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Re: Let Me Count the Make Money
« Reply #30 on: February 17, 2019, 09:04:30 PM »
Sorry guys, I am gonna have to sit this one out. With my son being sick all week and now, with myself and the hubs getting sick. I have no energy to play.   :-[

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Re: Let Me Count the Make Money
« Reply #31 on: February 18, 2019, 07:07:04 AM »
This event is now closed. Congrats to Deveroux for a great score that topped everyone else. Deveroux is doing great this year and would have won the first event of the year as well if it had not been for Lena coming in and posting at the last minute. I was actually thinking Deveroux was brand new to the forum, but he/she (sorry, I do not know which) posted a score in a challenge a few years ago and never resurfaced until January. So, welcome back. :)

Everyone is now free to post their strategy.

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Re: Let Me Count the Make Money
« Reply #32 on: February 18, 2019, 08:06:44 AM »
 Congratulations Deveroux  :D

Before playing my challenge file,I made a (big!) list of the all the ways to earn money I knew in the sims 4,and thought of which were the quickest ways.
I tried to classify them a little,and realized that some of them could be put together in order to win time. I also made a testing file and realized that I forgot many ways in my list!

So here is my strategy:
I made an alien sim (because of 2 ways of earning money only available for aliens:"transmuting" and "ressurecting") whose traits were genius,self-assured and kleptomaniac. Her aspiration was computer whiz,so that she could have the «quick learner» bonus trait.
I sent her to the cheapest house in Windenburg town (no strategy,just because it’s my favorite town!) and set the lot traits to penny pixies and science lair.
I made some modifications to the house:put away things that were not necessary in order to have more money,bought a computer,an observatory,a flower arranging table,a pumpkin carving station,a video station,a music mixer station,a beekeeper box,a holiday decorations box,a pile of presents,a nano trash can,a washing machine,and a clothesline.
I also bought a bed of good quality so that my sim won’t have to pass too much time sleeping.
I used all the "work from home" careers,but for the other careers only the scientist one,which give many extra ways to earn money.

Here is the list of the different ways to earn money my sim used during the 12 days of her young adulthood. (sorry if the wording isn’t exactly correct;my game is in french):
J1:11 ways
-selling a piece of furniture
-working at home in the social media career (instant cash won for all the "home" careers juste by doing the daily task)
-«opening presents with»…  from the presents pile (got a microscope!)
-«taking a photo with...»
-«taking a photo of...»
-«taking a selfie»
-«carving a pumpkin»
-throwing something in the nano trash can
-earning $5 with the lot trait penny pixies (when opening the fridge)
-making a drink at the bar
-rummaging in a public trash can (found a garden gnome)
J2 :3 ways
-rummaging to find decorations (holiday decorations box)
-«opening a present» (from presents pile)
-«opening a cracker» (got a plushie)
J3 :7 ways
-exploring space with a rocket at the GeekCon (got a space rock and an ET)
-asking for a postcard (and selling it when received the next day)
-working at home as a gardener ($10 only…!)
-«stargazing» with the observatory (found a picture)
-«searching pockets» (with the hamper) ($15 found)
-«selling chrysanthemum» from a plant
-«recolting chrysanthemum» from another plant
J4 :13 ways
-asking a co-worker for a metal (scientist career)
-asking a co-worker for a crystal (scientist)
-«practicing analyzis» with chemical analyzer (got an element)
-«gathering ideas» with Invention Constructor (got a handiness piece)
-«synthesizing a serum» with chemistry lab
-«analyzing plant sample» with microscope
-«digging» (and selling the metal found)
-«picking up» (an ET in a jar)
-«opening» a time capsule (My Sims trophy)
-working as a scientist
-selling honey
-creating a flower arrangment (and selling it from inventory)
-«selling» a flower arrangment
J5:8 ways
-«observing the sky»
-selling an invention (scientist)
-«analyzing a collection» (metal) with chemical analyzer (got another metal)
-selling a career reward
-pick up and put down the clothes from clothesline (got a pile of clothes worth $50)
-winning a karaoke contest in San Myshuno
-taking off a poster
J6 :3 ways
-using the microscope (got a picture)
-playing guitar at the cocktail bar in Del Sol Valley
-singing at the micro in the same place
J7 :5 ways
-buying voidcritters (and get a rare one)
-searching for frogs
-extracting a fossil
-reproducing frogs
-collecting insects
J8 :4 ways
-resurrecting an alien (the alive version is worthier)
-making a serum for pets (veterinarian skill)
-sell a music from inventory
-«burn track» on the mix station (and sell it from inventory)
J9 :3 ways
-receiving rights from «release track»
-stealing something (kleptomaniac)
-winning at the humor and hijinks festival
J10 :6 ways
-receiving rights from a video released with the video station
-selling something from personal inventory (firework won at the humor and hijinks festival)
-preparing a herbalism recipe
-creating a plug-in (programming skill)
-transform an object with the Sim-Ray
-working from home in the critic career
J11 :8 ways
-receiving rights from a self-published book
-wishing for money at the wishing well (it gave me more than $5000!)
-transmuting a crystal (alien power)
-working from home in the stylist career
-working from home in the political career
-«searching for the truth» with the observatory
-making a sculpture on the woodworking table
-making a piece of furniture on the woodworking table
J12:9 ways
-hacking (progamming skill)
-selling a mathematical diagram (logic skill)
-selling a painting from personal inventory
-«selling to an art collector» a painting
-selling a party reward
-fishing with a bait
-repairing a sink (got handiness parts)
-creating a virus (programming skill)
-selling a book she wrote from personal inventory

