Author Topic: When the Zombies Come -- a Cottoneye Decadynasty (COMPLETED)  (Read 140012 times)

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When the Zombies Come -- a Cottoneye Decadynasty (COMPLETED)
« on: September 03, 2012, 04:28:04 PM »
WHEN THE ZOMBIES COME – A Cottoneye Decadynasty


   The Watcher was worried. Zombies would be coming soon, and she didn’t think anyone in the Simiverse would be able to handle them. Sure, they would all get pea-shooters, but would that be enough? Call her paranoid, but she didn’t think so. She had nightmare visions of Langeraks dropping like flies, a struggling Immortal Dynasty bankrupting itself trying to fence in its enormous lot.

   “Somewhere there must be someone who knows how to handle this,” she said.

   The Watcher reviewed her worlds. Sunlit Tides and Barnacle Bay were very pretty, but perhaps their inhabitants were too relaxed to take the situation seriously. She could just hear them singing “Don’t worry, be happy,” as the zombies gnawed their flesh.
Twinbrook? Maybe. Or wait, wasn’t there someone… she focused her gaze on Riverview.

   “Hunter! Hunter Cottoneye!” said the Watcher. “I’m talking to you.” It was impossible to tell what was going on behind those dark glasses. She knew Hunter was neurotic.  And insane.  And mean-spirited.  And a loner. Well, no one said it was going to be easy. She was just glad the Simiverse had a ban on guns.

   “I am the Watcher,” she continued. “I am here to tell you that zombies are coming.”

   “Tell me something I don’t know,” retorted Hunter. “I’ve been saying that zombies were coming since ’09.”

   “I know, Hunter,” said the Watcher. “But this time you’re not hallucinating.”

   Hunter reacted predictably.

   “Now calm down,” said the Watcher. “I’ve got a plan. Worst case scenario is that the entire Simiverse is zombified. Right? You, Hunter Cottoneye, are going to be the lone hold-out. You and your family.”

   “Family?” said Hunter. “I don’t want a family.”

   “Well, you can’t have descendants unless you have a family,” said the Watcher. “Ten ought to be sufficient.”

   “Ten people? I gotta have a drink.”

   “Not all at once,” said the Watcher. “You’ll start with just a wife and child. And really, once the baby is born, your work will be pretty much done. All you’ll have to do afterwards is die happy and keep the child safe from zombies. You can handle that.”

   “Ain’t no woman in Riverview gonna want to marry me,” said Hunter. “Not unless they’re crazy.”

   “I’ve got a plan,” said the Watcher. “Just let me take care of things.”

   Hunter helped himself to another drink.
When the Zombies Come(Completed)--Before they were (In)famous

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Re: When the Zombies Come -- A New Decadynasty (Sept 3)
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2012, 04:28:37 PM »

Part One -- Hunter Cottoneye
Chapter One -- The Courting of Constance, part 1
Chapter Two -- The Courting of Constance, part 2
Chapter Three -- The Courting of Constance, part 3
Chapter Four -- Bunker Babies, part 1
Chapter Five -- Will the Zombies Come?
Chapter Six -- Bunker Babies, part 2
Chapter Seven -- Scary Things
Chapter Eight -- Mixed Messages
Chapter Nine -- Growing Older
Chapter Ten -- Prom Night!
Chapter Eleven -- The Bravest Man in Riverview
Chapter Twelve -- Two Birthdays

Part Two -- Orion Cottoneye
Chapter One -- Little Sister
Chapter Two -- Two More Birthdays
Chapter Three -- True Love, or something
Chapter Four -- The Bachelor
Chapter Five -- An End...
Chapter Six -- ...and a Beginning
Chapter Seven -- Elaine Writes a Letter
Chapter Eight -- Sleep Deprivation
Chapter Nine -- Weekend
Chapter Ten -- Another Letter from Elaine
Chapter Eleven -- Hodgepodge and a Pickle
Chapter Twelve -- Off to Boarding School
Chapter Thirteen -- Elaine Writes to Jaeger

