Author Topic: Help with shareing wall styles  (Read 1316 times)

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Help with shareing wall styles
« on: August 23, 2012, 12:21:05 AM »
I've been experimenting on how to make a share a wall mural but I'm running in a problem with the sharing part of it.
I install all the patterns to do it and made the mural in CAS, saved the style and exported it.
To test it out I deleted the styles and uninstalled the patterns then installed the wall styles. After going back in the game I find the wall styles are just plain walls. The patterns didn't transfer in with them when installed. To get it to work I had to reinstall the patterns again.

Now the question. What would be the best way to share something like this? The mural covers 3 sections of wall and uses 9 patterns. Is there a better way than uploading 12 items to do this? I wouldn't want to ask someone to have to download and install that much.

To give an idea of what I'm talking about here's a picture of the mural I'm using for testing.

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