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Roaring Heights Residents
« on: December 13, 2013, 12:55:53 PM »

From Gabe Ruth to Shirley Templeton, from Frank Astare and Judy Rogers to Bonnie and Clyde, Roaring Heights has almost every famous person you can think of from the Twenties and Thirties, including the Marks brothers. Here is a breakdown by household

Souze Household, $2,500, 47 Beach Drive, 30x20

Some say he's a wacky doctor. Others say he's just wacky. Whatever the case may be, Theophraseus will never give up his wacky ways. His love of medicine and making others healthy is immeasurable. Will Theophraseus's love fizzle out trying to cure the next big disease?

Theophraseus Souze, Adult, 9 days to Elder, Aries
Traits: brave, neurotic, genius, never nude, childish
LTW: World Renowned Surgeon. Job: Medical 5
Skills: Logic 3, Writing 2. R.I.: none

Battista Household, $4,500, 45 Beach Drive, 30x20

Francisco is the painter of his time and he knows it. Like every great genius, he's also got a screw or two loose as evidenced by him being in the local newspaper due to some unusual behavior. Will Franciso straighten up or is this just the beginning?

Francisco Battista, Adult, 9 days to Elder, Cancer
Traits: neurotic, loves the outdoors, technophobe, kleptomaniac, artistic
LTW: Master of Arts. Job: none
Skills: Painting 10. R.I.: none

Supine Household, $6,000, 43 Beach Drive, 30x20

Virginia is a famed author who settled down in Roaring Heights to continue her writing, which often moves Sims with its poetic style. Brilliant and talented, her work expresses the innermost thoughts and turmoil of a woman with a secret.

Virginia Supine, YA, 15 days to Adult, Virgo
Traits: loves the outdoors, technophobe, bookworm, hopeless romantic, green thumb
LTW: Professional Author. Job: Bookstore clerk 3
Skills: logic 3, gardening 2, writing 10. R.I.: Rita Davis-Welles.

Nest Household, $3,000, 37 Ruhlmann Road, 25x25

Throughout his life, Elliot has always been on the side of good, whether it's stopping traffic to help an old lady cross the street or finding the owner of a stray simoleon. He can't stand crime of any nature and is suspicious of that Dandy guy. Will Elliot uncover the truth about Michael Dandy's wealth?

Elliot Nest, YA, 16 days to Adult, Virgo
Traits: brave, good, grumpy, athletic, angler
LTW: International Super Spy. Job: Law Enforcement 6
Skills: athletic 5. R.I.: none

Davidson Household, $7,484, 47 Sunburst Street, 40x40

Gil and Norma are two sims who met under strange circumstances. Norma obsessively waits for the days of her big silver screen comeback, and Gil, while down on his luck, was taken in by Norma. Can Gil repair Norma's fragile state of mind and help her make a comeback?

Norma Davidson, Adult, 9 days to Elder, Capricorn
Traits: brave neurotic, absent-minded, virtuoso, hydrophobic
LTW: Renaissance Sim. Job: Law Enforcement 5
Skills: logic 1, charisma 4, guitar 6. R.I.: none

Gil McGinnis, YA 11 days to Adult, Libra
Traits: unlucky, loser, clumsy, friendly, angler
LTW: Living in the lap of Luxury. Job: Grocery clerk 2
Skills: fishing 7. R.I.: none

Harbucks Household, $200,000, 36 Loewy Lane, 60x30

Although Olivier had more money and possessions than ever, he was missing one thing -- a family. Fate took a strange turn one day when an orphan named Shirley appeared on his doorstep. Will Olivier help Shirley realize her dreams of stardom?

Olivier Harbucks, Adult, 16 days to Elder, Pisces
Traits: slob, good sense of humor, good, family-oriented, artistic
LTW: Surrounded by Family. Job: none
Skills: none. R.I.: none

Shirley Templeton, Child, 7 days to Teen, Aquarius
Traits: frugal, ambitious, friendly
Skills: none

Morgan Household, $55,000, 51 Sunburst Street, 40x40

It would appear that David and Donna's marriage is perfect, but in reality it is filled with many cracks. Donna can't bring herself to admit to seeing David and Samantha Cassat's flirty exchange, so instead she occupies herself with her loving children. Can Donna and David keep their family together?

