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Emmings Household-2 YAs, 2 Teens-Requested by Seabody
« on: April 24, 2012, 07:44:32 AM »
Household Name: Emmings
Amount of Sims: 4
The Emmings are a typical family. Except, Sophie steals furniture from her neighbours and can’t help taking food from the supermarket. Jacob loves his work but he needs to focus on his family more now that they are older. Stephanie is similar to her mother in her evil attempts but she’s a tad smarter and even tricks the local neighbours into her mother’s grasps. And Hamish loves his bright red eyes and uses them to lure other people into his endless pranks. Will this family ever be kind to anyone but eachother?
 *If you download any sim alone, it won’t have skills or a career.

Sim Name: Jacob Emmings
Traits: Dog Person, Ambitious, Athletic, Schmoozer, Workaholic
Lifetime Wish: CEO of a Mega Corporation
Favourites: Orange, Songwriter, Sushi
EP and SP: Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Showtime
Skills: Charisma Level 1, Cooking Level 8
Jacob is new to being a father since he has always been off on business trips while his children were young. Now that he has lost his job, will he finally become better friends with his children and his wife? Or will he finally reach his lifetime goal?

Sim Name: Sophie Emmings
Traits: Cat Person, Evil, Green Thumb, Kleptomaniac, Perfectionist
Lifetime Wish: Become a Master Thief
Favourites: Red, Electronica, Pancakes
EP and SP: Fast Lane, Ambitions, Showtime
Skills: Charisma Level 2, Athletic Level 6
Sophie loves her children but she really loves stealing things. She has always taken from friends and taken even more from enemies. Now that her kids are teenagers, will she finally stop stealing, or continue until she dies?

Sim Name: Hamish Emmings
Traits: Good, Virtuoso, Athletic, Animal Lover
Favourites: Blue, Autumn Salad, Pop
EP and SP: Pets, Showtime
Skills: Guitar Level 5, Drums Level 4, Bass Level 2
Hamish seems like a sweet boy, and he really is, but his mother is constantly having him invite over his friends so she can steal their stuff. Hamish doesn't like it since he is a good boy but he only agrees to look like an angel in his mother's eyes to get a dog.

Sim Name: Stephanie Emmings
Traits: Evil, Genius, Athletic, Snob
Favourites: Pink, Falafel, Hip Hop
EP and SP: World Adventures, Late Night, Showtime
Skills: Logic Level 7
She's quick, evil and a genius, a perfect reason for Stephanie to be so in love with herself, right? She thinks so and her brother thinks so and her dad thinks and her mum, well she steals from her so I'm not so sure.

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