Part Three -- Jaeger Cottoneye
Chapter One -- Homecoming
Chapter Two -- Another Visit
Chapter Three -- A Perfect Garden
Chapter Four -- Another Letter from Elaine
Chapter Five -- Flames
Chapter Six -- A Difficult Pregnancy
Chapter Seven -- Elaine Writes Again
Chapter Eight -- Thank You Notes
Chapter Nine -- Two Proposals and a Makeover
Chapter Ten -- Upheaval
Chapter Eleven -- Ooh la la!
Chapter Twelve -- Nooboo Boom
Chapter Thirteen -- Stasis

Part Four -- Chase Cottoneye
Chapter One -- Not Chasseur
Chapter Two -- A Short Childhood
Chapter Three -- Monsters and Prom
Chapter Four -- A Leisure Day to Remember
Chapter Five -- Autumn
Chapter Six -- Visitors
Chapter Seven -- A Winter Romance
Chapter Eight -- Spring Fever
Chapter Nine -- So Little Time
Chapter Ten -- Waiting and a Wedding (not mine)
Chapter Eleven -- Another Wedding (mine)
Chapter Twelve -- It Must be Something in the Water
Chapter Thirteen -- Baby Love
Chapter Fourteen -- Four Birthdays
Chapter Fifteen -- Ensorcelled
Chapter Sixteen -- A Tale of Two Vampires
Chapter Seventeen -- Father Knows Best
Chapter Eighteen -- Life's Brief Candle

Part Five -- Artemis Cottoneye
Chapter One -- Sibling Rivalry
Chapter Two -- Best Friends
Chapter Three -- Changes Ahead
Chapter Four -- Good-Bye to Riverview
Chapter Five -- Hello to Lucky Palms
Chapter Six -- Easy Times
Chapter Seven -- Not so Easy Times
Chapter Eight -- Greetings
Chapter Nine -- Dreams
Chapter Ten -- A Promotion
Chapter Eleven -- Diana's Visit
Chapter Twelve -- Worst. Prom. Ever.

Part Six -- Diana Cottoneye
Chapter One -- Snow! and a Trip to France
Chapter Two -- A Horrible Surprise
Chapter Three -- Party Time
Chapter Four -- New Loves
Chapter Five -- Birthdays
Chapter Six -- Dancing
Chapter Seven -- Cuteness
Chapter Eight -- Time Passes
Chapter Nine -- Other Dimensions
Chapter Ten -- Not Much News
Chapter Eleven -- Some News
Chapter Twelve -- Baby Love
Chapter Thirteen -- Peek-a-boo
Chapter Fourteen -- Problems with Time
Chapter Fifteen -- Sunrise, Sunset
Chapter Sixteen -- Leisure Day

Part Seven -- Woden Cottoneye
Chapter One -- A Budding Auteur
Chapter Two -- Scary Things
Chapter Three -- A Visit from Grim
Chapter Four -- A Change in Plans
Chapter Five -- Background Extras
Chapter Six -- Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Chapter Seven -- Third Time Lucky?
Chapter Eight -- Mid-Life Crisis
Chapter Nine -- An Excellent Adventure
Chapter Ten -- A Mermaid and a Genie
Chapter Eleven -- More Mermaids
Chapter Twelve -- Makeovers
Chapter Thirteen -- A Few Birthdays
Chapter Fourteen -- A Sunset and Toddler Pictures

Part Eight -- Sedna Cottoneye
Chapter One -- How I Spent Leisure Day
Chapter Two -- An Unwelcome Guest
Chapter Three -- Prom and Beyond
Chapter Four -- Hoping for Black Ops
Chapter Five -- Progress, Romance,  and a Farewell
Chapter Six -- Two Weddings
Chapter Seven -- Island Life
Chapter Eight -- Diving and a Happy Toddler

Part Nine -- Lovec Cottoneye
Chapter One -- Toyland
Chapter Two -- Aliens and Zombies
Chapter Three -- Natal Holidays
Chapter Four -- A Party Mineral
Chapter Five -- The Old College Try
Chapter Six -- Two Graduations
Chapter Seven -- A Kiss at Sunrise
Chapter Eight -- Scheduling Difficulties
Chapter Nine -- A Transformation
Chapter Ten -- Birthdays and Priorities

