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Misty's Legacy
« on: August 08, 2015, 10:50:09 AM »
((Hope it's OK to have two of these going at the same time. My other one (Woods) took a dark turn and I wanted to do something more light hearted and silly.))

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Misty Horne

My mother named me Misty. Seriously. What do you do with a name like Misty? She tried to turn me into a Misty for years… delicate and light and… hard to see through?

Wanna know what I did? I got out of there as soon as I possibly could.

And so here I am in Riverview with no money, no job, no food…  I researched it online first, ya see. Riverview has squatter's rights, so if I just stay put on this patch of ground for a year it will be mine… alllll mine.

Wasn't so bad in summer really. I watched the rich guy across the street go to and from work every day. He ignored me.

Autumn was not quite as nice. I had to hide my cellphone under my shirt so I could still play Angry Worms and watch videos of stupid people falling on their heads.

When winter rolled around, the only thing that kept me stuck to that chair was a thick sheet of ice that had formed around my legs, rendering me completely immobile.

Luckily, my Mother did one good thing for me growing up. She instilled a firm belief in the power of wearing warm socks, so yay! I still have all my toes.

Once I thawed out a bit, I headed down to the Town Hall and filed for squatter's rights for the property. Yes! This empty lot was mine.

But now what? I had ZERO simoleans.

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Re: Misty's Legacy
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2015, 10:53:31 AM »
Luckily, a traveling artist was in Riverview for three days and he stopped me in the street.

"You have such beautiful elbows! I must paint your elbows!"

Another thing my Mother taught me? Never give away what you could be paid for.  I rolled down my shirt sleeves and told the artist that he would never see my elbows again unless he paid me 1000 Simoleans. He did, so I stood in the park with my elbows exposed for two hours while he painted them on a huge canvas.

Afterwards I ran home giggling madly and called up some builders to get me under a roof.

Hopefully I can find another crazed artist so I can buy some nice, thick curtains.

But the chance of a continuous stream of crazed elbow artists coming through town was really small, so I had to find some way of actually buying food.

"If only I had a computer!" I said to no one in particular. The woman who lived down the road was walking her dog on the sidewalk and glared at me as if I were contagious.

"Hey lady," I called out. "I'll let you paint my elbows for 1000 simoleans!"

She jerked her dog's leash and hurried off down the road without commenting.

Well, no computer, but I still did have my phone. I whipped it out of my pocket, promptly dropped it on the floor and watched the screen shatter into a gazillion pieces.

"Argh!" Luckily, it still turned on and I could read at least half the screen. I spent 20 minutes or so browsing the web and reading my favorite humor blog, "Dreaming of Frankfurters." Suddenly, an idea came to me!

Why couldn't I start an awesome blog and make money from it too? After about 2 minutes of brainstorming, I decided to call my blog "Misty Visions." After a post about getting a piece of property by squatting and a house by modeling my elbows and another post about how incredibly lonely I was, I gained 25 followers and one creepy guy who kept posting "I mak U not lonly NEmore #yolo"

But even with some followers and creepy guys, a start-up blog doesn't make much money. I was depressed about it for days. I just sat in my little folding chair (the couch was really too comfy to brood on) and stared out across the expanse of lawn.

Around midnight I told myself to stop being stupid and went inside to the couch to sleep.

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Re: Misty's Legacy
« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2015, 07:11:36 AM »
Love how this started. The Woods Legacy is definitely more of a drama so hopefully with this as a comedy, we will have a nice balance  ;D
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Re: Misty's Legacy
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2015, 07:30:36 PM »
I woke up in the morning with a revelation! I knew exactly what to do about the windows.

Then I remembered I didn't even have money for food let alone to buy curtains with.  I whipped out my still broken phone and wrote another blog post: Too Poor for Curtains.  I also hinted that I could use some donations if people liked what they were reading.  The creepy guy posted: "Wuts UR adrss so I cn lk in UR windoh. #peepingtom."

Again… I didn't reply.

