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A Dynasty of Koffi - Update 1-6-2016 - Gen 10 - FINISHED
« on: May 21, 2012, 06:38:07 PM »
This will get a better title, but first I'd like to play a little game.  This is my first attempt at this, so you'll see any screw up's I make, which should be plenty.  I just hope I have all the rules figured out and I don't forget anything, I have a habit of doing that quite often.

Anyway!  Before I start this up, I'd like for you to guess who my founder is.  It's someone in Sunset Valley, and I've tried to stay away from the usual founders people seem to choose for whatever reason.  It was a personal challenge, but I'm pleased with how things turned out.  So before things get started, can you guess who it is?

Koffi Family Tree

Generation 1 - Vente Koffi
Parents - Gobias & Jamie Koffi, 4 days into house
Honor Roll - Grade School, High School
10 NPC Friends
Kacey Neil - Papergirl
Terrence Flint - Babysitter
Martina Souse - Repairwoman
Kellie Tobin - Paparazzi
Raymundo Nadeau - Maid
Felix Edge - Social Worker
Ashleigh Lyon - Pet Adoption
Tim Cliffard - Pizza Delivery
Dave Ramsey - Proprietor
Hsieh Gai Lan - Tourist
10 Best Friends
Kacey Neil
Terrence Flint
Martina Souse
Kellie Tobin
Gobias Koffi
Danny Koffi
Elizabeth Koffi
Isabelle Koffi
Marta Ursine
Raymundo Nadeau
Career - Painting
Supermax - Painting
10 BlackOps
On the Honor Roll
A Medium Painting
Puzzle Panic
Best Food in Town
Celebrity Body
Local Artists Gallery
Eating Contest
Networking is Key
Senet Strategy
Building - Diner
Property - Stoney Falls, 3*
Headstone - Jamie Koffi, Large
Collection - Beetles, $3,022
Water Beetle - 35
Rhinoceros Beetle - 73, 82, 85, 86, 91, 109, 112
Trilobite - 697
Rainbow Beetle - 1,652

Generation 2 - Mocha Koffi
Parents - Vente & Marta Koffi, 4 days into house
Honor Roll - Grade School, High School
10 NPC Friends
Vance Savage - Repairman
Ismael Carillo - Babysitter
Chuck Albrecht - Paperboy
Eric Hurst - Paparazzi
Cheri Yazzie - Explorer
Logan Statton - Pet Adoption
Orlando Conroy - Social Worker
Rian Aquilar - Maid
Grim Reaper
Demetrius O'Keefe - Mailman
10 Best Friends
Marta Koffi
Ricky Koffi
Molly Koffi
Snuggles Koffi
Lima Koffi
Vance Savage
Ismael Carillo
Chuck Albrecht
Eric Hurst
Cheri Yazzie
Career - Culinary
Supermax - Cooking
10 Black Ops
A Fishy Science Project
The Boiler Room
All-New Bi-Pedal Washing Machine
Falafel Portfolio
From One Chef to Another
Serving the Masses
Corporate Dining
Swim Into the Grill
A Lot of Bad Apples
Building - Flying V's Coffeehouse
Property - Crystal Springs, 3*
Headstone - Vente Koffi - Large
Collection - Paintings, $63,788
Large - 5,824, 6,110, 6,136, 6,302, 6,392, 6,488, 6,554, 6,589, 6,686, 6,707

Generation 3 - Java Koffi
Parents - Mocha & Kurtis Koffi, 4 days into house
Honor Roll - Grade School, High School
10 NPC Friends
Joe Boswell - Burglar
Tasha Bauman - Policewoman
Lola Hammond - Maid
Sherita Willingham - Repairwoman
Stephenie Helm - Mailwoman
Alanna Bills - Papergirl
Vicky Riggins - Tourist
Johnpaul Fulton - Ghost
Liu Pei - Relic Merchant
Zhang Hua - Food Merchant
10 Best Friends
Joe Boswell
Tasha Bauman
Lola Hammond
Sherita Willingham
Stephenie Helm
Alanna Bills
Vicky Riggins
Liu Pei
Benny Vandyke
Kurtis Koffi
Career - Business
Supermax - Gardening
10 Black Ops
The Research Project
Outside Reading
Hospital Delivery
Business Model
Uncommonly Good
The French Connection
Outflanking the Military
Outstandingly Rare
Save the Herding
Going Pro
Building - Supermarket
Property - Eugi's Dive Bar, 3*
Headstone - Mocha Koffi, Large
Collection - Metals, $59,914
Plutonium - 2,332, 2,425, 2,640
Supernovium - 6,783, 6,930, 7,441, 7,456, 7,521, 8,058, 8,328