Part Ten -- Neith Cottoneye
Chapter One -- The Last Princess
Chapter Two -- Spooky Day and After
Chapter Three -- An Update from Lovec
Chapter Four -- Moving on up
Chapter Five -- Full Circle
Chapter Six -- Toddlerhood

Part Eleven -- Hunter Cottoneye
Chapter One -- The Boy Robot
Chapter Two -- A Big Disappointment
Chapter Three -- Why Hunter Hates Snowflake Day
Chapter Four -- The Last Chapter
When the Zombies Come(Completed)--Before they were (In)famous

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Re: When the Zombies Come -- A New Decadynasty (Sept 3)
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2012, 04:29:05 PM »
Orion Cottoneye

Traits:  neurotic, brave, workaholic, neat, family-oriented
Honor Roll: elementary, high school
Career: Law Enforcement:  Dynamic DNA Profiler
Skill: Painting, supermaxed
Black ops: A Fishy Science Project, Fixing the Celestial Slump, A Large Painting, Whistle While You Police, Riddle Away, Nectar Emergency, Bring Back the Jams, A Fresh Set of Forensic Eyes, Improving Disguises, Settle an Argument
Best Friends: Hunter Cottoneye, Hope Cottoneye, George Dean, Jon Lessen, Rachelle Bonaparle, Hope Temple, Laurel Grisby, Jebidiah Wilson, Elaine Joy, Tom Swallow
NPC Friends: Larry Cooper (proprietor), Rachelle Bonaparle (explorer), Alexis Shah (paparazzi), Mackenzie Starks (maid), Hui Young Kim (tourist), Rosa La Chance (elixir store clerk), Rod Sheppard (newspaper deliverer), Duncan Fields (repairman), Lydia Pearl (magician), Sigmund Lords (singer)
Building: Cottoneye Community Theater
Property: Cottoneye Performance Park (3)
Tombstone:Constance Shelley Cottoneye
Collection: mounted fish, worth $708
Travel days - 10-2=8

Jaeger Cottoneye

Traits:  clumsy, loves the outdoors, friendly, green thumb, artistic
Honor Roll: elementary, high school
Career: Mad Scientist (10)
Skill: Gardening supermaxed
Black ops: Research Project, Try the Traps, The Best Evaporating Dish is a Clean One, Fruit Flambe, Of Fish, Robots, and Robot Things, Shower Upgrade, Make-A-Dream, Save the Herding, Uncommonly Good, Broadway Cameo
Best Friends: Cheri Luke, Petrus Kattanai, Joy Cottoneye, Jackie Marsh, Jeff Cottoneye, Aiden Jones, Elaine Cottoneye, Celina Whittaker, Irene Ayers, Bettina Runyon, Travis McDermott, Normal Cottoneye
NPC Friends: Jackie Marsh (babysitter), Richard Padilla (maid), Zaki Taymur (explorer), Peggy Cody (police), Joan Wilkes (paparazzi), Graham Esposito (magician), Grim Reaper, Marlana Pinada (mailwoman), Serena Ruffin (newspaper), Allyson Holbrook (repair person)
Building: Gypsy Wagon
Property: Riverwalk Park, level 3
Tombstone: Elaine Joy Cottoneye
Collection: paintings worth 49,677
Travel days:  18-1=17-3=14

