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Forum Rules
« on: October 07, 2009, 12:38:07 AM »
Welcome to Carl and Pam's The Sims Community

Revised by: Staff - December 2021

Our goal is to have a friendly community that focuses on discussion of the gameplay in The Sims. 

This means we don't want fashion contests, rate the Sim, avatar above you, etc. type posts. For many people this is not a rule but a perk. It is an idea that this forum was founded on, so keep this in mind at all times.

We are all simply fellow players who are trying to help each other to the best of our ability.

By registering, you agree to the following rules: 

1. Be kind and respectful towards others.

This is a family friendly community. Hate speech, profanity, using the words "bleep" or "bleeping" any abbreviations and/or asterisks in place of profanity is not acceptable. Bullying, harassing and being overly rude to others is not tolerated!!

All posts must not contain any graphic, sexual, violent or overly morbid behavior or foul language.

We have young children that visit the forum. Please be mindful of the potential audience and post accordingly. Please do not post about morbid or excessively graphic topics. For example: overly graphic ways of killing Sims.

That's not appropriate for this forum.

Please be kind to one another. There's no reason to be unnecessarily rude to others. If you don't like something, you could just keep quiet.

We have no tolerance policy for members harassing staff or other members or trolling.

Do not troll, bait or flame. This includes deliberately trying to cause an argument by making sarcastic, off-topic, rude or disruptive posts, and discussions.

2. Posting in the Forum

Members are encouraged to create their own topics instead of posting on older threads. If you want help with something make your topic title as descriptive as possible. Try to use proper spelling, punctuation and grammar when posting so that it is clearly readable by other forum members.

This is an English speaking forum. Links that are posted to non-English sites will be removed and will be considered spam.

Avoid text-speak and web acronyms - spell it out! Do not go overboard with smilies (emoticons) and CAPS because they annoy and can be bothersome, as do text enlargement and colors.

We're trying to keep the Forum tidy and consistent.  This means no glow, no shadow and no marquee text.  Also, please do not make the font smaller than the default 10pt. 

Don't bother modifying the font unless you know when it's good to do so, as with headers over sections in large posts. Excessive use of these features makes posts look noisy. Posts like this may be edited, or you may be contacted to fix it. 

    -- Rule of thumb is: Default font, default alignment and Black font color, no smaller than 10pt and no larger than 18pt - for headers.

** Zip file attachments aren't allowed unless given permission to upload. This is for security purposes. If a zip file attachment is found it will be deleted.

If you are posting photos, please have your screenshots in jpg format, in no bigger than 800 wide.

The reason we like to have .jpg is they are more web friendly for those with limited or bad internet, it helps with bandwidth and prevents overwhelming the forum's display engine as well as other forum resources.

Drama, rumors and speculation have no place here in our forum. Posts that talk about these subjects will be locked and possibly removed. Member will be warned.

We like our forum to be a drama-free zone.

We may split, merge or delete any topics that are asking about the same issue or question multiple times. So please be mindful of that and ask about your issue or question once.

Polls and the Spoiler Tag can be used in stories.

3. Piracy and Bashing

Any discussion of piracy, CD cracks and anything that is against any game publisher's terms of service are forbidden. This includes topics about warez sites, torrents of games, how to share accounts and other similar subjects. - If EA/Maxis hasn't officially offered a fix for the issue, we can't help.

Don't waste space and traffic by bashing game publishers and their developers. Use their forums or contact them yourself.

Again, we are all fellow players here who are trying to help each other to the best of our ability. It is certainly not our responsibility to ensure the game is running well. That responsibility lies with Maxis and EA.

It is an extremely buggy game. Most of the bugs will need a devs fix.

4. Discussing and Sharing Links

 -- In Regards to Sims News -

Please do not link to other fan sites, as their information isn't always from official sources. We like to have the facts and official information from EA/Maxis themselves in regards to Sims news.

-- Regarding Mods and Custom Content -

Do not discuss or link to sites that offer content which breaks the game's teen rating. If you link to CC or a game mod, be sure you would vouch for that site to the parents whose children visit here.

Important Note: Mods that breaks the T game rating cannot be discussed.

Adult content being obvious on a link you share will be removed and lead to a warning.

Do not ask about adult related mods or cc that have anything to do with any graphic, sexual, violent or overly morbid behavior.

 -- Sharing Your Youtube, Other Social Media Site and/or Website/Blog Links -

Any active member who wants to share their social media or website/blog links may do so in their signature line. Please keep in mind, links that are shared need to have content that is family-friendly.

What we consider an active member is someone who is actively participating in challenges, answering questions and commenting on stories or other threads of interest on the forum. If not, posting such links is considered spam and will be removed.

5. Forum Accounts

Individual users of this forum are to have only one account at a time. Creating multiple accounts may result in a temporary ban or worse.

Violating these rules may result in post removal, warnings, removal of posting ability, or being banned.  We reserve the right to make judgement calls on issues not covered specifically in the rules.

We thank you for taking the time to report spam to the staff. Please avoid replying to it. Finally, please be aware that there are special rules for sections like the Swap Shop, Babble Thread, and Stories board.

Do not use our forum to advertise your community. This is in bad taste and disrespectful.

If you experience any problems with the forum or site, or have questions please feel free to contact Carl by email or any of his social media sites:

Email: [email protected]

You may want to share your IP Address and/or error message given if any.

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Re: Forum Rules
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2014, 02:40:53 PM »
Amended to include that spoilers are meant for use in stories and are not a default feature of the Forum for general use. Also used that line to mention the role of polls in the Forum.

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