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Sims 2 Immortal Dynasty Challenge
« on: September 30, 2016, 10:41:00 AM »
I’m pretty sure this exists in some or other form, with different rules, but I wanted to create my own Sims 2 version of the popular Immortal Dynasty Challenge. My rules are adapted from the Sims 3 Version of the Challenge.

Credit goes to Metropolis Man for the original idea. Some text is taken straight out of his post. I have asked permission to use his idea. Read the post here:


Game Set Up and Lot Choice

You may choose any official neighbourhood for your game. These include the main neighbourhoods; Veronaville, Strangetown, Pleasantview, Riverblossom Hills and Belladonna Cove, as well as the “extension neighbourhoods”, Bluewater Village and Downtown.

Create one Adult sim of any gender. Personality, aspiration, looks, etc are up to you.

Free will must be on and aging must be on.

Your sim must move into an empty 5x6 lot that you have placed in the neighbourhood. If it does not fit, you may move some things around or bulldoze non-original lots to make space.

Mods, Cheats, and Custom Content

The only community lots allowed are officially released ones, or ones that you have built in-game, i.e. on a lot that your Sim has purchased.

You must take care of all the building yourself

No mods that alter the core gameplay are allowed.

CC that are variation of “normal” objects is allowed

You may not use a cheat, unless it is moveobjects on for designing the lot, boolprop for changing the lifetime want in certain cases, or a cheat to fix a glitch sim or object.[/li][/list]

Household Matters

•The first spouse must be a townie or unplayed EA sim
•   The firstborn child of any generation is the next immortal. In the event a pregnancy results in twins, then the first named child is the next immortal.
•   Immortals must result from natural pregnancies where both parents are living in the dynasty house. Alien pregnancy is only allowed to produce an heir if your generation 7 heir is a male sim.
•   Non-immortals may be adopted or born through alien pregnancy, only after the next generation has been born.
•   Non-Immortal household members (spouses, spare children, and other live-ins) are not tied to the same restrictions as immortals. They are free to choose any LTW, career, skills, etc.
•   Vampires, spectral cats, and zombies are not allowed in the household.
•   Witches, alien hybrids, pets, werewolves, plantsims, pets, and bigfoot are allowed in the household.
•   Heirs may only become plantsims after the next generation is born. If a sim accidentally becomes a plantsim before the next heir is born, they must be cured immediately. A PlantSim baby (from the interaction “grow a plantbaby”) may not become an heir. Plantsims may not use gardening as their claimed talent badge.
•   Immortals/heirs may not become werewolves
•   Servos are allowed in the household, but must be deactivated before the 8th heir is born.
•   No Sim can be moved out. All household members are to live a full and natural life and their eventual death can never be expedited (intentional killing).
•   If a non-immortal dies accidentally (electric shock, fire, etc) you are free to continue playing the challenge.
•   If your 7th generation firstborn is a female, she will need to become pregnant without adding a spouse to the household to bring in the 8th and final immortal. If your 7th generation firstborn is a male, he needs to become alien pregnant to bring in the 8th generation.


In the Sims 2, drinking from the elixir of life will add three days to a sim’s life. So, drinking the elixir on a regular basis will keep any Sim immortal, provided that no accidents happen. If an accident does occur, you may resurrect the sim ON THE SAME DAY, provided that he/she was already immortal. If you heir dies before becoming immortal, the attempt is failed.

In this Dynasty Challenge, the act of drinking the elixir is a reward reserved only for your designated immortals who have reached elder status. No immortal can drink the elixir before that, and non-immortals cannot do those things at all. The elixir must be drunk on a regular basis, in order to keep the immortals alive.

Each potential immortal must complete the following 8 tasks before the elixir can be drunk:

1.   Accomplish a Lifetime Wish that’s different from the other immortals’ Lifetime Wishes
You may not change the lifetime wish. If an heir pops up a lifetime wish that has already been completed by another heir, it will be necessary to do so. If the lifetime wish is completed and does not register, take it as completed or change it and complete a different one if you so wish. Lifetime wishes in the Sims 2 get changed via cheats. Ask if you do not know how this is done.

2.   Max a career
All immortals’ careers must be different from each other. As long as your immortal did max a unique career they do not need to be at level 10 when it’s time to drink the elixir—retiring is an option. You must claim the career reward, too.

3.   Max a skill not claimed by other immortals
Each immortal must max and claim a skill of their own. The skills do not have to be unique, as some careers require certain skills to be maxed. The 8th generation heir may claim a skill that has already be claimed, as there are only 7 skills in the game.

4.   Get a unique Gold Talent badge
If you do not have the necessary expansion packs, you don’t have to complete this one. Instead, your heir must max a total of three skills, including the claimed one. If you do not have enough expansions to make up eight talent badges, there will need to be some overlap between the immortals.

