The Sims 4 Careers

Guide to Job Rewards, Pay Rates and Bonuses

The Sims 4 features Careers like all other games in the franchise. Your Sim will go to work on average 4-5 times per week and earn an hourly wage. Getting promotions earns you rewards, more money, and steepens the requirements for further advancement. This Guide to Careers in The Sims 4 links to detailed information and lists of all of the job levels, ideal moods, promotion requirements, and provides advice that will help you to get promoted quickly.

Video Guide: The Sims 4 Careers

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Getting Started

Getting a Job and Working Efficiently
Use your Sim's Phone or Computer to Find a Job. All jobs pay each day you work, allowing you to gradually build up your home. Management of Needs and Emotion before work is essential to getting Promoted quickly. Press 'J' to view each Career level's Promotion requirements. You will find that job levels scale with Skill, and by level 10 you should be mastering that skill.

Therefore, pick an Aspiration that is tied to the job you want and pursue those goals at the same time. If you picked an Aspiration that isn't tied to your job or skills, know you can change Aspirations at any time, even after completing one. Tying these 3 things together, raising Skills, pursuing Career Levels related to those Skills, and completing Aspiration Milestones, will help your Sim establish themselves faster.

Daily Task, Ideal Emotion and Job Performance
Press 'J' and hover your mouse over the Performance meter to see your Job's Daily Task and Ideal Emotion. Doing the Daily Task helps your Sim's Career Performance, and each career or different career branches, may have different Daily Tasks for your Sim. Also, try to go to work with your Sim in the Ideal Emotion. These are two major things you can do to help your Sim get promoted faster, assuming you have also fulfilled the Promotion Requirements, which appear as a checklist on the Jobs panel.

Work Tones let you decide how your Sim approaches the Work Day
Sometimes, you may want to Work Hard or increase Skills while at Work.

Work Tones - Working Hard, or getting Moodlets
Click on your Sim's portrait at the bottom-left area of the screen while they are at work, and you can select the type of work they will do. You may work on increasing relationships with Co-Workers, increase Skills, work Normally, or Work Hard, increasing the amount of stress your Sim suffers while on the job, but increasing Performance. In the example above, a Criminal Boss can possibly get in the right mood by intimidating Lackeys. This will sometimes make him Confident, and you may then switch to Work Hard or something like that once they're in the Ideal Mood. It's generally best to just use Work Hard. Use something to develop Skills or Relationships if your Sim is really close to a promotion and you know you've got the promotion for sure. Every Career is different, and others may unlock at higher levels, so explore your options as your Sim is Promoted. This is also how you may leave Work Early without completely skipping out.

Career Branches
Each Career has two Branches you can choose from that give different bonuses. If you're unsure which to pick, view the guides below, but know that once you can't change tracks without reloading the game. You can go into another career, but a Master of the Real can't change to become a Patron of the Arts (Painting career). Every level of each Career will give your Sim something new. Some high-level Careers will offer more work hours than others, and on different days. Work until you're an Elder, and your Sim can retire, receiving money based on their status in the chosen Career Track.

Note that you cannot choose the other branch once you've selected one. This means if you want to try them both out, you should make a save game before it branches. You can tell by hovering over the career icon in the career interface. When it says X and X (two careers) as the next level, you know it's going to branch!

Vacation Days let your Sim take paid time off
Use your Sim's phone to take a paid Vacation Day up to 24h before Work starts

Vacation Days
All Careers start with 3 Vacation days. As your Sim works shifts without missing, they will gradually accrue more of these, which give you pay and no penalty for missing the day's work. You can literally save up WEEKS of vacation days if you so choose, but will lose them if you switch Careers. It can give your Sim time to skill up for the next promotion or simply take a day out with the family. You need to use the phone to take a Vacation Day, and may do so as early as 24h before the next shift. If it isn't available, it's too soon. You are also able to call in just before work, if you like, and face no penalty unlike reality.

Overmax Career Levels
A patch added the ability for Sims to continue to receive rewards for continuing to fill the performance bar at level 10. This means more money for players who continue to do well at their careers, and a reason to continue trying to go in the best mood possible. By that time, you should have the hang of going into work in the right mood, and completing your daily tasks so that you can ensure your Sim is getting optimal money to pass to future generations. That, or fund their entertainment while they enjoy immortality!