Generation 4 - Latte Koffi
Parents - Java & Marques Koffi, 4 days into house
Honor Roll - Grade School, High School
10 NPC Friends
Terrell Fogle - Repairman
Kia Denson - Maid
Noemi Van Guiel - Tourist
Celina Holmberg-Weidler - Paparazzi
Tanisha Fisher - Proprietor
Donnell Stamper - Fireman
Deng Wang - General Goods Merchant
Wendi Belcher - Social Worker
Brandi Tharp - Mailwoman
Russel Connelly - Paperboy
10 Best Friends
Terrell Fogle
Kia Denson
Noemi Van Guiel
Celina Holmberg-Weidler
Tanisha Fisher
Donnell Stamper
Deng Wang
Wendi Belcher
Brandi Tharp
Russel Connelly
Career - Science
Supermax - Fishing
10 Black Ops
Old Ladies Crossing
Badging Ceremony
Lots of Fresh Fish
The Best Evaporating Dish is a Clean One
Pure Pomegranate
Great Plums
Say Hello to My Little Fish
Fix It!
What Not to Catch
Monster from the Deep
Building - Bookstore
Property - Performance Park, 3*
Headstone - Marques Koffi, Large
Collection - Skill Certificates, $10,000
Guitar, Bass, Piano, Logic, Cooking, Writing, Fishing, Handiness, Painting, Athletics

Generation 5 - Frappe Koffi
Parents - Latte & Kain Koffi, 4 days into house
Honor Roll - Grade School, High School
10 NPC Friends
Robin Crowley - Paperboy
Bobbie Canales - Paparazzi
Ezekiel Heere - Maid
June Dennison - Repairwoman
Alissa Finley - Babysitter
Shanna Donaldon - Pet Adoption
Arlene Mooney - Social Worker
Audrey Monroe - Magician
Roberto Carrington - Acrobat
Broderick Yancey - Pizza Delivery
10 Best Friends
Robin Crowley
Bobbie Canales
Ezekiel Heere
June Dennison
Alissa Finley
Shannon Donaldson
Arlene Mooney
Audrey Monroe
Roberto Carrington
Broderick Yancey
Career - Inventing
Supermax - Inventing
10 Black Ops
Stinky Bugs
Master Invention
Hygienation Hijinks
Harvester Delivery
Construction Equipment Needed
A Task About Time
Intelligence Through Environment
Exposition on Explosion
Teching Up the Spa
The Great Invention Convention
Building - Bistro
Property - Pinochle Pond, 3*
Headstone - Kain Koffi, Large
Collection - Gems, $322,889
Large Spire-Cut Tiberium - 41,262, 40,779, 40,158, 38,502, 38,433, 37,881, 36,087, 30,567
Heart-Shaped Soulpeace - 9,725, 9,495

Generation 6 - Espresso Koffi
Parents - Frappe & Lakeshia Koffi, 4 days into house
Honor Roll - Grade School, High School
10 NPC Friends
Danica Westbrook - University Mascot
Lourdes Layne - Pet Adoption
Jory Clover - Paparazzi
Bea Bright - Maid
Shen Su - General Goods Merchant
Sima Zhi - Special Merchant
Wu Xio - Food Merchant
Ho Sung Kim - Book Merchant
Pippa Rose - Mail Carrier
Ashley Murrell - Paperboy
10 Best Friends
Danica Westbrook
Lourdes Layne
Jory Clover
Bea Bright
Shen Su
Sima Zhi
Wu Xio
Ho Sung Kim
Pippa Rose
Ashley Murrell
Career - Military
Supermax - Handiness
10 Black Ops
Work/School Learning Project
Research Project
Captain Bandsaw
Bring Back the Jams
Try the Traps
Broken Laptop
General Staff Stationary
Shower Upgrade
Flightless Birds
Building - Darris Teeter Grocery & The Koffi Cafe
Property - Cinnamon Crest Falls, 3*
Headstone - Jess Gamez, Large
Collection - Space Rocks, $58,501
All Gigantic - 14,096, 6,593, 6,403, 5,972, 5,812, 5,030, 4,111, 3,992, 3,729, 2,763