Chausseur (Chase) Cottoneye

: good, virtuoso, friendly, hopeless romantic, ambitious
Honor roll: elementary, high school
Career: Music -- Hit Movie Composer
Skill: fishing (supermaxed), guitar (10)
Black Ops: Archeology Exhibit, After School Employment, Musical Assembly, Please, No Ego, Collaborate in Egypt, Business Model, New Musical Theory, The Case of a Little Dirt, The Case of the Hacked-Off Client, Digging for Dirt
Best Friends: Sarah Schilling, Nadine Ivanov, Brendan McNair, Darren Herrington, Kristal Schilling, Yuri Ivanov, Michele Saucedo, Betty Simovitch, Hollie Hoyle, Jacob McMillan
NPC Friends: Keon Jameson (policeman), Damien Bromberg (firefighter), Henri Fouchier (explorer), Ellen Granger (proprietor), Emmanuel Ly (acrobat), Wendell Sledge (paparazzi), Cheops Kattan (tourist), Ahmad Bender (maid), Jacob McMillan (babysitter), Shelby Sledge (elixir shop)
Building: Cottoneye General Hospital
Property: Azalea Acres Community Garden (3)
Tombstone: Jaeger Cottoneye
Collection: bottles of nectar worth $3,049
Travel days: 23 - 1 = 22 - 3 = 19 - 5 = 14 - 3 = 11

Artemis Cottoneye

Traits: athletic, loves the outdoors, friendly, daredevil, ambitious
Honor Roll: elementary, high school
Career: Master Acrobat
Skill: Athletic (supermaxed)
Black Ops: Stinky Bugs, The Writing Club, The Muscle Hustle, Stadium Cleanup, Celebrity Body, The Focused Athlete, Keep it up, Allow me to Introduce Myself, Talking Mime, Training for Dummies.
Best Friends: Weston Simovitch, Laura Wicks, Mercy Cottoneye, Jayme McAllister, Aiden Jones, Skip Broke, Hal Breckinridge, Franklin Marks, Khalilah Begay, Tatiana Ivanov
NPC Friends: Shanta Gossett (acrobat), Will Hoyle (proprietor), Javier Masters (repair), Dayna Cerda (paparazzi), Dameon Valdez (maid), Asi Elaraby (tourist), Ari Moore (singer), Shannon Ramey (newspaper deliverer), Jesse Benavidez (mail), Lavar Ozkurt (explorer)
Tombstone: Chasseur (Chase) Cottoneye
Building: Flying V's Coffeehouse
Property: Riverwalk Park (3)
Collection: gems worth $7,194
Travel Days: 21-1=20-3=17

Diana Cottoneye

Traits: athletic, friendly, workaholic, family-oriented, handy
Honor Roll: elementary, high school
Career: Military -- Astronaut (10)
Skill: Handiness (supermaxed), Inventing (maxed), Charisma (maxed)
Black Ops: Cultural Interview, I Need a Date, Captain Bandsaw, Substitute Instructor, Zen and Airplane Maintenance, Piloting Made Simple, The Complete Circuit, King of the Hill, A Trivial Affair, Celtic Foray,
Best Friends: Hanson Gilbert, Weston Cottoneye, Bridgette Cottoneye, Luke Cottoneye, Shelley Cottoneye, Graham Dunlap, Perry Saavedra, Henri Fouchier, Eveline Fouchier, Adele Durand
NPC Friends: Cartier Sawalha (explorer), Steve Upton (maid), Vance McDaniel (mailman), Graham Dunlap (paparazzi), Ray Gunne (dancer), Pawel Comer (singer), Indiana Abernathy (acrobat), Jade Dailey (newspaper carrier), Joanne Keating (mixologist), Alma Zavala (babysitter)
Tombstone: Artemis Cottoneye
Building: Artemis Cottoneye Memorial Stadium
Property:Lakeside Retreat (level 3)
Collection: butterflies worth $773
Travel Days: 27-1=26-2=24

Woden Cottoneye
Traits: eccentric, easily impressed, bookworm, schmoozer, neurotic, artistic
Honor roll: elementary, high school
Career: Distinguished Director -- Film, 10
Skill: writing, supermaxed; charisma, maxed
Lifetime Wish: Distinguished Director
Black Ops: Piles of Permission Slips, Scavenger Hunt: Beetle Quest, Lots of Drama, Becoming More Logical, Tough Negotiating, A History of One, Keeping the Talent Happy, Add a Little Drama, Bestest Friends, Uncle Sim Wants YOU, Networking is Key
Best Friends: Harley Crespo, Valor Cottoneye, Brandt Dunlap, Leanne Purnelle, Toya Hozman, Krystal Purnell, Rodney Potter, Tad Drew, Cherie Pie, Gloria Chadwick
NPC Friends: Harley Crespo (babysitter), Siddhartha Webber (maid), Bronson Sawyer (repairperson), Melissa Gifford (elixir shop), Dwight Morris (paparazzi), Cherie Pie (dancer), Toya Hozman (magician), Corinne Watts (mail), Virgil Melendez (newspaper), Ross Eldridge (desk clerk)
Tombstone: Perry Saavedra Cottoneye
Building: Plumbob Pictures Backlot
Property: Aleister's Elixirs and Sundries (level 3)
Collection: inventions worth 15,360
Travel days: 34