My sim had enough aspiration points to buy 2 moodlet solver potions; she drank it the 2 last days so that she didn't have to sleep/eat,etc...
I had some more ideas in my list,but not enough time!

Thanks to the challenge's creators! It was really interesting.

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Re: Let Me Count the Make Money
« Reply #33 on: February 18, 2019, 08:54:21 AM »
Oh my, I don't think I've ever been this high up on the scoreboard! Hopefully I've counted my methods correctly.

My strategy was to form a club with the best painters and mixologists, so they could earn money for me and I got the club boost. I earned most of my aspiration points from fabulously wealthy and leader of the pack. I spent all points on moodlet solvers and used them throughout the challenge, 12 in all.

Personal traits: Quick Learner - Lover Outdoors - Insider - Cheerful
Lot Traits: Home Studio - Fast Internet - Penny Pixies

Day 1

1. Sell a piece of furniture
2. Sell from household inventory
3. Take photo of...
4. Take photo with...
5. Take photo
6. Painting - sell to collector

Day 2

7. Write Genre book and sell from inventory
8. Sell item from personal inventory
9. Self publish
10. Go to work - Writer
11. Sell a career reward
12. Sell to publisher

Day 3

13. Harvest
14. Dig
15. Look for frogs
16. Open it up
17. Extract fossil
18. Send to Jeweller for refinement
19. Collect honey
20. Go to work - Athlete

Day 4

21. Enter novice game tournament
22. Sell to art gallery
23. Make favourite drink
24. Go to work - Business
25. Make drinks for everyone
26. Make drink
27. Make drink for
28. Sell honey
29. Breed frog with
30. Send item to geo council

Day 5

31. Make plugin
32. Hack
33. Start freelance work
34. Throw away (nano trash can)
35. Sell to local bakery
36. Wish for simoleons (wishing well)
37. Make virus

Day 6.

38. Go to work - Fashion
39. Ask for postcard from...
40. Sell a collectable

Day 7

41. Make a mobile app
42. Go to work - Gardener

Day 8

43. Stargaze

Day 9

44. Ask for small loan
45. Ask for large loan
46. Go to work - Critic
47. Analyse plant sample
48. Analyse fossil sample

Day 10

49. Go fishing
50. Fish with bait
51. Use (Microscope)
52. Craft sculpture
53. Make arrangement
54. Craft furniture
55. Go to work - Entertainer
56. Observe the sky
57. Look for snowglobe

Day 11

58. Go to work - Astronaught
59. Perform routine
60. Collect insects

Day 12

61. Rummage
62. Dig for Treasure
63. Sell Party Reward
64. Go to work - Culinary

Day 13

65. Go to work - Secret Agent

Even though I had Penny Pixies I don't think I ever gained any money for it. Looking back over my notes I also won a professional game tournament but forgot to count it. By the end I was really struggling finding new ways to make money so it will be interesting to see what others did.

