Author Topic: The Maid vs the Thief vs the Zombie vs the Sim  (Read 1512 times)

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The Maid vs the Thief vs the Zombie vs the Sim
« on: October 17, 2012, 11:44:13 AM »
This is my first time putting out a story, so I am sorry for mistakes I may make.  I read the rules and I think I am safe in what I am posting.  If not, please let me know.  I don't have any pictures as I felt it was too dark for anyone to see them, so didn't bother to take any. 

I took “literary license” with the story in some areas that I will give now.  It doesn’t affect the story in any manner, I don’t think.  I hope you find it as funny as I did while it happened.  I had to tell the Sims what to do, of course.  The lights came on because I realized I couldn’t see much on the porch, forgot to put up lights, so paused and added the lights.  He didn’t shake his finger, but he did stand up, say something to her and go inside and she did just stand there, with a confused look on her face.  The ending at the diner was mine added on; I had fun with that as I have always secretly wanted to write.
Tsalgai is NA (Native American) for Cherokee and the names are NA names, Aponi is butterfly and Chayton is falcon.

The Maid vs the Thief vs the Zombie vs the Sim

Chayton Tsalagi sat by the fire reading a book glancing up us as his wife, Aponi, arrived home from gathering mushrooms and beeswax for her elixirs.  As they went to eat their supper of canned soup, they heard the mournful howl of a wolf and realized there was a full moon that night.  After their supper they sat by the fire relaxing in the glow of the firelight for a chat.  Time passed and they decided to retire for the night.  They were not concerned or worried that they were in any danger from the creatures of the night; they felt safe in their home.  Doors were locked and the maid was downstairs cleaning up.
As they slept a strange music begins to play and the maid stops cleaning.  She leaves the house to go outside and see what is going on.  There, on the corner of the lot is a man, dressed in strange clothes; black pants and a shirt with black and white stripes. And it looks as if he is trying to mimic a raccoon with that silly mask covering his eyes.  The man is looking at her in defiance as she approaches him, not the least bit scared -- he should be. 
The thief looks at the woman approaching him in defiance, but his defiance changes first to shock and then to horror as he gazes upon the approaching being.  He had thought it was a woman; he was sure as he saw she was wearing a maid’s dress.  Although it seemed to be a strange outfit; red dress with a black apron and that funny hat; wasn’t the outfit supposed to be black with white apron, not red and black?   But, although it seemed female, he realized it was a skeleton, bones and a skull looking grotesque with the maid’s outfit coving up the bones that was approaching him.  What kind of being is this; that is coming toward him?  He stands there, unsure what to do when she attacks him.  He fights back but she is too strong for him, so he flees around the house, hoping to escape, maybe he can find safety in the house.  Then, there is a blaring sounds and flashing lights -- he has triggered the alarms! 
He looks over as another figure approaches him.  What is this creature with its deformed body, twisted face and hands that are claw like?  It approaches him and it raises it hands as if to attack; then screams at him.  Enough already!  He raises his arms and yells back at this creature.  The creature pulls back in shock and surprize and in the moonlight he sees a young girl, blond hair tied in pigtails.  He yells again and turns to leave but approaching him is a police officer.  But not to worry, this is the fairy one, one that all the burglars are laughing about.  He runs past the police as the zombie, which is what the robber realizes the creature is, is left standing there with a confused look on her face.  The police officer goes inside to talk to Mr. Tsalagi about the escaped robber while she goes onto the porch. 
The police leaves and Chayton is standing on the porch when the zombie comes toward him, threatening him.   He cowers in fear, terrified of the zombie approaching him.  Then the porch lights come on and he stands up seeing that she is a young girl and are those pigtails she is wearing -- on a zombie? He shakes his finger at her, scolds her for being out so late and then goes inside hoping to get some more sleep.  She walks over to the rocking chair to sit and think about what a horrible, confusing night it has been.  Another zombie climbs the stairs and heads toward the door, but when he finds it locked he stomps his feet, yells and claws at the air, with his bald head shinning in the porch light.   He then goes to join the young girl, sitting in the other rocker to wait for the dawn.
The sun rises, a golden disc in the sky, and the young girl dashes off; probably late for school.  The man rises unsure of what to do but then decides to sit and rock some more; he is tired from the long, rough night and wants to take a nap.    Meanwhile, the Tsalagi family is waking up, sleeping in due to the busy night. They plan their day; first a shower and breakfast and make sure the maid goes to her coffin.  She deserves a good rest from the night’s events and they have some reading to do for their future careers.  Then, who knows, Aponi hopes that maybe some afternoon delight will be in store for them. 
The sun shines down on the peaceful town, looking as if it is a quiet place to live, no strange events that will disrupt a night’s sleep.  A normal town where normal people live who have normal jobs, families and careers.  The young salesman traveling through the town would never know that the person he is sitting beside at the diner is a werewolf.  Nor that the woman who served him his meal is a witch and that a ghost and vampire were outside, under the shade of a tree, having a discussion. 
They were talking about the rumors they had heard.  One was of a skeleton that beats up a robber; such an event would be impossible.  Who would believe that there were skeletons running around their town, ludicrous.  The robber didn’t want to admit he had been scared off by a harmless maid.  And then the other rumor, that the same robber had scared a zombie?  That makes as much sense as law enforcement letting a fairy become a police officer.    Shaking his head the vampire leaves to go home, frustrated that his skin has started to sparkle in the light.  Who ever heard of sparkling vampires? It must be some skin fungus, perhaps he drank some spoiled plasma.