Careers Enhance Skills
While you can make money with most Skills in the game, the Careers compliment them and enhance your money-making potential. You will generally work fewer hours at the top, earn substantially more per hour, and get to use your Skills as a primary money maker. The Career Rewards make pursuing a related career very much worth it, as you will get items to help influence your Sims' emotions. Click on reward objects and you'll often find the option to enable an Emotional Aura, which will make your Sim better at their chosen skill.

Teen Careers
While I haven't yet written on Teen Careers, justproud2b on our forum did. You can get the hourly rates etc. here

The Sims 4 Get to Work Active Careers
Get to Work lets you control your Sim on the job, and you may choose to stay late if you're looking to get promoted faster.

Active Careers
The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack adds Active Careers to the game: Scientist, Detective, and Doctor. You get the choice whether or not you'll view and control your Sim at work, meaning you can send them to work autonomously like any other Career. When in control, you will have a variety of tasks to complete while on the job. The more of these tasks you complete - from serious ones directly related to the Career, to those like gossiping with co-workers - the higher your performance for the day.

Active Careers' shifts are generally long enough that you can meet a lot of objectives while there, and if you so choose you can click the little timer icon to stay late or leave early. I recommend staying late if your Sim hasn't filled the performance bar for the day, as you're more likely to get promoted.

Further Info
You can learn more in Metro's Job Tips page where he explains some of the basics to getting promoted faster in any career track.

Compare Careers
All the top-level jobs can be compared in the table at the bottom of this page. Click here to compare top level Careers for the total pay per week and total number of hours worked.

Career Cheats

The Sims 4 offers Career Cheats if you'd like to skip leveling a career at any time and get instant promotions. It's also possible to promote children in grade school/high school (base game), drama club (Get Famous), or scouting (Seasons). Players who want objects that cannot be purchased without career levels will find a cheat there that removes these requirements.

The Sims 4 Career List

The Sims 4 Acting Career

Actor/Actress Career in The Sims 4 Actor or Actress Get Famous (Guide)
Game Description: The spotlight calls, the cameras are focused, and you are ready for your closeup. It is up to you to breathe energy into the words of the script and really make the characters come alive.
Career Branches: None. Actors must join one of four talent agencies (two unlock midway through the acting skill). Talent agencies line you up with gigs, which are your source of income. The only career with no schedule at time of writing.

Hop on board a Spaceship in the Astronaut Career Track

Astronaut Astronaut Career (Guide)
Game Description: Who doesn't dream of going to space? Become an Astronaut and the galaxy will be your playground.
Career Branches: Space Ranger and Interstellar Smuggler

Be a Bodybuilder or Professional Athlete with the Athletic Career Track

Athlete Athlete Career (Guide)
Game Description: An athlete requires physical strength, speed, endurance, and intelligence. Start a career where enthusiastic fans will shout your name, wear your jersey and remember your feats forever.
Career Branches: Professional Athlete and Bodybuilder

Become an Investor or CEO with the Business Career Track

Business Business Career (Guide)
Game Description: Synergy! Efficiency! Planfulness! If the mere sound of these industry buzzwords gets you buzzing, then a career in business might just be the right fit for you!
Career Branches: Management and Investor

Sims 4 Civil Designer Career in Eco Lifestyle

Civil Designer Career Civil Designer (Guide)
Game Description: As a Civil Designer, get involved in planning and designing solutions to all kinds of environmental problems, and chat to your fellow Sims about how to make their world a better place to live.
Career Branches: Green Technician and Civic Planner

Conservationists can become Marine Biologists or Environmental Managers

Sims 4 Island Living Conservationist Career Conservationist (Guide)
Game Description: You've watched every nature documentary out there, and you know just how much the planet is in danger. From educating the public to performing research expeditions, you want to truly make a difference. Change won't happen overnight, but keep at it and your hard work can lead to thriving ecosystems!
Career Branches: Environmental Manager and Marine Biologist

Make money in a life of crime in the Criminal Career Track

criminal Criminal Career (Guide)
Game Description: Not every Sim wants to play by the rules. You can make tons of Simoleons and have fun, too, as an outlaw.
Career Branches: Boss Branch and Oracle Branch

The Sims 4 Critic career track in the City Living Expansion

Critic Career Critic Career - City Living (Guide)
Game Description: Everyone has an opinion. But not everyone is paid to have it! Sims who feel they have superior judgment can enter the Critic Career. Whether it' the foods or the arts, your Sim will have something to say about it, and others WILL listen.
Career Branches: Arts Critic and Food Critic

Become a master chef or mixologist in the Culinary Career Track

Culinary Culinary Career (Guide)
Game Description: Anyone can make dinner or mix a drink at home. The Culinary Career is for those who want to take it to another level and make money doing it.
Career Branches: Chef and Mixologist