Generation 7 - Cappuccino Koffi
Parents - Espresso Koffi & Kenji Midden, 4 days into house
Honor Roll - Grade School, High School
10 NPC Friends
Imelda Gamez - Babysitter
Maureen Pfeiffer - Papergirl
Connie Shell - Maid
Gloria Phan - Paparazzi
Caroline Khan - Mail Carrier
Marisela Villanueva - Repair Tech
Mark Blackman - Pizza Delivery
Jessie Tate - Acrobat
Jenny Knutson - Singer
Luke Westmoreland - Mixologist
10 Best Friends
Imelda Gamez
Maureen Pfeiffer
Connie Shell
Gloria Phan
Caroline Khan
Marisela Villanueva
Mark Blackman
Jessie Tate
Jenny Knutson
Luke Westmoreland
Career - Sculpting
Supermax - Sculpting
10 Black Ops
Sculpt a Suspect
Larger Than Necessary Doorstop
Personal Sculpting
Raise the Fun(d)
Stick Around for the Music
An Old Ruse
Sims on Ice
Oh Scrap!
Play for China
In the End
Building - Wolfson's Hospital & Research Facility
Property - Appaloosa County Historical Society, 3*
Headstone - Benni Whipsnake, Large
Collection - Celebrity Freebies, $69,300
WallVuu Standard TV - 4,800, 4,800
SimLife Goggles - 5,700, 5,700, 5,700
The Majestic Grotto Hot Tub - 7,200, 7,200, 7,200
Extravagator 5000 - 9,000, 12,000

Generation 8 - Macchiato Koffi
Parents - Cappuccino & Dakota Koffi, 4 days into house
Honor Roll - Grade School, High School
10 NPC Friends
Lorie Milam - Repair Tech
Branden Bolech - Mail Carrier
Kory Moreland - Paperboy
Wendy Wilkes - Maid
Demetria Nunez - Paparazzi
Tristan Lozano - Proprietor
Vera Holcomb - Bouncer
Shanda St. John - Mixologist
Angelita Hester - Pizza Delivery
Jeff Honeycutt - Tattoo Artist
10 Best Friends
Lorie Milam
Brandon Bolech
Kory Moreland
Wendy Wilkes
Demetria Nunez
Tristan Lozano
Vera Holcomb
Shanda St. John
Angelita Hester
Jeff Honeycutt
Career - Journalism
Supermax - Writing
10 Black Ops
The Writing Club
The Gossip Column
Why Did the Journalist Cross the Road?
Late Night Crunch
City Hall Caper
Reading for Proof
A History of One
Weathering the Storm
Digitizing Your Notes
Building - Hueber Associates & Kim Gould's Steakhouse
Property - Appaloosa Plains Public Library, 3*
Headstone - Denver Fox, Medium
Collection - Sculptures, $89,446
Masterpiece Dragon - 6,816, 8,559, 8,719, 8,900, 8,983, 9,105, 9,310, 9,481, 9,774, 9,799

Generation 9 - Joe Koffi
Parents - Macchiato & Shawanda Koffi, 4 days into house
Honor Roll - Grade School, High School
10 NPC Friends
Oakley Bean - Consignment Specialist
Aubrey Oviedo - Paparazzi
Meghann Goldstein - Repair Tech
Kori Holbrook - Mail Carrier
Cary Graf - Maid
Sandra Andrade - Mixologist
Malia Broughton - Pizza Delivery
Denny Murry - Magician
Angela Wolfe - Acrobat
Alice Turpin - Singer
10 Best Friends
Oakley Bean
Aubrey Oviedo
Meghann Goldstein
Kori Holbrook
Cary Graf
Sandra Andrade
Malia Broughton
Denny Murry
Angela Wolfe
Alice Turpin
Career - Politics
Supermax - Street Art
10 Black Ops
Commissioned Street Art
Policing the Paper Trail
Charismatic Cash
Speaking Engagement
Lobster Crisis
Lend Your Ear
Foreign Affairs
Smooth, Like Verbal Butter
Smear It On
Building - Bloom Institute of Wellness
Property - Moonlight Falls Historical Society & Museum, 3*
Headstone - Macchiato Koffi, Large
Collection - Books, $1,942
Written Books - 446, 500, 519, 72, 84, 75, 51, 49, 65, 81

Generation 10 - Cuppa Koffi
Parents - Joe & Wilhemina Koffi, 4 days into house
Honor Roll - Grade School, High School
10 NPC Friends
Nadia Funk - Butler
Madeline Nielsen - Mail Carrier
Bernadette Cornish - Paparazzi
Shelly Do - Pizza Delivery
Rex Lyle - Mixologist
Anwar Pritchard - Repair Tech
Fernando Montgomery - Magician
Dennis Killian - Singer
Trenton Curran - Babysitter
Tanner Jernigan - Adoption Services
10 Best Friends
Nadia Funk
Madeline Nielsen
Bernadette Cornish
Shelly Do
Rex Lyle
Anwar Pritchard
Fernando Montgomery
Dennis Killian
Trenton Curran
Tanner Jernigan
Career - Sports
Supermax - Athletic
10 Black Ops
Add It Up
Frequent Fatigue
Push It!
No Sweat!
The Complete Circuit
Stadium Cleanup
Ticket Counting
Showing Off For the Scouts
The Big Game
Adonis In the Making
Building - Gypsy Wagon
Property - That Old Fishing Hole, 3*
Headstone - Joe Koffi, Large
Collection - Elixirs $11,012
Alchemy Elixirs - 664, 1238, 2114, 664, 597, 1475, 597, 836, 1964, 836

Collection Total:  $689,814

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Re: A New Chance
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2012, 06:41:05 PM »
Is it Gobias?

