t doting on him, his grandparents are lining up to give him a snuggle.


Very early Sunday morning (as in, right after midnight), it’s time for baby Llewellyn to age up! His grandpa brings him to the cake, not caring that he is giving off waves of stank. Poor Llewellyn. Get that baby OUT of your armpit, sir!


Here’s Llewellyn as a toddler. He’s all Sherita—he’s got her gray eyes, her nose, her cheeks, and her little rosebud mouth. I have no idea where his hair color is from, but it's so distinctive that it must come from somewhere up the family tree.


After a little bit of research, I conclude that Llewellyn got his hair color from his grandfather (Sherita’s father), Thomas Castor, who is a child at the start of the game. I also suspect Llewellyn’s gray eyes came from his grandmother Emerald.

Look at this lil' angel!


Some toddler spam for ya. (That’s all this chapter is, really…)







Basil finally becomes a four star celebrity. Almost there! Except he needs about a bajillion points to get to level 5, I’m pretty sure. Becoming friends with his very famous grandmother, Odile Middlemiss, is just the thing to push him over the edge.


Tattoosday rolls around, and Basil goes in for his second tattoo. He selects a pink bunny to go on his back, something Roberta will appreciate (and Odile would have also).



Sherita comes over to visit and ends up staying the night. Basil is happy to see her, and they autonomously spend more time talking than anything else. (I was hoping she’d take initiative to get to know her son a little bit, but she pretty much ignores him. Oh, well. When Llewellyn is a kid I can FORCE them to be friends. Muahahahaha!) (Also, please excuse the snowflakes floating around in the bedroom.)


In the morning, Sherita goes back to finish the painting she started before she moved out. Basil, of course, interrupts her work in order to tell her about his latest star discovery (this one is named Ducky). Here you get a nice look at his back tattoo, also. :D


Llewellyn gets to know his grandpa over the peg box game. Buddy is very enthusiastic about his grandson, but he doesn’t always get to him fast enough––Basil and the butler are both much speedier. But when everyone else is busy, it’s Buddy who pays the baby attention. It’s quite sweet.


Buddy is also the one to teach Llewellyn to talk. He encourages him to start thinking about his skills and interests early, so as to choose a good career in the future.


On Snowflake Day, I was going to have the family throw a party, since they haven’t in a while, but then Joe Bob invites Roberta to his feast party. He still lives next door. Everybody heads over there for the afternoon, while Llewellyn takes a nice nap.


Joe Bob is a three-star celebrity, so Basil spends some time rekindling their friendship. Joe Bob has caught the aging bug that seems to be plaguing my game––he’s supposed to be only about a week younger than Roberta, so he should be an elder by now for sure. (Buddy has also caught the bug. His age bar is stuck at 75, and I can’t figure out how to get it moving again.)


Basil is really living his celebrity dream. As he talks to his uncle, he keeps getting interrupted by party guests who want his autograph. He doesn’t seem to mind at all. Not surprising.


Buddy and Roberta are cute as ever and spend the whole night dancing to the stereo in the basement. They've become very acrobatic dancers over time...



That night, Basil gets to see both of his dead grandparents at the same time! He and Lincoln do the “Eww, a ghost” thing in perfect unison, which is hilarious.


Llewellyn's last toddler skill is walking, which Basil takes responsibility for.


I'll miss seeing this little guy as a toddler!


Next time, Llewellyn will age up to become a child, and hopefully we'll see more of Sherita as well (I've missed her).

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Re: The Middlemiss Random Legacy
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Chapter 20 – Life & Not Death

Author's Note: Before we get back to the story, I should update y'all on the state of my game. It's breaking. Slowly but surely, it's breaking. There is a pervasive aging bug that is currently affecting everyone in my household and a lot of people around town as well. Buddy's age bar froze at 75 days and hasn't budged since then. Roberta's worked for a while, I think (I haven't kept very good track), but I believe she's aging slower than she ought. (I just feel like she should have died of old age by now...but I'm not certain.) She is currently at 86 days. Llewellyn has never aged a day on his own since his birth; I've had to age him up manually with Master Controller at every birthday. And the same thing is happening to, uh, a newer member of the family whom you haven't met yet. It's impossible to tell with Basil, of course, because his weekly tattoo resets his age bar anyway. And finally, outside of the household, there are something like 30 babies in town, many of whom were born days or weeks ago, who haven't aged up yet. Others seem to be aging much slower than they should. Notzo Curious, who is a toddler at the start of a game in Twinbrook, is still alive and kicking––the last original townie (the last prior to him, Chase Bayless, lived to something like 107 and died a couple weeks ago), so I'm pretty sure his age bar is broken as well. All in all, aging is seriously screwed up in my game, and it doesn't seem like something that can be fixed since it's so widespread. All of this on top of the increasing lag has forced me to make a decision: next generation, we will move to a new town. I'm hoping that a new town will fix the aging bug and give us a fresh start.