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Re: Let Me Count the Make Money
« Reply #34 on: February 18, 2019, 01:07:35 PM »
Haha yeah I haven't had time to do challenges or patience to disable my mods, so I've lightly stalked the challenge threads for the past couple years, but I'm in my last college semester so I suddenly have lots of time. So hi again, I'll try not to disappear off the face of the planet this time XD Oh, and I'm female.

I didn't even think of some of those strategies with the presents or the aliens or even the trash can, nice! I thought up ways to make money for a week by just keeping a running list as I saw/thought of them while playing Sims like normal, so I didn't have a legit practice file.

I did most of my stuff on my home lot. Took over the the Good Timers and had them all visit my lot constantly, so they were nice and tipped me all the time. Made the club activity friendly socialization and racked up those points. Before I developed most skills, I got the club skill boost first.

To begin with, I bought a photo booth since it has a bunch of different options, a rocket that I made my club members build, a wishing well, and a decent computer. I didn't really go off my lot for anything that I didn't need to since I just bought the equipment as needed.

Priority were programming-related skills (just because it had a ton of ways to make money and I wanted to be prepared for the Geekcon hackathon) and getting my fame up to level 2 for a few extra actions (thanks photography). After that, I mostly winged it. After I got money from the wishing well, I started asking for skills and played it by ear. I didn't even intend to write anything, but wishing well decided to give me level 10 writing, so I did all of those interactions. So basically, I would look at my mood, look at my list for appropriate actions, and do that.

I did buy one of each business, get income from it (retail let me get money from baking/cooking type skills), and sold the businesses. For the vet, I also got money from selling a pet treat from the pet vending machine.

The only careers I joined were WFH ones and the Scientist career, so I went to work for a total of one day at the lab.

I failed like 5 novice game tournaments and 5 rummaging trash cans so I gave up on that, I never had much luck with the observatory, and I sat at the flea market trying to sell stuff for hours (like what do you mean, no one wants to buy my poor paintings?), so I wasn't perfectly efficient by any standard.

If I did it again, I would probably stay another day in the scientist career and obviously pick up some of the quick actions other people mentioned. I was surprised how many instrument things got me tips, practicing and such, and probably would have spent more time doing all the instruments had I realized it sooner. Also would not have made an app, it took so dang long lol.

Traits: Quick Learner - Lover Outdoors - Insider - Cheerful
Initial Lot Traits: Fast Internet - Penny Pixies - Party Place

Loosely worded list in approximately chronological order, so if anything's unclear, you can ask:
Tend Photo Studio
Take Photo of X
Take Group Photo of Adults
Take/sell photo
Sell furniture
Sell flower arrangement
Sell autograph to collector
Mathematical diagram (logic skill)
Make plugin
Wish for money
Penny Pixies
Craft Sculpture
Winning Humor & Hijinks
Selling festival reward
Sell painting to collector
Win the lottery
Uploading Video
Short comedy routine
Scavenge for parts
Sell from personal inventory
Sell from hh inventory
Harvest plant
Sell fish
Sell social event reward
Practice piano
Get Quick Meal (can sell water lol)
Jump start on work assignment (politician)
Make virus
Media fame perk popup fulfillment
Restaurant profits
Freelance work - programming
Sell business (restaurant)
Sell pet treat from vending machine
Vet services
Sell book to publisher
Sell book to Literary Digest
Sell (cupcakes) to local bakery
Promotion bonus
Ask for postcard
Grab a poster
Sell collectible
Ring up customer
Gourmet Cooking
Sing Songs (guitar)
Practice (guitar)
Practice Singing
Brainstorm at Invention maker (gave spare parts)
Sell invention
Make serum
Analyze plant sample
Buying store perk item
Play song (guitar)
Practice (violin)
Win hackathon
Sledgehammer wall
Vacay to Selvadora (get & sell rental package items)
Excavate dig site
Send sample to geo council
Catch insect
Look for frog
Breed frog
Make mobile app
Explore space (sell crystal)
Make drink
Moving household
Busk with guitar
Fan mail (sell)
Sell career reward
Selling books from bookshelf
Sell business (vet)
Sell business (retail)
Sculpt furniture

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Re: Let Me Count the Make Money
« Reply #35 on: February 18, 2019, 01:13:22 PM »


Through careers:

Sold a career reward
work from home
take a vacation day
got a promotion
Swipe an object while at work (from Klepto trait)