The next day I headed out to the library. I always was really smart in school and I didn't want to have my brain melt by doing nothing.

I read for a while and then a group of people came in whispering madly and it was hard to concentrate. I said "Shhhhh!" a few times until I realize that my shushing was louder than their whispering. So I just started listening to them instead of reading.

Seems there was some kind of Spring Fling fair going on in town. Something about days of romance too. I couldn't resist.

I went through my mental checklist: land, check, house… ehh… kinda check. Someone to share it all with? There I was an utter failure. I had spent so much time on my little folding chair last year that I never had time to make friends.

Sigh… There's just something so romantic about the rain… right up until some old guy got struck by a bolt of lightning. I headed inside, bought an ice cream and paid 5 simoleans to kiss a startled looking guy in a bad suit. I guess it was for a good cause, at least I told myself that. Otherwise I would have to admit I was desperate!

The dance floor beckoned. It also filled up with puddles, but a few people were out there enjoying the music. I introduced myself to a few people and ended up dancing with a guy named Tom. He was an okay dancer, but he wouldn't talk to me about anything intelligent. I think he was counting his dance steps under his breath.

Sigh… could a girl really find love in this town?

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Re: Misty's Legacy
« Reply #4 on: August 14, 2015, 01:33:49 PM »
Blogging is awesome, but I really needed some way to make money fast. Plus, I was lonely!

I headed back out to the Spring Festival where I collected eggs (I hoped I wouldn't get hungry enough to want to eat an egg off the ground).

I went inside and the weird guy at the kissing booth grinned at me, but I ignored him. I wasn't about to repeat that bout of desperation! So, I headed back out to the dance floor… maybe someone else beside the old lady that smelled like furniture polish and her sneering daughter would show up.

And Eek! Someone else DID show up and walked right across the dance floor. Did he glance back at me with a smile? Eek! Yes, he did. Tall, dark, handsome with a tool belt and broad shoulders.

This was no time to act shy!

Catching a man is a lot like catching a fish. You need to use the right bait.  I strolled up to this hunk of manhood boldly and used my most charming introduction. It seems that his bait was actually bait. He mentioned fishing in the first two minutes of conversation.

But hey… I can be an outdoorsy kinda girl. As he babbled about spinner rigs and night crawlers, I lost myself in his deep brown eyes.

It wasn't too long before I convinced him to come inside out of the rain and try the Love-O-Meter in the corner with me.

Totally struck out! The machine said I was so far out of his league I might as well have been a different sport… or maybe it was him who was out of my league. The machine didn't specify, but I like to think it was the first one.

 Maybe this guy wasn't my true love after all. (He also smelled a little bit like fish.)

Why can't a girl find a decent guy around this town? I mean… I don't smell like any kind of aquatic life and I have really great elbows.

I said goodbye to Yuri and decided to go drown my sorrows at the local bar.

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Re: Misty's Legacy
« Reply #5 on: August 25, 2015, 11:12:53 PM »
The only bar in town was the Port-a-Potty Warehouse. It sounded disgusting and I almost told the cab driver to turn around when I spotted the sign and realized my mistake. It was Port-a-PARTY, not potty…  I went inside, dripped off next to a lame looking guy in a cowboy hat and then went to take a seat at the bar.

Pretty cool. And the bartender was giving me that special smile that means free drinks all night. Yay!

I had a drink and then another. I was getting really tired by this time and the bartender kept sliding fruity concoctions down the bar at me.

"My name's Rainer," he said with a grin.

Was he my type? Would the Love Machine give us a good score?  As the night wore on, we talked about everything from deforestation to the proper way to dunk cookies in milk.

He was a real flirt, this guy… and I was silly enough to fall for his lines. We were having a good time until he wiggled his eyebrows and asked, "So, you still have no curtains on your house? Yolo!"

Oh my god! Rainer was Mr. Creepy from my blog!

"You gotta be kidding me!" I yelled. "Get the heck away from me, you creep! You've been trolling my blog."