David Morgan, Adult, 15 days to Elder, Taurus
Traits: workaholic, great kisser, genius, ambitious, lucky
LTW: CEO of a Mega-Corporation. Job: Journalism 7
Skills: logic 7, charisma 3, writing 6. R.I.: Donna Morgan

Donna Morgan, Adult, 16 days to Elder, Pisces
Traits: natural cook, neat, good, family-oriented, green thumb
LTW: Surrounded by Family. Job: None
Skills: cooking 5. R.I.: David Morgan

Joseph Morgan, Teen, 13 days to YA, Virgo
Traits: good sense of humor, charismatic, athletic, friendly
Skills: athletic 3. R.I.: none

Carolyn Morgan, Child, 7 days to Teen, Virgo
Traits: excitable, heavy sleeper, easily impressed
Skills: none

Evelyn Morgan, Toddler, 7 days to Child, Libra
Traits: brave, genius

Cassat Household, $2,200, 52 Sunburst Street, 30x30

With her beautiful looks and brilliant mind, Samantha can get any man she wants. Her latest affair in the office with David Morgan left her pregnant and David's wife without a clue. Were Samantha and David meant for each other, or was this just another torrid affair?

Samantha Cassat, YA, 18 days to Adult, Pisces, PREGNANT
Traits: flirty, workaholic, great kisser, commitment issues, easily impressed
LTW: Heartbreaker. Job: Journalism 3
Skills: charisma 6, writing 2. R.I.: none

Shear Household, $5,000, 55 Sunburst Street, 40x40

Dylan's preference for wearing suits might be the scandal of the century, but she doesn't mind. Audrey desperately wants a child, and now science has made it possible. What impact will a child have on their lives?

Dylan Shear, Adult, 14 days to Elder, Libra
Traits: slob, bookworm, handy, heavy sleeper, charismatic
LTW: The Tinkerer. Job: Grocery clerk 3
Skills: handiness 4. R.I. Audrey Shear

Audrey Shear, YA, 12 days to Adult, Scorpio
Traits: absent-minded, excitable, natural cook, family-oriented, lucky
LTW: The Culinary Librarian. Job: none
Skills: cooking 5. R.I.: Dylan Shear

Charlie Shear, Child, 7 days to Teen, Cancer
Traits: brave, family-oriented, virtuoso
Skills: none

Ruth Household, $15,000, 54 Sunburst Street, 40x40

The great Simbino, as he's been known, is a national treasure. Gabe Ruth's performance on the field is the best -- bar none! Recently traded to the local Roaring Heights sports team, Gabe has much to do in a short amount of time. Will Gabe help turn around Roaring Heights's lagging team?

Gabe Ruth, Adult, 17 days to Elder, Taurus
Traits: workaholic, loves the outdoors, light sleeper, athletic, ambitious
LTW: Become a Superstar Athlete. Job: Sports 6
Skills: athletic 5, fishing 3. R.I.: none

Davis-Welles Household, $27,000, 40 Palm Tree Avenue, 40x40

On the outside, Rita and Mark appear to be a happily married couple but they've both fallen in love with other people. Will they risk scandal or work to stay together?

Mark Davis-Welles, YA, 11 days to Adult, Taurus
Traits: flirty, natural cook, party animal, light sleeper, computer whiz
LTW: Celebrated 5-Star Chef. Job: Culinary 6
Skills: charisma 3, cooking 5. R.I.: Michael Dandy

Rita Davis-Welles, YA, 14 days to Adult, Gemini
Traits: loves the outdoors, clumsy, commitment issues, artistic, green thumb
LTW: The Perfect Garden. Job: none
Skills: painting 5, writing 4, gardening 3. R.I.: Virginia Supine

Marks Household, $5,368, 39 Palm Tree Avenue, 40x20

These brothers are distinct in their own way, and when brought together, their comedy troupe is a barrel of laughs! Never knowing when the act is supposed to end, these brothers can't be taken seriously. Will the Marks brothers ever grow up and act their age?