Sedna Cottoneye
Traits: friendly, loves the heat, workaholic, natural cook, lucky
Honor roll: elementary, high school
Career: Culinary, 10
Skill: Cooking, supermaxed, Alchemy, maxed
Lifetime Wish: The Culinary Librarian
Black ops: The Boiler Room, Outside Reading, All-New Bi-Pedal Dishwashing Machine, Help a Time Traveler, Catering Time, Business Abroad, An Introductory Test, Agent of MorcuCorp, Some Reading Material, Create-a-Crepe
Best Friends: Tyler Winters, Bethany Layton, Jody Cota, Verity Cottoneye, Fatima Amin, Cliff Cottoneye, Lina Lancaster, Hanson Gilbert, Rosemarie Dunlap, Purnell Cottoneye, Jaclyn Cheney
NPC Friends: Kelley Burney (elixir shop), Nelson Wooten (maid), Dana Presley (mailman), Lavar Woodard (newspaper deliverer), Julio Wallis (repairman), Jeanna Douglas (proprietor), Jon Holder (acrobat), Fatima Amin (explorer), Jaclyn Cheney (babysitter), Garrett Feldman (burglar)
Tombstone: Woden Cottoneye
Building: Desert Diner
Property: Drinks at Diamondbacks (3)
Collection: books worth $1,561.
Travel Days: 42

Lovec Cottoneye
Traits: couch potato, virtuoso, workaholic, genius, hopeless romantic
Honor roll: elementary, high school
Career: Medicine
Skill: Science (supermaxed)
Lifetime Wish: World-Renowned Surgeon
Black ops: Enroll in University, Get Paid for Your Excess Plasma, Day Job: The Usher Husher, Day Job: Specimen Collection, Equipment Needs, Blood is Not Blue, Ear Drumming, Puzzle Panic, Medical Knowledge Competition, Senet Strategy
Best Friends: Ashley Alto, Osvaldo Hernandez, Rei Matsuri, Shayna Jennings, Sue Scott, Karl Stover, Bliss Cottoneye, Karlie Goldberg, Uum Moussa, Hinni Hashini
NPC Friends: Dave Bean, (barista bartender), Roberta Scott (babysitter), Greggory Killian (maid), Isaac Torrez (police), Wesley Yoder (burglar), Vivian Berg (repairperson), Jo Abbott (mailperson), Jedediah Braun (newspaper deliverer), Grim Reaper, Deena Haynes (tattoo artist)
Tombstone: Sedna Cottoneye
Building: El Hospital
Property: Crystal Waters Beach (3)
Collection: elixirs worth $19,178
Travel Days: 52 - 21 = 31 - 1 = 30

Neith Cottoneye
Traits: loves the outdoors, neurotic, workaholic, savvy sculptor, perfectionist
Honor roll: elementary, high school
Career:Sculptor (10)
Skill: Sculpting (Supermaxed)
Lifetime Wish: Swimming in Cash
Black Ops: Scavenger Hunt: Rare Elements, An Old Ruse, Help the School, Oh Scrap!, Natural Decoration, Lost History, Larger than Necessary Doorstop, Only Spiny on the Outside, The Banquet Centerpiece, High Quality Delivery
Best Friends: Monty Lund, Matteo Torres, Gregorio Lund, Osvaldo Hernandez, Justice Cottoneye, Joel Vidal, Fredrick Doe, Lance Christian, Nikia Jung, Jaimee Doe
NPC Friends: Dorothy Tolliver (babysitter), Irma Judd (repairperson), Nikia Finley (elixir clerk), Berjes Farris (maid), Devin McGrath (proprietor), German Leonard (mailperson), Shauna Hamel (newspaper deliverer), Jacqueline LaLand (desk clerk), Fred Cobb (paparazzi), Daren Ramirez (mixologist)
Tombstone: Lovec Cottoneye
Building: Trade Winds Spa and Bistro
Property: Landgraab Sell and Swap (3)
Collection: metals worth 2184
Travel Days: 40