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Re: A New Chance
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2012, 07:19:59 PM »
Haha, yeah, I was hoping no one would get it so quick, but seeing as how he's what, one of two men in the Valley to live alone, I should have figured.  *laughs*  Alright, let's get started!


My name is Gobias, and I hate my name.  What can I do though, I can't think of anything better than that...  I haven't done anything with my life, even my wish hasn't been fulfilled.  The rest of the town thinks I'm pathetic, and I certainly don't blame them.  So, I figured it was time for a change.  Sunset Valley needs another big name.  The Goths have always been here, then the Landgraab's, and now the Alto's are moving in.  What about me and my family?  The only other one is my father, and it's not like he did much with his life either.

First thing I did was get a new look.  New cloths, new hair, and a new color.  Not bad, don't you think?

I thought I'd changed my look pretty well, so I went out to test it.  Some people were fooled, some weren't, and then I saw Jamie.  I watched her sometimes, I liked her quite a bit, but now she actually noticed me!  How was that even possible?  So we chatted for awhile and found we had a few things in common.

We talked and talked, and I finally told her how I'd felt about her for so long, and we shared a kiss.  I didn't know how things could get any better, and I figured I might as well go for broke, so I asked her to be my girlfriend.  She said yes!

And shortly after, I asked her to marry me.  Another yes!

Neither of us wanted to wait, especially Jamie, seeing what she had missed by ignoring me for so long, and we agreed to have a little ceremony right there.

As soon as we got married we went back home, our home, and I let her get all new clothes.  She loves hot pink, but she tuned it down a little, the house is harsh enough on the eyes as it is (I really need to redecorate soon), and her own tastes are changing just a little bit.  So she decided mainly on white, with some pink accents.

I made us our first dinner as a married couple (Autumn Salad, but neither of us were complaining), and Jamie dragged me upstairs to celebrate the way married couples always do.

Were those chimes I heard?


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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2012, 02:43:25 AM »
Great start, Gobias looks really hot !


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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi
« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2012, 02:57:46 AM »
Two flirty sims :P That will be interesting lol! Gobias look great and Jamie is so pretty. Can't wait for the nooboo.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi
« Reply #5 on: May 22, 2012, 04:43:45 AM »
I recognized Gobias eyes and nose he is quite handsome once you give him some hair. I can't wait to see the new baby I bet he or she(or possibly they) will be really cute.

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A Dynasty of Koffi
« Reply #6 on: May 22, 2012, 06:17:53 AM »
Great beginning! Jamie looks gorgeous. I like that she realizes she's been missing out because she ignored him for so long :)

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi
« Reply #7 on: May 22, 2012, 03:41:05 PM »
Glad you're liking it!  Yup, once you change his look up a little (hair, clothes, nix the molestache), he no longer looks like the creepy uncle with the windowless van.  Update coming soon, I have an attention-wanting nooboo of my own to care for right now.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi
« Reply #8 on: May 22, 2012, 08:57:18 PM »
Okay, promised update!


Jamie found out she was pregnant and both of us were thrilled!

Didn't seem like it took too long for her to go into labor.  Just like a woman to want attention when she's hungry, right?  Kidding, kidding...

I took her to the hospital, and after a little while, we brought home our son, Vente Koffi!  We take turns caring for him, we're both in love with the kiddo already.

Vente and Jamie had their birthday on the same day.  Vente to Toddler, and Jamie to Adult.  So I figured I'd throw them a joint birthday party, and invited all of our friends.  Amazingly enough, they all showed up!  Of course, Jamie decided it would be the best time to dance on the counter, but I can tell you this much, I wasn't complaining...

Jamie helped Vente blow out his candles...

...before blowing out her own.

Now?  Vente's a Toddler, and getting into everything he can.  He wants to know why, why, why!  Kiddo's also getting into the crayons already and drawing on the walls, can't tell you how many times we've had to scrub them down.  We'll probably just re-paint the place next time he does it.

Anyway, whenever he's not doing his best to get out of trouble by being cute...

...he's learning to walk, talk, and potty.

...I'm a sucker, but can you blame me?

We found out Jamie's pregnant again!

We were both really hoping for a daughter this time, Jamie even stuffed herself full of watermelons, something about an old wive's tale, but when we came back from the hospital this time, we brought back another son, Danny Koffi.

We've talked about maybe trying one more time for a girl, but we're not sure if we want to yet.  Jamie loves the boys, but she also really wants to get to the top of her career, and all this time off isn't helping her at all.  But we'll see, there might be another one soon either way.