He laughed and looked hurt for a second. "I was just fooling around. Don't get so uptight."

Full of fermented fruit juices and insane fatigue, I maybe didn't take his revelation in the best manner. As quickly as my stumbling feet could take me, I hurried out of the bar and caught a cab back home.

After a bit of sleep and getting sick from all the drinks, I pulled out my phone and posted a blog called "Creepers Hiding in Plain Sight." I was glad to see Rainer didn't post anything back before I fell asleep again.

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Re: Misty's Legacy
« Reply #6 on: August 27, 2015, 01:39:27 PM »

I woke up again before it was morning to hear the phone ringing. The military was looking for a few people to take part in a social experiment for 20 simoleans. Well, beggars can't be choosers. All I had to do was head to a local coffee shop and introduce myself as charmingly as possible to a complete stranger then report back.

Twenty simoleans may not buy me any curtains, but it will keep me fed for a few days. So, I did it.

And maybe… just maybe… it was the greatest decision of my life!

Sigh… there's just something about a man in uniform, especially one that isn't afraid to look like a complete loon twiddling his fingers around his head like that.

Sherman Bagley was so very friendly (and cute!) and funny (and cute!!) and he was a Gemini (and cute!!!). We talked for a while by the mailbox and then I asked if maybe I could go inside and sit down.

Well, apparently he misunderstood, because he said sure… but then left! I was so incredibly tired by this time I thought I'd throw caution to the wind and be super romantic and wait for him upstairs in his room.

First of all, I didn't know which room was his. Second, I fell asleep on one of the really comfortable beds (they had curtains too!) and third… I was awoken by a hideous old woman yelling at me to get out.

Which I did really, really quickly.

On the way out, some younger woman with weird blue tights stopped me and scolded me some more. I crossed my fingers behind my back and prayed that she wasn't Sherman's wife or girlfriend!

He seemed like… dare I hope? THE ONE!

On the way home – so incredibly tired I could barely pick up my feet – I saw someone throwing out a perfectly good old mattress set that was only worn a bit and had no sign of bedbugs. I dragged it home, considering it an omen of good luck.

I fell asleep dreaming of someday (soon!) getting Sherman Bagley to try out my new (old) mattress with me. Definitely had to get curtains first though.

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Re: Misty's Legacy
« Reply #7 on: August 27, 2015, 02:36:49 PM »
This is a great story. I like Misty and wish her the best of luck with finding love. Will be following. :)

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Re: Misty's Legacy
« Reply #8 on: August 29, 2015, 08:39:36 AM »
When I woke up, it was full daylight. For a moment I just lay there in bed, contemplating the futility of life, but then I decided to go out.

The Spring Festival was boring by this point and there was no way I was going to the place Rainer El Creepo was bartending. I decided to check out the 24 hour gym in town.

I arrived just in time to see Yuri… ya know that hot guy with the tool belt… walk in with his daughter! Like they say, where there's smoke, there's usually a jealous wife. Or wait… what is it they say? I don't know.  All I know is I'm not hanging my heart on a man with a family.

Upstairs I turned on some upbeat tunes and did a quick workout.

I stopped right before I got too sweaty to make a good first impression.

"Being alone sucks," I muttered to myself as I left the gym. Maybe someday I'd be fine going back to the Port-a-Party and The Creepmeister, but not that night.  I finally just went home, moping and moaning a bit and ate an entire pint of fudge chunk caramel ripple mocha swirl ice cream.

Love day! Yah, the next day was love day and it was pouring rain and thundering like mad. Just perfect for my mood. I had been in town for months and haven't been able to even get a date yet. Sigh… Someday my prince will come! I just wish he'd hurry up.

I turned over and went back to sleep.

Two hours later, I got up and had a cup of yogurt because it felt like my stomach was trying to eat itself. My little, lonely folding chair suited my mood well. I posted a new blog when I was done: If You Don't Like Me, No One Will, and then I had a good sulk.

