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A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« on: July 08, 2012, 03:45:20 PM »
Hi everyone. Ok I have finally decided to be brave and post one of my Families. I want to share a personal project that I'm doing. Please be patient as this is my first time.  :D

You know that wonderful Union Cove that we have from our awesome Forum for our awesome Forum? Well there's a lil area that I consider Slumville. Nice homes but a bit rundown. Has a lot of potential. So my Sim family, Malissa, Caesar, Makaila Trent have moved into Faded Glory on Ambitious Alley 876. That little block above the stadium.

The idea is to buy the house cheap, live in it, spice it up, then sell it. Afterwards the Trents move on to a different house and do the same thing. Now here's the lot.

I'm thinking it would be a cool way to make money while not doing anything at all. Everyone is still living life as normal. Getting into trouble as normal. Just every chance the family gets a little cash to spare they'll make some improvements on the home. Which is what we do anyway right?

Hope you guys will enjoy watching how they progress. When I come back I'll introduce the family.

Thanks for viewing!


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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2012, 04:54:28 PM »
This look like a lot of fun! I'll be reading. :)

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2012, 05:06:55 PM »
What a fun idea! I will be reading!

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A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #3 on: July 08, 2012, 05:11:50 PM »
I love challenges like this!

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #4 on: July 08, 2012, 06:55:09 PM »
Interesting idea, PlatnumDymnd!  Good luck to the Trents.
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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #5 on: July 08, 2012, 08:04:46 PM »
Ok I'm back. Sorry for removing a partial post earlier. Seems I hit post instead of preview.  :-[

Let me introduce you to the family:

The Trents have moved from place to place for many years. It is hard on the oldest but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Coming from the town of Appaloosa Plains, will this be the perfect town to settle in for good? To make a name for themselves that they can be proud of? Something other than Son of a Lamma? Crazy Baby Momma? Celebrity Diva? Well that one isn't all that bad.  8)


Single Mom. Family Oriented. Hopeless Romantic. Neurotic.

Fleeing from the scum she painfully must call Baby Daddies. Now, after four long years, she is a successful CEO and is ready to leave the lying, cheating, and stealing nightmares behind. Bringing (or to some dragging) her two children to a town where she knows nothing and no one. But will all her heartache discourage her from loving again? Who knows and who cares!? One thing Malissa is great at is focus.

Her focus once was loving the manipulative heartbreaker clepto - who stole her heart and left her alone with a baby. Then she focused on loving the loner clepto - who stole her car and left her alone with another baby. Excellent job - two babes, no money, and no Prius. Perhaps it's time for a new focus. Wouldn't you agree? Now her plan was to put her business skills to work. What better way to avoid your own problems then to fix other problems?


Teenager. Teenager. Teenager. What more can I say?

Average grades, rebellious, thinks his life sucks. Has the manipulative mojo of his father and the sensativity of his mother. So like most teens he is struggling emotionally and intellectually. Why should he have to suffer because mom has bad tastes in men? But deep down he know she only wants whats best for him and his sister.

He is really not happy to have left his first girlfriend behind and has a plan to make mom's life miserable. What is he going to do here? Will he ever love again? Or will they only see him as a sorry, sensitive, sap?

Takes very good care of his baby sister while mom is working hard and there's no one he loves more and would never leave her. He would do anything for her. Even sell his prize bug collection.


Don't let her cuteness fool you. We are just so excited that she has none of her father in her. She is all the essence of her mother. And has her big brother wrapped around her wee wittle finger.

So now you have met the family. Will they be happy here or is Malissa just so dedicated to ignoring her heartache that she will uproot her life on a whim? Though a bit lost right now, Caesar is a great artist and also wants to succeed in the art of Science. What kind of life will he make here? And will Jazmyn do well here or will she tune it out focus on her imaginary friend?

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #6 on: July 08, 2012, 09:09:25 PM »
It was a sad yet funny introduction to the family. I am curious to see how the home turns out!

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #7 on: July 08, 2012, 11:49:20 PM »
So now that we have completed the formalities lets take a peak at the Trent's first day in their new place...

Everything is as it should be. Mom and Caesar are going at it.

"NO I will NOT clean up the shrubbery!" Pouts Caesar. "Why can't we hire people to do it? We are celebrities!!!"

"Stop being such a DIVA!! It doesn't suit you. There can only be one in this house and since I pay the bills, it will be me. Now if you don't get the shrubs up I won't get that pond re-done."

So since The Diva didn't like the way the house looked with her bedroom set, she chose to get all new furniture that was more appropriate for the ambiance of their new home. And since she hadn't started her job yet this would due just fine for now. The best part is that they can store it for the next home.

Phase 1: Furniture - complete

Phase 2: Neurotic episode is in effect

"Oh god mother ok, OK! I will remove the shrubs."

*Sniff, sniff* "Thank you, honey. I don't know what I would do without you. Now don't stop at this one. Let's get them all up."

...And so as our day comes to a close, so does the argument btw Divas.



Phase 3: Pond Shrubbery - complete
(Is it me or does it look like Caesar just hid the shrubs instead of getting rid of them? I won't be telling.  :-X)

Maybe tomorrow someone would want to go to work?

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #8 on: July 09, 2012, 01:20:46 PM »
I can't wait to see the final product!
Just a little FYI I don't think we are aloud to use colored ink on the forum. I'm clearly not a monitor, but I just thought I should mention it.

