Author Topic: The Amarantha's Four Immortal Sisters Challenge - Chapter 47  (Read 10066 times)

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Re: The Amarantha's Four Immortal Sisters Challenge - Chapter 34
« Reply #100 on: February 25, 2020, 06:57:38 PM »
Frankly, I never really even noticed it. Until you pointed it out! lol On a positive note, when people are reading their eyes tend to 'fix' a lot of spelling errors, which is why we can figure out words with missing or transposed letters. That's why even after you've read something multiple times, you miss obvious mistakes, because your eyes fixed it for you! And ever since it gave options for my name as either 'demise' or 'dense' in a business letter, I have always frowned at grammar editors!!!! Never trust them!!! lol Big part of the reason I am now deedee or just dee!!!!

Hahaha, thank you! Man, I understand that pain. When I'm writing an email to someone autocorrect always tries to fix my last name. I usually have to fight with it about it. Hopefully I know how to spell my name at this point, autocorrect. XD

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Chapter 35 - Aidan Disapproves
« Reply #101 on: February 25, 2020, 09:01:29 PM »
Welcome back everyone! Last chapter Fantasy and Draven graduated, got engaged, and got married. In this chapter, we will be finishing up their wedding and kicking them out.

Aidan! I have missed you!
"Can you actually believe they got married, Janette? They aren't going to last. How could you allow this Watcher?"
"Well, I think they're cute together. I don't think it's our right to judge them."
"Excuse me? He's my brother!"

"Woah, woah you two. Keep it down or Fantasy will stab you."
She's not wrong.

Aidan then decided to leave dramatically which I mean...okay?

Right after that, Fantasy found out she was officially pregnant.
"Nope, nope. I'm not dealing with a pregnant Fantasy. I'm out of here."
Draven, you better come back.
"Just keep smiling. The Watcher will suspect nothing."
I can hear you, you know.

It was time Draven and Fantasy left the household and started their new life together.
"Look, my wife is pregnant. Tragic, I know, but do you have any houses for sale? Okay, thanks."
Bye Draven and Fantasy! I have no doubt that SP will have some interesting updates about you guys.

Meanwhile, Flame got abducted by aliens. They seem to be obsessed with the Amaranthas for some reason.

Poor Flame.

Aries finished painting Draven's portrait and added it to the room upstairs. I have no idea why I had her paint two portraits of Draven, but okay past self.

Guess who stole Flame's dragon this time? Aries.
"Bah. You act like it's such a big deal; everyone steals Flame's dragon."
It's sad because it's true.

Speaking of Flame she started working on her lifetime wish!
"Fishing just makes sense."
Have I ever mentioned how much I love Flame? She's just so adorable.

I was watching Flame fish for hours on end when the camera panned back to the house. It looks like Aries is giving birth and...
..and Viper is freaking out.
"Shut up and leave me be, that's what you do!"

Please be a girl, please be a girl, please be a-
-darn it.
Anatole was born with the virtuoso and clumsy traits. His favorites are grey, firecracker shrimp, and roots music.

I had Aries drop Anatole in a crib ASAP so I could get back to Flame fishing. She's fishing in a pond instead of the sea now.
I know, riveting stuff.
"It is riveting!"

Here is Flame proudly standing by her fish as she finally completes her lifetime wish.
Sniffles. I'm so proud of her.

I had Aries pick up Hallow because...?
"Your guess is as good as mine, Watcher. I have no idea why I'm holding my kid."
Me either.

I had Viper introduce himself to Kannitha Seng because she's a townie and he still needs a girlfriend.
"Hello, m'lady."
"Hello, nerd."

"You're adorable."
"Did you hear that Watcher? She likes me!"

"Lucky for you I'm a bit nerdy myself."
"I also steal potted plants you know."
"What a rebel."

This is so cheesy and I love it.

They went steady after Viper kissed her and with that, Viper officially has a girlfriend.

I gave Kannitha a makeover and she's quite pretty.

Viper then went home to get abducted by aliens. What is it with the aliens this chapter?
It's probably Fantasy's fault.

Speaking of Fantasy, she had twin boys! Their names are Gerard and Johnny.

I can't believe I actually got a chapter up today. It's pretty crazy to me. Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys soon! Bye!

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Chapter 36 - Watermelons, Watermelons, and More Watermelons
« Reply #102 on: February 29, 2020, 06:08:06 PM »
Hi guys! I'm on a bit of a roll this week regarding this story, so I thought I would post another chapter. In the last chapter Aidan disapproved of Fantasy and Draven getting married, Fantasy found out she was pregnant, Aries gave birth to Anatole, Flame completed her lifetime wish, Viper got a girlfriend, and Fantasy gave birth to twins. Wow, that was a lot.

Now, here is a picture of Flame feeding her fish. She loves them and I'll have to get her a fish tank the next time I can enter buy mode.

Anatole is cute and all, but I really, really want Aries to have another girl so I sent her after Jayden James who will be baby daddy number seven.

"Hello there."
"Hello yourself handsome."

Meanwhile back at the house, Hallow aged up!

His traits now are couch potato, brave, and cat person.

Aries invited Jayden back to the house and kissed him. Thankfully, things went well.
"They would have anyway."
Uh...are you just conveniently forgetting all the times that you were rejected? I have several chapters about it.
"Wow. That's just cruel, Watcher."
It's true.

Jayden also helped out with Arie's lifetime wish by becoming her seventh boyfriend.
Yes, and you won't be around for long.

Aries and Jayden try for a baby and chimes are heard. Baby seven is officially on her way!

Yes because you will eat nothing, NOTHING, but watermelons until you give birth.
"Weird logic, but okay."

"Aww, this one is pretty cute Watcher, can I keep him for a while?"

"No? That's ridiculous. I'm going to keep him."
Fine but then you won't get to finish your lifetime wish and meet-

"-Nevermind! Get out of my house, Jayden; you're dead to me."

"Fine! You're crazy anyway."
"You're lucky that I don't lock you in my basement for that remark."
Oh yeah, I forgot I built one.

"Watcher! I want to be friends with Jayden again."
What? Why?
"I don't know, I just want to."
Fine. Use the moodlet manager on him.

"So now that you have completely forgotten that I 'broke your heart' five minutes ago and I'm pregnant with your child that you'll never see, how about we put this all in the past and be friends again?"
"Sounds good to me."
"I can't believe that actually worked."
Yeah, me either.

