Author Topic: 98% unique plants planted in skill journal, can't find the remaining 2%  (Read 760 times)

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My sim has planted 63 different plants (crystal plant plus everything harvestable listed in this wiki), but the percentage in the gardening skill journal only says 98% completed.

Am I missing something? How many harvestable plants does Sims3 have in total?

Any help is greatly appreciated  :)

Here's the list of my Plant History:

Apple Tree
Avornalino Grape Vine
Banana Tree
Bell Pepper Plant
Burger Patty Plant
Carrot Plant
Cheese Plant
Cherimola Grape Vine
Cherry Tree
Cortado Bean Plant
Cranerlet Nuala Grapevine
Crystal Plant
Death Flower Plant
Flame Fruit Bush
Forbidden Fruit
Garlic Plant
Ghost Chili Bush
Glow Orb Mushroom
Gralladina Grape Vine
Kona Bean Plant
Lettuce Plant
Life Plant
Lime Tree
Maui Bean Plant
Meloire Grape Vine
Midnight Bean Plant
Money Tree
Mycena Mushroom
Omni Plant
Onion Plant
Plasma Fruit Bush
Plum Tree
Pomegranate Tree
Pomelo Tree
Porcini Mushroom
Potato Vine
Pumpkin Vine
Red Berry Bean Plant
Red Toadstool
Red Valerian
Renoit Grapevine
Spotlight Mushrooms
Steak Plant
Sweet Grass
Tomato Plant
Watermelon Vine
White Cap Mushroom

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No, those 63 are all of the plants from the base game and expansions.  It might be worth trying the different emotional charges on crystal flowers, to see whether it makes a difference (although you'd be more than 2% short if that was the explanation).

The game does seem to get its percentages muddled quite often.  I've certainly had Sims who've caught more than 100% of available fish.  It usually seems to happen when playing without some of the expansions, which obviously isn't the case here.  There are another 13 plants in store content, though (Bohemian Nuts and Fruit, Humble Harvest Stands, Grandpa's Grove and Grandma's Canning Station) and I wonder whether that's confusing the score.

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I see. Thank you hazelnut!