Author Topic: The Starr Immortal Dynasty - The Final Chapter *happy dance, happy dance*  (Read 136639 times)

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Congratulations on making it all the way *confetti*

Kind of mixed emotions here.
I'm so excited you made it , but at the same time it's sad the story's ending  :'(

Ohh and I love the way you have made the museum, it's so beautiful and elegant .
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Sad to see it end, but Congratulations on the final Immortal. The museum looks awesome, awesome job Kat!

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Such a bittersweet moment!

First of all: Congratulations on finishing the Starrs!

*more confetti*

Not that there was ever any doubt about whether you'd make it or not. You've been going so well with the Starrs!

The fact that the story is over is definitely a little sad though. I know how you feel about the Starr's story and writing, but let me tell you that I always looked forward to each update and truely enjoyed reading them! It has been a blast to be taken on the Starr's journey to an Immortal Dynasty! I will definitely miss them!

The museum looks absolutely fantastic; completely finished like that! I love the idea to create an octagon and give each Immortal their own wall. Also the centre piece in memory of all the mortals who were crucial and finishing the Dynasty is a lovely feature!

You've created a fabulous Immortal Dynasty and that spot in the HoF I'm sure you'll be granted is more than deserved!

And to all us readers; it's a good thing we have "Banished" and Arlynn to get our "Kat"-writing fix!

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Noooooooooooo!!!!!! :'(
Don't let the Starrs go away! Awesome ending and many many congratulations, Kat! You deserve that spot in Hall of Fame, it is rightly earned. Bravo is all I can say! :D But now I'll go to my corner to cry all day long..
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Congratulations to all the Starrs and to you Kat!
This is the first dynasty that has been completed and I have been reading since the very start!
I'll be sad to see the Starrs go!
Again Congratulations!
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Congratulations! -throws confetti-

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Woo! *confetti* there's showers of it about, and I'm adding some more! *confetti*

Your museum really turned out wonderfully, and your story has been a fantastic read, great job!  I'm so glad that you made it to the finish line! Yay!
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60 pages, over 16k views and less than 4 months!

Congratulations Debbie!  I'm so happy that you were able to finish the Starrs, but like everyone else it holds a hint of sadness, too.  You should be more than proud of yourself for having completed this challenge.  You did an awesome job. 

Now if you don't mind.. I'm short and the confetti is starting to pile up like quicksand! I'm off to go hover around your new dynasty  ;D
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Well done, Katluvr!

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Noooooo! its the end. loved the hole story. congratulations! such a great family will miss the tales. Now to start my second attempt (first was a big fail) cant wait to see your total museum value.

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The Starrs were wonderful, from generation 1 all the way to generation 8!
Well Done Kat! ;D

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You wrote a great story befitting your fabulous Dynasty family, the Starrs! Congrats on making it to the end!

Have fun with your new Dynasty and Generations when you get it.
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Wow, I'm really overwhelmed and humbled by everyone's lovely comments!  Thank you so much!  I've gone back through and pulled the Starr Immortal Museum value as well as some other information which I found interesting, so here goes.

Oh, before I start, I just want to let you know that I have updated each immortal's personal summary with additional max skills they obtained since they first ate ambrosia, so the information below will be slightly different from what is in each individual's post.  The information below is accurate as of the time Joanna ate her ambrosia.


Dynasty Complete on Week 50, Day 1

Jackson Starr - Founder
LTW:  Culinary Librarian
Career:  Cooking
Supermax Skill:  Cooking
Other Max Skills:  Gardening, Fishing, Athletic, Bass
Building:  Aggie's Book Nook (formerly Divisadero Book Store)
Property:  Summer Hill Springs
LTR:  No Bills Ever, Fireproof Homestead, Moodlet Manager
Best Friends:  Agnes (Crumplebottom) Starr, Jared Frio, Emma Hatch, Abraham Finkel, Lucia Huston, Morgana Wolff
Black Ops:  An Apple A Day, On the Clock Dinner Date, Working Alongside Friends, Make a Dream, Celebrity Body, Alley Catfish
Portraits:  Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Sculptures:  Adult, Elder

Jessica Starr - Generation 2
LTW:  Renaissance Sim
Career:  Painting
Supermax Skill:  Painting
Other Maxed Skills:  Sculpture, Photography, Athletic, Guitar
Building:  Sam's Summer Shack (formerly Hogan's Deep Fried Diner)
Property:  Stoney Falls
LTRs:  Fast Learner, Extra Creative, Fertility Treatment
Best Friends:  Sam (Sekemoto) Starr, Jackson Starr, Jorianne Starr, Jemma Starr, Kaylynn Langerak, Amir Hart
Black Ops:  Deliver a Painting to China, Deliver a Painting to Egypt, Telescopic Metal, Sims on Ice, Sculpt a Suspect, An Old Ruse
Portraits:  Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Sculptures:  Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

Jorianne Starr - Generation 3
LTW:  Martial Arts Master
Supermax Skill:  Martial Arts
Other Max Skills:  Athletic, Handiness, Drums, Guitar
Career:  Professional Sports
Building:  Jeremey's Market
Property:  Crystal Springs
LTRs:  Speedy Cleaner, Suave Seller, Fast Metabolism
Black Ops:  Always the Difficult Ones, Stadium Cleanup, Secret Techniques, The Big Game, Learning from the Master, The Sparring Report
Best Friends:  Jeremey (Langerak) Starr, Jasmine Starr, Marty Keaton, Monika Morris, Cory Bourgeois, Katy Kuykendall
Portraits:  Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Sculptures:  Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