Hunter Cottoneye
Traits: brave, neurotic, bot fan, workaholic, insane, avant garde
Honor roll: elementary, high school
Career: Business
Skill: Street Art Supermaxed
Lifetime Wish: CEO of a Mega Corporation
Black Ops: Scavenger Hunt: Precious Materials, Work/Study Learning Project, Shell Studies, The Wright Opinion, Special Is, Special Does, Commissioned Street Art, Seeking More Favorable Taxes, Deep Sea Diving, A Fun Gathering of Suits,A Minor Indulgence
Best Friends: Gregorio Cottoneye, Jerald Baird, Hilda Denney, Misti Christian, Pierre Denney, Melinda Parsons, Rajan Patel, Frederick Doe, Ashley Alto, Nikia Finley
NPC Friends: Emit Relevart (time traveler), Cassie Dowell (maid), Eleanor Wiles (babysitter), Shalonda Newman (repair person), Keith Westmoreland (firefighter), Leona Potter (burglar), Stacy Madrigal (proprietor), Chase Nichols (acrobat), Stacia Cerda (mail deliverer), Tiffany Edge (singer), Nikia Finley (elixir shop clerk), Chadrick Wilkerson (newspaper deliverer)
Tombstone: Neith Cottoneye, 100
Building: Costa Verde Corp.
Property: Los Libros Library (level 3)
Collection: sculptures worth 113,016
Travel Days: 49

When the Zombies Come(Completed)--Before they were (In)famous

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When the Zombies Come -- A New Decadynasty (Sept 3)
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2012, 04:32:57 PM »
Excellent! I can't wait to see where this will go! Bookmarked.

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Re: When the Zombies Come -- A New Decadynasty (Sept 3)
« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2012, 05:13:19 PM »
Chapter One – The Courting of Constance, part 1

   “There are several single women in Riverview,” said the Watcher, “but I’d like to see you hook up with Constance Shelley. You’re both neurotic – you have that in common.”

   “Wait – isn’t she that prim and prissy one? The one who looks like she’d rap your knuckles with a ruler if you tried to kiss her? You can tell the rest of your plan to the hand, ‘cause I ain’t listening.”

   “I’m sure she has a high opinion of you, too,” said the Watcher. “Look, why don’t you go fish for a while? It might make her nervous if she sees you hanging around her gate.”

   (Watcher, whispering:  Excellent! You got inside. Now, ask her where she went to school.
   Hunter:  I know where she went to school. Same school I did. Only school in Riverview. Dumb Watcher.
   Watcher:  Ask. Now.)

“So, where did you attend school, Miss Shelley?”

“Community school, Mr. Cottoneye. But you can call me Constance.”

   (Hunter:  This has to be the dumbest conversation ever.
   Watcher:  Now ask what her career is.
   Hunter:  She’s a nosy reporter.
   Watcher:  Ask.)

“Where are you working these days, Miss…uh, Constance?”

“I’m a freelance reporter with the Riverview Express.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve got a story –“

(Hunter:  Ouch! I was going to tell her about the zombies. Don’t you think, as a reporter, she’d be interested?
Watcher:  Repeat after me, “Wow! That’s really impressive. I’m a great believer in the freedom of the press.”  And after you’ve said all that, ask her to pillow fight.
Hunter:  Pillow fight? And people say I’m crazy. Ouch!)

   (Watcher:  Great! Now you’re friends. Now, ask her to dinner at the bistro.
   Hunter:  But that’s expensive. Oh, all right.
   Watcher: And wear your suit!)