5.   Purchase One Lifetime Reward not purchased by other immortals

Immortals can have more than one Aspiration Reward, but one has to be unique. Also, more than one of a unique Aspiration Reward can be purchased for other immortals as long as the reward is not a unique reward for other immortals. In addition, each immortal must purchase at least one Elixir of Life. Remember to only use aspiration rewards when the Aspiration bar is gold or above!

If I am not mistaken, there are only 9 rewards included in the base game, so only buy one reward and the elixir of life for your immortals if you are only going to play with the base game.

6.   Have 6 different Best Friends
If two Immortals share a best friend, only one of them may count them as a best friend) at the time of drinking the elixir for the first time. Anybody / anything may be a best friend.

7.   Property
Use a computer or phone to purchase one property. The property purchased must be an EA-made property. If there are not enough in your neighbourhood, place more for the immortals to purchase. Older generations cannot purchase buildings/properties for younger immortals.

8. Portraits

With the exception of your Founder, each immortal needs to have 5 portraits painted of themselves — one for each of the following life stages: Toddler, Child, Teen, Adult, and Elder. Make sure you are doing the proper interaction and have a painter choose Paint a Portrait Of...and not your immortal choosing Self Portrait. These are the sole items for your Immortals’ Museum. Your Founder needs to have Adult and Elder portraits added to the museum before immortality. Once placed in the museum, paintings cannot be replaced with new paintings of the same immortal.  Optional: Photographs of each immortal at the same life stages may be included in the museum if expansion packs are being used. Each of the stages’ pieces need to be added to the museum before an immortal would age up to the next stage. Only one portrait, photo, and ice sculpture per stage is allowed to be put in the museum. Again, photos are purely optional.  Museums can be placed on your home lot or another lot that you own.

Additional Restrictions and Info

•   Traveling is banned until the 2nd generation becomes a teen. Travel includes going to University to get a degree or going on vacation.
•   Any methods (except cheating) to extend life are allowed only for immortals after their first elixir of life. You may not use any method to freeze age.
•   The first elixir of life to be drunk by an immortal must come from a dispenser bought with the immortal’s own points. Thereafter, elixir may be drunk from anywhere.
•   You may not change an immortal’s personality or aspiration.
•   Birthday cakes can only be used on a Sim's actual birthday and only on members of your household.

The following items are banned across the board for non-immortals and pets and only pre-elixir for immortals:

1. Kibble of Life
2. Genie long life wish
3. Eating life fruit or drinking a drink made with life fruit.
4. Getting plastic surgery.
5. The mud bath feature of the Steam-It-Up Sauna.
6. The Hibernation Chamber.
7. Drinking soy milk from the Farm Fresh Folk set.
8. Keeping special seeds in the personal inventory.

You have the following options as to what to do with the graves of non-immortals:
1. You can keep them on your lot and deal with the ghosts.
2. You can place them in the public cemetery.
3. You can make a private family cemetery on a lot that you’ve purchased via the computer.
4. You can carry around the grave in inventory and essentially never deal with it at all.

Tech Talk

Sometimes the game throws you a bug. Save often.

You also do not need to ask for permission to open the cheats panel (Press Ctrl-Shift-C) and use a cheat for the following circumstances:
1. Your Sim is stuck
2. Your Sim ages to an incorrect life stage or has an aging bug

Build cheats such as moveobjects and placeFriezes are fine whenever needed. The same goes for Movie/Picture taking cheats such as hideHeadlineEffects.
UnlockOutfits cheat is also okay.
Building cheats such as restrictbuildbuybuildings true/false

The End of the Dynasty

Your Dynasty comes to an end when your 8th generation firstborn attains elder status and drinks elixir for the first time. Congratulations! If your founder or any generation’s firstborn dies before they become an Elder and drink the elixir, then your dynasty attempt comes to an end.


The only component of the score is the museum’s value. The museum’s value is based on its contents (only the required life stage portraits and the optional photos determine total museum value), so, when you’re done, you can post the total value of your Immortals’ Museum.

Please let me know if there are any uncertainties or ambiguities in this post

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Re: Sims 2 Immortal Dynasty Challenge
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2016, 09:13:43 AM »
@Aniseed, this looks really good! And sometime, when I have more time, I might try it. One change (aside from the fact that you need to rework the sections from portraits on), I'd require only one portrait per Immortal rather than one for each life stage. Portraits take longer in TS2, and the person being painted can't do anything else.

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Re: Sims 2 Immortal Dynasty Challenge
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2016, 10:04:05 AM »
Hello, @MarianT. Thank you for replying, and thank you for bringing the portrait thing to my attention. I will check it out and change accordingly  :)

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Re: Sims 2 Immortal Dynasty Challenge
« Reply #3 on: October 29, 2016, 11:50:45 AM »
This is great, Aniseed. I am quite flattered you took the time to adapt the popular IDC to Sims 2. :)