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Re: Orphanage Project Rules
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Thanks for the interest, Luna.  Again, I have no problem with people doing their own variations on the Orphanage Project.  My Riches Galore story ended when the two main characters had reached the top of their careers and when the game had reached the time limit I set myself (which I think was ten weeks).  Yours could be longer or shorter, whatever works for you.  I think it would be interesting to have an Orphanage Project that continued to the end of the main character's life, if you would like to do that.  Your Sim/s can be married or not, and there's absolutely no reason you couldn't move in a townie to help.  If you do that, I agree with you that it would be a good idea to reset the household funds.  Bringing in a rich townie would make things too easy, in my opinion.

Mods and custom content are also ok for this project.

Good luck, and if you do decide to write about your Orphanage Project, I'll look forward to seeing it!

Thank you, for your answer. I'm glad that I finally get one. I'm afraid that I already started. Sorry, I thought that it will took a long time before responded, hehe. I changed my mind to to use original Townie instead creating one. My project story called For The Children :)
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