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Re: At Home With Chuckles - It's here! Orbital Planes
« Reply #50 on: August 07, 2013, 09:39:41 PM »
The Inside-Out Home

Price Partly Furnished:§158,922
Price Unfurnished:§121,608
Lot size: 36x47 (53 Waterfall Way, Sunset Valley)
Description:Based on the home of architect Arthur Cassas, this house brings the outside in. If your sim loves the outdoors, then they will keep this moodlet throughout the entire house!  This partly furnished 5 bedroom home boasts a large pool, spa, study, entertaining area, and overlooks the beautiful waterfall in Sunset Valley.
Content: World Adventureses, High End Loft Stuff, Ambitions, Nightlife, Outdoor Living Stuff, Townlife Stuff, Pets, Master Suite Stuff, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise

Kyoto Light (Japanese Dining Set)
Au Courant Stool
Tropical Coconut Palm (Sunlit Tides)
Bird of Paradise (Sunlit Tides)
Swiss Cheese Plant (Sunlist Tides)
Little Trees (tulips in vase)
VDBM-880 Wall Mirror
Mounted Fireplace
Table of Balance by Feng Shui
Tropical Water Lily Light (Sunlit Tides)
Leaves of Tears
Sharper Edge Skylights Part VIII

Pattern: Wood_Flooring_Horizontal_01


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Re: At Home With Chuckles - It's here! Orbital Planes
« Reply #51 on: August 08, 2013, 07:26:46 AM »
A Gem of A Victorian

As the name suggests, this house was supposed to be for the contest, but I never got around to finishing it. Now I am having a cleaning up and project finishing week, here it is:

Furnished Price: §35,000 on Anne Song Ave, or §33, 456 on a standard 20x30
Unfurnished Price: §27,411
Lot size: 20x30
Description:  This lovely home features a traditional Victorian exterior, and is decorated in the Victorian style througout. We bring you the anitique and luxurious feel without being hard on the hip-pocket. Outside there is a lovely vegetable garden and pond, whilst upstairs a private abode for the artist, and a spare room for a lodger (they'll need to bring their own furniture though!).
Content:World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise

It is also decorated throughout extensively with my own patterns:
Glossy Subway Tile 1
Vintage Feature Tile 02
Floral_01 (now how did that happen lol)
Antique Striped Scroll
Chimney Modern
Glossy Panelling 01
Grec Porcelain Chic

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