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Re: Christmas in Paradise - A Saviour Story (Chapter 8)
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Chapter 8 – Snowballs
“What!” Holly shouted.
“She couldn’t give her daughter up for adoption now could she?” Kelsey answered.
“I mean,” Holly thought of the right words to use, “why do we have different last names then?”
“You don’t believe me?” Kelsey asked.
“Your father was Christopher Spirit. He was a fairy, the King of the Fae actually. Eve married him and was going to become a fairy like him but she soon found herself pregnant with you and couldn’t take the elixir while pregnant. Soon after your birth your father died in a battle against rogue witches. There was a huge fire, many fairies died.” Kelsey stopped.
“Eve then moved here and started her orphanage.”
Holly jumped off her chair and walked around, deep in thought. Soon she sat onto the rocking chair and began to rock.

 “Since you are a fairy like your father, Eve decided you should keep his last name while she kept her maiden name.” Kelsey said.
Holly stood and shouted, “Leave!”
“But Holly,” Kelsey protested.
“You’re just lying to me! LEAVE!” Holly cried.
“Holly,” Kelsey activated her telepathy. “I am telling the truth.”
“Why wouldn’t she tell me?!” Holly said, realising the truth.
“I don’t know. Ask her when she comes home.”
“But Kelsey, tell me, why did you look through Eve’s mind?” Holly began, “I mean, what made you do it?”
“You always intrigued me Holly. Never interested in anything but learning at school, spend little time talking to others and a great painter.”
“How do you know about my paintings? No one is ever allowed in my room.”

 “I snuck in when you were at school.” Kelsey confessed as Holly stared.
“I started painting when Carol first came in a few years ago. I found a few pieces of wood in the boxes outside and built an easel. I found a canvas, paints and a paintbrush in the boxes too and after cleaning them up, started to paint. I have probably painted at least 100 paintings.”
“Where are they all!?” Kelsey said surprised.
“I only have one canvas. I clean it after each painting and reuse it.” Holly replied, returning to her painting. “You can go now; I have said and heard enough.”
Kelsey got up and grabbed her chair by the top and opened the door, she brought the chair back to the dining table.

“Kels,” Alec panted walking through the back door, “Come outside we want to show you something.”
Kelsey followed Alec and saw an igloo an a few snowmen.
“Is this it?” Kelsey asked.

“No this is!” Alec shouted as he threw a snowball at Kelsey.
In a few seconds, snowballs were being thrown all over the place; Carol threw at Cam who threw at Alec who threw at Kelsey who threw at Nicolas who threw at Canary who threw at Carol. A snowman or two were knocked in the process and used as barricades. The igloo became an important place to hide.

Meanwhile, Holly thought about what Kelsey had said as she painted. She didn’t know what to think but the constant shouts made it much harder to concentrate.

She stopped and threw her painting gear onto the easel. She threw on her outwear and ran outside. She was unnoticed by everyone and threw a snowball straight into Cam’s face.
“Oww.” Cam said as he stumbled back.

The group of seven continued to throw snowballs, make barricades, build igloos, fall over and have fun for the next few hours and only stopped at dinner. When Eve had returned home, they all continued and no one noticed her watching through the window.

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Re: Christmas in Paradise - A Saviour Story (Chapter 9)
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Chapter 9 – Christmas in Paradise
It was Christmas morning, about 7 o’clock. All were asleep in the Wreath household. Eve was awake until late last night, hiding a few presents beneath the tree. It was nothing much. There were always a few presents each year under the tree, no matter what.

The Saviours waited until Eve had placed her presents for the kids beneath the tree before they went in with a large sack of gifts. Together they moved around the furniture in the study and arranged the presents in there. Meanwhile, Holly wriggled in bed, slightly disturbed by the noise in the room next door.

The Saviours then returned to their room and grabbed their packed bags. Alec returned to the house and put a note against Eve’s door to say the Saviours had left. Canary had called a taxi and off they went, back to their home town of Sunset Valley.

As the taxi arrived, it honked its horn and Carol heard it in her dream.

And at a little past 7 o’clock Nicolas woke up and sat on his bed.

He quickly climbed down the ladder and shook Carol.
“Carol wake up!” He shouted, “It’s Christmas!”
Carol rolled and was soon on the side of her bed rubbing her eyes.
“Merry Christmas Nic,” she said, “You wake up Holly, I’ll wake up Eve.”
Ever since he arrived Nicolas was always the first to wake up. He had a job as chief of waking others up.
Both he and Carol ran down stairs and saw the small pile of presents beneath the tree. Nicolas turned left at the tree and Carol ran through the door on the right.