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #9 on: July 09, 2012, 11:12:47 PM »
My goodness guys thanks so much for viewing my story. I don't know what to say  :'(

(Mark this post that Platnum was speechless!)

Spork-tastic, it's ok if you aren't a Monitor. Being part of the forum makes you family in my book so your FYI's are A-OK with me.

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #10 on: July 10, 2012, 12:30:39 PM »
I definitely dig this as a challenge (and a story!). I may try it for myself without actually posting a story.

Keep it up!
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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #11 on: July 11, 2012, 01:34:10 AM »
Ok at first I wasn't going to use these because there wasn't much remodeling going on. But I am so excited that I just said, what the hay. I'm sharing my Sim family... with my Sim family.  ;D

Before I begin I want to thank whoever created the townies here in Union Cove. You are awesome. This was a happy surprise as these are my favorite TV family in movie history. From the original series to the later movies. But I must disclose that I used the correct spelling.

And on to the show - sorry I mean story...

So, we're on day two in the crappy new house. And it looks like some neighbors have come to welcome our new family to the neighborhood. I am proud to introduce...

Gomez and Morticia Addams!! (applause, applause)

"Greetings." Says the woman in a tone as dark as her dress, "My name is Morticia Addams. Welcome to the neighborhood dear."

Malissa stares in awe at her paleness and dark ensemble. "Hello. I'm Malissa. I absolutely love your dress. I am so happy you stopped by. I didn't think ANYone would want to come within 50 feet of this place."

"And this is my husband Gomez. Say hello darling."

"Hey! What do ya say!" Gomez greets excitedly.

Malissa responds quickly, "I don't want to be seen out here. Back in out old town the Paparazzi were viscous. Please, please come in. We were just making a salad."

She leads them into the kitchen. "This is my son, Caesar. Honey, come and meet Gomez and Morticia Addams. They came to welcome us to the neighborhood."

Caesar looked at him strangely and took his hand slowly. "Uh, hello! How's it goin? I'm Caesar. Say, has anyone told you you look a little like Raśl Juliį? Or what's that other guy's name? That one back in the old days?"

Malissa sighed and rolled her eyes. "Caesar! Don't be rude. And you are referring to John Astin. I'm not sure about Raśl, but I can see John Astin. Geez you make it sound like it was the Stone Age. I'm sorry Gomez. Sometimes I just want to bash him with a skillet." She playfully slapped him upside the head. "Do you have kids?"

Gomez laughed loudly, "HA HA! Oh yes. We have two little demons. And I'll tell ya. There are times we'd like to hang them in the dungeon by their toes for more than the usual couple of hours."

Caesar's face went blank.

Malissa laughed. "We're about to sit for dinner. We have plenty to share. If you don't mind the riddled lettuce. The house came with a horrid refrigerator. Heaven forbid it keeps anything fresh. I'll be replacing it as soon as I start working again."

"We'd love to. Wouldn't we darling?" Morticia said smoothly as she gestured Gomez to follow Malissa to a chair.

She grabbed two plates and sat down at the table. She said to Malissa, "Oh, my dear. Fridges aren't very good a rotting food evenly. You should come by sometime I'll show you a more efficient way."

Malissa coughed in reply. Nearly choking on her food.

"I thought we'd never get neighbors." Said Gomez snatching his last morsel quickly as Morticia gracefully took his plate. "I just can't understand how anyone could pass this up!"

Morticia chimed in dreamily handing the dishes to Malissa, "So dark. So dank. And the garden..." and glides over to the sofa

Gomez walked into the living room puzzled. "Yes, say where are all those lovely plants?!"

Malissa looked like she wanted to vomit. "Garden?!?! You mean those horrid dead branches? They were disgusting! I had my son remove them at once. It would look better if a missle landed in this yard."

Morticia looked up excitedly. "Oh Gomez, we must invite her to the next Addams Family Reunion. She would love the Missile drops! Oh Malissa you'd love the explosions, the lights, the carnage!"

Gomez ran and knelt by his love. "Oh Cara Mia, I love the way you talk explosions and carnage!" Then where pulled out some withered flowers and presented them to her.

"Bubele," Morticia responded lovingly.

Malissa looked at her new friends and shook her head. Will there be a love for her?

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #12 on: July 11, 2012, 09:49:32 AM »
That's awesome! I hope she finds love.

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #13 on: July 15, 2012, 04:43:00 AM »
The Day of the Lizard...

After exchanging numbers, Morticia and Gomez bid farewell to their new neighbors.

After Malissa and Jazmyn were settled in bed, Caesar went out for a walk. He wondered what his old girlfriend was doing back home. Was she even thinking of him as he was thinking of her? The sunddenly he was snapped out of his trance by a lizard at his feet.

"Oh yea. You will be a great little irritation to the Parental Unit." Caesar picked up the lizard and ran home.

He pulled out his iguana tank he brought from home. He thought he'd never be able to find such a good friend as his spotted iguana. He was so sad he had to let him go. He pulled out the rocks and gravel sadly. He has lost everything coming to this stupid town. He moved over his turtle tank and began setting up.

"This is a good sign." He smiled. "She made me leave my lizard. And I find another one. Now you two play nice" He stares at his tanks with hopes for a good day at school tomorrow and heads to bed.

Monday Morning...

Malissa got up quietly. She cherrished her short hour in the morning where she can gather her thoughts for the day.

"Ok so where do we start with this shack?" She said to the cactus, "There's so much to do. Well we need to make money so I guess I'll start with the garden. Yes, good plan." She nodded to the cactus and finished up her breakfast.