To be fair, Jayden IS attractive but he won't be having another kid with Aries.

Not only did Hallow age up, but Anatole did too! I just forgot about him. He's a cute toddler and seems to take mostly after his father.

Cue the adorable toddler spam!
"I don't get paid enough."
Hecate, you don't get paid at all.

Hallow worked on his cooking skill or whatever it's called for children.
"Oh. You're not going to look it up, Watcher?"
Nah, I'm lazy.
"I respect that."
Thank you.

Aries Amarantha! Are you drinking while pregnant?
"Well, technically I don't know I'm pregnant yet."

Now you do.
"Darn it."

Now, keep eating watermelons!
"Ugh, fine."
That's the spirit!

That's the end of the chapter, everyone. I hope you liked it. I'm almost caught up to where I am in-game which is insane. Bye everyone!

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Re: The Amarantha's Four Immortal Sisters Challenge - Chapter 36
« Reply #103 on: March 07, 2020, 11:30:17 AM »
Ahhhh! A Four Immortal Sisters Challenge where all the sims are beautiful! How can I resist? Huge Flame fangirl. I am SUCH a sucker for braided pigtails. What is WRONG with my brain? Nothing, it's perfect, why would you even ask something so rude? ANYWAY, awesome job! I'm excited to follow the story of a fellow Four Immortal Sisters player. (ESPECIALLY with all that CC. Chef's kiss.)

Additionally, I love Hallow and think he is going to be a very handsome, if not very interesting, looking adult.

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Re: The Amarantha's Four Immortal Sisters Challenge - Chapter 36
« Reply #104 on: March 07, 2020, 12:58:47 PM »
Ahhhh! A Four Immortal Sisters Challenge where all the sims are beautiful! How can I resist? Huge Flame fangirl. I am SUCH a sucker for braided pigtails. What is WRONG with my brain? Nothing, it's perfect, why would you even ask something so rude? ANYWAY, awesome job! I'm excited to follow the story of a fellow Four Immortal Sisters player. (ESPECIALLY with all that CC. Chef's kiss.)

Additionally, I love Hallow and think he is going to be a very handsome, if not very interesting, looking adult.

Wow, thank you so much!!! I actually read your four immortal sisters challenge years ago and it inspired me to do my own! I have gone through several attempts, but this my most sucessful documented one. I really appreciate you reading it!
Yeah, my game is dying because of how much CC I have in it. I just love CC so much but my game doesn't.  ::)
Flame is adorable and I love her character. She's a lot of fun writing. I'm excited to see how Hallow turns out too!

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Chapter 37 - The Plot Twist Everyone Was Expecting
« Reply #105 on: March 07, 2020, 01:33:35 PM »
Welcome back, everyone! Last chapter Aries scored a new boyfriend, got pregnant, and broke up with him. Hallow also aged up.
We're also over 4,000 views which is crazy everyone! Thank you so much!

Anyways...can anyone say they were surprised? I'll be honest and say I was when I got the notification. They didn't even last a week outside of the household. Poor Draven. How would you guys feel about me creating someone else for him? I doubt that SP is going to be kind to him in the long run.

Speaking of someone who knew Fantasy and Draven weren't going to last, Aidan walked by! I'm not sure if he knows how to hold a toddler correctly though.
"I'm not sure what you mean; I'm a great father."
Your headphones are literally cutting into her face.

"Fine, is this better?"
Much better.

Portia is so adorable.

"Do I pway it like whis?"
"Yes, little one. You're doing perfectly."
I love Flame.

"I hate homework. Why do they make us do it again?"
It's just a part of school.
"Well, that's stupid."

Aries! Stop drinking! You're pregnant!
"I'm ALWAYS pregnant."
That doesn't mean you should drink!
"Fine, fine. I'm 'working on my mixology skill.' Does that sound better?"

"...and that's how you solve that problem, Hallow."
"Wow, auntie Selene, I would have never gotten that answer without your help."
"Sure you would have."
The sisters are all so wholesome, except Aries of course.

I had Viper invite over Kannitha because he was rolling wishes to talk to her.
"Hey, beautiful."
"Hey, nerd."

These two are just so cute together. Their relationship is even better when you take into account that Kannitha is pretty nerdy herself.

Selene reads Anatole a skill book before he goes back to skilling with Flame.
"Why arez you enslavings me?"
Where did you learn that word from?
"His mother."
Aries actually goes near her children?
"It surprised me too."

"And a one, and a two, and a one, two, three, four-"
Wrong toy, Flame.
"Oh, sorry."

Aries where did you...where did you get a huge falcon?
"My favorite son got it for me."
"No, Viper now."


Viper, why did you give your mother a falcon?
"She seemed lonely after her snake died. I wanted to cheer her up."
"Yeah, yeah. Now turn your back so I can go steal another potted plant."
You ruined it. You ruined the moment.

Hey Aries what are you up-
"-shut up! I'm giving birth!"

Yes! Yes!
"Chill, Watcher."
Aries walked back into her house where she gave birth to a little girl named Kesarra. Her traits are excitable and friendly. Her favorites are blue, ceviche, and beach party music. 

I'm so happy Aries gave birth to a girl.
"Yeah, yeah. Where can I go drop off this kid so I can get back to wooing men?"
Drop her off where you drop all your kids off.
"Hecate's house?"

Aries was back to wooing men in no time. I want her to have another girl that I can move out with Kesarra for more points when she becomes a young adult. This is Camillo Mancini who will be baby daddy number eight.

Camillo is with this rich woman who's name I can't remember for the life of me.

Anyways, Aries continued on her "wooing" and it ended exactly how I thought it would...

...she was rejected.
"Oh come on Watcher, that isn't fair."

Meanwhile, Viper was aging up!
"I am?"
You are.

"Wow, that's fantastic."
Is that sarcasm I hear?
"Oh, definitely not."

Viper aged up with the neat trait to add to proper, kleptomaniac, virtuoso, and loves the heat. His lifetime wish is to become a hit movie composer.

That's all guys! I should (hopefully) be posting another chapter today. Bye!

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Chapter 38 - A Spur of the Moment Wedding
« Reply #106 on: March 07, 2020, 10:21:04 PM »
Hi guys! I'm going to get this chapter up today even if it kills me. In the last chapter Aries gave birth to Kesarra. She also got a pet falcon and Viper aged up.