From the scientist career:

Ask coworker for crystal
Ask for metal
Brainstorm on invention constructor (upgrade parts)
Made a serum
Made and sold an invention (Momentum conserver)
Transformed an object with the Sim Ray
Practice analysis (got an element)

Fishing (I didn't think about "go fishing" and "fish with bait" as two separate actions. Good catch there!)
Gardening (harvest plants)
Logic: use microscope, analyze plant sample, analyze fossil sample, analyze crystal sample; observe the sky, stargaze, search for the truth
Photography: take photo
Archaeology: authenticate artifact
Baking: bake  muffins
Cooking: cook cupcakes
Violin: tips
Piano: tips
Guitar: tips
I don't remember the exact wording on those, but since the actions were based on 3 different skills, I counted them all.
Comedy: perform comedy routine
Flower arranging: made and sold an arrangement
Vet skill: craft calming gel
Handiness: craft sculpture
Herbalism: make an herbal remedy
Programming: hack, make virus, do freelance work, make plugin, won Hackathon at Geek Con
Painting: sell to collector, sell to art gallery
Writing: self-publish, sell to publisher
Mischief: swipe object (klepto trait)
Mixology: made and sold a drink
Rocket Science: explored space at Geek Con and got an alien
Vampire Lore: make plasma pack


Excavate a dig pile
Dig for treasure
Grab a poster
Look for snowglobe
Request a postcard
Look for frogs
Collect Insects
Collect alien (on Scientist lot)
Search Patchy for seeds
Open treasure chest
Jungle chance card (got exploring gear)
Ask for autograph
Sell furniture
Penny pixies lot trait (this works best if you sit on a couch for a bit)
Sold reward from Silver Dinner party
Sold an item from household inventory (different career reward)
Sold an item from personal inventory (a fish)
Sell honey
Yardsale (with flea market table)
Retail (opened a store long enough to sell a gnome)

In retrospect, I should have spent a lot less time on careers. This was a really fun challenge!

Just curious, @Deveroux, how did you make money grilling?

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Re: Let Me Count the Make Money
« Reply #36 on: February 18, 2019, 03:39:16 PM »
Awesome strategies, everyone, and so many ways to make money in TS4.  I had 22 ways, but I know tons more.  I know that the YA to Adult life stage on short is short, but that's part of what makes it challenging.  I did some of the ways you thought of.  I had a fun time doing this challenge.

Congratulations on winning this challenge Deveroux 8).  Along with the rest of your strategy, good idea to make your Sim an alien!
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Happy Simming :)!

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Re: Let Me Count the Make Money
« Reply #37 on: February 18, 2019, 07:01:10 PM »
Great work everyone! I also compiled a list before I started the challenge, but it was intense trying to get everything done in such a short time. Bravo to the winner and all who participated. It really made me think. I actually forgot to count some "ways", although I did them. Oh well. I am not sure if anyone did this, but you can also Dance to Level 3 and you get a free portable dance floor. Also, if you have the Get Famous pack, Ask for Autograph, gives 3 interactions, appraise, re-appraise and sell. There is also a Mix Master Music Station in the museum in Del Sol where you can produce, burn and release a music track. And the old standby, practice any instrument, including singing for tips. You don't have to be at a certain level to do this, just start singing and you get tips. I did go to the Flea Market and you can trade a collectible, like a frog. My sim was so tired, the come and get it yard sale table didn't work for her at the Flea Market. Also, you can purchase a cheap DJ table, practice to Level 2 and then go to Windenburg and while a DJ is playing, click on the DJ booth and change the music, and the DJ then lets you DJ. You can make tips this way, too.  8)

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Re: Let Me Count the Make Money
« Reply #38 on: February 18, 2019, 08:57:46 PM »
I should have asked more questions because I thought for example that only one photo could be counted because they were sold from personal inventory and so only counted once.  I thought that taking a vacation day was the same as getting paid for that particular career and so on. So I should have asked more questions.  But still I did better than I usually do and wouldn't have gotten anywhere close to the top.  I also enjoyed this one more than most I think because the tasks were so varied.

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Re: Let Me Count the Make Money
« Reply #39 on: February 19, 2019, 06:07:32 AM »
Congratulations, Deveroux! And I'm amazed at how many different ways people found.