So, that's that! Now back to the story.

It's time for Llewellyn to age up to child. One last attack of the claw (since I forgot to get a screenshot of it last time):


I can't even use the birthday cake to age him up, I guess because his age bar is still empty. Master Controller it is!


Here’s Llewellyn as a child. He gains the Perfectionist trait, to be added to his Grumpy and Brave traits. I’ve given him the same hairdo that his grandfather Thomas Castor had as a child at the start of the game. It suits him. They really do look a lot alike. (Go look him up on the wiki and you’ll see what I mean.)


He gets right to work on the skill that will surely come in handy later in life.


I discover something new about Llewellyn upon his aging up—he’s an Imaginary Friend! That makes him the third generation in a row with the IF genes. I’ve never seen this particular color of IF, but this is his doll form.


Basil sees right through the toy disguise (as he should, considering he can become one himself) and complains to his son about dirty dishes anyway.


Llewellyn spends lots of time playing with his own Imaginary Friend, Paddywack.


They look so cute in their matching outfits. They even strut in unison at times.


Llewellyn's grumpy trait does cause some tension, though. I caught them in the midst of an argument once and found that their Best Friend status had decreased to Acquaintance! Yikes. A few friendly interactions brought them back to where they were, but it was quite alarming. I've kept a closer eye on them since then.


Basil acquires yet another tattoo. (Is it Tattoosday again already?) This is his...third? I think? For some reason he’s really squeamish about this one…at least the tattoo artist works on the correct side this time around, though he is really not amused by his customer's squeamishness.


Sherita visits often, but she spends much more time making out with Basil than she does getting to know her son. *sigh*


One night, she comes over not feeling well.


Soon, she discovers that she's pregnant again! (This is also the best picture I got of Basil's new tattoo.)


Sherita moves back in with the family for the duration of her pregnancy. She spends most of her time painting, as usual. (She creates really lovely paintings. I love her style.)


After a fairly smooth pregnancy, Sherita gives birth to another boy, Junius. (I’ve rolled very tame names so far, except for Joe Bob. Maybe next generation will get weird?) He’s an excitable loner.



Sherita moves out as soon as she brings Junius home and lays him in his crib. This time, the game moves her in with her sister, Regina. At least Sherita will get to spend time with her sister and nephew. (Joe Bob, whom she lived with before, is busy with a new baby daughter and another on the way. Aren't you too old for kids, dude? Oh right, your age bar is broken too...)

With both children born, I go ahead and choose the heir. My original plan was to put both siblings in contention for heir, as long as the second child was a girl. But since Junius is a boy, I’ve chosen Llewellyn, since he's older and therefore closer to being able to move to a new town. (I also like him a lot so far, and probably would have chosen him anyway.) Congrats, Llewellyn!

Basil is still working hard to get his celebrity level up. He goes around to the wealthiest families and schmoozes with them late into the night. Then he goes home to stargaze until collapsing into bed at three or four in the morning. And now, he has the added responsiblity of a new baby to keep him busy. Poor Basil! (He doesn't seem to mind, as usual. He's a very loving daddy.)


It’s finally time for Junius’s toddler birthday! He, too, has inherited the broken age bar, so I have to age him up manually.


Okay, you know how I said Llewellyn looks like Sherita? I lied. Junius is the one who looks like Sherita. Like, wow.


He aged up with this slightly weird hair and for some reason I feel like it suits him. Or maybe I’m just playing favorites and not caring as much. I feel sorta bad. Sorry, Junius. You are definitely a cutie!

The next day, it’s Llewellyn’s turn to age up sans birthday cake.


Here’s Llewellyn as a teen. He looks like a sweetheart. (Also, he has the most feminine-looking lips I have ever seen on a male sim.) Sherita has certainly brought some interesting genes into the family! I have a feeling this guy is going to break a few hearts before he leaves Twinbrook forever…


He acquires the Natural Cook trait, to be added to his Grumpy, Brave, and Perfectionist traits. (Can you guess his rolled career yet?)

Llewellyn immediately starts playing with and caring for his baby brother. A good sign for future endeavors.


Basil takes Llewellyn out and starts teaching him to drive. (I don’t usually bother teaching teens to drive, but it’s the weekend and there’s time and they both roll wishes for it. So hey.) It’s very unfortunate that Basil can’t use Sezzad’s spaceship to teach his son to drive. (Did I ever mention that Sezzad left Basil his spaceship as a present? Well, he did.)


Basil also starts teaching little Junius his toddler skills, with some help from Grandpa Buddy the Ageless.



Next time, Llewellyn will progress through his teen years (at least in spirit, if not in reality), and perhaps experience some doomed love that cannot possibly last beyond his young adult birthday. Buddy and Roberta will continue to not die; Basil will continue to rise in fame and tattooedness; and Junius will finally learn to potty (watcher willing). There is much to look forward to. Toodles!