Detective Career from The Sims 4 Get to Work

Detective Detective Career - Get to Work (Guide)
Game Description: Do you want to be the type of cop who's never really off-duty? If so, this job's for you and we've got the rewards to support that unhealthy lifestyle! Unlock outfits like your Police Uniform to wear as pajamas. Teach your teen a valuable lesson for that C+ by dressing them in Prisoner Coveralls and transforming their bedroom into a virtual jail cell complete with Prison Bar Walls and a decorative Security Camera. As a bonus, you can keep an eye on them with your very own One-Way Mirror.
Career Branches: None. This is an Active Career where you follow your Sim to work.

Doctor Career from Expansion Pack Get to Work

Doctor Doctor Career - Get to Work (Guide)
Game Description: Who doesn't want to be held responsible for another Sim's health and well-being? A Doctor who can advance in the medical ranks will find themselves rewarded with objects like a Standing Surgical Light and a Full-Sized Skeleton to brighten up the home nursery. To make the deal extra sweet, you'll be able to unlock your very own Hospital Scrubs and Patient Gowns so you can play Doctor at home!
Career Branches: None. This is an Active Career where you follow your Sim to work.

The Sims 4 Education Career

Educator administrator and professor Career Education Discover University (Guide)
Game Description: Shape tomorrow's minds with a career in Education. Thought, at times, challenging, there are few jobs quite as rewarding.
Career Branches: Administrator or Professor

The Sims 4 Engineering Career in Discover University

Engineer Career Engineer Discover University (Guide)
Game Description: There are many problems in the world that require modern and creative solutions. Take your love of technology and pursue a career in engineering to solve the world's problems with computers and mechanical gadgetry!
Career Branches: Computer Engineer and Mechanical Engineer

Learn to be a Musician or Comedian in the Entertainer Job Track

Entertainer Entertainer Career (Guide)
Game Description: You've wanted your name in the lights from the time you could spell it, maybe even before. Answer your calling and claim your fame as a professional entertainer, either making the audience laugh with you or melting their hearts with your melodies.
Career Branches: Musician and Comedian

Freelancer Career in The Sims 4

Freelancer Career Freelancer (Guide)
Game Description: Be your own boss! Set your own work schedule! Sounds good, right? If you're both self-disciplined and determined, a career as a freelancer may be the right path for you. Multiple trades available to work within; agencies are standing by to connect you with eager clients today!
Career Branches: Writer, Programmer, Artist

Play as a Gardener in The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack

The Sims 4 Gardener Career Gardener Career - Seasons (Guide)
Game Description: You've always had a green thumb, but now you think you can earn some green with it. You'll start by doing a lot of planting and gardening, but keep at it, and you can find success in the science, or art, in doing so.
Career Branches: Botanist and Floral Designer

Play as a lawyer in The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack

Lawyer Career Law - Discover University (Guide)
Game Description: Sims who pursue a career in law are in a unique position to help others with their legal problems, champion causes, and further the public good (or not). That fancy paycheck doesn't hurt either!
Career Branches: Judge and Private Attorney

The Sims 4 StrangerVille Military Career

Military Career Military StrangerVille (Guide)
Game Description: Physical fitness and discipline will be the keys to success in the Military career. Rising through the ranks will not come easy unless you can demonstrate your physical prowess as well as your ability to recruit and be a leader. Will you pursue the path of a Grand Marshal, or will you follow a more secretive path to uncover what others might be hiding?
Career Branches: Officer and Covert Operator

Get more benefit out of the Painting Skill with this Career Track

Painter Painter Career (Guide)
Game Description: Create your own world with a few strokes of the brush! Make a place for yourself in the art world with hyper-real masterpieces or abstract works of unsettling beauty.
Career Branches: Master of the Real Branch and Patron of the Arts

Play a politician in The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack

Politician Career in Sims 4 Politician Career - City Living (Guide)
Game Description: Join a life of public service! From protesting against the unjust, to gathering donations for good causes, or even collecting the occasional bribe as a "means to an end". Politics is always interesting.
Career Branches: Politician and Charity Organizer

Play the Scientist Career in The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack

Scientist Scientist Career - Get to Work (Guide)
Game Description: Calling all brains! Are you the nerdy type who aspires to one day wear tin foil on your head and decorate your studio with huge bubbly tanks? A Scientist who proves they've got the gray matter to change the world as we know it can unlock new outfits like the UFO hunter or objects like a swanky Chemistry Lab for concocting new inventions and serums.
Career Branches: None. This is an Active Career where you follow your Sim to work.