   (Watcher:  Moment of truth here. Ask her to move in.
   Hunter:  Don’t you think I should kiss her first? I mean, we might not be compatible.
   Watcher: Don’t you dare make any romantic moves. But you can tell her about the zombies.)

    “Um, Miss Constance? I understand we’re going to be invaded by zombies in a few days, and I was wondering if I could offer you the protection of my bunker.”

   “Why, thank you, Mr…um, Hunter. I appreciate that. And perhaps you can tell me more about those zombies on the way over."

   Watcher:  SCORE!
When the Zombies Come(Completed)--Before they were (In)famous

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Re: When the Zombies Come -- A New Decadynasty (Sept 3)
« Reply #5 on: September 03, 2012, 07:09:42 PM »
Brilliant, Marian T, I absolutely love this!
Fantastic combination of characters, and your input makes it all the more humoristic, yet credible.
Zombies... Go for it! I'm watching from the safety of my screen.  8)

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Re: When the Zombies Come -- A New Decadynasty (Sept 3)
« Reply #6 on: September 03, 2012, 09:10:04 PM »
Chapter Two – The Courting of Constance, part 2

From the journal of Constance Shelley:

   As I tripped down the stairs into the bunker, I heard behind me the click of a deadbolt. For some reason, my immediate thought was that I was being locked in. “Don’t be silly,” I told myself. “Hunter’s just locking up for the night. That’s a sensible precaution if there are zombies about.”

   I decided that I would go and check the door later. In the meantime, I wanted to explore a little before Hunter came in. There wasn’t much to see – a bathroom, a bedroom, and the living-kitchen-dining room that the staircase led into. The bedroom contained two twin beds, which was something of a relief. Not that I was worried. Hunter hadn’t acted at all like a man who was trying to seduce me. He had been polite, nervous, even hesitant, like someone who had to look words up in a dictionary before he could talk. Everyone said he was insane, perhaps even violent, but I’d found him quite pleasant. And definitely not attracted to me. When I asked him why he’d chosen me to join him in his bunker, he said it was because I was a writer, and he reckoned it would be a good idea to have someone write down our experiences for future generations.

   “The Watcher made me get all this stuff,” he said, waving his arm. “New fridge, new stove, quiet dishwasher. Oh, and one of those tablet things is for you.”

   The Watcher? I didn’t think anyone had believed in the Watcher since medieval times. Peterans and Jacobites – no Jacobites were the supporters of Bonny Prince Charlie. Jacobists, maybe. Something like that.

   I picked up one of the tablets. I could read books – I could buy books without having to go to the store. I could listen to lessons on everything from charisma to writing. I pressed the button to turn it on.

   “Hello, Constance,” I read.

   A cursor blinked below. “Hello,” I typed cautiously.

   “I am the Watcher.”

   “Prove it,” I typed.

   “Your favorite color is pink.”

   “True, but not good enough.”

   I looked over at Hunter, sure that he was providing the answers via his tablet. Hunter wasn’t in the room, but his tablet was still sitting there. I went looking, and found him in the bedroom, sound asleep beneath a pink blanket.

   “I intended that bed for you,” the Watcher typed, “and the green one for him. Oh, well. I thought I might explain to you what’s going on. I can get Hunter to do things, but he doesn’t sit still for explanations.”

   “Hunter said something about zombies?”

   “Tomorrow, or maybe in a few days, during the next full moon--”

   “—we always have full moons.”

   “Starting tomorrow, the moon will have phases. And when it’s in the full phase, the zombies will come out. You and Hunter will be safe inside, but I have no idea what will happen to the rest of Riverview.”

   “But you’re the Watcher. You know everything.”

   “You really think I’m omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent?”

   “Well, that’s what everyone says.”

   “You’re an investigative reporter, Constance. Since when do you take anyone’s word for anything? But enough about theology. The future of siminity could depend on you. In fact, I’m assuming it does depend on you. It will take generations to cure the Simiverse of zombiism. Generations that will start with your first child.”

   I set the tablet down on the table. I turned it off. I wasn’t going to argue with the Watcher. I would go to bed, and in the morning, I would let myself out the back door of this loony bin and go home.