Sneako Marks, Adult, 14 days to Elder, Taurus
Traits: loves the outdoors, green thumb, athletic, childish, angler
LTW: Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium. Job: none.
Skills: athletic 3, gardening 3. R.I.: none

Sharpo Marks, Adult, 15 days to Elder, Libra
Traits: virtuoso, genius, bookworm, childish, computer whiz
LTW: Chess Legend. Job: Journalism 1
Skills: logic 3. R.I.: none

Grumpo Marks, YA, 16 days to Adult, Libra
Traits: no sense of humor, over-emotional, charismatic, grumpy, childish
LTW: Swimming in Cash. Job: Culinary 1
Skills: none. R.I.: none

Glummo Marks, YA, 17 days to Adult, Cancer
Traits: insane, inappropriate, never nude, hydrophobic, childish
LTW: Renaissance Sim. Job: Sports 5
Skills: athletic 4. R.I.: none

Dyno Marks, YA 18 days to Adult, Sagittarius
Traits: great kisser, commitment issues, party animal, charismatic, childish
LTW: Heartbreaker. Job: none
Skills: charisma 4. R.I.: none

Thebe Household, $8,000, 35 Palm Tree Avenue, 40x20

Hector and his wife Andromache are pleased as punch to be reunited with their son Consort in Roaring Heights. They have all sorts of plans in store for their grandchildren and not enough time! Will the Thebes' plans go as expected or will their grandchildren pull away from them?

Hector Thebe, Adult, 9 days to Elder, Aries
Traits: technophobe, family-oriented, party animal, ambitious, angler
LTW: Become an Astronaut. Job: Military 5
Skills: athletic 4, fishing 9, handiness 3. R.I.: Andromache Thebe

Andromache Thebe, Adult, 10 days to Elder, Libra
Traits: flirty, genius, excitable, family-oriented, light sleeper
LTW: Renaissance Sim. Job: Sports 1
Skills: cooking 4. R.I.: Hector Thebe

Andrews Household, $2,000, 33 Palm Tree Avenue, 40x20

Ainsley is a photographic genius with her ability to take pictures of the environment that make you think you're truly there! Others around town love her positive attitude. Can Ainsley maintain a balance of increasing popularity and her photography or will something have to give?

Ainsley Andrews, Adult, 14 days to Elder, Sagittarius
Traits: good sense of humor, technophobe, bookworm, neat, artistic
LTW: Illustrious Author. Job: Culinary 1
Skills: charisma 2. R.I.: none

Astare Household, $25,000, 38 Van Alen Street, 30x30

Already a star in her own right, Judy never shone brighter than when she and Frank danced together. Frank may lack curb appeal but is flowing with talent. Can these two stars shine even brighter or are they doomed to fizzle out?

Frank Astare, Adult, 15 days to Elder, Leo
Traits: flirty, brave, great kisser, perfectionist, easily impressed
LTW: Rock Star. Job: Music 5
Skills: guitar 4. R.I.: Judy Rogers

Judy Rogers: YA, 17 days to Adult, Virgo
Traits: unlucky, great kisser, inappropriate, easily impressed, ambitious
LTW: Hit Movie Composer. Job: Music 5
Skills: guitar 4. R.I.: Frank Astare

West Household, $31,716, 40 Van Alen Street, 40x40

These two actors are rising stars on the vaudeville scene with their mesmerizing ad entertaining performances. They've not only won the hearts of many Sims but their simoleons too! Will May and MD's show continue to grow or will it become yesterday's news?

MD Fields, Adult, 16 days to Elder, Leo,
Traits: daredevil, heavy sleeper, easily impressed, charismatic, lucky
LTW: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers. Job: Culinary 5
Skills: charisma 5, cooking 4. R.I.: none

May West, YA, 15 days to Adult, Virgo
Traits: brave, clumsy, childish, charismatic, ambitious
LTW: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers. Job: none
Skills: charisma 5. R.I.: none

Spinelli Household, $40,000, 37 Hood Street, 40x40

Donia is bad to the bone, make no mistake about it. She doesn't consider herself evil though. She's simply seeing a problem and finding a way to fix it, whether it involves politicians, police officers, or nosy witnesses. Can Donia prove that she is the true leader of the town instead of Clark Houveir?

Donia Spinelli, Elder, 76 days, Gemini
Traits: hot-headed, kleptomaniac, evil, ambitious, mean-spirited
LTW: The Emperor of Evil. Job: Criminal 7
Skills: logic 3, athletic 5. R.I.: none

Torrance Household, $10,000, 30 Palm Tree Avenue, 30x30

Marilyn is a socialite who snubs the lower class. Despite being lifelong friends with her roommate Janet, she doesn't know that she comes from a lower class. A subtly rescued dress here and a well-made "catered" meal there have kept the ruse going. Will Marilyn ever discover the hoax or can Janet keep it going forever?