About thirty minutes later, she heard the sound of a horn outside.

She took a deep breath as the headed toward the car. She was so nervous but excited. Nobody knew anything about her past. Clean slate. "New beginning, new beginning," she recited to herself as she hopped in the passenger side.

"Good morning, Ms. Trent." Said the nice you lady kindly, "I'm Jo. Let me be the first to welcome you to High Products Industries."

She eyed the woman next to her. "Thank you. Good morning. You are a little.. uh.. underdressed to be my driver."

Jo eyed her back before pulling out. "No, ma'am you are just fine. And so am I." She cleared her throat watching the road. "We.. uh.. have been looking forward to your arrival. I hope you find a happy home with us at HPI."


Jo pulled up in front of the buidling. "You have a great day, Ms. Trent. You'll have another driver escort you home. I'm off to head the corporate training camp. Gotta make sure our our new IT guys keep out High Products... well, High Products!" She smiled.

Malissa chuckled, understanding the attire. "Jo, you got spunk. And you have made my morning," and waved as she drove off. Then she headed for the door and took another deep breath. She exhaled.


She walked in and stood at the fron desk. She was appalled.

"What's this!?! Where is the receptionist? This is a DISGRACE. I will need to hold a meeting about this first thing. Now who's going to direct me to my office? I hope MY assisstant has a better work ethic." And she was so worried about her first day...

Ceasar got up nervous about his first day of school. Then he remembered his new secret pet. He got up and headed for the shower expecting to get an earful from his mother about the lizard. When he saw the door closed he ran to the bathroom. He hurridly showered and got dressed. Maybe he'll be gone before she wakes up.

After getting dressed walked back to the kitchen. he suddenly stared strangly at the bowl on the table. He was sure he cleaned the kitchen.

Then he realized with relief that she had already gotten up and left. He forgot that she had to be at work early for her first day. He waited the sitter and headed for the bus.

"Wow what luck! She didn't even come into my room. Guess she really needed that hour to talk with the cactus.

When he got to school he had a new sense of calm. He felt good about his first day. A fresh start. New people new image. Nobody knew about his past. So far so good. And he didn't want to jinx it with worried about his old life in Appaloosa.

"New Begninning, new beginning," he recited to himself as he walked in the door.

Jazmyn woke up wondering where her big brother was. He can't be still sleep. Mom was already gone. But she was used to that. She looked around the dimly lit room.

"Boinky," she thought, "where is everyone?"

"Remember Jazzy?" Boinky thought to her, "Today is the first day of school. We have to meet the babysitter today."

"I don't want to meet the new sitter." Jazmyn pouted. "Everytime a sitter comes Caesar doesn't want to spend time with me."

"Oh don't be like that Jazzy. You know he's just making sure he's good enough to take care of you while he's at school. She has to be good for you to even stand a chance."

"Well that's not how I see it. I'm so glad we left that little goodie goodie at Apoosa."

Jazmyn smiled playfully. "I know it was hard on my big brother but it was for his own good." She glanced at Boinky and giggled. "Oh don't look at me like that. I'm not bad. I'm just picky. And my big brother needs to stop falling for babysitters. They don't even go to school. So they must be stupid. I know what's best for him."

Suddenly she heard the door open...


Jazmyn froze in her diaper as Boinky shudered and disappeared.

"Well hello sweety," said the girl sweetly as she walked over to her crib. "I'm Erika, how are you. You are soo adorable." It was like she was a different person.

Jazmyn reached for her. She didn't know if she was going to like anything about her but she was hungry and desperatly needed to chat with the potty. Erika picked her up out the crib and headed out the room.

"I can't believe that jerk broke up with me. He couldn't even tell me himself the idiot. He had his little sister tell him in a doodle?!?" She growled angrily uner her breath.

"I swear I need to quit this job and go back to school. Guys must think I'm stupid or something."

She put Jazmyn down so he could go potty. She wondered what this crazy stupid girl was talking about. "I hope she's not gonna gripe all day about some guy. But that was pretty mean to have the baby sister tell her. How could she doodle something that that. It would have been much better with blocks."

Now that she had emptied her bladder she wanted to fill her tummy with food.

But Erika wasn't paying attention to her. "Oh my goodness! This is appalling. Do I have to feed myself now?"

Erika turne around. "Ok Ok sweetie I'm sorry. Pipe down. I'm coming." She picks her up an puts Jazmyn in her highchair.

"Ok... now what," Jazmyn eyed her with disgust. "Maybe the doodle was easier for you to understand."


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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #14 on: July 15, 2012, 11:33:16 AM »
That is a scary babysitter lol. I enjoy your story! ;D

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #15 on: July 15, 2012, 09:04:33 PM »
The Day of the Lizard (cont.)...

Caesar had a great first day at school. He met really cool people and didn't one time feel nervous about the paparazzi. No one was interested in his past life in Appaloosa Plains. Some never even heard of the place. They were just in awe of his brilliance in Chemistry. He decided could handle not being a celebrity. Though Malissa probably would miss the free furniture.

As he ran for the bus he decided not to get too excited about his first day. It could have just been beginners luck. Especially since he didn't have the plumbobs to say hello to the prettiest girl in school when she walked up to him in the Chem Lab.

When he walked into the yard he was stopped by the most beautiful sight in his life. Who is that? What is she doing here? Was she the babysitter? That would be so awesome if it was, he thought. I can see her everyday after school and get to know her on weekends.