Okay, she ate 9 watermelon and was about to eat another when she went into labor.  Can't believe she had another boy...  Oh well!


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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #9 on: May 23, 2012, 06:08:41 AM »
Vente is so cute! When did she eat her first watermelon?

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #10 on: May 23, 2012, 08:45:53 AM »
Right after the chimes.  That's all she ate until Danny was born, too.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #11 on: May 23, 2012, 10:03:20 AM »
Welcome Vente and Danny! How could Vente get into trouble with those eyes?

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #12 on: May 26, 2012, 02:24:16 AM »
I'm fairly sure they're the biggest, darkest blue eyes I've ever seen.  *melts*


I woke up one morning and went downstairs, only to hear this going on in the bathroom.

I'm guessing she really did want to try for a girl again.  Not that I'm complaining!  My mindset seems to have changed a little since getting married and having the boys, I want a family, a big family, and it seems that Jamie has the same idea.  She was excited when it turned official though!  But who wouldn't?  We have two handsome sons, and I'm sure the new one will be too.

Vente grew into a child.  Jamie wanted to throw a party for him, so that's exactly what we did.  Everyone showed up, and a paparazzi somehow managed to get through the door too.  I ended up chasing him out, who wants them hovering around?  I helped the little man blow out the candles.

Happy to report, there was minimal little man spit on the cake.

Anyone see who he looks like?

We were all a little partied out, the bash for Vente's birthday had been huge and loud, and we were all still feeling it, so when it was Danny's birthday the next day, we just had a little family party.  Jamie helped him blow out his candles this time.

...can you tell he's basically his mother?  He has to be one of the cutest kids I've ever met in my life, and he actually picked out a suit when Jamie was getting him dressed!  I'm not sure if I should watch out for that one or not...

And then Jamie started him on his speaking.  Why they were talking about fire, however, I don't know.  I don't think I want to know...

My wife's been trying to discover a youth potion with her chemistry set.  We both wish we could have more time with the kids, but if she doesn't find it, we'll still be okay.  It's enought to know we're here for them now.  Anyway, she went into labor in front of the chemistry set, and I ran down to take her to the hospital.

When we came home, we'll both admit, we were a little shell-shocked.  Jamie kept trying to get Geoffrey Landgraab to tell her what the baby's gender would be.  No wonder he wouldn't tell her...  We came home with this.

So I'd like you to welcome Jack Koffi...

...Elizabeth Koffi...

...and Isabelle Koffi.

Needless to say, we've agreed not to try for any more children.  As much as we love them all, we have our hands a little too full now, but it should be fun!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #13 on: May 26, 2012, 02:46:14 AM »
Great update!  I keep getting twins in my game and they are a surprise because I am not trying for them!
I can not began to know how to deal with three!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #14 on: May 26, 2012, 04:16:15 AM »
Wow they are going to be busy on the plus side unlike an immortal dynasty you can move some of the kids out when they reach young adulthood.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #15 on: May 26, 2012, 05:37:13 AM »
They're going to be busy! Triplets and a toddler, I couldn't handle that lol. Vente is a cute kid. Good luck with all the nooboos ;)

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #16 on: May 27, 2012, 12:40:59 AM »
*shuffles*  I'm a little guilty, I really wanted triplets, it's been awhile since I've had some, but we'll see how it goes.  Jamie's lifetime wish was changed to Surrounded by Family, but Gobias still has his Jack of all Trades wish.  I'm trying to decide if I want to change his as well or save up for a Collection Helper.

And yep, I'm really glad I can move them out when they're old enough.  That's the plan, and one of the reasons I wanted triplets.  I'm hoping there will be more Koffi babies than the ones I force them to havethey have in the active house.  We'll see, I don't really even have a plan for all this.  Have a bad habit of doing that, I wing it a lot.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #17 on: June 01, 2012, 08:49:39 PM »
Sorry for the lack of updates everyone.  I've really been trying to finish up my Immortal Dynasty in between taking care of my 6 month old and my husband being pouty.  Plus I need to finish up my story with the North's.  Haha, I started this at a really bad time, but I'm definitely planning on working on it soon.  I haven't forgotten!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #18 on: June 08, 2012, 10:56:45 PM »
I'm almost through the endless cycle of nooboos!  Whoo!


Gobias: Things have been hectic around the house with a child, a toddler, and three babies...'re boring.

Gobias:  I thought you were going to be quiet?

Well, I thought you weren't going to be boring.  I'm bored, so therefore I talk.  So... yeah.

Gobias:  Fine... not like I can really do anything about it, you're the one typing it up...

That's right.

Gobias:  *glare*  The triplets grew up to toddlers, joining Danny at that age.  Four toddlers and a child running around the house, I think we need a new bathroom.

Hey, don't look at me.