Janet Torrance, YA, 19 days to Adult, Sagittarius
Traits: bookworm, natural cook, kleptomaniac, frugal, friendly
LTW: The Culinary Librarian. Job: Spa receptionist 3
Skills: Cooking 10. R.I.: none

Marilyn Downes, YA, 20 days to Adult, Scorpio
Traits: commitment issues, childish, kleptomaniac, snob, lucky
LTW: Heartbreaker. Job: Criminal 1
Skills: none. R.I.: none

Simovitch Household, $250,000, 29 Palm Tree Avenue, 30x60

Henry Simovitch is a well-known entrepreneur with a long history of technical advancement in the automobile industry. His revolutions have made him rich beyond his wildest dreams, yet he is still compelled to work the daily grind. Will Henry ever take that vacation he promised himself?

Henry Simovitch, Elder, 78 days, Virgo
Traits: workaholic, perfectionist, handy, genius, vehicle enthusiast
LTW: Living in the Lap of Luxury. Job: Business 10
Skills: handiness 10. R.I.: none

Davis Household, $20,960, 27 Palm Tree Avenue, 40x30

When Bonnie and Clyde met, it was love at first sight. Clyde is a natural daredevil who's shown Bonnie a new side of life. Bonnie is an aspiring writer and loves to write about their exploits. Will Clyde eventually lead Bonnie down the wrong path?

Bonnie Davis, YA, 20 days to Adult, Gemini
Traits: over-emotional, bookworm, athletic, evil, computer whiz
LTW: Professional Author. Job: Criminal 2
Skills: athletic 1, writing 3. R.I.: Clyde Reeves

Clyde Reeves, YA, 20 days to Adult, Libra
Traits: daredevil, hopeless romantic, kleptomaniac, evil, ambitious
LTW: Become a Master Thief. Job: Criminal 5
Skills: athletic 4, charisma 4. R.I.: Bonnie Davis

Meyers Household, $3,444, 25 Palm Tree Avenue, 35X25

Love has a way of making one blind, and Ralph is no exception. His wife Irene is as unfaithful as they get after having many affairs due to an unhappy marriage and resentment of Ralph. Will Ralph ever open his eyes and see his wife for who she is?

Irene Meyers, Adult, 13 days to Elder, Sagittarius
Traits: flirty, great kisser, neat, commitment issues, snob
LTW: Renaissance Sim. Job: Grocery clerk 1
Skills: none. R.I.: Ralph Meyers

Ralph Meyers, Adult, 14 days to Elder, Pisces
Traits: over-emotional, can't stand art, absent-minded, unlucky, handy
LTW: The Tinkerer. Job: Military 5
Skills: athletic 4, handiness 3. R.I.: Irene Meyers

LaFontaine Household, $3,188, 24 Palm Tree Avenue, 30x30

Elizabeth wants a simple life, without distractions like affection for others, yet her father Thomas firmly disagrees. Worried that she'll be simoleonless and alone, Thomas is committed to finding her a husband. Will true love ever find Elizabeth or will a forced marriage create a rift between Elizabeth and her father?

Thomas LaFontaine, Adult, 10 days to Elder, Gemini
Traits: loves the outdoors, unlucky, inappropriate, family-oriented, mooch
LTW: World Renowned Surgeon. Job: Medical 2
Skills: logic 1. R.I.: none

Elizabeth LaFontaine, YA, 20 days to Adult, Sagittarius
Traits: unflirty, commitment issues, hydrophobic, dislikes children, friendly
LTW: Chess Legend. Job: Music 5
Skills; guitar 4. R.I.: none

Jones Household, $15,000, 22 Palm Tree Avenue, 30x40

Beverly is a fashion queen who has everything "en mode" except her children, thanks to the sudden death of her husband. Her son Edward is indifferent to fashion, and her daughter Helen wants nothing more than some affection from Beverly. Will Beverly find a new husband to save her family?

Beverly Jones, Adult, 9 days to Elder, Gemini
Traits: no sense of humor, neat, perfectionist, hopeless romantic, dislikes children
LTW: Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder. Job: Science 4
Skills: logic 3, gardening 4, handiness 1. R.I.: none

Helen Jones, Teen, 11 days to YA, Cancer
Traits: loner, can't stand art, natural cook, friendly
Skills: Cooking 4. R.I.: none

Edward Jones, Child, 3 days to Teen, Scorpio
Traits: absent-minded, good
Skills: none

Dandy Household, $47,500, 24 Riverside Terrace, 64x64

Michael never had an easy life, and each of his many simoleons required hard work with an occasional crime on the side. Though he feels guilty, Michael does this all for the secret love of his life. Will Michael finally be able to make his love public?

