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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
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Chapter 13: Queen of the Teens...Psshaw

The night of my teenage birthday was probably one of the most emotional days of my life. Uncle Leighton said chalk it up to an early, first dose of teenage angst and emotions. That wasn't what it felt like. It felt like the pressure was on, everyone had high expectations and hopes for me, but the weight of it was crushing me. Dad was right there when the sparkles were done. Honestly I was so thankful to have him right there next to me. Plus, he didn't even cry.

We drove home and before the hour had passed, Lyre had put up an announcement on our official fan page. She posted that I had aged up and that our group was now done. Fans were very disappointed, confused and hurt. Obviously a lot of people lashed out and blamed me for the group's breakup. It hurt and I didn't like letting them down, but I was pushed out without a fair chance. Mom heard me strumming away and pulled me away from the music for a quick reality check.

With new found esteem and energy, I stayed up and wrote one of my best pieces. It was no Orange and Doorhinge but it was still pretty great. Upon a next day release the fans seemed to agree.

The fans and critics were calling me the Queen of the Teens, but flashy titles like that are over-rated.

My talent and skill got me a lot of gigs as a solo act. Mom and Dad came along to chaperone my first one but I think they just used it as an excuse to get out and be all mushy in public. After this we agreed that I was responsible enough at this point to not need a chaperone anymore.

I started doing features and vibing with cool new artists. It opened me up to an older audience.

They didn't treat me like a little kid but my music seemed to liven them up a make them feel much younger.

The proprietors in town were spreading my name amongst the industry praising my professionalism which in turn got me more work.

More work and opportunities meant more stress, and more stress meant terrible breakouts.

Terrible breakouts lead to iffy odds when it came to asking my best friend to prom. He decided we'd go together but only as "friends", not what I was hoping for but me and my pimple took what we could get.

Uncle Connor was super geeked for my prom, I think it's because I was going with Mitchel. Uncle Connor made a promise to Mitchel's dad who died when he was a baby to take care of him so he's super protective of him.

He sprung for a limo and made sure to wait outside with us before it pulled up. My angsty teenage senses say dad may've also asked him to play bodyguard too, but no definite evidence to back this theory.

I was voted prom queen and I got to feel like a normal teen that night. No one treated me differently, asked for an autograph, or picture. I have to admit that prom night was pretty dang awesome! Who knew that the very next day my 'rents and uncles would recieve an all expense paid rest & rejuvination retreat. Being that I'm the eldest I was put in charge.

Now I love my mom to pieces but there's a reason why I'm more of a daddy's girl. She's the all mighty, all powerful daughter of the Mambo, and if she were to come home to one thing out of place after this retreat let's just say my final next big hit would go something like "hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gaaaaalll"...


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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
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I love these characters and I am team Lyre for life!

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