Author Topic: The Ironstar Immortals: The Final Update 12/14  (Read 21647 times)

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Re: The Ironstar Immortals: The Final Update 12/14
« Reply #255 on: December 19, 2020, 07:09:55 PM »
Mmmmmm. So much messy drama. You have such a great voice for characters. That really come alive and I look forward to the life ruining they will do.

Also high five team executive dysfunction!

If it matters, my vote is this goes in completed stories. You did finish it. It's just going to have sequels. Though it is a shame Heath didn't end up in Moonlight Falls so we had a chance of Harwood's lips and Violets nose on one amazingly hot sim.

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Re: The Ironstar Immortals: The Final Update 12/14
« Reply #256 on: December 19, 2020, 07:41:43 PM »
@CeresIn: I've been planning the last shot and line for years if you think about it (it always was playing in my head) and somehow never knew the screenshot I'd use. It's actually an outtake from this Thursday's Outrun chapter (I mean you knew it was gonna happen). I didn't witness Sheila resurrecting herself when it actually happened. I just looked to the side of my screen and noticed a new household member and her sitting at the table was a boring shot. Meanwhile EA actually put some love into the ambrosia resurrection animations.

And I'm feeling like two three votes on putting it in Completed Stories may be all I'll get, but I'm gonna hold off on it because I want to share my Ironstar outtakes. I thought I lost my screenshots from the start to Samhain's birth but I found them! And I guess there's some interesting stuff that I hadn't seen basically since I took them and 100% forgot about.

@Chubling: I was shocked that I still felt some character traits after such a hiatus. Then again I did recreate Samhain, Alhena, and Heathcliff as a child for TS4 when I got it and it confirmed that Alhena's a very prickly person and that Samhain is the best grandpa (Heathcliff was a kid, not much to say, this was before there was much to do with them!) They were gonna star in a story where they met a genie and attempted to fix their lives with devastating consequences.

And now Heathcliff just uses genies to guarantee triplets for all his pollinators so you know...story ideas degrade.

Oh god don't tempt me with that. I'm gonna do it. I might give Heathcliff some donor children when I get back to his save too. He has a sexy vampire best friend who hates kids and backup plans and a lot of time on his hands, but he also lacks a drive to have kids.
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Re: The Ironstar Immortals: The Final Update 12/14
« Reply #257 on: December 19, 2020, 07:58:09 PM »
Why didn't I think you use genies on pollinators!? I have several of them from a lack of anything else to do with pollinators lifetime points. I've been sticking with Red Shoes levels of dancing to kids music (I have lucked out with the greatest glitch ever and the stereo at the alchemy shop doesn't play the correct music for what you have selected so the kids music sounds like different stations there).

Some characters are just like that! It's easy to slip back into their voice and figure out their head. Others not so much, but it's always a treat when it happens.

Look. I'm absolutely going to tempt me. Think of the raw hotness of such a character! Do it for art! Do it for science! Do it for me!