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Vasquez (The Sims 3 Console)
« on: July 06, 2012, 11:50:50 PM »
Introducing the Vasquez family! They live in the wonderful Garage Mahal home in Moonlight Bay. Tyler is a young political hotshot recently married to an older woman. Heather is a cook at the local diner and is head over heels in love with her new hubby. Elaine doesn't care for either one and would just love to move back in with her bio-dad.

The family is available both with and without their house. For more on the house, please see Garage Mahal in the Swap Shop. They have $16,980 in family funds and may be used in stories.

Name: Tyler Vasquez
Gender: Young Adult - Male (9 days to Adult)

  • Angler
  • Charismatic
  • Family Oriented
  • Good
  • Great Kisser
Lifetime Wish: Leader of the Free World

  • Food: Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Music: Pop
  • Color: Aqua
Required Expansions/Stuff Packs/Store/Swap Shop:
  • None

Tyler is currently level 5 in the Political career. He has a Charisma of 4 and a Fishing of 4.

Tyler - Closeup

Tyler - Outfit Collage

Name: Heather Vasquez
Gender: Adult - Female (18 days to Elder)

  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Great Kisser
  • Green Thumb
  • Natural Cook
  • Over-Emotional
Lifetime Wish: Celebrated Five-Star Chef

  • Food: Mac and Cheese
  • Music: Electronica
  • Color: Violet
Required Expansions/Stuff Packs/Store/Swap Shop:

Heather is level 5 in the Culinary career and has a Charisma of 2, a Cooking of 4 and a Gardening of 4.

Heather - Closeup

Heather - Outfit Collage

Name: Elaine Austen
Gender: Teen - Female (3 days to Young Adult)

  • Brave
  • Childish
  • Computer Whiz
  • Grumpy
Lifetime Wish: None

  • Food: Autumn Salad
  • Music: Pop
  • Color: Yellow
Required Expansions/Stuff Packs/Store/Swap Shop:
  • None

Elaine has a Logic skill of 1. She has a poor relationship with her mother and step father. In the console version, she has black hair like her mother and step-father. I gave her a dark red hair color with deep purple highlights - kind of a mahogany color and matching violet eyes. She was created by cloning her mother and regressing from Adult to Teen.

Elaine - Closeup

Elaine - Outfit Collage

Enjoy! :)

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