So I won't ask where Liz and Jack got their brown hair from if you don't.  Izzy got Jamie's blonde hair though.

Gobias:  I think it's cute.

She's also your daughter.

Gobias:  This is true...

They shared teaching the toddlers, luckily, and amazingly enough, they've all been taught how to talk, walk, and use the potty.

Jamie:  Thank god.

So... what's your son been doing?

Jamie:  Which one?  We have three, you know.

Errr... the oldest, Vente.

Jamie:  He's been beating a girl up with pillows, but only after he got on the honor roll.

HA!  That's my heir...

Gobias:  And the toddlers have been playing with blocks.

Jack:  I wonder if I can fit this block up my nose?
Izzy:  Maybe if I stare at it long enough it'll fit...
Danny:   DOITDOIT!
Liz:  They're crazy, I want to be adopted.

Jamie?  Gobias?  Keep them away from the CrumpleSteels for awhile, would you?

Vente:  HEY!  I had a birthday, you know!

Yes yes, we were just getting to that.  Generation one's heir is finally a teenager.  And yes, that is Marta Ursine blowing the party horn.  I don't think she's too terribly good-looking, but... hey Vente likes her, so that's all that matters.

Vente:  ...wait, you took those pictures, didn't you?


Vente:  ...crap.

Danny:  HEY!  WOMAN!

...oh come on!  I'm getting to it.

Danny:  You better.

Danny's a child now.  IF you couldn't tell...

Danny:  *snickers*

Hopefully the triplets grow up soon, but it means a new room in the house...

Jamie:  Hey now, you're forgetting a few things.

I am?

Jamie:  Yeah!  I figured out how to make the age reversal potion and gave it to Gobias.
Gobias:  I look gooooood....
Jamie: ...moving on...  I bought stock in the Diner, so we're... kind of on track, right?


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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #19 on: June 09, 2012, 09:05:46 AM »
Congrats with all the birthdays! Wow the house will get to small when the triplets grow up! Great update. :)

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Here Come the Birthdays!
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Vente:  Go away.
Vente:  Hey!  Can I not have some time with my woman?
Don't let her hear you say that, I'm pretty sure she could take you.  Besides, you're only in high school.
Vente:  Well... why's that matter?  I love her!
Marta:  Er.... who are you talking to?
Vente:  Uhhhhh....
...moving on then, while you come up with a good lie...

Jamie & Gobias:  NO MORE TODDLERS!
I'm pretty sure there's a happy dance in there too.
Jamie:  When do I not have a happy dance?

That's right, the triplets are children.  Beware.

...and another teenager.
Vente:  ...crap, now I'm not the only one.
Danny:  Jealous much?
Vente:  I'll break you!
Gobias:  Boys!  No car for you!
Danny & Vente:  ...crap...

So.  Gobias.  Whatcha doin....?
Gobias:  Getting whooped by my genius son.
Danny:  *snickers*

By the way?  The triplets like growing up.

Okay kids, one after another, tell the nice people what you want to do with your life.
Vente:  Art and music, allll the way.
Danny:  Definitely a doctor like mom and dad.
Jack:  Same here, I kind of like the hospital.
Isabelle:  Astronaut!  *jumping jacks*
Elizabeth:  ...
Honey?  What's wrong?
Elizabeth:  I don't know what I want to do with my life.  Is that bad?  I mean, I love my family and I love art, but what can I really do?
Jamie:  You can do whatever you want to, honey.  You have all the time in the world to figure out what you want to do.
Elizabeth:  Thanks Mom.
Gobias:  This also means Jamie and I's wishes of being surrounded by family are fulfilled.  Maybe we should have spread the kids out a little more...
Jamie:  *grins and nudges*'s a duck.
Vente:  Well yeah.
You maxed out painting... with a duck...
Vente:  Hey, you want to be the one doing this?  Be my guest.
...whatever floats your boat, buddy.

Vente:  Besides, now I'm out of high school, I have to start hurrying up.
This is true, cause you can't marry Marta just yet, can you?
Vente:  Nope, but good news, we bought out the Diner and Stoney Falls, have it all nice and pretty too.  Oh, and Mom runs around collecting beetles.  Kiiiinda cool.
Only you, but good job!

Awwwww.... lookit the family....
Vente:  Why do we have to do this....?
Cause I said so!
Vente:  Since when can you read my mind?
Since always?  Anyway, at least you got Valedictorian and Most Likely to Save the World!  That's not bad, right?
Vente:  Every kid wants to be a superhero!

Not when it's you proposing to the love of your life!
Vente:  *grumble*  Well... at least it was my good side...
That's right.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Ending an Era
« Reply #21 on: June 14, 2012, 11:28:57 PM »
It's been busy in the Koffi household, everyone's getting older and moving out.

