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Re: Townie Skill-a-Thon
« Reply #175 on: February 20, 2020, 02:22:53 PM »
I had a lot of fires - it seems every time I go to the Spencer-Kim-Lewis house, Dennis is already at the grill and ALWAYS sets it on fire.  I also had a fire with the Tiki Bar, but I thought it was due to the fire that bar spews out - interesting to know it happens on other bars.  The one that surprised me, that I didn't know could happen, was the DJ station.  Maybe that is well-known, but I've never really played that skill except maybe once in another skill challenge, so I didn't realize it could happen.

Congrats to everyone who finished and especially @Sruixan, @LenaLJ, @Rainbow Dash, @Nikitachi and @Nandarelle for scores greater than 2020!

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Re: Townie Skill-a-Thon
« Reply #176 on: February 20, 2020, 06:30:52 PM »
Thanks, GlazeyLady

And my congratulations to Sruixan for a terribly good score.

I pretty much did what other have shared already. The main thing was joining Good Timers, purchasing the appropriate skill bonuses and moods, and rotating the club members to include the member of the current household. I also used lot traits wherever possible, which mostly meant visiting the public places of San Myshuno. I used mentoring where possible, and Amygdelight and GeekCon for logic (too bad there is only one telescope, the others had to make do with skill books during the festival).
The Sims were always in the correct emotion, but not always ‘very’. That’s probably something I could improve on. I never thought of using the holidays for happy moodlets, that’s brilliant. I just canceled all of them ahead of time.
I did notice something about teenagers. They seem to get in the ‘very’ emotion more easily than adults. For adults it takes +8 in moodlets, for teenagers only + 6.

Here are the skills and households I used:

Mixology                Weetikveel (my Sim – I was thinking I would use Amygdelight much more than I actually did)
Spencer-Kim-Lewis   Vampire lore
Villareal              Bowling
Rasoya         Cooking (cooking somewhere else and using the Rasoya’s for gourmet cooking would probably have been better)
Partypeople      Charisma
Caliente              Fitness
Lobo                 Comedy
Roomies              Media production
Fyres         Dancing
Goth                 Piano
Munch         Handiness
Vladislaus              Organ
Karaoke legends   Singing
Jang                 Painting
Bjergsen              Guitar
Mol                 Video gaming (generated household)
Feng                 Logic
Groen         Violin (generated household)
BFFs                 Welness
Kealoha              Fishing
Ngata         Photography

In Sims time, there’s a chance I could have added to my multiplier, by moving in with Salim Benali and making him write his heart out. But at that point, I had run out of real life time.

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Re: Townie Skill-a-Thon
« Reply #177 on: February 21, 2020, 04:29:22 AM »
Congrats on the win @Sruixan, I have a question for you, you mentioned that you took the Bjergsens to Geekcon to max video gaming (I did the same but with a different family) and that Elsa has maxed mental skill. Was Else a teen when you played the Bjergsens? Just asking because I'm pretty sure children can't gain the video gaming skill as it would count as the mental skill.

Another question, not aimed at anybody, some people mentioned they used photography to increase friendship, do they mean they took selfies with the Sim they wanted a relationship boost with?

I didn't think to use holidays for a mood boost or days off, I just had the Sims take vacation/sick days and I used the charisma skill, club vibes and potions for moods mostly, along with an objects or traits the Sims had, oh and I got all the skill boosting rewards too, of course.

I have to admit, people here thought of quite a few things that I didn't and there were some things I didn't about such as kids being able to learn Vampire Lore and a Celebrity Perk that increases skills etc. I don't play with certain features of the Sims all that much and it shows, lol, maybe I should broaden my horizons a little.  ;)

On a completely unrelated note, my cat is checking out my notes for the current Vampire challenge ... :o

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Re: Townie Skill-a-Thon
« Reply #178 on: February 21, 2020, 04:47:29 AM »
@Rainbow Dash once kids have maxed out a childhood skill they can then gain points in some other related skills. As Elsa had already maxed mental she'd gain points in logic, fishing, videogaming and perhaps others I'm unaware of.

What I did was max logic with the Bjergsens and while doing it invited Olivia Spencer-Kim and Lucas Munch to the club so they were also levelling their mental skills so that when I went to the Spencer-Kim-Lewis house Olivia had already maxed mental and was ready to move on to fishing, and the same with Lucas and video gaming (which was also at Geek Con). I did a similar thing with the family I leveled piano with - Alex Goth was invited along to play piano with them so by the time I went to the Goth house he'd maxed creativity and could move on to violin at the same rate as the rest of his family.