Erika walked out to him. "Hey there you," she said sweetly.

Caesar barely noticed her. "OH! You're the sitter. Yeah. Hi.. Er, Emily right?" He glanced passed her. "I thought my mom left your money on the counter this morning."

Erika glared at him but said cooly, "Uh no. Erika. You ran outa here so fast this morning I didn't get your name."

She was so beautiful. Like a ray of sunshine walking around the dark realm of his heart. Was this a gift from Cupid? He hasn't felt like this since... since... since what's her name?

He floated past Erika completely oblivious. "Oh ok. See ya," he blurted out hastily. He didn't even notice the dirty look being shot at him by Emily - Er Erika as she walked out the yard.

"Jerk," she grumbled to herself. "He is lucky he is so cute. I'm gonna go home and read something smart"

Caesar was not sure what he was going to do. Now that he knew she wasn't' the sitter he actually was going to have to have something to keep her interested. Unlike babysitters because they have to be there.

Oh she was so lovely. So graceful. Caesar was in a cloud of pure romantic mushiness. Her hair a flawless cut, he thought. That would be a plus for mom. Perfectly falling over her mezmerizingly... green... eyes... wait!
He fell quickly down to earth from his love cloud. That's Poppi! "What is she doing here," he said aloud to himself. And in this house! Did she know it was his house? Did she stumble upon it and wanted to see who was pitiful enough to live here?

Caesar wasn't going to let her think him pitiful. He walked up to Poppi with a nervous smile.

"H, hi Poppi. How are you?" He tried to soften the mood, "Uh, seems you beat me home. What's up?

Oh there he is, Poppi thought. He's so handsome and sweet. Just like a puppy dog. She wondered if he would notice her now that they weren't in school.

"Oh, hey Caesar." Poppi was a little nervous herself. "I didn't know you knew me."

Caesar flushed. "Know you? I didn't think you knew me. You're here to see me?!"

Poppi smiled, "Of course I am silly. I got your address from school. The teacher suggested I come talk to you about helping me in Chemistry. I tried to talk to you in in class but I figured you didn't notice me." She looked down disappointedly at her shoes.

Oh wow, Caesar thought. She wanted to see me? This is truely a dream. "Here. Let's sit down, Poppi. It would be my honor to help you with your paper.

Poppi glared at him dreamily, "Oh, Caesar! Thank you so much. How soon should we start?"

Caesar gulped. Her eyes were so mezmerizing. "Um. Why don't you wait here I need to get my books."

He looked down at his baby sister. "Hey sweetie, I'll be right back. You two be nice" He gave Jazmyn a deep look. And then winked at her. Then left to get his books.

Jazmyn hugged Boinky. "Well at least it's not the baby sitter" She thought.

Boinky smiled, "And it looks like she goes to school. So she has a brain at least."

Caesar came back and nearly dropped his books when he saw his mother chatting with his Poppi Sead. Oh now she's going to run away screaming.

"Hey mom," Casar said, "I see you've, uh, met Poppi. She got the address from the teacher. She needs some tutoring in Chemistry. We have a paper due in a week."

Malissa was in mid conversation when Caesar walked in. "Yes, yes. Miss Sead here has alread explained herself. I'm happy to hear that you have already made friends."

Poppi responded bubbly, "Oh my goodness please call me Poppi." She giggled.

Malissa raised an eyebrow. "You know Caesar was complaining about how I stole him from his true love in Appaloosa. He was all 'BooHoo' about it."

Caesar was moritfied. "Mother!"

"Oh, sweetheart," Malissa said mischievously, "Just like I told him. You will move on as soon as you find something else to focus on. And you have a beautiful haircut so I think you are definately a good catch."

Caesar what just standing in shock. Why hasn't Poppi run for her life by now?

"Now why don't you go get your sister while I start dinner. I know you're famished," Malissa turned to Poppi and said. "You are going to stay for dinner, dear?"

"Why yes I'd love to. Thanks," Said Poppi cheerfully.

Caesar went and picked up his sister.

"I thought you were on my side, you lil devil." He said playfully. "You know how mom is."

He tickled her. Jazmyn knew he was just softening her up. Caesar smiled. "Ok sweety, let's meet Poppi. She's in my class."

As he walked to her he wispered to her, "BE NICE"

Jazmyn held on to her brother. She hadn't held him all day. She missed him terribly. She wished she could tell him how horrid that Emily chick was. Maybe she'll have to find her blocks.

Jazmyn eyed the new girl carefully. She didn't seem stupid at all. And her shirt was bright and pretty. She wasn't a big fan of her dark hair but she definately would consider a cut like that when she got older.

Caesar walked up to Poppi. "Jazzy, this is Poppi. Isn't that a pretty name?" He purposely didn't look at Poppi as he said that. He couldn't believe he said that out loud.

Poppi blushed. "Well hello there Jazzy, aren't you the cutest, and more prettiest thing I ever seen?"

Jazmyn gave her a prize winning smile and the irrisistable giggles into Caesar's shoulder.

Poppi smiled, "So did I pass the test?"

Caesar laughed comfortably, "Yes, Miss Sead. With flying colors."

They laughed as they headed for the table for dinner. Caesar put Jazmyn on the floor and kissed her. "Thanks partner," He wispered to her.

After dinner, Poppi, jumped up with Malissa to get the dishes.

"Oh please let me do it, Ms. Trent." Poppi said sweetly. "I troubled you for the meal the least I can do is clean up the dishes."