"Fine! You win!" I said to absolutely no one. I got dressed and headed down to Love Day at the Spring Festival.

And oh my gosh, who did I run into but that sexy man in uniform, Sherman Bagley. Unfortunately, the dark-haired woman (please be his sister… pleeeeeeeasse!) was also there. I would have to approach this delicately...

I flat out asked him if he was single.

YES!  I nearly fainted or kissed him right there. Or kissed him then fainted. The lady with the ugly blue tights WAS his sister!

It was time to pour on all the charm.

No more creepy yolo-man, no more guys who counted their steps when dancing, no more charity kisses at booths, no more fish-smelling guys with kids.

It was ALL about Sherman. He was my destiny… my dream… my one true love!

Maybe we could pick out curtains together!

But there was one final test we had to take before I could really, really know we were meant to be together forever: the love machine!

We walked over and put our hands on the peg in the middle. I crossed the fingers of my other hand, hoping it would tell me what I needed to know.

YES!  We lit up that pink heart like a firework and the screen flashed its Yowza! Message. It was true. Sherman and I were so right.

Finally his lips met mine and we held each other tight. What I didn't know at the time was that the creepy old lady was watching us through the window.  When I finally pulled back from our kiss, Sherman looked a bit sheepish.

"Um… hi Ma," he said and waved toward the window. The old lady scowled a bit and hobbled away on her cane.

We smooched a bit more and then I invited him to come over. He might as well get the full picture – in glaring sunlight since I still had no curtains – of what my situation was.  Sherman agreed quickly and seemed so excited to see my house that he set off running the instance the cab pulled to a stop.

I can't believe what an awesome afternoon, evening and night we had together. We ate some yogurt and drank some juice, talked about all sorts of stuff and then I asked him to stay over. He agreed right away. Sherman was so incredibly perfect he hardly seemed real. And totally cute even when he's not in uniform too!

There was NO WAY I was letting him get away.

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Re: Misty's Legacy
« Reply #9 on: September 06, 2015, 10:33:44 AM »
Sherman and I got married by a judge down at the court house a few weeks later. He was so happy to get out of his mother's house with his overbearing sister living there too that he almost did a cartwheel across my front lawn. I was so happy to have him here too. He brought a bit of savings with him, which we would use to spruce up the house and maybe make some more room.

He also instantly quit the military job he had taken to please his father when he was alive and instead took the test to become a law enforcement officer down at the station.

Here's the new house after a few purchases and some building.

Check it out! Curtains! But we were still pretty poor with Sherman's Mom taking most of his last paycheck for her bunion treatments, so we could only get curtains for one room.

And wanna know how incredibly perfect Sherman is? The next morning, he snuck out before I was awake and bought pancake mix (whole wheat!), a chess table and…. Oh my god!  A matching folding chair!

If nothing else told me before, THAT told me we were destined to be together forever.

I made pancakes, he played chess to improve his logic and then we dragged the stinky old mattresses into the room with the beautiful blue curtains. It was like paradise.

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Re: Misty's Legacy
« Reply #10 on: September 07, 2015, 03:45:00 PM »
Hooray for curtains! Glad Misty's found someone ( or should I say, "the one" ).  :)

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Re: Misty's Legacy
« Reply #11 on: September 07, 2015, 04:29:13 PM »
But then… things started going wrong.

I burned the pancakes. Twice. I failed completely to feed my husband before he went to work on this first day with the police force. So much fail.

Then Sherman whined a bit about the bathroom being a mess. He refused to pee before he scrubbed everything with bleach. Maybe he gets grouchy when he's hungry.

But then… his ride to work showed up and Sherman was so upset that he ran out of the house with his nose pinched shut (I'll get to the dishes with the rotting food on the lawn soon!) and he totally forgot to put his shoes on before work!

I spent a lot of time cleaning up and trying to learn how to cook something. I think all the food I was taste-testing really must have sucked, because I started feeling really, really sick.

I had to learn to cook something that wasn't going to kill us!