Look who is having another baby? Aidan and Frieda! I want to play their household for a few days, but I'm going to wait until their baby is born. In case anyone is wondering, when I play in different households I create a different duplicate save and then edit the original save to reflect it once I'm done. It doesn't affect the main household at all except they may lose their wishes.

Aries is still at Camillo's house stalking him.
"Hey! I'm technically visiting."

Aries' stalking visit finally works out and he doesn't reject her this time! She also convinces him to break up with the woman he lives with which is bound to be awkward.
"Meh, she'll die soon anyway."
Great show of empathy there.

"Will you be my eighth boyfriend so one of these days I can finally get my lifetime wish done?"
"I don't understand what that means, but sure."

Aries and Camillo went to try for a baby and...
"....Come on, lady! Get out of the bed!"

Do you understand how weird this situation is? do you, Aries?
"Meh. I'm about to break up with him anyway."
"You're about to what now?"

"We had our fun but I think that we just lost the spark along the way, you know?"
"I have only known you for eight hours."
"It's okay; It's you, not me."
Oh, Aries.

Viper graduated and thankfully wasn't forced to go to the city hall. Why are you making that face, Viper?
"I hate my classmates but I'm smiling through the pain."

That is understandable.

Look who actually has her dragon for once!
"I'm never going to let anyone steal Argus again."

I had Viper invite over Kannitha and move her in temporary so she could age up.
"Woo! Go, babe!"

"Give me a second, I need to think of a wish first."
"Make sure it's a good one!"
"Of course it's going to be a good one, silly."

Kannitha aged up and she is stunning. Her final traits are neat, friendly, loner, bookworm, and sailor. I didn't write down what her lifetime wish is.

Viper seems to approve of her makeover.

Viper also wanted to propose so I allowed it.
"Kannitha Seng, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Kannitha said no...

...okay I'm joking, she said yes.

Kannitha and Viper both changed into their formal wear to have a quick wedding before they moved out.

It was an adorable, derpy wedding.

"Man, Hallow, you smell. You couldn't have bothered to take a shower for my wedding?"
"Well excuse me, not all of us are ready for spur of the moment weddings."

Kannitha made the phone call for Viper and her to move out and start their new life together. It was at this point I realized that I had forgotten to have Aries paint his portrait.
Come back Viper! Come back!
"Nope, already gone."
Darn it. I'll probably have Aries invite him over and make him pose for a portrait later even though it won't count for points.

I took a picture of Flame at the elixir shop but for the life of me, I can't remember why she was there. I'm sure it was important though.

That's the end of the chapter! The next post will include Viper and Kannitha's poses. Bye everyone and I hope you guys had a great day!

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Household 1 - Antheia and Janette
« Reply #107 on: March 08, 2020, 04:15:45 PM »
Hello everyone! I know this post doesn't include Viper and Kannitha's poses, BUT I finally got around to playing in one of the other Amarantha households. I was just checking on all the kids and didn't plan to save the game when I saw something that disturbed me:

Antheia and Janette's relationship had gone down the tank. I have never, ever seen a relationship this far in the red not end in a divorce. Fantasy and Draven's relationship was barely in the red when they got a divorce.

I watched them interact and every conversation they had ended up becoming an argument. I know I should have probably just let SP take care of it and been on my merry way, but I couldn't.

I decided that Janette and Antheia should go on a vacation to China.
"Wait, what? That was your grand idea to help me save my marriage? Are you insane?"
If their relationship couldn't get back into the green in three days then I was going to have them get a divorce and be done with it.

I also gave Antheia a bit of the makeover but changed her hair later on. An interesting interaction popped up on Janette's end that was called "worry about relationship" so I had her give it a shot.
"Antheia, where did we go wrong? Everything was going great. Did I cheat on you? Did you cheat on me?"

"I have no idea and the elephants hiding in the pond don't know either."
"Your craziness never bothered me."
"Let's start fresh then. Let's go back to just being love interests."
"I agree."
Wait, what? So apparently once they fixed their relationship with another interaction it reset them back to love interests. I'm not sure if that is something that was always part of the game and my sims have never had such a bad relationship and had a reason to use it before or if it's my mods. It also put them back fully in the green.
I love it and I like to think the interaction was there for a reason.

I had Janette and Antheia do romantic interactions until they could go steady again before I sent them on their seperate ways to complete some wishes they had that were related to their vacation.

Antheia wanted to level up her martial arts skill and reached level six.
"It's also part of my lifetime wish, Watcher."
There's no way you are going to be able to complete that.

Janette worked on her writing skill for her job and lifetime wish.
"Yay me."
Yay you.

Their vacation was coming to an end and it was time that one of them proposed again.
"Antheia Amarantha, will you marry me again?"
"If the alligators in the forest aren't purple, then no, but since they are, yes."

These two are weird but their relationship works. I had them have a private wedding before they went back home.

I changed Antheia's hair and I like it. I think it fits her.

I also redid Antheia and Janette's house. Here is the exterior.

This is the first floor. Antheia has three birds so I added perches throughout the house.

Here is the second floor of the house. I tried to take into account both Antheia and Janette's tastes when redoing their home.

This is also Antheia and Janette's dog Rusty.

The next post will definitely have Kannitha and Viper's poses, I promise, but I was having fun playing in Antheia and Janette's household and wanted to show you guys. Bye everyone!

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The Amarantha's Four Immortal Sisters Challenge - Viper and Kannitha
« Reply #108 on: March 09, 2020, 10:51:49 PM »
Welcome back everyone! Here is Kannitha and Viper's poses/pictures. I had a lot of fun making them.

First off we have Viper's family tree picture. I thought it would be fitting if he was in his suit during it because he has the proper trait.

Kannitha got a custom pose too, but that's only because I messed up on one of the romantic poses I tried to make. One of the poses that came out of it was savagable and it felt fitting for her.

Finally, we have Kannitha and Viper's couple pose. I tried to go for something more difficult, but as I mentioned earlier, I wasn't having the best of luck with romantic poses. This was the only one that survived my fight with blender (the program used to make poses) and I like it.

That's it! I hope you guys like them! I'll probably stop posting as frequently as I am caught up in game and I need to give my short dynasty some much needed love. Bye!  ;D

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Chapter 39 - Who Are You People Again?
« Reply #109 on: May 07, 2020, 01:55:38 PM »
Welcome, welcome, everyone! I'm in quarantine right now which I thought would be a few weeks but has instead been two months. I never understood the Sims 3 "stir-crazy" moodlet before this.
I get it now.
In the last chapter Kannitha and Viper got married and Aries met and broke up with baby daddy number eight. That' I think.
These next two chapters will be short because I played them both in one session. I couldn't merge the session into one chapter so I just decided two short chapters would work.
Also, 5,000 views? Thank you guys so much!

