Vote for the best Goth renovation or restoration!

intl_incident - New Goth Manor
11 (15.9%)
ladybug53 - Goth Manor
5 (7.2%)
Decima - Renovated Goth Manor
5 (7.2%)
Agneza - Modern Goth Manor
11 (15.9%)
Joria - Goth Manor Renovation
13 (18.8%)
samoht04 - Mortibelle Manor
13 (18.8%)
Lilygirl - To Bella with Love, Morty
11 (15.9%)

Total Members Voted: 24

Voting closed: May 02, 2012, 11:12:16 PM

Author Topic: Building Contest 2012-Long, April: Renovation or Restoration for a Goth  (Read 13558 times)

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Anybody notice the Easter egg in the picture of Morty and Bella?

Is Bella pregnant? She's wearing one of the base game maternity dresses.

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Nice guess, but no. The Easter egg is that their outfits match their child outfits.  :)
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The three most unique and unusual builds in this contest in my opinion, were Intl-incidents', Agnezas' and Lilygirls'. 

@ Intl: Wow!  I absolutely did not recognize Goth manor at all!  That exterior had quite an impact and brought Goth manor from Victorian times to absolutely modern times.  The minimalist interior was lovely, (although a bit dark for my personal taste), well laid out and tastefully done.  I particularly liked the ST panels behind the bed in the master bedroom.  Well done!

@ Agneza:  I have yet to find one of your builds that I did not like but this one I absolutely loved!  The Mediteranean feel to it made the cold and forbidding old Goth manor a thing of the past and brought the sun and warmth and joy to the house.  Even using black, red and white as primary colors there was nothing dark and gloomy about this house but instead it gave a feel of hopefulness and joy to welcome in a new, young family.  There was not one room I didn't love.

@ Lilygirl:  How did you manage to have time with the darling new baby to do this?  Again, a really unique build that turned gloomy old Goth manor into something bright, young and welcoming!  Each room had it's own appeal but my favorite area was the kitchen.  It felt modern, efficient and yet homey.

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Re: Building Contest 2012-Long, April: Renovation or Restoration for a Goth
« Reply #28 on: August 26, 2012, 01:07:23 PM »
Don't know if this is it, but Bella's dress is one that preagnet sims wear!  ;D
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