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Sim - Drey Kular, Young Adult Male
« on: March 10, 2011, 07:27:03 AM »

Name:  Drey Kular
Age:  Young Adult
Traits:  Charismatic, Flirty, Great Kisser, Party Animal, Schmoozer
Lifetime Wish:  Heartbreaker
Gender:  Male

Includes Expansion Content: Late Night

Created in game that includes WA, Ambitions and Late Night and is patched up-to-date (as at 10 March 2011)

Drey was created in CAS in response to a request by Bellalupa for a "vampire with deep purple hair. He can have any color eyes, but they must be exotic/abnormal (red, orange)... a city boy, and very charismatic and smooth... a sinister looking man, but also attractive...".  Bellalupa further said that she would be happy to turn him into a vampire herself, if that was easier - so my offering as her possible vampire is Drey - Drey is not (yet) a vampire and will need to be turned.

I looked at photos of Bollywood actor, John Abraham as initial inspiration. 

Personally, I find that beard Drey is wearing, quite sinister and think he would look better with a full stubble beard.  His hair is very dark purple but the purple is noticeable as highlights and in his beard.  I also considered those bushier, more sinister eyebrows but figured that, as Drey was a city boy, he might be a bit of a metro man and would probably groom them.  I didn't follow through completely on the idea of Drey as a metro man so he is wearing no make-up.  His favourite colour is orange, favourite food is pancakes and favourite music is pop but, as you know, you can change all that.  He has no tattoos.