The Social Media career in The Sims 4 City Living

Social Media Career Social Media Career (Guide)
Game Description: What's trending? Where's the best food in town? Who's the most interesting celebrity? Start a career in Social Media to be the person that answers these questions for their followers. Blog and check-in at venues to keep followers coming back for more.
Career Branches: Internet Personality and Public Relations

Spy Career

Secret Agent Secret Agent Career (Guide)
Game Description: Live Life unnoticed as a covert operative. From infiltrating enemy headquarters to the art of interrogation, the more you learn, the less you'll be known.
Career Branches: Diamond Agent and Villain

Style Influencer Career in The Sims 4 Base Game

Career Style Influencer (Guide)
Game Description: By identifying the right colors, the trendy patterns, the unseen ensemble pairings, and identifying the right person to act as a vehicle for such insight, the Style Influencer can twist the world towards a more cohesive end.
Career Branches: Stylist and Trend Setter

Make money as an eSport Gamer or Entrepreneur Online.

tech guru Tech Guru Career (Guide)
Game Description: Who needs college with programming skills like yours? Opportunity is out there, ripe for the picking, and you and your big brain are ready to pluck away.
Career Branches: eSport Gamer and Start Up Entrepreneur

Make more out of selling books with the Writer Career's Jobs

Writer Writer Career (Guide)
Game Description: Get paid to express your ideas with beautiful turns of phrase, and words--wonderful words!
Career Branches: Author Branch and Journalist Branch

Compare Careers' Money-Making Potential

Thanks to Forum member melbrewer367 for giving me this idea. The following table lists all top-level jobs by total earned per week and is meant to help you decide what Career to pick for your Sim in order to make the most money. This includes both max-level jobs for each of the ten Careers. There is a flow to the table in that you get $/hour, hours worked, then the pay earned in that day, days worked, thus the total earned for the week. For those of you looking for efficiency, I've bolded two of the best scores - (highest per hour) and also most per day, though I bolded the top two there because Diamond Agents work 15 hours and that is far higher than any other. For those who want fewest days worked, I bolded those with the current minimum of 2 - both writer/painter - appropriately, since those careers can earn competitive wages working from home in those branches. Fewest hours (5) have also been bolded for some Careers. Remember that Careers also give rewards, and the value of those cannot be quantified because it's up to you to decide what you want. You can browse the career pages to learn a bit about some of the rewards you'll unlock along the way.

Explore My Mods! Color Picker for Builders, Seasons Tuner, Dine Out Reloaded and a Gameplay Overhaul! Like other modders, I've been working to make The Sims 4 a better game. Check out my many mods here!

Careers labeled (WFH) indicate you can choose to work from home. See above for how that works. This lets you earn extra money during the work day as you only need to complete a task to maintain performance. Earnings are the same.

Career Branch$/HRHours$/DAYDays$/WeekCareer Track
Covert Operator$4228$3,3765$16,880Military (StrangerVille)
Officer$4228$3,3765$16,880Military (StrangerVille)
Stylist$5006$3,0005$15,000Style Influencer
Interstellar Smuggler$4139$3,7174$14,868Astronaut
Botanist (WFH)$4207$2,9405$14,700Gardener (Seasons)
Trend Setter$4516$27065$13,530Style Influencer
Villain$5155$2,5755$12,875Secret Agent
Diamond Agent$28415$4,2603$12,780Secret Agent
Space Ranger$4227$2,9544$11,816Astronaut
Doctor$28010$2,8004$11,200Doctor (Get to Work)
Scientist$2479$2,2235$11,115Scientist (Get to Work)
Detective$2658$2,1205$10,600Detective (Get to Work)
Floral Designer (WFH)$3506$2,1005$10,500Gardener (Seasons)
Politician (WFH)$3407$2,3804$9,520Politician (City Living)
Public Relations (WFH)$4537$3,1713$9,513Social Media (City Living)
Pro Athlete$3336$1,9985$9,990Athlete
Food Critic (WFH)$4415$2,2054$8,820Critic (City Living)
eSport Gamer$3286$1,9684$7,872Tech Guru
Start-Up Entrepreneur$5165$2,5803$7,740Tech Guru
Arts Critic (WFH)$4545$2,2703$6,810Critic (City Living)
Patron of the Arts$3285$1,6404$6,560Painter
Internet Personality (WFH)$5404$2,1603$6,480Social Media (City Living)
Charity Organizer (WFH)$3426$2,0523$6,156Politician (City Living)
Master of the Real$4925$2,4602$4,920Painter

