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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 23 Aug 20
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Never had much interest in playing vampires, but I have had a vamp hunter before.  She kind of just fell into it- she had a rough time of it as a teen, and then as a young adult Vlad breaks in and bites her.  This hadn't even crossed my mind before then, but I figured that would make her FURIOUS- she was DONE being anybody's victim!  She trained manically, and the next time Vlad knocked on the door, she beat him up and cured him.  I had long since moved on to other saves before I finally thought of locking him into a room with a cowplant after he'd been cured, to properly slay him once and for all.
Anyway, way back you asked what Buffy was using to hit a vampire with, and I didn't see a reply.  I think it's supposed to be a garlic braid, my sim did the same thing in her fights- that particular game spawned a lot of random vamps, she cured 4 or 5 over a few weeks.  All of them showed up at her door.