Malissa wasn't fast enough. "Oh no, dear, you're our guest. I won't have it."

Poppi turned away. The plates were just out of Malissa's reach, "Nonscense. I am headed to the bathroom anyway and I see there's not dishwasher yet."

Malissa cringed in defeat.

"Oh I could so use that dungeon right now, Mister," Malissa growled ferociously.

Caesar didn't look up. He spoke timidly, "Mom, what are you talking about? Am I not suppsed to make friends at school? Am I not supposed to have friends that you can be at liberty to embarass me in front of?"

He looked up at her. "I would have thought from your little tale of my past love, that you were having an excellent time at my expense." His smile seaping round the corners of his mouth.

His mother about to explode. He used all his power to keepin his laughter. The plan to make his mother miserable was going so well that he almost felt bad...

Malissa was seething. "OH DON'T YOU DARE TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!"

Caesar interjected calmly, "Now mother you know your blood pressure. And you don't want to alarm our guest."

Malissa snarled at him. "I told you I don't want company in this house when it is in such a HORRID shape. We don't even have a DISHWASHER!! You know how this could MAKE US LOOK? You are so SELFISH!"

Caesar smile brightened. "MOM! I didn't invite her. She just showed up. The school sent her remember? Look. She's not intersted in this shack or your reputation. She in only interested in me. Can't you just be happy for me?"

Malissa picked up Jazmyn. She was happy for him. She kissed him on the forehead. "Leave it to you to find love before me. I guess that's the end of that goodie goodie what's her face."

Caesar said, "I know her name mom!" And paused to try and think.

Malissa smiled and said, "Don't hurt yourself dear. New begining, remember?"

Casar made a face in defeat.

"Say goodnight to Miss Poppi Sead, clean up and get ready for bed. I'm glad you had a good first day. Really.

Caesar smiled. "I love you, too, mom. Goodnight.'

Caesar listened as Poppi came out the bathroom. Radiant sunshine, he thought

Poppi came up to him. "Your mom gone? Where's Jazmyn?

Caesar smiled as his angel asked about his beloved sister. He said sadly, "Yes they both went to bed. You don't have to pretend anymore. I know my mother can be overdramatic and psychotic."

Poppi smiled slyly. "Hey are you trying to get out of tutoring me? I don't think so. I'll see you to tomorrow."

Poppi left Caesar with a silly smile on his face.

He was just about to start cleaning up when he saw something over by the TV...

"Hey you! What are you doing out of your cage?" Caesar grabbed him quickly. "My earlier intet for you wat to irritate The Diva but..."
He looked over to his mom's room to make sure she was sound asleep. Didn't need her ocming out right now.

"But you'll never guess how my day was today. And I think it all started with you. I had a great day at school. I think I met the girl of my dreams, and the best part is that my sister AND my mother likes her. This was an amazing first day!"

He walked to his room to the iguanna tank.

"I don't want to ruin it by irritating the Parental Unit."

He put the iguanna back in the tank and said, "I think I'm going to call you Karma."

And as our Monday comes to a close...

Caesar released the memory of Appaloosa Plains. "New beginnings, Karma. New beginnings."

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #16 on: July 15, 2012, 09:15:54 PM »
That is a scary babysitter lol. I enjoy your story! ;D

Yes scary and apparently in all other ways unqualified. I haven't figured out how to fire her yet.

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #17 on: July 22, 2012, 05:44:56 PM »
Malissa woke up early this morning. She had a day off. And she had work to do. She sneaked out her bedroom quietly and headed for the yard.

"Oh my, so much to do." She said into the air. "Well I said I'd start with the garden so that's where I'll start. Don't want to disappoint the cactus."

On the way home from work yesterday she found some seeds on the grass. She knew that four of them were apple. "Oh it will be lovely to have four apple trees. One at each corner of the yard."

As she was planting the last apple tree, Malissa was excited with her progress. And also very tired.

"This was a good start." She said to herself.

She went back inside. "Oh my goodness! I almost forgot to call the movers. We must get this kitchen spruced up immediately."

Relieved that Jazmyn was still sleeping, she cleaned up quickly, called the movers to deliver later that evening, and hopped back in the bed for a catnap.

Caesar woke up in a wonderful mood. He was looking forward to getting to school to see his Poppi Sead.

He got up out of the bed and skipped - in a manly way, to the shower. Then he get dressed. He walked through the back to check out his pond. "I wonder if there were any fish in there." On the way to the front gate to the school bus he stopped in front of the garden and looked around.

"Argh, what the heck. Nobody will notice."

He pulled a tomato seed out of his pocket he got from school.

As he was planting he realized that it wouldn't hurt help out in the renovations. Besides, it's only a seed. It didn't mean that he was ready to get his hands dirty.

He patted the dirt with satisfaction and stood up. He dusted his hands and pants and continued towards the bus.

"Well that wasn't so bad. And she can't say I didn't help."

Later that day, Malissa woke up to a crying Jazmyn.

"Did we sleep all day?" Malissa sat up and looked out the window. "Hope I didn't miss the movers. Hey, Jazz of Mine, looks like we slept all day. Why are you so fussy? You act like you haven't eaten in days."

She picked up her little darling and headed for the kitchen. "So what do you think of Poppi, honey?" She said as she went to the fridge. "She definitely is a step up from the babysitter."

"I suppose we should behave ourselves, huh sweety. I mean we will have a dishwasher at least." She snuggled Jazmyn. "Now, you eat and I'll go do some gardening before it gets too dark."