Jamie:  I have wrinkles...
Gobias:  You're more beautiful than the day we met, my dear.  *kiss*
...get a room.
Gobias:  Okay.  *wisks her off*

Danny:  I'll miss you, you know.
Yeah, I'll miss you too, buddy.  You've been a really good boy, between Vente and the triplets.
Danny:  At least you didn't just pass me over.

You've become a handsome young man, I'm proud of you.
Danny:  And I got a job at the hospital, just like Mom and Dad!
Danny:  And... I made a call when I got back home.

Danny:  I've always wanted a daughter!  Meet Luna!  I even gave her Cosmo, my old doll.

And then you two moved out.  I wish I could have gotten to know Luna a little better, but... he really wanted his own place.  They moved to the apartment next to the Roomies and Working Friends houses, so at least they're not too far away.

Izzy:  AND??
I'm getting there!

Izzy:  Better.
Jack:  Oh shut up, sis.  She got a job in the military, and I followed Mom, Dad, and Danny's footsteps.  Got a job at the hospital!
So proud of you two!  They both wanted to immediately move out too, and they got a house together at the end of the row.  The house with the nice artists room as the only one on the second floor, you know the one, right?

Liz:  At least I'm more patient than those two.
Yes you are!  Did you finally figure out what you want to do in life?
Liz:  I... I think I want to have a big family, like Mom and Dad did.
I bet I know who you're thinking of too.

Liz:  I bet you do.  Hello, Miraj?  Yeah... wanna come over?

I'm so happy for you, honey.
Liz:  Shush, honeymoon time!
...whatever you say!

Vente:  What about me?  I'm a poor, neglected heir over here!
And you'll probably stay that way until you get a few more opportunities, mister.  So... get started!
Vente:  *grumblemutter*  At least I'm the top painter around...

I forgot I was going to make Jack's Imaginary Friend real and have them get married, my bad.  Kinda mad at myself, but what can you do?  I'm also really mad at myself for forgetting to save all of them to my bin, especially Liz.  I really have to remember to do that.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - What is Death?
« Reply #22 on: June 16, 2012, 09:55:17 PM »

Aww, hi there, kitty!
Ghost Kitty:  Purrrrrr....
I'm sorry we weren't able to adopt you, but at least we gave you a nice home to haunt.
Ghost Kitty:  Purrrrr....
...okay, I'll let you sleep.

After they got married and found out they were pregnant, Liz and Miraj moved out.  Miraj had the LTW to adopt a unicorn, so I let him adopt a female horse before they moved as well.  They're the most active family members I've found living outside the main home.  Hi Lizzy!
Liz - Hi!  Didn't think I'd hear from you again.  Here, meet Benjamen!
Awww... hi there, little guy!

Vente:  Ugh.

Vente:  Ugh.  I have wrinkles.
Don't worry, Marta still loves you, boyo.
Vente:  Hang on a minute.'re not having a midlife crisis are you?
Vente:  Nope!

Ohh.... you made Patterns real!
Vente:  Yup, figured Dad might need some company when Mom dies.  She made him take another Young Again Potion, something about staying around for the family for awhile.
Well it's nice that you made sure he'd have company.  By the way, how are the opportunities coming along?
Vente:  Er.... hang on again.

Vente:  Well, they want me to learn Senet!
...okay then, have fun!

*3 days pass*

Ahhh, home again.  How do you feel?

Vente:  Fulfilled...
Haha, that's the look of a man who's finished up his lifetime wish.  Congratulations, Vente!
Vente:  Thanks!

Jamie:  Ummm... guys?  Something's happening.
Jamie:  Oh don't worry, he needs a headstone so he can finally marry Marta and have some kids of his own.  I'm just happy I was able to meet my grandkids so far.  I do wish I could have at least watched him get married though.

Grim, you're a jerk.
Grim:  *shrugs*
Well, I'll do what I can for you, Jamie.  Here, you can see the wedding from where your headstone's going.

Poor Jamie.
Vente:  I'll miss you, Mom...
Gobias:  I can't believe you didn't pull me from work!
I'm sorry, Gobias, I thought it best everyone have their own mourning period.  Still friends?
Gobias:  I guess....  I'm going to miss my wife though, especially after everything I had to do to get her attention.
At least you have plenty of pictures and memories.  You're strong, you'll be okay after awhile.  And at least you'll be able to see her every now and then sometimes.
Gobias:  Yeah... but it's not the same.

Vente:  I love you, Marta.
Marta:  I love you too, Vente.  We get to live together now!
Vente:  Yes we do!

Vente:  Hmmm... so this is home then?  I like it!
Marta:  It was getting lonely here after Mom died, it'll be good to have life around here again.
Just needs a little work done and... hey, what's happening??

