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Return of the X Family!
« on: March 18, 2011, 01:09:50 AM »
The X family has made their return after a few days of private vacations. Last name was changed to the full Xavier, as in Professor Xavier, starter of the school for mutants.

Colossus is once again founder, imagine that. Instead of the dang Dynasty that kicks my butt still, I decided to base this one loosely on the original Legacy. I say loosely because I changed a few rules I think, and I also updated to include AM, WA, and LN into it.

My own/new rules I'm going to add:

Accomplish 49 of the LTW's, there are a total of 52 in game that I know of. I won't do Master Mixologist, as there is no bar in Sunset and I don't like editing towns. I also skipped Distinguished Director and Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous* due to no high level celebs in Sunset either. I may change my mind and do all 52 but I don't know yet. (Wow, this should be fun 49 LTW's...)

Family trait: All bloodline relatives will have a trait passed from Colossus down to them. My choice was the Klepto trait to go to all kids, grand kids and so on.

Random traits: Minus the Klepto trait, the other 4 traits will be rolled randomly ingame. I might change this to 3 and me picking one, but we'll see how interesting 4 random traits are.

I will pick one heir per generation to carry the actual bloodline, the rest of that generation and their spouses will either move out when they get their LTW's or just keep living in the house and helping out with chores.

All members of the household, minus retired elders, must have a career by the day after their Adult birthdays. Be it rabbit holes, home careers, or professions. Except the Jack of all Trades LTW, they must reach level 10 of said career before they may retire whenever they choose.

I am still going to consider this finished when the very first baby of generation 10 is aged to Adult. So I need all 50 plus LTW's finished by the time that happens.

Anyone else notice things I missed, have some more ideas, or even feel like doing one of these themselves?


I won't be adding to many pics, maybe 5 at most per generation (Sim) and mostly just to show what they look like. Story is doubtful also, but you never know with me.

Generation 1, Colossus, is a Kleptomaniac, Schmoozing, Charismatic, Perfectionist, and I believe Angler (not sure). He has a blue mohawk and my typical long goatee thing, blue hair, just to see how that passes down generational wise.

Spouse is still undecided. It's between the Jolie (can't remember her name) doctor, Morganna Wolff, or maybe a random person like Clair Ursine that is the boss of Colossus since he is in the Criminal track.

His LTW is possession is 9/10th's of the law. Only 7k done, due to the patch making it sell value now. I'm worried I may not finish this one already.


*Anyone know for a fact these three are possible in the original Sunset Valley?

Edited to fix a few things I missed.

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Re: Return of the X Family!
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2011, 11:29:49 AM »
Nice to see your Dynasty return, now as a Legacy. :) As of your question, if you don't add the Film Studio to SV then your Sims simply won't have a workplace, and a possibility to get the Film career as such. Lifestyle of Rich and Famous may be possible in later generations, as your family earns money, but the lack of bars might be a problem. I don't know of Master Mixologist, sorry. Good luck. :D
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Re: Return of the X Family!
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2011, 11:48:04 AM »
Hmm I can't remember where but I thought someone here had edited Sunset Valley to include the new community lots. It's an option since you don't like editing towns yourself. Either that or as an idea as your family funds grow you can build these lots yourself. I agree with you that the legacy rules do need to be tweaked to fit the EP's and such. My own legacy is very loosely based on the rules. I kinda wish there was an inbetween not quite the (ever scary I don't have flippen time to remember all that I"m barely passing Accounting 202) Immortal Dynasty and the unfinished Legacy challenge.  I'm anxious to read your story.


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Re: Return of the X Family!
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2011, 12:04:13 PM »
Thank you Chronic. :) Film career is out of it then, Rich and Famous is only hard if there are no celebs in town, I'll have to look at that for a late generation like seven or eight then. Mixologist mostly needs them to buy a community lot that is a bar, which Sunset doesn't have without editing.

Thank you Nicky too. I have a thing for not adding other peoples towns though, my computer can barely handle the original Sunset without bogging down, and most other towns are more cpu heavy then that. I've seen a few players on other forums try to update the original Legacy, but the best one I found was based on random rolls which I might try at a later date. The rest don't include the newer Ep's.

haha yeah I gave up on the Immortal for now, but the original Legacy seemed boring so I made one up that was a challenge still, all those LTW's, but not needing as much thought as a Dynasty either. We'll see how it goes. :)