Author Topic: Building Contests 2012: 13 - Childhood Dreams  (Read 1279 times)

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Building Contests 2012: 13 - Childhood Dreams
« on: July 10, 2012, 09:25:26 AM »
Le Chateau
by ladybug53

Lot size - 30 x 30
Price Furnished - 61,032
Price Unfurnished - 40,384

Expansions used - World Adventure, Generations, Late Night ( for Vampire's Eye Gem )
Stuff Packs used - none

Come and visit Le Chateau today and fulfill your childhood dream.
On this Small Park lot there is a Castle with a lot of fun things to do for toddlers, child and even adults. On the ground floor of the Castle there are two bedrooms. One with two single beds and the other with two cribs. There is also two powder rooms plus a potty room, a snack area plus a sitting area for reading or watching your favorite program on tv. On the top floor there is a costume chest and a room with a treasure chest and an other powder room.

Outside there you'll find, swings, slide, tree house, spring toys, blocks table, toy chest, two hopscotch, playground tower, sand box, seesaw a few benches and a swimming pool. Plus you can also use the table and chairs inside to Reside the Royal Court.

Lets start the tour. Follow me !

                                     Click on Image to enlarge and use arrow key to move forward to other images.
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