In-Depth Careers
Actor | Astronaut | Athlete | Business | Criminal | Critic | Culinary | Detective | Doctor | Education | Engineer | Entertainer | Gardener | Law | Military | Painter | Politician | Scientist | Scouts (Children/Teens) | Secret Agent | Social Media | Tech Guru | Writer

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Comments (53)

If I switch careers after maxing my previous out, do I keep the skills from my original? Like, if I was a scientist and was able to work on the chemistry lab, when I switched careers would I still be able to do everything on the lab?
Yup, use of the chemistry lab is using logic skill, so even if you max the Scientist career and then switch to something else, you can still make the potions ^^
what is partners in crime?I figure its because I have the mischief skill,but what happens if you become partners in crime?
When you two Child Sims become partners in crime they can pull pranks at the school together
They can also continue to plan pranks together in their workplaces as adults.
Peabody and Shermansays...
WoW! I can't believe how much money you get from the Astronaut career! Add in the "Get to Work" jobs please, would help a lot!

Just because it's dark, doesn't mean theres no light
LOL meanwhile you can make $3000 per hour with Woodworking. Careers will never make you rich. This game is brilliant :D
Correction $2639 net profit per hour, on average.
Sims sims & more simssays...
I got the sims 4 not too long ago and these cheats helped me so much but I have a question. I have a family of 7 and i want to move only 2 people out but I don't know how to. H
you'll have to go to manage household and transfer the sims into which household you want them in, unfortunately you cannot move them into an empty lot nor can you use the phone or computer to move out individual sims. You can transfer the sims into households you've played or haven't played.
I recommend moving someone into a lot who could be their partner/friend and getting their friendship level to the point where they can ask to move in. Then just pop your Sim into that house.

You can in town editor I believe. Somewhere near delete and evict options

If you keep copying and pasting the career promote after maximum level it will give you a 10$ raise each time making the amount of money you can earn per hour limitless
what do you mean 'copy and paste'? Can you please elaborate?
I really love the comparative table between careers, but it would be really great if you also had the results listed for the new GtW jobs as well.
Why if I was own a business it tells me I need get a career?
Having a business is not a career! Smile You can have your business and a career at the same time.
My sim is only at branch 1 of the astronaut career, but gets paid $196/hour. There's a green icon as well, but I don't know what it means.
Where is Scientist?
Admin: It's in the GTW area as well as Careers navigation. I need to update careers/skills pages to include everything!
I have a quick question! One of my sim's goals is to reach a certain level in several different careers. I've been playing for a while so I already forgot which ones he has and hasn't been in. Is there a way to look that up or something? I don't see the point in repeating. Thanks!
If you pico a career branche, when you are looking for a job, you see the icon of the career branche. Smile
I mean pick! Laugh
Updated tablesays...
Updated table:
Thank you, I have updated the page with the extra GTW career data. You saved me a few minutes on the calculator :)
Next I will add them to the page, as I'd forgotten.
People change jobs to have a better carrier and earn more money.
A writer character I made keeps receving payments of $2000/$3000 everyday and it's not from his career, it's from his frelance work. And I'm just getting started because the books that he wrote so far got me to the level 3 on the Bestseller aspiration and level 5 on the writer career. And that is a minimum. With the skill maxed out he can write Excelent Books in 60-120 ingame mins. Beeing inspired also helps.
Wink Is there a job that you can do at home? I have a family but we are low on simolions and only one person works because i need one person home to take care for the babies. Is there a job you can do at home?
There isn't an option to be officially self employed in The Sims 4 but there are many ways to make a lot of money from home. Painting, writing, woodworking especially once your sim has maxed the handiness skill, and gardening are probably the best to start with. If your sim crafts anything (painting, woodworking) then the marketable trait bumps up the price of each item.
There is a thread on the forum that has many posts that will give you some ideas.
Careers and Money Making
Also read through the various skill guide pages for more ideas. if you would like more ideas then consider posting on the forum on the thread I linked you to or the misc. help board. Smile
Misc. Help
What I tend to do with an household is have one of the sims learn to write or paint and max up these skills before getting them a job. Paintings will provide you with nice one-off payments whilst the books will provide you with a nice steady income. Only then do I set them off on a career path. If you choose writer or artist then you've got the added bonus of achieving a lot of the goals already, hence you're able to get promoted quicker. The painting skill has the added bonus of - once you're skilled enough - being able to enable auras on paintings. Placed in the right places these can benefit your other skills/work moods too.
You don't need to have someone to take care of your childer and babies. If there is no adult, teen or child, they will be put into daycare
What job that can get the Sim promoted easily?
It depends on your game play style but perhaps the careers that have the least daily work tasks to complete at home would suit you best? Or maybe if you have Get To Work putting your sim into one of the active careers and only following them to work every now and then might suit you better? Most careers are easily completed if your sim goes to work in the correct emotion with all needs full and 'Works Hard' as long as possible each work day.
I really like the painting career as the daily task to paint help you complete the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration and makes you a lot of money once your sim skills up a little.
Also if you buy the Connections reward trait your sim will start all careers at Level 4 making the journey to maxing a career just that little bit shorter.
Smilei love you
Ok look Sims 4 ppl y'all need to add grocery stores so the sims can shop in them that would be really cool and can y'all add super naturals and pets add mermaid because in the sims 4 u canst even go in the ocean it will be cool if y'all make supernatural and also vampires and toddlers we been waiting on toddlers like forever I hope u guy add some of this stuff and can y'all add more cuter clothes for girls and boys and more cute hair but that's it .
All great ideas. Smile If you want the developers to see your ideas you could post them on the official The Sims 4 forums.
Noor Izzati binti Hassansays...
i want to join this gameGrin
Where are the new City Living careers?? Hope they'll be added soon!
They are here on the main page. Smile
Hi guys I was wondering if it is possible to run a childcare place in sims 4
Similar to sims 3 where they bring children to your home and you get paid to care for them through out the day
No. You can invite children and even toddlers to your sims lot if you know them but you will not be able to receive any money from caring for them. They also will go home after a short amount of time as they will consider themselves just 'visiting' your sims home lot.
For some reason when I click my Sim who is at work, it never brings up options to "work hard" etc.
Are you clicking the little arrow shape above their heads or the sim portrait? When you click the little arrow shape a menu should appear for you to choose the work tone.
Could you please add the city living careers to the table of money making potential? That would be very handy to have. I have already calculated them for you.