Out in the garden she felt at peace. She couldn't wait to go for another stroll with Jazmyn to find some more seeds. She had quite a few wierd ones in her bag but she didn't know how to plant them. She reminded herself to stop by the bookstore, which then reminded her she needed a bookshelf. She glanced to the other side of the dirt patch and saw the clump of dirt looking just like the ones she's making.

"Hmm," She smiled slyly, "What do we have here?"

Inside, Jazmyn was singing her lullaby to Boinky. She felt much better now that she'd eaten.

"Oh miss Jazmyn" thought Boinky, "That is very lovely. Food seems to put you in a much better mood."

Jazmyn chuckled, "You are so silly," she thought. "Of course I'm in a good mood. I think that Erika is going to be much nicer to me since she like my big brother."

"I mean look at him," she smiled. "He is so very sweet. Doesn't even know what's going on."

Boinky stared. "I'm just glad he's taken his mind off that Poppi girl and is doing his homework. Doesn't make sense to have a smart girlfriend if he can't hold an intelligent discussion."

Caesar sat at the table working on his homework. He'd seen his mother in the garden and hoped that she wouldn't notice the lil addition he added to the garden and not mention it. However, he didn't think he luck will be that good after the Karma situation.

Malissa grabbed a burger and sat at the table. Caesar tried to stay focused on his homework.

"Hey mom," Caesar said to his homework. "Getting started on the garden? Glad you didn't sleep the entire day. We wouldn't want you to waste your Wednesday off."

Malissa giggled, "I did sleep all day. But not before I called the movers. WE'RE GETTING A DISHWASHER!"

Caesar smiled, "Anything to make sure Poppi doesn't do the dishes, huh?"

Malissa ignored the last comment, "So, did you feed your turtle?"

Caesar stiffened, "Of course I did. But I need to clean out the his tank."

"And... what about that lizard?" She said casually, "I think that tank may need some cleaning as well."

Caesar coughed, "Um, yea... I fed Karma. I'll make sure I clean her tank too."

Malissa raised an eyebrow. "Karma? I like that name."

"So... does that mean I can keep it?" Caesar said hopeful.

"Of course you can, but I'm not ok with you keeping things from me."

Caesar sighed in relief and breathed, "Ok, mom. I won't."

"Good." Malissa took another bite. "So... I see you did a little planting this morning?"

Caesar looked down at his paper. "Aahhh mom c'mon. Fine, fine, yes I planted a tomato. I got it from school the other day. It's not a big deal."

Malissa put up her hand, "I know, I know okay." She smiled at her son. Even though he didn't want to admit, she was glad he was getting comfortable here.

Caesar knew she was staring at him with that 'Oh my baby' look but he didn't look up from his homework. "So what's next? On the home improvements?"

Malissa was about to answer but was interrupted by the doorbell. "Yay, the dishwasher's here. I also got a few other things."

Caesar rolled his eyes as Malissa bounced to the door. She opened the door widely for them to come in. "Hello guys straight to the kitchen, if you please."

Caesar finished up he homework and grabbed a burger.

Meanwhile, the movers (me) got busy on the kitchen.  ;D




Well it seems the unannounced visit from Poppi really sent Malissa on a mission to get things done. Stay tuned as she tries to figure out what she's going to do about these hideous walls and floors.  ;)

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #18 on: August 04, 2012, 10:15:36 PM »
Seems once Malissa gets started on something she just can't stop. Sometimes all it takes is a little push from the potential girlfriend of the first born son. She got up early on Friday before work.

"Now that have a dishwasher..." she said to the cactus as she walked into the kitchen.

"I need to get the rest of this place together." She called her interior decorators that she used for the old house in Appaloosa Plains.  "Now when can I expect you guys to come in here and give me an estimate?... What do you mean you don't go as far as Union Cove? Do you know who I AM?!"

Totally irritated, Malissa called the local interior/ exterior decorator (me :D) and discussed some small particulars that she wanted for the kitchen. "And make sure you bring all the color swatches... I want to focus on the kitchen right now and we'll see after that."

Malissa made an appointment for Saturday. "I hope they know what they are doing." She said to the cactus, "Darn. No time for the garden. I'm running late!"

About an hour so later Caesar was in the kitchen. Malissa came out hurridly, then stopped suddenly.

"Morning mom," Caesar said brightly, "I'm making breakfast. Should I pull down a plate for you?

Malissa stared at him. A little shocked that he was making breakfast of more than just some cereal. "Um, I wish I could but I gotta run. I called some new decorators this morning. They will be here this evening or tomorrow morning. And I'm getting the movers back to put our furniture in the bedrooms.

As Malissa was running out, she gave a quick hello the mailman came in, who was surprised to actually see someone coming out of the shack of a house.

"Man," he said to himself, "I didn't believe someone actually lived here, I guess I lost that bet."

Caesar hurried up and ate as he heard the bus outside. He quickly spun into his school closthes and ran out to the schoolbus. He nearly knocked Erika down on the way out.

"Bye Ceasar!" She called out sweetly to nobody but the air. The mailman chuckled as he walked down the street.

Erika frowned. "Geez he is such a jerk. He didn't even glace at me." She took a deep breadth. This was not going to deter her from her plans of romance.

 She turned and said to herself, "C'mon Erika. He's not the first Mama's Boy Wrapped Around His Little Sister's Finger playing hard to get that you've dealth with."