“Eve, it is Christmas!” she shook Eve about.
Eve slowly woke up, “Merry Christmas Carol.”
“Merry Christmas, Eve!” Carol boomed, “Come on, let’s go open presents.”
Nicolas and Holly were already around the tree sitting on some of the dining chairs.

Eve said down and the four exchanged the same two words to each other, “Merry Christmas”.
“Who wants to open their presents first?” Eve said grabbing a present. It was for Nicolas. Eve handed it to Nicolas and he savaged through the wrapping paper.
“It’s a,” Nicolas took the last wrapping paper off, “video game system!”

Eve grabbed the next present and handed it to Carol, “Your turn,” she smiled.
Carol ripped open the wrapping and screamed, “It’s a new laptop!”

Eve bought the best laptop she could afford and it wasn’t too bad. The video game system was also one of the cheapest but that was because of the joint present. Eve picked up a third gift and handed it to Holly.
Eve didn’t even speak before Holly had begun to open the box. Inside was a set of the books she was begging for, The Powerless Seven, written by the famous Charles Saforia. All seven books were inside but she quickly pulled out one to check if it was true.

“Thanks Mum.” Holly said. Normally both Nicolas and Carol would have been confused but both were busy bringing in a gift for Eve. But before Eve could give it to them she grabbed the final gift, a large one.
“The last gift,” she said, “I think I’ll open it. It has all our names on it.”
She peeled off the wrapping and revealed a new TV. The only TV in the house.

 “Oh my gosh!” Holly screamed.
“I can play my game on that!” Nicolas shouted.
“Let’s give Eve her present now.” Carol excitedly said, “We put the money we had together and bought you this Eve.”
Carol handed Eve the present and Eve quickly unwrapped it.
“I wonder what it is?” Eve said. In a less than a minute she had unwrapped a shoe rack and four pairs of shoes

“Thanks guys,” she said, giving each child a hug. “Now who wants breakfast?”
“Me!” The three children screamed.
“I’ll just go check something on my computer and then I’ll come and make my famous Christmas pancakes.” Eve got up and noticed a note on her door. It was only then she noticed the Saviours weren’t there. It read:
Dear Eve,
Thank you for having us at your house. We had a lovely time. We have returned to Sunset Valley to celebrate Christmas with our families but have left something in your study.
The Saviours.
Eve held the note in her hand and walked into the study. She was greeted by a ton of presents, all unwrapped but with tags.

“Kids, get in here.” She screamed pretending to be angry.
“It was Carol,” Nicolas said, “I didn’t do anything.”
“Hey!” Carol angrily replied.
They walked into the study and their jaws fell when they saw the amount of presents.
“Are they,” Holly started.
“for us?” Carol finished.
“I think so,” Eve said.

The four spent the next few hours tunnelling through the masses the presents. A bike for Nicolas, a doll house for Carol, new chairs for Eve’s study was just a few of the presents but the best present could be the extra canvases and paints for Holly.
And so, a household that normally had a small Christmas with little presents, ended up with a Christmas filled with joy and happiness and most importantly presents love.

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Re: Christmas in Paradise - A Saviour Story (Complete)
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Thank You

I would first like to thank everyone for reading this story. I have enjoyed writing and would’ve finished closer to Christmas, like I had wanted to, if my Sims didn’t keep crashing. Thank you to everyone who commented. It helped to keep me going.

I’d like to thank all of the Union Cove team for creating this great town. Special thanks go to Naga and ratchie for their Sims and to Anushka for creating the lot the orphanage is on.

Things You May Not Have Known

All of the Sims living in the Orphanage and the Sims that Holly named in Chapter 7 are related to Christmas
The house used was originally a starter house and I had expanded it
The Saviours are a part of my other story, Helping Households

While waiting for the weekend to take photos for a chapter, Alec was my first Sim to ever get abducted. Good thing he didn’t return pregnant!

The alien was also looking pretty snazzy with their walking stick.

For the Festival chapter, after the party was over, the children were all doing their homework in the snow.

And so that ends Christmas in Paradise. Hope you all enjoyed. I will now be returning to Helping Households to finish up the first Household there.
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Re: Christmas in Paradise - A Saviour Story (Complete)
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Aw! What a beautiful ending.
You captured so much of the Christmas spirit. I loved it when Holly called Eve "Mum".
The Saviours did a good job! So did you!!!  ;D