ARTS CRITIC $454/hour 5 hours $2.270/day 3 days $6.810/week CRITIC CAREER (city living)

FOOD CRITIC $441/hour 5 hours $2.205/day 4 days $8.820/ week CRITIC CAREER (city living)

PRESIDENT $340/hour 7 hours $2.380/day 4 days $9.520/week POLITICAL CAREER (city living)

CHARITY ORGANIZER $342/hour 6 hours $2.052/day 3 days $6.156/week POLITICAL CAREER (city living)

INTERNET PERSONALITY $540/hour 4 hours $2.160/day 3 days $6.480/week SOCIAL MEDIA CAREER (city living)

PUBLIC RELATIONS $453/hour 7 hours $3.171/day 4 days $12.684/week SOCIAL MEDIA CAREER (city living)
I found that having a primary career, such as astronaut or Writter and then having a profitable skill too produced a large amout more and put my sims in a better mood before work as their skill was often in line with their personalities. ie. someone who is artistic did painting and sold paintings as their secondary income was happier AND richer! Laugh
Great list, thanks! Is there a list for career related interactions located anywhere?
Each career guide has the unlocked interactions listed but there is not one list that has all the careers in one place.
Is it possible to share a new family after it has moved into a home? If so, how?
Sure, just re-save them to your Library and share them from there. People share played sims all the time.

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Super Sim Checklist + Other News

Super Sim Text + Checklist and Video Guide! Here is my Super Sim Challenge Guide and Checklist to accompany my video guide to making Super Sims in The Sims 4 that you can view on Youtube.

This is inspired by a new series in which I start at toddler and gradually take on the major bonuses. Here's a link to the full playlist!

I now have a guide page to Tiny Living Stuff where you can learn about Murphy Beds, the new death, as well as the lot bonuses you'll receive if you manage to keep the size of your lot down with this new pack's Tiny Home Lot Type.

Let's Play Playlist

Super Sim Gameplay in The Sims 4

New I now have a guide to Making Super Sims in The Sims 4. Look for a text version within the next 72h. It won't have THAT much more info but it will help out as a checklist.

This was inspired by a series, "Let's Play a Super Sim" in which I start at toddler and gradually take on the major bonuses. Here's a link to each part for people who are interested. You can also see the Let's Play as a Playlist on Youtube.