We start this chapter off with some sad news. I have no idea what honestly happened with Janette and Antheia's relationship. It might just be that SP isn't a fan of the insane trait. I'm not sure. I tried to save their relationship before but it's clearly just not meant to be.

Aidan is luckily having some better luck than his sister though. I'll have to play in his household one of these days. Maybe when the world isn't on fire.

Back at the house, Hecate is snuggling Kesarra. Aww.
"Did you almost just call me Hestia?"
To be honest, I had to look in the past chapters to make sure I called you the right name...
It's not that I don't love you, it's just that quarantine has ruined my brain.

Selene reads a book to...this child.
"Hey, you remembered my name! You forgot Anatole's name though."
The important thing is that I made an effort.

Hallow decides to give Hecate an important gift.
"Wait, you made something for me, Hallow? That's so sweet of you."
"Actually, the Watcher is making me give you my imaginary friend, aunt Hecate."
"Even better. I don't want another Fantasy on my hands."

Aries starts working on a large painting because...she's pregnant!
"Yay. I'm so excited."

I also found a portrait of Viper in Aries' inventory! It turns out that she did paint a portrait of him before he left.

On that note, the sisters had gained enough points for me to go into buy mode again. I bought a fish tank for Flame's fishes.

I then bought a perch/birdcage for Aries' falcon...which still hasn't been named.
"I'm still thinking."

Hecate and Flame both rushed to feed Flame's fish which was honestly adorable.
"They need to be fed!"
Alright, maybe it wasn't the fact they were both trying to feed the fish, maybe it was just the fact that Flame is adorable.

The aliens decided to abduct Aries because...I have no clue.
"Hey! I'm pregnant! Isn't this immoral or something?"
Probably but the aliens don't care.

"Watcher! That's not helpful! Bargain with them!"
Keep Aries safe, please!

Back to adorable Flame. She is helping Anatole with his skills.
Did I mention how much I love her?

I mean, how can you not love Flame?

After Aries was done being abducted, she decided to pull Flame aside and talk to her.
"I know you won't believe me sis, but I'm pregnant."
"Wow? Again?"
"That's great news!"

I'm not sure when the main focus of this chapter became Flame, but I love it.

Here is a rare moment of Aries actually being happy being pregnant. It might be because she's at the mixology bar, but I like to overlook that fact.

I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter. I know things have been crazy, but I hope this helped a little.

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Chapter 40 - Thanks, Emit
« Reply #110 on: May 08, 2020, 11:15:52 PM »
Hello everyone! In the last chapter Aries found out she was pregnant, Aidan had twins, and Antheia got divorced. This is also my second time writing this chapter because my crappy mac decided to die on me. I mean, it's only eight years's not like I should have replaced it already. >.>

Hallow spends his last moments as a child bossing around his siblings and aunts.
"What? It's the small things in life that matter."

Kesarra ages up before he does though and she's adorable! I think she is an Aries clone though sadly. I don't think I have mentioned it yet, but Kesarra is going to be the goddess of Peace. I decided to make her the goddess of Peace'll see. :-X

Hecate starts working on Kesarra's toddler skills right away. Of course, she needed a little boost.
"Wow, I have so much caffeine in my system right now."
I wish I could say the same. Quarantine has just changed my sleeping schedule in general though so I try to avoid drinking coffee at night now.  :(

Hecate stopped working on Kesarra's toddler skills briefly to help celebrate Hallow's birthday.
"Woo! You're aging!"
"I am? Wait, what if I'm not ready to be a teenager?"
"Then you eventually accept it."
That's some wisdom right there though I think it applies more to aging than becoming a teenager in general.

Hallow's traits now are couch potato, brave, cat person, and rebellious. He's my favorite sim genetically out of all Aries' kids yet. @kaseofhearts was right!

Hecate got back to working on Kesarra's toddler skills.
"Woah, I just realized this is Aries' seventh kid. She only needs to have four more."
Well, it has been forty chapters.

I'm a bit obsessed with Hallow right now, so prepare yourselves for a picture spam.
"Wait, I didn't sign up for thi-"
-here comes the spam!

You are welcome.

I must interrupt this picture spam though because Aries is giving birth.
Don't you always say that when you are in labor?

After several painful moments later, Bellona was born. She is evil and hates the outdoors. I rolled her traits and I was trying to think of what she could be the goddess of when it dawned on me she would be the perfect goddess of War. I also went back and changed her name to what it is now once I came to that conclusion. Bellona will be moving out with Kesarra so I can get more sweet, sweet points. Bellona is also the reason why Kesarra is the goddess of Peace. I just thought it would tie in nicely. Bellona's favorites are the color lime, lobster thermidor, and R&B music.

We are now back to pictures of Hecate training Kesarra.
"Wow Watcher, how many pictures of me training Kesarra did you take?"
Far too many.
"I agree."

Hecate did eventually finish Kesarra's toddler training, thank goodness.

While Hecate was stuck with toddler training, Selene was off on an adventure.
"I didn't sign up for her job."
I know, I know.

Emit contacted Selene to make some bot building chips and then immediately glitched out so the opportunity wasn't available.
Thanks, Emit.

It still inspired Selene to work on her bot building skill though. The sisters will eventually have to go Oasis Landing, but I'm waiting until later in the challenge. I want to keep within the rules even though the rules don't address traveling which means Selene and Hecate will have to stay at the camp while the other two explore.

Anatole, the forgotten child, spent his last moments of toddlerhood playing in a toy box.

He dideventually age up with though and his traits now are snob, virtuoso, and clumsy.

Woo! Hopefully, I won't have to rewrite this chapter again. I hope you guys enjoyed it! I'm off to update the family tree.

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Re: The Amarantha's Four Immortal Sisters Challenge - Chapter 40
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This is going so well! Well, except for Antheia and Janette but you DID YOUR BEST and that's all that could be done. I think story progression has some troubles with insane, mean spirited and evil traits in relationships. So it couldn't be helped.

Yesss, I knew Hallow would turn out interesting! He's got that baby face. I think it will mature up just a little when he transforms to adult, but hopefully not too much.