Michael Dandy, Adult, 11 days to Elder, Aquarius
Traits: over-emotional, hopeless romantic, inappropriate, schmoozer, kleptomaniac
LTW: Heartbreaker. Job: Criminal 10
Skills: Athletic 9. R.I.: Mark Davis-Welles.

Picard Household, $20,000, 30 Riverside Terrace, 30x30

When Nancy's husband passed away, she immediately fretted for her future, and her only hope for survival lies in her children. Gerald continually rejects his mother's attempts to send him on dates, and Frances thinks her smarts will get her ahead instead of getting married. Will Nancy find another way to survive?

Nancy Picard, Adult, 17 days to Elder, Leo
Traits: unflirty, excitable, schmoozer, mooch, frugal
LTW: Swimming in Cash. Job: Spa receptionist 2
Skills: none. R.I.: none

Gerald Picard, YA, 20 days to Adult, Gemini
Traits: loner, technophobe, bookworm, clumsy, coward
LTW: Renaissance Sim. Job: Mausoleum Clerk 3
Skills: none. R.I.: none

Frances Picard, Teen, 14 days to YA, Sagittarius
Traits: hates the outdoors, loner, genius, bookworm
Skills: none. R.I.: none

Houveir Household, $40,000, 32 Riverside Terrace, 30x30

Clark is a man who gets what he wants, including Louise, who puts on a fake smile, much to her dismay. Clark is too busy cooking up the next scheme, and Louise desperately wants attention. Can this odd couple stay together or was their marriage doomed from the start?

Louise Houveir, Adult, 12 days to Elder, Pisces
Traits: inappropriate, commitment issues, snob, computer whiz, grumpy
LTW: Heartbreaker. Job: Medical 1
Skills: none. R.I.: Clark Houveir

Clark Houveir, Adult, 13 days to Elder, Capricorn
Traits: workaholic, hot-headed, kleptomaniac, charismatic, ambitious
LTW: Leader of the Free World. Job: Politics 7
Skills: logic 5, charisma 6. R.I.: Louise Houveir

Capp Household, $60,000, 35 Riverside Terrace, 40x40

After vacationing in Roaring Heights, Consort and Contessa decided to move in! With a new baby on the way, will their two children adjust to their new surroundings?

Consort Capp, YA, 19 days to Adult, Scorpio
Traits: workaholic, frugal, athletic, coward, ambitious
LTW: CEO of a Mega-Corporation. Job: Business 7
Skills: charisma 4. R.I.: Contessa Capp

Contessa Capp, YA, 19 days to Adult, Scorpio, PREGNANT
Traits: brave, no sense of humor, technophobe, family-oriented, grumpy
LTW: Surrounded by Family. Job: Business 1
Skills: none. R.I.: Consort Capp

Goneril Capp, Child, 7 days to Teen, Virgo
Traits: family-oriented, ambitious, friendly,
Skills: none

Regan Capp, Toddler, 3 days to Child, Aries
Traits: loner, athletic

According to the blurbs, Samantha Cassat and Contessa Capp are pregnant. I don't know about anyone else.

Edited to add: Samantha's and Contessa's pregnancies are confirmed in game, and no other births have been reported in the newspaper.

Ghosts in cemetery

Bruce Picard
Robert Jones
Charlotte LaFontaine


Julie Levine
Katherine Whealdon
Margaret Lewis
Walter Russell
Roger Schmidt
John Reynolds
Josephine Blanchard
Marvin Johnson
Peggy Brown
Peter Garcia



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Re: Roaring Heights townies
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2013, 02:08:08 PM »
Thanks a ton for this, MarianT.

Is everyone with a romantic partner really just mere Romantic Interests with them? :-\
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Re: Roaring Heights townies
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2013, 02:23:01 PM »
The married people are married. Otherwise, everyone is just romantic interest. And some of the ones that are supposedly romantic are just friends.

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Re: Roaring Heights townies
« Reply #3 on: December 14, 2013, 12:22:14 AM »
Great job on this, MarianT!  Thanks very much.  :)

I'm making this topic sticky.
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