Author Topic: How To: Upload a House or Lot to the Swap Shop  (Read 3622 times)

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How To: Upload a House or Lot to the Swap Shop
« on: February 12, 2015, 05:17:31 PM »
How To: Upload a House or Lot to the Swap Shop

1. Go to this part of the forum - Sims 3 Houses and Lots,22.0.html

2. Create a New Topic about your lot. (Click the New Topic Button on the right top - Just above the stickied posts.)

3. Share the required details about your house or lot.

For houses, the details are:

Lot Size:
Cost when placed on X lot:
Cost when placed on X lot unfurnished:
Requires expansion/Sims 3 store content:

Requires expansions?:
Short Description: Only a sentence or two, to go with the first image as a preview.
Long Description:  Maybe up to a paragraph.

Do not upload zipped Files. They will be deleted.

Read more on the required details in the post link below.

Swap Shop Instructions & Guidelines

4. Share some photos of the house or lot, if you'd like. (The link below can help with sharing photos.)

Sharing Photos on the Forum

5. Go down under your post where you see the word Attach. Click the Browse button and browse to where you store your Sims 3 files. Usually you find the files in the Sims 3 Export folder.

Go to: ----> Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Exports

Look for the file you want to share. Select it, and click Open. The file should now be attached and will be added to your post as a downloadable file.

How To: Export Files

If you want to learn how to upload a Sim, please refer to the link below.

How To: Upload a Sim to the Swap Shop (A Photo Walkthrough),3965.msg79753.html#msg79753

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