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Re: The Amarantha's Four Immortal Sisters Challenge - Chapter 40
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This is going so well! Well, except for Antheia and Janette but you DID YOUR BEST and that's all that could be done. I think story progression has some troubles with insane, mean spirited and evil traits in relationships. So it couldn't be helped.

Yesss, I knew Hallow would turn out interesting! He's got that baby face. I think it will mature up just a little when he transforms to adult, but hopefully not too much.

Thank you! Yeah, they just weren't meant to be.  :( I agree. It seems like all my sims with those traits can't have successful relationships outside of my main household. I understand story progression's thought process behind it, but it still sucks.

He does! He also has adorable, huge ears that he inherited from his dad. I'm not sure if you can seem them in the pictures, but they just add to his charm.

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Chapter 41 - Sarcasm Runs in the Family
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Welcome back, everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and well. In the last chapter, Anatole, Kesarra, and Hallow aged up. Aries also gave birth to a baby girl named Bellona and Emit decided to visit the Amaranthas but unfortunately glitched out.

Aries' falcon officially has a name! His name is Ghost. I can't for the life of me remember why, but yep, his name is Ghost.

Do you know why his name is Ghost, Hecate?
"No idea. I just clean up after him."

Anatole worked on his skills.
"Why do I have to learn how to cook?"
It's just part of the requirements.

"Woah! This is kind of fun!"
Skilling is always fun.
"Pfft. I don't have to listen to you."
Yeah, yeah. You're an independent sim who needs no Watcher.

Meanwhile, Selene was reading a book with Kesarra. My little heart can't take all of this cuteness. <3

Flame was helping Hallow work on his martial arts skill.
"I can't do this."
"Of course you can!"
"No aunt Flame, I don't want to do this."
Why does no one want to skill today?
"You can do it, Hallow! I believe in you!"
I know I say this every single chapter, but I love Flame so much.

Luckily Kesarra likes skilling.

Kesarra wasn't the only one who liked skilling, however.

Aries maxed her mixology skill! I'm so proud of her. It took FOREVER to max it and I wasn't really paying attention to Aries when she was working on her mixology skill.
"Exactly. You didn't pay much attention to me so I took forever to max it."
Somehow I'm not surprised.

Hallow decided that instead of practicing martial arts he would take care of the garden.

The sisters were about to age up, so it was ambrosia time. Selene ate ambrosia first.
"Huh, that's it? It tasted better the first time."
It's ambrosia!

Hecate and Flame also ate ambrosia but I didn't get a good picture. They both just seemed as unimpressed as Selene was.

Aries' reaction was about the same, except just a little extra.

Here is a picture of Hallow painting. I'm pretty sure I just took this picture to show he was skilling.
Look at his adorable little face though. He's so cute!

Hallow decided to take a break from skilling to help his little brother with his homework.
"Hallow, what's 2+2?"
"A number."
"Can I put that down as the answer?"
"Meh. It's what I do."
That's not necessarily a good thing, Hallow.
"Don't judge me."

"What do I do for this next question, Hallow?"
"You probably write down an answer."
Wow, Hallow, you need to chill with the sarcasm.
"Someone had to inherit it from aunt Hecate."

"I want to be just like you when I grow up, Hallow!"
"Wait, I'm considered a grown-up now? Crap."

Selene was dealing with the stress of helping Kesarra skill and turned to caffeine.
I mean...I can't judge. I'm planning on getting a cup of coffee here in a second myself.

I gave Aries a new everyday outfit and she got another tattoo. I'm not sure if you guys can see it, but it's a heart on her left ankle.

Anatole decided to confront talk to Aries once she got home from the tattoo parlor.
"Hi, mom!"
"Ah! Get away from me, small creature!"
"Love you too, mom."

"Why is my mom so weird, aunt Hecate?"
"She's just that way, sweetie. Don't worry about it."

"Hey, mom! Aunt Hecate just says you're weird so I wanted to make you feel better!"
Aries: Screams

I keep taking pictures of Flame and honestly, it's just because she's so darn cute.

Aries went to a party and Draven was there! They talked a little and she rolled a wish to ask Draven to kiss someone..oh, Aries.
"What? I can't want my son to meet someone new?"
Oh, Aries.

Bellona aged up! She's a good mix of both Aries and her father.

That's all for this chapter, everyone! I hope you guys liked it. It felt shorter to me than usual for some reason. Huh.

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Chapter 42 - The Tale of the Two Kings
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Hello again! In the last chapter Aries' falcon was officially named, Aries maxed mixology, the sisters ate ambrosia, and Bellona aged up. Also, I would like to thank you all for 7,000 views! That's amazing!

We begin with this chapter with Hecate teaching Bellona how to walk. Riveting stuff, isn't it?
"I'll say."
I love Hecate's sarcasm.

Hecate just looks so done with toddler training already.
"It's because you force me to live on caffeine."
It's a great lifestyle.

Bellona is super adorable though.

Even Hecate can't resist her adorableness.
"I guess my life isn't so bad."

Aries began working on her piano skill and watched Anatole with wary eyes.
"He's going to ambush me. I just know it."
He..he's just a kid, Aries.

Hallow, on the other hand, was struggling with working on his martial skills.
"I hate this."
"I know, Hallow, but you have to learn."

Look at his happy face!

Hallow clearly wasn't having fun learning martial arts so I had him start learning how to play the piano. He seems...a little happier?
"Yay me."

I also forced Aries to listen to him play piano for hours on end to better bond with him.
Well, at least I see where Hallow gets it from now.

Flame worked on helping Kesarra finish her last toddler skill. It didn't take much until she was done.

Anatole, always following in his bigger brother's footsteps, decided to learn how to play guitar.
"Look, Hallow, look!"
"That's great, Anatole."
Awww. I need these to become best friends in game. I just need it.

Hecate and Selene got to enjoy some rare time away from the kids.
"Yay, something that isn't a coffee bean."
"Hmm? What were you saying, Hecate?"
"Nothing, Selene. Go back to your book."

"Why is this child playing the guitar?"
He wants to be like his big brother.
He just wants to be.
"That doesn't make any sense?"
Things rarely make sense.

I forced Aries to clean because Hecate was sleep-deprived and uh...
"The child is the reason I have to clean, yes?"
Well yes-

I'm just going to back away a little.

Flame is well on her way to supermaxing the gardening skill. It wasn't my intention but hey, if it naturally happens, it happens!

