Author Topic: Building Contest #1 2012, Annette's New Year Beach House-1br 1.5ba  (Read 1347 times)

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Building Contest-Helping with Resolutions
Sim Name: Annette Park
Name: Annette’s New Year Beach House
Bedrooms and Bathrooms: 1 br, 1.5 ba
Price Unfurnished: $42,085
Price Furnished: $64,704
Lot Size: 20 x 30
EP and SP Content: High End Loft, (Plant) Ambitions, (Door) Late Night, (Painting, Sculptures, Door) Outdoor Living, (Lights, Fridge, Decor, Plant)) Generations, (Stereo, Stairs) Town Life, (Sinks, Decor) Pets, (Paintings, Mirror)
Suggested Placement: Beautiful Views when placed on 9 Sun Song Ave.
Description: Annette is looking for a new place to stay and keep fit during the year. She came to Gogowars Inc and found a beautiful beachside dwelling. She'll be in here for hours running or 'pumping iron' upstairs or creating one of her masterpiece meals. And when she's ready, she can go for runs down at the beach.

The house is as modern as one can be as when we met Annette, she looked very trendy and today. (We made sure to add a bike rack for Annette’s new passion)

The back of the house has an award winning pool and boasts a fire pit and outdoor table.

The house is three stories tall and the third story is actually a small observatory for Annette to work endless hours looking into the stars.

The kitchen has all is a tiled area with wooden counters. We learnt that Annette loves cooking, so we made the perfect kitchen for anyone with such a love.

The Dining Room is to the left of the kitchen and is styled in a lilac, gray and white with a brown wood. The Dining Room was our personal favourite part of the house.

The Living Room is a very open area with a Television for a long relax and a stereo for the late night party music.

Once you come up the stairs you enter the area where we know that Annette will get to work on her Resolution. It’s very open and has both a treadmill and exercise machine.

The bedroom is very relaxing looking for those long sleep ins in the morning. We know Annette is a Heavy Sleeper so we also included an Ensuite, so she wouldn’t have to run downstairs when still very tired.

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