Sherman was a bit picky about what he ate, I found out. He really didn't like burnt food or undercooked food or food with too much salt or the pudding I made where I accidentally put in chili powder instead of cinnamon.

I guess with all the tasting of the new recipes I was trying, I started gaining weight because the waistband of my shorts was getting tight. I tried to feed Sherman more so he would gain a few pounds too.

I figured he could stand a chubby wife if he was a little chubby himself. Isn't that how it worked?  Eventually I had to buy this ridiculous loose top that I hated just so I wouldn't be naked… and Sherman STILL looked thin and hot.

Over a bowl of macaroni and cheese, I contemplated the meaning of meaninglessness for a while. Sherman was playing chess again. In between muttering things like "Knight to bishop four" and "queen lays the smack-down on the rook," he shot small smiles at me. He played footsies with me under the table.

Sherman is so perfect. He's working so hard to get ahead at the police station too. And here I am… burning food, smelling like toilet cleaner and getting fatter by the day!

So… I was in the checkout line at the grocery store picking up some more ingredients for the few recipes I know and the lady behind me grinned very foolishly and asked, "When are you due, dear?"

"Doing what?" I instantly got nervous, thinking maybe someone had been peeking in my windows. (We HAVE to buy more curtains!)

But she just laughed and handed me a book called "Baby Incoming!"

I took it home and read it and finally understood the chubby belly, the puking in the bathroom and why I had actually started craving half-cooked, half-burned food as long as it had some chocolate and a pickle on it.

When Sherman came home from work the next day I told him and he was overjoyed! I posted on my blog. I stole the title of the book, "Baby Incoming!"  I'm not sure if that's like copyright infringement or what… it's a good title and my readers seemed to like it.

Someone even gave me 30 simolean tip on the blog. I went out and bought some diapers in newborn size. Squee! So cute and tiny.

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Re: Misty's Legacy
« Reply #12 on: September 21, 2015, 06:08:12 PM »
Just in time too.

Guys are such idiots really. I woke up in the early morning with such incredible pain, but Sherman was the one freaking out like the world was going to explode.

Finally he figured out the really complex issue of putting one leg in each pant leg instead of both of them in one pant leg and called a cab to take me to the hospital.

After FOREVER I finally gave birth to the latest and greatest Horne. We named him Leyton after Sherman's grandfather. It wasn't a horrible name… I guess… though I could think of at least 73 ways the kids at school could tease him about it in the future.

I spent at least 17 minutes brooding about it, but finally gave in to Sherman's request.

So, we brought little Leyton home and then wondered what the heck we were going to do with him.

We had to sell the curtains… the beautiful blue curtains… AND Sherman's folding chair. He insisted that it was my folding chair we were really selling, but I knew better.

At any rate, Leyton had a crib and we had all the basics that he would need to stay happy and healthy.

"As long as we have each other," Sherman said, "we will get through anything."

Dear Sherman… dear, dear Sherman. He sounds like a cheesy greeting card, but his heart was in the right place. I'm so glad I found him.

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Re: Misty's Legacy
« Reply #13 on: September 21, 2015, 06:12:55 PM »
The next couple of weeks seemed like an episode of some reality showed called "How the Heck Can We Make Enough Money to Actually Live?"  Okay, that would be a boring reality show…

Hey, maybe we CAN be on a reality show to make money? The idea seemed legit till I realized no one would want to watch us doing nothing interesting ever. I was depressed for a whole day.

In the end, I resold some junk I found in someone's trash on Simslist and Sherman took part in a special puzzle demonstration at the supermarket.

I have NO clue why some weirdo would pay 500 simoleans for Sherman to put puzzles together for 2 hours, but he did. Maybe it was the brother of the crazy elbow artist.

You never know.

So, we fixed up the house a little bit and put aside some simoleans for emergencies.

The first big emergency was my sudden and desperate need for a rocking chair. Rocking chairs… well… rock.

It was the absolute perfect way to combine brooding and contemplating the nature of the infinite emptiness of space while still taking care of Leyton.