Jazmyn watched in the window and smiled. Then laid back down as she saw Erika turn to come in the house.

"I'm just going to go to the source." Erika said brightly, "As long as I make the little sister like me, Caesar will be puddy in my hands."

And so she happily went to get Jazmyn, excited about her mission. Jazmyn was waiting with open arms.

"Hey, Love," Erika greeted. "I'm sorry I was in such a rotten mood the other day. And I know I have not been the most exciting person this week. But that's all about to change."

Jazmyn snuggled up to Erika. She was not the kind of toddler who was so dimwitted she couldn't use blocks to communicate. She knew that Erika was just trying to get on her good side so she could get closer to her brother.

"Wait till I tell Boinky about this," Jazmyn thought sly. "We are going to have so much fun with this one."

After school, Caesar thought he'd take another stroll about the town. He heard in his Science class that there lots of different rocks and gems lying about. And he thought it wouldn't hurt to check it out. He knew his mother wouldn't be as impartial to rocks and gems as she was of the bug collection he had in Appaloosa. And didn't they say that diamonds were a girl's best friend?

So he waved bye to his school mates on the bus and heaeded for the park. He wasn't walking anywhere in particular. He was just thinking and walking. Walking and thinking about his new life here and the new beginnings he was making. As well as some other new beginnings he could make.

He stepped on something that took him away from his daydreaming. He looked down and found a seed. Similar to the one he saw on the counter before Malissa planted them. "OH so this is where she was getting them from." He sighed, "Might as well grab them while I'm here.

He glanced around and saw that he daydreamed himself in to the jackpot. "Well would you look at this place." Caesar started strolling about till he came across a blue gem.

"Mom's favorite color," he said. "Aren't you a beauty."

Soon it was getting dark and he was getting smelly. He headed home picking up more seeds and a few more strange gems he saw lying around.

He found a strange beetle. "I can't resist. I must get one."

Walking further he stopped again. "This must be one of those meteor rocks everyone's talking about."

When he got home he saw some woman in the yard. He knew Malissa must be sleeping if she didn't notice her snooping about. Caesar was relieved he got to her first.

"Hello," he greeted hesitantly. "Can I help you?"

She turned quickly trying to hide being startled. "Um. Hi there. I heard from the guys at the post office that there were some strange new people who were crazy enough to move into this place. I'd like to get the scoop on what possessed this family to move into this uh - unique part of town."

Caesar changed his posture real quick. One thing he knew from living in Appaloosa with The Diva is how to sniff out the paparazzi. He put on his best an brightest smile. "Oh is that what they are saying? We really happy we have chosen such a lovely town as Union Cove to call home. My mother, sister and I hope to make great relationships and fond memories here."

All the rumors she planned to spill about the crazy family living in the Faded Shack all melted away with his enchanting bright smile. She replied sweetly, "Well it's nice to meet you. I'm Sha Sha Robinson. And you are?"

Caesar causally walked around her to the door, smile never faltering. "Sha Sha, what a very unique name. Wonderful to meet you. Perhaps we will come across each in town sometime." He made sure not to disclose his name as he put his arm out in front of her towards the gate. "Please have a good evening."

He closed the door behind him and headed to his room glancing out his window to make sure she was gone. "I still got it," he said to Karma and his turtle Shelly. His mother would be so proud.

As he got into bed he tried to make a mental note to discuss with his mother and the cactus about a better gate around the property.

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #19 on: August 05, 2012, 03:38:17 PM »
Saturday... Time for the Decorators

Malissa got up early excited and anxious for the kitchen remodel. She ran into the bathroom prepped for a shower, but was greeted by a leaky spout.

"Argh," Malissa groaned. "I swear my work is never done." There was no way she was going to allow a repairman in the house like this, and she didn't want to wake Caesar. "Well, I could use some more handy skills anyway" So she got to work.

Afterwards, she got hungry and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. "Might as well cook before they come."

Pancakes done, she remembered that the movers are also coming today. "Caesar better get up or they will move that hideous bed with him on it."

After breakfast, Malissa headed out for long long overdue gardening.

Soon it was time for the movers and decorators. "I hope they know what they're doing," she said as she went into the house. She headed for the bathroom so she can get that shower she originally intended this morning.


After her long refreshing shower, Malissa headed to her room stunned at what used her bedroom. "Oh my!"



Malissa was so excited she ran straight to her dresser. "This is wonderful. Oh, I missed you so much," She said hugging it. "This calls for a wardrobe change." She couldn't resist a small wardrobe makeover for herself.

"It's time for a little change in honor of my kitchen," she said to herself. "Hmm. Nice skirt. Yes, sexxy, contemporary - not loving the shirt..."

"... Ok that's much better."

"Oh man, look at the time. Let's see how my kitchen turned out."



"Wow," She gasped. "What a difference. This carpet was a nice touch. Guess they couldn't salvage that icky wood." (How did she guess ;))

She went to go hug her son for doing such a wonderful job with her room. When she stepped in she was once again taken aback with awe.



"Hey mom! What do you think?!" Caesar said without even glancing from his game.

"This is lovely. I especially like these shelves." She took in the new furniture and shrieked hysterically.

Caesar jumped, instantly knowing what she was looking at. "Mom. MOM! Calm down, calm down. It's only one and it's on a shelf in a container. I will be much better this time. I promise."

Malissa took a deep breadth and walked out the room saying a little surprised, "I kind of like that wallpaper though. You should consider keeping it."