I went to check on Anatole and he had decided to make Selene's house his castle.
"Listen, subjects! I am King Anatole and you will bring me cupcakes!"

"Anatole, have you finished your homework?"
"Yeah, aunt Hecate, but I'm King Anatole now."
"Oh I'm so sorry your majesty, would you like me to bow?"
"Yes please."

"I am King Anatole and my word is law!"

Antheia got engaged again and moved out of her house with Janette putting the final nail in the coffin. I thought they might reconcile, but nope.  :(

Antheia called Flame right after I got the notification about her getting engaged and moving out to talk about it.
"I'm not sure what you want me to say, Antheia, but have you tried being nice to Janette again? I don't know much in the romance department, but it's best to end things on good terms. I think."
Yeah, while I'm sure Flame's advice helped, I'm not sure it was what Antheia wanted to hear.

It was time for Hallow's prom.
Did...did you forget your shoes, Hallow?
"No, I just don't care."

Hallow's prom was interesting, to say the least. I'm not sure why his classmates made him prom king, but maybe he is nicer to them than I thought?
"Nah, I'm not."

Hallow's prom picture joined Aidan's on the wall. Both of them are so cute.

That's it, everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Bye!

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Chapter 43 - King Anatole Ages up
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Hello everyone! My mac of several years finally kicked the bucket so that's why chapters stopped at a halt. In case any of you are wondering how my mac died...I spilled water on it during the night.
It has caught on fire, been chewed on by a bird, had a battery lifespan of about an hour, and wheezed every time I used to play sims on it, but the water is what finally got it.
RIP my mac. 
Anyways, in the last chapter, Hallow went to prom and there was some drama in Antheia's life. I really, really need to update the family tree...

Speaking of Antheia drama, she officially tied the knot with David and Janette keeps stalking her.
I get an update about it every day.
I'm suddenly starting to realize why the relationship fell apart.

Hallow finally got to level three of the martial arts skill! He never has to touch the training dummy ever again.

Selene reached level ten of the cookie skill.

I also changed her hair again. It gives me a bit of a Zelda vibe. I like it.

I gave Hecate a new hair too and changed up her makeup. It seems to fit her better.

Aries painted this picture and I am absolutely in love with it. I placed it in Flame's house.

Kesarra aged up with the shy trait to add to excitable and friendly.

She tried to make muffins and failed horribly.
"You aren't very supportive.  :( "
Sure I am! Uh...I'm sure you won't fail next time?
"That's not helpful."

I went to check on Anatole and he is still convinced he is King Anatole. 
"I am King Anatole! Don't use that tone with me, peasant!"
"Right, right. Don't use that tone with me...stalker?"

"You made my food explode!"
What, no! You just ate spicy food!
"This is treason!"
No, this is hurting my brain.

I gave Antheia's new husband a makeover. He is good looking.

The Amaranthas have accumulated enough points for me to go into buy mode again and were able to get a hot tub!

Aries approved of the purchase.
"Finally, I'm being treated like the queen I am."
Now I know where your son gets it from.
"You're going to have to be more specific. I have at least two sons."
You have five!
"See? I said I had more than two sons."

Hecate made the hot tub unbreakable so the Amaranthas don't have to worry about it accidentally killing someone.

Here is a cute toddler picture in all of the Amarantha madness.

Here is even a cuter toddler picture because Flame is helping Bellona out.

For some reason, the coffee maker upsets Flame. I have considered deleting it because her face is just SO SAD.
"It's okay, Watcher. I'm just not a fan of it."

Anatole spends his last moments as a child doing Anatole things.
"Wow Watcher, that was smooth...wait, what?"
You're aging up.
I'm considering giving you the insane trait.
"Uh...hmm. No thanks."

"Wait, does aging up mean I'll get to be as tall as Hallow?"
"Heck yeah! I can't wait to age up!"

After aging up, Anatole's traits are now virtuoso, slob, snob, and dramatic.
"Ha! You didn't give me the insane trait after all!"
No, but I didn't give you a makeover which is arguably much worse.
"Ah, man. I look horrible! Can you please fix it, Watcher? Please?"
Hmph. I suppose.


I sent Flame over to ask Anatole what his gender preference was.
" you like girls? Boys? Both? Neither? It-"
"-Just girls, aunt Flame. I'm off to go skill now."

Anatole is straight as confirmed by NRAAS. Not sure why I took a picture of this notification, but meh. It's fine.

Look how cute Anatole is. He has a lot of his father in him.
"Who is....?"
Please don't make me look at the family tree. I'm bad at names.

Anatole wasn't lying to Flame when he said that he was off to skill.
"Go away, Watcher. I'm focusing."

That's all, everyone! I hope you guys are having a good day. Bye!

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Chapter 44 - Guess Who Is Not Wanted Here
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Welcome back and thank you guys for over 8,000 views! I mean...I'm not sure why so many people are reading this little sims challenge, but I'm extremely thankful! Last chapter, Antheia got married again and Anatole and Kesarra aged up. Hecate and Selene got small makeovers too, but that's not really noteworthy.

Hecate wanted to throw a feast party and who am I to disagree? it was time for a family reunion.

Hecate cooked food like a madwoman and the rest of the Amaranthas decided to bring....invisible food.
Invisible food.
"I tried my best on my invisible food, Watcher."
Nice to see you again, Draven.
"You too. I guess."

Aries decided to be...Aries.
"My, my, Antheia, what a handsome husband you have."
"NO! Back off, mom."
-He's off-limits.
"Oh fine."

Guess who decided to show up?
She was not invited and she is NOT WANTED HERE.

"You're so rude, Watcher. My children are here so I'm here. Plus Aidan is here-"
-While I'm sure Aidan would love to here that, you're still not wanted here.

"I did hear that and I'm happily married, thank you very much."

"What are you doing here, Fantasy? Aren't you supposed to be marrying some poor old man again?"
-Nope, nope. Keep this family-friendly, you two.
Fantasy does have a tendency to be in relationships with older, richer men though. They always die shortly after, however.

I invited the only teenage girl in Monte Vista to the party who wasn't related to the Amaranthas or in a relationship with one of them. She didn't hit it off with Anatole.

She also didn't hit it off with Hallow either.

I finally had Hallow ask her what her gender preference was and it turns out she was gay. That makes a lot more sense now that I think of it. I'll have to make Hallow and Anatole their significant others. I have already made Hallows and I'm pretty excited about it.