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Re: Townie Skill-a-Thon
« Reply #179 on: February 21, 2020, 07:22:54 PM »
@Rainbow Dash I took selfies with sims which seemed to improve relationships with them. I also took photos of just the other sim.

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Re: Townie Skill-a-Thon
« Reply #180 on: February 21, 2020, 10:18:51 PM »
@Rainbow Dash taking pictures of other Sims increases friendship with them similarly taking selfies with them has the same effect. Three pictures technically 15 bit you know what I mean got me to good friend status.

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Re: Townie Skill-a-Thon
« Reply #181 on: February 22, 2020, 05:40:11 AM »
@Rainbow Dash - as Vesper says, though Elsa was still a child, her maxed mental skill allowed her to gain points in Video Gaming. I knew beforehand that kids could learn some adult skills, but went googling for a full list; that was also when I learnt about them being able to learn Vampire Lore, courtesy this list:

Maxed Creativity unlocks: Media Production, Photography, Piano, Pipe Organ, Singing, Violin.
Maxed Mental unlocks: Fishing, Logic, Video Gaming.
Maxed Social unlocks: Charisma, Mischief. (Not Comedy for some reason.)
Maxed Motor unlocks nothing.
Available from the start: Bowling, Pet Training, Vampire Lore.

Apparently I miscategorised Media Production when I replicated this for my spreadsheet, which might explain the trouble I had in testing! Whoops! One other thing to note - I was actually aware that Video Gaming was accessible to kids already, and moreover, that it can be unlocked by maxing either Mental or Motor, because I remember quite clearly a bug where any points gained in Video Gaming after maxing one of those two were lost the moment the other was maxed! I assume it's long since been fixed, but was still pretty worried about Elsa in this challenge regardless. She was gaining Motor skill alongside Video Gaming and almost as quickly, but fortunately having the club perk skill boost for Video Gaming and the Focused club vibe (Motor being an Energized skill) meant she was able to reach level 10 before maxing Motor, though I think she did make it to level 9 there!

As for the photos, taking phone selfies with sims is the way I went, hence the shot of Skylar and Dennis Kim, but as has been said, simply taking a photo of another sim works too. Oh, and with regards to your original strategy post - you don't have to kick yourself for forgetting gym trainers, because I forgot about handymen!

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Re: Townie Skill-a-Thon
« Reply #182 on: February 22, 2020, 08:20:42 AM »
@Sruixan - Wow! I didn't even know about this. Thanks so much for sharing. I also didn't know that children can gain the bowling skill. I guess I always just thought that children could only gain the "4" children's skills and that was it.

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Re: Townie Skill-a-Thon
« Reply #183 on: February 22, 2020, 08:24:10 AM »
This is the reason I love these challenges - I learn so many things about the game, and I have been playing since it came out.  But we get into the habit of playing a certain way so the challenges pushes us to try different things.  And then we read what others did, and there are light bulbs popping around me from all of the good ideas.

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Re: Townie Skill-a-Thon
« Reply #184 on: February 23, 2020, 04:04:14 PM »
Late to the strategy round-up and wanted to add the only (and possibly disqualifying) trick I knew that I didn't see mentioned already.

Other than having a gym trainer mentor you in fitness you can play basketball. When using the 'Dream Big' option you seem to level the skill at a rate that could be considered very exploitative. Haven't measured it or anything but I would say it could be upwards of 5-10x faster when using all your club boosts and such. If this has been mentioned as an exploit that is a no-no to do, my apologies for missing it. Though it has been in the game for quite awhile now. I'm always expecting it to be patched out but it never is.

If this disqualifies me that's fine I'll still reveal in my discovery as I'm normally so dumbfounded by all I didn't know that I kind of... somewhat.. to myself... never out loud... vow just a little vengeance... in the next challenge that I will inevitably and utterly fail.

Eh, I try :)

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Re: Townie Skill-a-Thon
« Reply #185 on: February 23, 2020, 04:11:43 PM »
If this disqualifies me that's fine...

Nope. You're fine. :)

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Re: Townie Skill-a-Thon
« Reply #186 on: February 23, 2020, 10:05:03 PM »
I was reading through everyone's strategies and as usually it is enlightening.

I had one major accident in my own score file that didn't happen in testing. I created a club and started inviting people I wanted to make good friends with. One of them was Vlad... unfortunately during one club outing to the yoga studio, Vlad stayed in the sun too long and burnt to a crisp.

I couldn't believe my level 10 Pipe Organ plans turned to ashes in front of me! But a lesson learned :)

- Kirstie