Marta:  Oh no, my dog!
...Grim, oh how I hate you...
Vente:  *hugs his wife*  I'm sorry Marta, it'll be okay.
Marta:  *sniffle*  I know, but why now?
Vente:  We'll have enough on our hands looking after the babies, it's probably best this happens now.
Marta:  ...babies?

Marta:  Ah... babies... *snuggles*

Like your makeover?
Marta:  Of course I do, it's lime!
Haha, thought you'd like it, honey.  And I see you're giving your workout equipment a lot of attention.

Marta:  I have to get in shape if I want to be an astronaut!  Kinda funny, Vente's sister Isabelle is my boss.  Strange how that happens, huh?
Hmmm... have you told Vente yet?
Marta:  Yep, but he's been busy with that chemistry set you bought for him.  What's he trying to do, anyway?
You'll see!

Marta:  Awww.... nooboo!

Marta:  AHHHH!!  NOOBOO!!

Marta:  Awww.... nooboo!
Ahhh, hormones.  So what's her name?
Vente:  We named her Mocha!
Well hi there, Mocha.  Who's a cute little nooboo?
Mocha:  *gurgles*

Marta:  Aww, nooboo!
Vente:  Well, I did say babies, didn't I?  *hugs*
I can't wait to see what your next baby is like!  How's little Mocha doing?

Vente:  Well... I threw a birthday party and called all the family over, but no one showed up.  At least Marta and I were here for her though.
Poor baby.  Happy birthday!

Mocha:  *gurgles*
Awwww....  Hi there, blondie!
Mocha:  *giggles*

...I lost the picture I had of Vente and his beetles.  I'm going to have to go back real quick and get another one.  I promise though, I know I took it, but it must have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Found it!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Heir 2, Mocha (updated 6-16)
« Reply #23 on: June 17, 2012, 12:40:04 PM »
Whew! Had to catch up. Very nice story. I wonder why everyone always ignores Gobias. Well, he proved us wrong in this dynasty. Plenty of good moments from beginning to end. I cringed when I saw the basinette of death a.k.a. the triplets traveler. I love the shots of Liz and Miraj with the baby and walking the dog. I haven't done that yet so its fun to see. RIP Jamie and congrats Marta and Vente.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Koffi, Koffi, Everywhere (6-18)
« Reply #24 on: June 18, 2012, 03:40:19 PM »
I should really start numbering these chapters, shouldn't I?


Vente:  Who's a cute little nooboo?
Mocha:  *giggles*
I think she's saying "Me!"
Vente:  She's just too little to know it yet!

Marta:  ...some attention please?

I'm sorry Marta!
Marta:  Yeah, I've been screaming in pain down here and you pay attention to my husband and daughter.
I'll make it up to you?  What are you naming the little guy?
Marta:  Ricky.
Well hi there Ricky, welcome to the world!
Ricky:  *gurgle*

Marta:  Awww... another girl!
...wait.  You didn't have twins, has it really been that long?
Marta:  You  just don't pay attention very well, do you?  Vente and I both decided we wanted one more baby after awhile, before I focus on the military, so here she is!
Awww, so what did you name her?
Marta:  Molly.
Vente:  Why haven't I got to pick?
Marta:  You named Mocha, I get the others.
Vente:  Fine... *tickles Molly*

...Marta, what are you doing?
Marta:  WHAT??
Marta:  What?
What are you doing?
Marta:  Upgrading the toilet!
...with a hammer?
Marta:  Hey, it works!  Besides, I need to be handy if I'm going to work on spaceships.
This is true.  Just... don't break anything, okay?
Marta:  That's why I'm working on my handiness, so I can fix what breaks.
Point taken.

And what are you up to, Mocha?
Mocha:  The food in this house is horrifying.  If any of us are going to grow, then we need better food.  This is the first step.
So it begins.  What do you want to do with your life, honey?
Mocha:  Duh, I'm going to cook!
Vente:  Mocha, I have a present for you!
Mocha:  Yay!  Thank you, Daddy!
Vente:  You're very welcome.
Mocha:  Can I use it now?
Vente:  Of course.

Mocha:  Hi, Snuggles, you're real!
Snuggles:  Well of course I am, why wouldn't I be?
I think someone's a Snob.
Snuggles:  Hmph.
Mocha:  Wanna play?
Snuggles:  Sure, but for some reason whoever's up there wants me to work with that chemistry table soon.
Mocha:  Why?
Snuggles:  I dunno.

Snuggles:  CURSE YOU, WOMAN!

The three children together.  But where's your sister?
Ricky:  Being dumb and smelly.
Snuggles:  You're smelly!
Mocha:  Shut up you two, or I'll hit you.
Ricky:  I'll hit you back!
Vente:  I'll send all of you to your room!
Mocha, Ricky, Snuggles:  We love you!
By the way, Ricky, when did you grow up?
Ricky:  When you were ignoring me.