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Re: The Dynamic Skilling Duo
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@Nikitachi Did you use the Amygdelight drink? I combined it with the Geekcon festival for maximum effect and I've been wondering if anyone else used the Mixology drinks too. 

Sure I did! And Prose and Pops too :D But without the festival - I didn't even know it boosts anything. I should examine the festivals more thoroughly...

I usually never create pets in CAS if I just need the Pet Training skill. Instead, I add the lot trait that invites stray dogs to the lot (sorry, don't remember the name) for a few days and just train them. The same goes for cats if I need to complete the feather collection. The reason is that extra lot members always quite bother and distract me. Once I played with a cat, completed the feather collection and gave the cat away -_- After that, I felt so rubbish that I decided not to create one anymore unless really needed.