Selene decided to catch up with Antheia.
"How's married life treating you...your second one, I mean."
"Wow aunt Selene, you couldn't have possibly made this more awkward."
"I'm sorry. I don't leave the house, you know. What's the outside world like?"
"Chaotic, but fun at times. I think you would like it."

"Uh Watcher, is this one of my kids too?"
No, Aries. That's your grandson.
"Wait I have, GRANDKIDS?"
"Huh...I look good for my age."
Aries, you are immortal.

Aries decided to strike up a conversation with David, Antheia's husband, and that went as well as expected.
"Look, woman, I know you are Antheia's mother, but I don't want anything to do with you."
"I don't think that's the smartest thing you could have said, is it?"
"Oh come on, don't fight with him, mom."
Viper! You came!

Hecate put a stop to all the drama though as she called everyone to eat. There were tons of plates strewn across the kitchen, but in the chaos, the majority of the family members managed to somehow get food.

"...and that's why I am so great, kid."
"Who are you again?"
"Aries. Who are you?"
Aries, he's one of Aidan's kids.
"Aidan has multiple kids?"
"Well, he always was my favorite. You're not bad, kid."
"Thank you?"

Let's play the "who isn't supposed to be here" game." Hint: Its Fantasy.

Hallow and Flame decided to play a game of catch in order to avoid socializing.
I understand that on a spiritual level. I really, really do.

Aidan and Hecate caught up. I miss having him in the household.

Selene decided to...drink?
"I...don't judge me! Socializing is hard. With them. It's hard."
Fair enough. 

The best party guest decided to show up a little late. Rusty Amarantha is Antheia's dog and I love him.

Rusty is all fluff and requires several naps a day to keep up his appearance.

Hecate's party went amazingly...but that's probably because I bought the Perfect Host reward. Still, I think she did great.

Draven and one of his brats disagreed though. Ugh. I love him but this is why I haven't created another sim for him.

That's the end of the chapter, everyone! Thanks for reading.  ;D

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Chapter 45 - Talk to Her
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Hello again! Two chapters in one day? I know, I know I'm crazy, but I'm working on a new year's resolution regarding this story. I'll let you guys guess what it is.  ;) In the last chapter, Hecate hosted a feast party. Fantasy showed up to the party uninvited and Draven was rude. Now, it's time to get back to the regular madness with the main Amarantha household.

Selene decided to take a well-deserved break from helping to raise Aries' children.

Of course, then I had to get this notification. I give it three days before the guy dies of old age. Three days.

I love it when things run smoothly. It's like a breath of fresh air. It reminds me of my short dynasty...kind of.

I forced Aries to hold her daughter, Bellona, so I could take a picture comparing the two of them. Aries was ecstatic as you can imagine.

Hallow decided to read a book with Aries' bird, Ghost.
"He gets me."
The bird...gets you?
I understand that.

Selene is slowly, but surely working on her botbuilding skill. The sisters will eventually be going to Oasis Landing and I have a plan for it after reviewing the rules. The trip won't be happening for a while though.

"I did it, Watcher! I did it!"
Did what?

Oh, that's definitely a great accomplishment. Selene is one step closer to completing her lifetime wish.

Flame helped Bellona work on her music skill.

Hecate tried her hand at...mixology?
"Don't judge me!"
Hey, that's exactly what Selene said last chapter-wait are you two even allowed to learn mixology? I'm pretty sure the rules say-
"-I learned how to cook. I shouldn't be banned from learning how to make drinks."
Yeah, that does make sense. I guess if it keeps you busy it's good?
"Excellent. Now go away. I have to work on this harder now."

Anatole and Hallow decided to help each other out on their homework.
"'Help' is a strong word."
"Yeah...Hallow, do you know the answer to number 20?"
"I was asleep during the lesson."
"Darn it. "
Wait, how are you two in the same class anyway?
"Sim logic."
Hallow, don't break the fourth wall like that.
"Well, you asked."

Hallow decided to paint away his sorrows.

I like's very...meaningful?
"You just don't know art like I do."

Hallow won an award in his shop class and became captain! I've never had one of my sims do that before so I found it really cool.

It was time to introduce Hallow's future significant other to the household...Nessa Spears! She was a child of a townie in one of my challenges and I just had to save her to my bin. She has been edited of course, but that's because I love sims with wacky hair colors. Her traits are socially awkward, brave, shy, and rebellious. Her favorites are pink, classical music, and sushi.

Instead of talking to Hallow right away, Nyssa decided to skill and who am I to disagree?

I love her already.

Aries and Flame decided to beat each other with pillows instead of taking notice of the new person living with them.
"Wait, someone new is here?"
Yes, Aries.
"Is it a man?"
No, Aries.
"Then I don't care."

It was time for Bellona's birthday!

Bellona aged up with the hot-headed trait to add to evil and hates the outdoors. Woo! That's a great trait combination.

"Hey Hallow, do you know about that girl the Watcher had move in with us?"
"No clue."
"Huh. I guess we're are both just stumped then."
You two could, you know, TALK TO HER.

Selene reached level ten of the science skill.

Fantasy's fiancé, surprisingly, did not die of old age. He realized she was crazy before that and broke up with her.

That's it for this chapter, everyone! Thanks for reading and I hope you are all having a great day. 

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Chapter 46 - Bonding Time
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Welcome back, everyone! Last chapter Hallow became captain of his shop class, Nyssa Spears joined the household, and Bellona aged up.

Antheia and David are having a baby! I’m curious to see how the kid will turn out.


I’m not going to lie to you guys, I was getting nervous about Nyssa and Hallow not working out. Nyssa was in the household for several days and hadn’t interacted with Hallow at all during that time and with his birthday steadily approaching, I decided to create a backup plan. In the Four Immortal Sisters rules I am following, Hallow could either have a best friend or a significant other to fulfill the requirements. If he managed to get both before he aged up, that meant more points for me. So I was thinking, who better to be his best friend than Anatole? These two already roll wishes to interact with one another so why not go for it?

All great friendships start off with a simple thing, such as a game of rock, paper, scissors.
“Seriously, Watcher? You want us to bond over rock, paper, scissors?
Yes, Hallow.

“So, how do you feel about dragons?”
“Dragons are cool-wait is that aunt Flame’s dragon on your shoulder?”
“Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I stole him when the Watcher was looking. Maybe I didn’t.”
“Yeah, yeah. I’ll return him.”

