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Rules: School Daze Challenge
« on: January 26, 2020, 09:06:22 PM »
This does require the Discover University Expansion

Goal - Get a full household to go through university.

Start a new game, create a household of 8 sims (young adult or adult), and have them apply to University.  As soon as they've all been accepted (a day or two after the game starts), you will enroll them all.  (This is a little cumbersome.  You'll enroll the first, manage worlds, go back to your original household, and enroll the second and so on.)  They should live in one of the larger dorms together.  No more than 2 sims should have the same major.

Each Sim has a possible 100 points.
  • Academics - 60points
    • Cumulative GPA (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1) x Number of credits. - 48 possible
    • 3 points for each tier of the Academic Aspiration- 12 possible

  • Experience - 40points
    • 1 point for each of the other 8 Sims with whom they are "Friends," 2 points for each of the other 8 with whom they are "Good Friends," 3 points for a "Best Friend" - 15 possible
    • 1 point for each Organization level (e.g., Braniacs or Secret Society) -12 possible
    • 2 points for each level of a sports team (eSports/Soccer) -8 possible
    • 3 point for a Gold Medal Keg Party (up to 3 parties. As a party can have multiple hosts, it can count for multiple Sims) -3 points
    • One point for not having any debt at end game -1 point
    • Fighting with the opposing mascot -1 point

  • If a Sim drops out or is expelled, their score is frozen at that point and their friend level is frozen as well.
  • If a Sim dies, their score is frozen.  However, everyone else can consider them as a "Good Friend" for scoring.

At the end of three terms, the challenge is over - unless someone is ready to graduate.  If so, it lasts until they've gone through graduation and gotten a job using their degree.

Good luck!