Sherman came home that night, announced his promotion to traffic cop and accidentally stepped in the puddle left over when the cheap toilet overflowed all over the floor. For some reason he was still going barefoot at work, so he had to take a shower.

To celebrate his promotion, we bought a really fancy toilet!

I snapped a picture and put it on my blog. I'm pretty sure Sherman wouldn't mind the butt shot of him in the shower, but I put a "Whoops!" on it just in case.

Leyton was a little cutie. He was even cute when he was crying or doing his special pee fountain trick the instant I got his diaper off. Sherman was a cutie too. I think there must have been some genetic thing going on.

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Re: Misty's Legacy
« Reply #14 on: October 04, 2015, 01:45:33 PM »
Everything was absolutely great until…

Ma Bagley came over one day. Sherman's mom… that creepy lady who chased me out of the bed at their house when I had first met Sherman.  She came over, stared at Leyton like some kind of crazed eagle and then declared…

"This boy is too skinny. I'm moving in."

Sherman was at work and I tried to protest, but she just turned her nose up at me and called some builders to put an extension on the house.

"And make sure it has a stout lock on that door. I'm not having any riffraff rifling through my things!"  She cast a really nasty glance my way.

I tried calling Sherman at work, but he was out on patrol and wouldn't be back till late.

Well… maybe it won't be so bad. And, at any rate, she really is old. I guess Sherman should maybe see more of his mother before she dies. I looked over at where she was nosing through my cabinets and complaining about how my canned goods weren't alphabetized and added, soon please!

A steady stream of workmen and decorators went in and out all day. If I had a nice rug I would've been upset at their dirty boots. Finally, Ma Bagley's room was complete.

I was able to just peek inside before she slammed the door and turned the lock. She had more stuff in one room that we had in the rest of the house. Even curtains. Curtains! She moved in just to mock me with her thick, golden curtains.

It was all so ugly.

I went back to the rocking chair and waited for Sherman to get home.

The moment I got up to use the shiny new ultra-modern toilet, Ma Bagley took over the rocking chair. When I came back out of the bathroom all I got was a smirk and a sound that was somewhere between a cough and a drain clogged with the mucus of 1,000 slugs.

I made some goopy carbonara, not burned or undercooked or anything. She sneered. She ate it, but she sneered. I decided the only reason I should even try to be nice to this woman was that she's Sherman's mother, and Sherman was such a sweetie. I could only assume he got that from his father's side.

Sherman came home at last and I squeezed him and gave him a big smooch like I usually do.  He held me close and smooched back like he usually does.

His mother cleared her throat and coughed, which startled the heck outta Sherman so much that he almost knocked me over.

"I need to talk to you in the other room," I said to Sherman and led him into the bedroom. His mother's gaze followed us from her perch on MY rocking chair.

I told him how she had just showed up. He couldn't believe it.

I told him how she had builders come and make another room for her. He couldn't believe it.

I told him how she had insulted my cooking. He couldn't be… well, yes, he could believe that one.

"She's not going to last much longer, babe," Sherman said to me. "She probably just wants to see her grandson before it's too late."

Did I mention how incredibly sweet Sherman is? Even to people who don't deserve it?

I couldn't help myself. I threw myself into his arms and started well... ya know. One thing led to another and we tumbled into bed. It wasn't until we were drowsing after our epic cuddle that I could hear the slow creak-creak of the rocking chair on the other side of the wall.


For the next few weeks, the only thing I had to be happy about was that Sherman's weird sister didn't decide to move in too!

Ma Bagley totally took over my rocking chair. She did change and feed Leyton occasionally, but she also poked him and checked him for weight gain. She glared at me whenever I went near Sherman, who tried his best to make her feel at home.

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Re: Misty's Legacy
« Reply #15 on: April 08, 2016, 07:36:17 AM »
I'm moving this to the Stories Graveyard due to inactivity.  @Murky - you can revive this story by contacting a moderator.

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