While Anatole and Hallow were bonding, Kesarra and Bellona were doing the same.
“Don’t you just love building things, Bellona?”
“No, I like destroying them.”
“Good talk, sis.”
“Whatever. I guess.”

All good things come to an end though as Hallow and Anatole interrupted Kesarra and Bellona’s bonding time to whack each other with pillows.

Bellona quickly moved on to working on her cooking skill by herself and was as bad at it as you can imagine.
“Is that a threat, Watcher?”
“That sounded like a threat.”
It wasn’t-oh, nevermind.


Where were the sisters during all this madness you might be wondering? They were...busy.
“Yep. Busy.”
“Very busy.”
“Just skilling our hearts out.”
Hecate, when did you teach Selene sarcasm?
“It is a skill that takes years to master, Watcher. You don’t learn it, you unlock it.”
Maybe writing this chapter at almost midnight wasn’t my best idea. Oh well.

Here is a cute picture of Nyssa, which, as you can see, is not one of her socializing with Hallow.
“Would...talking to Hallow make you happy?”
Wait, you can talk?
“Yes. Badly, but yes.”
It would make me very happy.

Huh. Would you look at that? I was right for once.
“Don’t get used to it.”
Thanks, Hallow.

The thing about whirlwind romances is that you’re never sure where they are going to go. You are just sure they are going to go somewhere.

This one, surprisingly, went somewhere good and was absolutely adorable to watch in the process.

I mean, just look at these two. They are so adorable around each other and I love it.
“Thanks for the encouragement, Watcher.”
You’re welcome.

Even with Nessa’s socially awkward trait these two still end up as a couple within a few hours. As far as I am concerned, I consider that an absolute win.

Kesarra and Bellona both finished all the requirements they coul and worked more on their logic skill because they both rolled more wishes for it.

Kesarra tends to take a more peaceful approach while Bellona...doesn’t.
“If it doesn’t explode, it isn’t working.”

Aries and Hecate were talking when I checked up on them?
"-So anyway, I was talking to Antheia’s husband because I’m bored and the Watcher isn’t letting me leave the house. I’m so bored I'm willing to have another kid, Hecate.”

“Really now, and who would raise the other kid, Aries?”
“Exactly. Now shut it.”
The sisters haven’t been able to do much now that the kids are in school and it has led to interesting results. Aries will eventually have another kid again but not for several more chapters.

I switched over to Hallow and he decided to look at me like he was on The Office.
What’s with the face, Hallow?
“I don’t want to be bothered.”
It’s my job to bother you.
“Doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

Hallow was forced to use the household’s only moodlet manager as I wanted him to have a maxed friendship with Anatole and a maxed relationship with Nessa.
He had a night to do it and thank goodness it worked.

It seems best friends always come first as Hallow decided to sit by Anatole on the bus...or maybe that’s because Nessa didn’t show up on the bus.
“Take your pick, Watcher, but for the sake of my sanity it’s the second one.”

Ghost disappeared. :( I’m not sure what happened to him, but he’s no longer in the house. I checked everyone’s inventories and he isn’t there either. I didn’t get a notification that he escaped at all. I guess my game just glitched out.
RIP Ghost who literally turned into a ghost.

It was time for Kesarra to age up and join in the teenage madness.
“Oh boy.”
Oh boy indeed.

Kesarra’s traits are now friendly, excitable, shy, and good.

Thank you guys for reading! I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter. Bye.  ;D

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Chapter 47 - Does This Count as a Wedding?
« Reply #119 on: August 04, 2020, 10:40:03 PM »
Welcome to another chapter of Four Immortal Sisters Challenge. If you’re surprised that I’m posting regularly...just letting you know I am too. I’m not sure how long this will last though. I’m just using the inspiration while I have it. Anyways, in the last chapter, Hallow became best friends with Anatole and entered a relationship with Nessa. Kesarra aged up and Ghost disappeared.

It was time that Hallow became an adult.
“Wait, what?”
You’re aging again.
Yes, that's how aging works.

Anatole's traits are now couch potato, brave, cat person, rebellious, and handy. His lifetime wish is the firefighter super hero one. For such a grumpy sim I'm surprised I never gave him the grumpy trait. Huh.
"Yeah, yeah. Let's move on already."

It was also time for Nessa to age up!
"Uh oh."

Nessa's traits are socially awkward, brave, shy, rebellious, and eccentric. I wasn't able to choose her last trait because she hadn't been in the household long enough to earn an A in school. Nessa's lifetime wish is paranormal profiteer.

While Nessa and Hallow were aging up, Aries was asking Kesarra an important question:
"Which way do you swing, kid?"
"Uhm...I'm not a big fan of swinging, mom."
"No that's not what-do you like girls, boys, or both, child?"

Kesarra is straight. I actually tweaked my story progression settings for more variety in my game and it has been producing it..among townies. Hopefully, it will be more present in the household in the future.

Nessa and Hallow were off being cute.

I'm so glad these two worked out. I was worried.

"Hey, Watcher, watch this. Nes, will you marry me?"
"Yes! Yes!"

"See? There was nothing to worry about."
That was surprisingly cute.

Aries finished Hallow's portrait just in time and it didn't turn out looking horrible.
"Are you insulting my artwork, Watcher?"

Bellona was busy being...Bellona. I find it hilarious that Viper was her teacher.

Anatole and Kesarra were working on their homework together.
"Why is high school so hard, Anatole?"
"It isn't."
Ouch well...different things are hard for different people.
"That sounds fake but okay."

Bellona was also struggling with her schoolwork.
"Why do I have to learn grammar of all things?"
"It will help you to write better, Bellona."
"Why would I want to write better? My writing is perfect."
"You failed your last English test."
"So? That's just English, aunt Selene."
"....I can't believe I am having this conversation."

Kesarra, why are you making drinks?
"High school."
No, you can't make drinks because of high school. Put them down.

It was time for Hallow and Nessa's wedding...

...and I only got two pictures. Rest assured, the ceremony was a short, sweet affair.

Nessa looks beautiful! I really like her formal wear. I don't usually work with the color pink, so it was a nice challenge for me.

It was time for Nessa and Hallow to move out.

On that note, I'm going to end the chapter early. The next post will include Hallow and Nessa's poses. I will be creating Nessa a custom pose because she is one of my sims. After that post, I will be doing a post about Aidan and Frieda's household. I will also be trying my best to update the family tree to the point where I am in the game. That's it, everyone! Bye guys.