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Loading Lots Faster - Building a minimalist world
« on: June 07, 2012, 12:04:34 AM »
I'm currently continuing work on a tiny/small island (I've currently designed a tiny one, but there may not be enough room for all the new different types of lots available, so may make a small one instead) that will hopefully run on a computer that meets minimum Sims 3 (Showtime) requirements. Of course my computer is well above recommended requirements, so I'm not going to be able to tell without finding someone to help with testing. But that's for a later stage.

What I'm wondering right now, is about limits on numbers of objects per lot on rendering time. My HDD slows me up rendering all the objects on the really big/expensive lots in UC, and I've read somewhere - I think someone was having troubles with their legacy/dynasty lot - that reducing the number of objects on a lot will help it render faster. Has anyone done any testing on a rough limit to how many objects to place on a lot to speed loading/rendering times? Or are there any reccommendations anywhere? What else effects loading and rendering times in a world (trees, landscaping decorations, spawners, effects)? I aim to build this world with a minimalist approach - enough to meet the needs of sims in the world, whilst providing all the same skilling opportunities and mood benefits available on EA lots - and still maintaining a beautiful, enjoyable world to play.

Once again I aim to have most lots around the 15x15 size, although this time I'm aiming for no store content, and to try and place most rabbit holes at ground level. I'll be adding some polish to some of my old lots and using some of those, aswell as creating some new ones.

Any advice toward this end would be very helpful.