Author Topic: The Power of Knowledge Immortal Dynasty  (Read 14028 times)

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Re: The Power of Knowledge Immortal Dynasty
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Good luck and congrats! I love reading your story and patiently await more updates.  ;)

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Re: The Power of Knowledge Immortal Dynasty
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I just read through this entire story and absolutely loved it! Your Sims are delightful, your storytelling is lovely, and the house you've built over the generations is beyond gorgeous. I really hope you come back and finish writing this when you're able to!

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    • The Power of Knowledge Immortal Dynasty
Re: The Power of Knowledge Immortal Dynasty
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Chapter 28: Ambrosia, a Wedding, and a New Heir

To no one's surprise, Swan aged to elder and ate her Ambrosia and joined the other Immortals.

Edith became a young adult, and soon enough, it was time for another Knowledge wedding. This time for Edith, Generation 6.

The wedding lot where so many other heirs have wed was recolored to suit her tastes.

Edith's new husband is named Garrick and I'm hoping his hair is passed to the next generation.

Then it was time for a new heir! Her name is Stella, named after Stella Artois. She is the seventh heir to the Knowledge Dynasty.

Her childhood was monotonous with a Nectar Making supermax. She aged into a beautiful teen, like every other heir in the Dynasty.

Then it was time for her beautiful mother to become an elder.

The bright red wardrobe will definitely make a return!
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