Jasmine Starr - Generation 4
LTW - Swimming in Cash
Career:  Inventing
Supermax Skill:  Inventing
Other Maxed Skills:  Handiness, Athletic, Piano
Building:  Chez Rahsaan (formerly Little Corsican Bistro)
Property:  Pinochle Pond
LTRs:  Efficient Inventor, Artisan Crafter, Professional Simoleon Booster
Best Friends:  Rahsaan (Ellis) Starr, Jocelyn Starr, Lucas Aldrich, Enrique Gaines, Janae Wolff, Sylvester Weiner
Black Ops:  The Ultimate Invention #1 (palladium), The Ultimate Invention #2 (life fruit), The Ultimate Invention #3 (heart cut pink diamond), The Ultimate Invention #4 (Scrap), The Ultimate Invention #5 (build a SimBot), New Age Master Class
Portraits:  Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Sculptures:  Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

Jocelyn Starr - Generation 5
LTW:  World Renowned Surgeon
Career:  Medicine
Supermax Skill:  Logic
Other Max Skills:  Athletic
Building:  Carmelo's Critical Care (formerly Sacred Spleen Hospital)
Property:  Eugi's
LTR:  Bookshop Bargainer, Multi-Tasker, Stone Hearted
Best Friends:  Carmelo (Bourgeois) Starr, Jameson Starr, Estevan Lam, Aren Bowles, Nicolas Mosland, Herbert Marquez
Black Ops:  Riddle War in China, Scarab Ecology, Senet Strategy, French Puzzler, Good Friends with the Government, Safely Burning Bridges
Portraits:  Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Sculptures:  Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

Jameson Starr - Generation 6
LTW:  Bottomless Nectar Cellar
Career:  Nectar Making
Supermax Skill:  Nectar Making
Other Maxed Skills:  Gardening, Guitar, Athletic, Bass, Piano
Building:  Grace Starr Science Center (formerly Landgraab Industries)
Property:  Starr Consignments (formerly Landgraab Swap and Sell)
LTRs:  Watering Hole Regular, Better Mixologist, The Next Big Thing
Best Friends:  Jenni Carmen Starr, Barrett Allen, Hillary Allen, Germaine Gaston, Wilber Fowler, Marcy Forbes
Black Ops:  Extreme Digits, Some Hogan Rock, Learning to Mix, Bounce the Crowd, Pediatric Piano, The Setup
Portraits:  Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Sculptures:  Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

Jenni Carmen Starr - Generation 7
LTW:  Leader of the Free World
Career:  Politics
Supermax Skill:  Charisma
Other Maxed Skills:  Mixology
Building:  Llama Memorial Stadium
Property:  JayCee's (formerly The Grind)
LTRs:  Never Dull, Attractive, Legendary Host
Best Friends:  Joanna Starr, Nikole Bond, Jedediah Bond, Noel the XIII, Manon Goddard, Tobin Ladd
Black Ops:  Young Politician's Club Induction, Smooth Like Verbal Butter, Lobster Crisis, Bestest Friends, Policing the Paper Trail, Business Up Front Party In Back
Portraits:  Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Sculptures:  Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

Joanna Starr - Generation 8
LTW:  Professional Author
Career:  Writing
Supermax Skill:  Writing
Other Maxed Skills:  none
Building:  Starr Community Playhouse (formerly Wilsonoff Community Theater)
Property:  Papyrus Memorial Library
LTRs:  Acclaimed Author, Long Distance Friend, Map to the Stars
Best Friends:  Eliseo Ursine, Harley Ursine, Mason Wolff, Ericka Wolff, Lewis Wolff, Delores Jolina
Black Ops:  A Fishy Science Project, The Boiler Room, Networking is Key, Deliver a Book to France, Book Donation, Deliver a Book to China
Portraits:  Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Sculptures:  Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

The Starr Immortal Museum
Total Value:  $677,655
Most Valuable Piece:  Jameson young adult sculpture @ $24,846
Least Valuable Piece:  Joanna adult sculpture @ $2,423

Starr Family Net Worth
Total:  $14,409,054
Cash:  $7,400,927
Real Estate:  $7,008,127
Sunset Valley Home Value:  $2,159,973
Most Valuable Business/Property:  Starr Museum of Fine Arts and Natural History @ $1,309,399*
* The museum contains just enough buy/build stuff to make it a level 3 property - everything else was created, collected, or transfigured by my dynasty.

Top 5 Best In-Game Moments
1.  Seeing Joanna age up to teen and young adult as such a beautiful sim
2.  Seeing Joanna eat her ambrosia
3.  Seeing Grace get pregnant with Jenni Carmen
4.  Seeing Jori beat up every mummy in Egypt
5.  Jasmine's wedding to Raj

Top 5 Worst In-Game Moments
1.  Catching Joanna with a plate of ambrosia before her elder birthday*
2.  Mistaking the butler for Agnes when the butler electrocuted herself
3.  Agnes' actual death
4.  Waiting for Carmelo to meet Grim
5.  Choosing a writer for generation 8...wake me up when she hits level 10...
*Apparently one of the elders didn't eat it at the time it was replicated.  Fortunately I caught Joanna and cancelled the action before she ate any of it but not before I had a small stroke!

Most Impressive Accomplishment (aside from finishing the dynasty)

Starr Family Portrait

L to R:  Jackson, Jessica, Jorianne, Jasmine, Jocelyn, Jameson, Jenni Carmen, Joanna

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Congratulations!! You had a great dynasty I'm sad too see it end! :(