Caesar sighed. Fully aware that she was blocking this horrendous event out of her mind, he responded, "I don't know mom. It's kind of growing on me a little though."

"My room looks awesome dear. Thanks for doing that. Why don't you head to the shower and do a wardrobe change. I think I'll call the Addams over."

"YYEESSS! Wardrobe change!"

As Malissa was getting ready for lunch Caesar greeted the Addams and escorted them to the living room.

Gomez said brightly, "HEEYY there, Sport. This is my son Pugsly." (Applause Applause  :D)

"Hi there." Said Caesar. "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Addams. How do you like the new digs. Not too drastic right?"

Pugsly walked towards the newly renovated kitchen. "Mom, I don't think she's as bad as the mailman said. She has a cool looking kitchen. OH and with a Cactus!" He bent over onto the table and said to the Cactus.  "Hi there."

Morticia smiled, "Now Pugsly, dear, I told you not to listen to those icky rumors." She followed him to the kitchen. "Malissa, darling, you did a wonderful job. This carpet is to die for - literally. How much blood did you have to spill to get it this red?!"

Malissa turned from the fridge and laughed, "Aahh Morticia, dear, you have NO idea."

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #20 on: August 05, 2012, 10:54:50 PM »
You know what? I should have taken note of how much the lot has increased in price.  ::) Why didn't I think of that in the beginning?  I'll have to remember that for the next one. Maybe I'll start keeping track from now on...

Perhaps I'll check one of my other UC neighborhoods. The original prices wouldn't change right? If the lot hasn't been touched?

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #21 on: August 25, 2012, 03:39:43 PM »
Hey everyone. I know I've dropped off a bit. I hope that the 703 views are not me looking at my own story. I just don't want Pam to think me weird talking to myself. Anyway I'm going to try my hardest to get an update here this weekend. I've had to stop simming and be a Worker Bee for the past couple weeks.  ;D

But I came on today to share that I checked on a new Union Cove lot and the Lot Value for the untouched Faded Glory house is

Furnished  15,603
Unfurnished 10,951

And so back to my neighborhood and checking the Lot Value after all the upgrades

Furnished  24,363
Unfurnished  13,946

Obviously I'm buying too much furniture and not enough house remodeling.  :-[

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #22 on: August 26, 2012, 10:06:40 AM »
Hello all. Long time since the last dropped the skinny on the Remodeling. But a lot has happened since we last looked in on our small drama of a family. Romance, a love lost, a love gained, and then the tragic crash to rock bottom. Sounds just like a soap opera huh? ;D

Well I promise you it was not intentional. Stuff just got out of hand. But it will take more than one post to share it all with you so let's begin with main reason for this story.

The living room...

Malissa was disgusted by the walls and how they are making the new carpet look gross.

"OH heavens this TV." Malissa sighed in disgust, "Now we don't have to go high end but can we have colors that don't look like squiggly lines?"

Caesar chuckled as he walked out the door. "Have fun mom. Please handle the sofa from ancient times while you're at it. I'm bringing Poppi over later."

Malissa wrinkled her nose at the horrid loveseat. "OH yes I agree."

The lovely carpet was just not working with such um, vintage surroundings. So after much painting and repainting and yelling from The Diva, the decorators finally made some adjustments that everyone could be happy with.


Sofa and TV

Even added some new doors

Malissa was very pleased when they (me  :D) finally got done, but not pleased that the day was pretty much over. Not too long afterwards, Caesar came home and was astounded by the new living room.

"Wow, mom," he said, "You have been very busy today. I thought I walked into the wrong house."

Malissa looked at him. "Ha ha smarty pants. You know as soon as you walked through that gate to this horrid yard you knew where you were." She stretched. "You're home later than I expected. But I see no guest behind you. I'm going to bed. I want all the details in the morning about your afternoon-turned-evening with Miss Poppi."

He said goodnight as he, too, headed for his room. His study date with Poppi was so wonderful. He had never hung out with someone so intelligent. Conversations were perfect. More than just insight on toddler drama. He did loose track of time.

As he walked home he knew that Miss Poppi Seed was the one. He stuck out his chest proudly as he strolled. "I will ask her to prom tomorrow," he decided courageously.

He thought dreamily about his decision as he got ready for bed. "Karmi guess what?" He said as he headed over to the aquarium. He felt like someone had ripped his heart out of his chest... Karmi was gone!

"Oh no! How could this have happened?!"

He checked under his bed. His door was closed all day. No luck. But then he turned and saw that his window was cracked. He sunk on his bed. He was so complete when he found Karmi. His life here was going great since he found his good luck charm.

"I will miss you Karmi," Caesar said sadly out the window. "I will not forget our time together."

He took in a deep breath and got up to see to his beloved turtle his mother got him when he was a child. Caesar looked into the tank and new something was up.

"Turty Turtle...?" And then there was Turty the Turtle no more laying still as the stone it was laying on. The family pet has gone to a better place.


He couldn't believe how quickly such a beautiful day had just plummeted to tragedy in just under an hour. What does this mean? Will his luck take a sudden tragic turn?

He silently wiped his tears and went to bed heavy hearted.  :'(

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #23 on: August 26, 2012, 10:40:13 PM »
Wow! Awesome idea and I love how the house is shaping up - it's become a lot more pretty :)

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Re: A Dymnd Family Remodeling
« Reply #24 on: August 28, 2012, 01:59:02 PM »
Awww, poor Caesar :(

Great idea for a story though, really enjoying this!