   The tablet turned itself back on.  “First thing,” I read. “Get rid of the glasses. You’ll see just fine without them.”

   “That’s what you think,” I said aloud, but I took off my glasses. As I had expected, I was surrounded by blurs. Within seconds, the blurs resolved themselves into counters, the stove, the fire alarm. “Okay,” I said shakily. “I thought you said you weren’t omnipotent.”

   “Some things I can manage,” the tablet said. “The next thing I want you to do is to find a hairstyle that’s a little softer and a little less elderly.”

   “A little less prim and prissy, you mean,” I said. I caught my breath. I didn’t want to start talking to myself, or people would think I was as crazy as Hunter. I got up and went to the mirror. It was amazing that I could actually see myself without glasses on. I had to admit my eyes were actually rather pretty. I took down my hair and tied it with two pink ribbons that appeared on the dresser. “How’s this?” I asked.

   But of course the tablet didn’t say anything. I went back to the main room.

   “Perfect!” I read. “There’s a new shipment of clothing coming in tomorrow. We’ll find you something new then.”

When the Zombies Come(Completed)--Before they were (In)famous

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Re: When the Zombies Come -- A New Decadynasty (Sept 3)
« Reply #7 on: September 03, 2012, 09:39:25 PM »
Woah! Interesting!
So... there have been Watchers around since Medieval times. Nobody believed in them since... but Constance needs very little conviction, does she? A few questions and she's all in! Only, to get it thrown back at her... "you're the investigative reporter".
Medieval 'science' and a modern tablet seem to melt into one. It may throw up a conflict for Miss Shelley, but as it stands, she seems rather taken by the circumstances. So am I!  :D

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Re: When the Zombies Come -- A New Decadynasty (Sept 3)
« Reply #8 on: September 03, 2012, 09:43:33 PM »
I like the way you're going about this story. It's quite a clever way to set up a dynasty!

You got me hooked; I will definitely be reading!

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Re: When the Zombies Come -- A New Decadynasty (Sept 3)
« Reply #9 on: September 04, 2012, 03:19:23 AM »
Very nice start, and what better sim than Hunter Cottoneye to defend against zombies?

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Re: When the Zombies Come -- A New Decadynasty (Sept 3)
« Reply #10 on: September 04, 2012, 10:44:16 AM »
I'm liking this so far  :)
I'm guessing that you're getting Supernatural soon
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Re: When the Zombies Come -- A New Decadynasty (Sept 3)
« Reply #11 on: September 04, 2012, 10:54:17 AM »
I started a DecaDynasty with Constance and she hooked up with Hunter as well!  But it was from her point of view and they moved into her house.  It'll be interesting to see where your story goes.  And Hunter's compound is probably a better location considering the title of your post.  ;)

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Re: When the Zombies Come -- A New Decadynasty (Sept 3)
« Reply #12 on: September 04, 2012, 11:11:07 AM »
Congrats on getting Constance hooked up with Hunter! I started with him because I figured his traits made it impossible for someone else to develop a relationship with him.
When the Zombies Come(Completed)--Before they were (In)famous

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Re: When the Zombies Come -- A New Decadynasty (Sept 3)
« Reply #13 on: September 04, 2012, 04:10:47 PM »
Chapter Three – The Courting of Constance, part 3


   “Constance, are you aware that using all caps is considered shouting?”

   “Of course, I’m aware. WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY PAJAMAS?”

   “I deleted them.”

   “You made me look like a tart!”

   “But a very delicious tart.”


   “Yes, Hunter?”

   “There was a strange woman in the bedroom a few minutes ago.”

   “That wasn’t a strange woman. That was Constance.”

   “Yeah, well, she wasn’t dressed like Constance. Are you sure she wasn’t an hallucination?”


   “Oh. Well. Okay, then. I think I’ll just get up and go inspect the perimeter. Maybe check out the new pea-shooter.”

   “Good idea, Hunter.”

   Back to Constance:  “I’m aware that you would prefer a long and languorous development of your relationship. But we have a deadline here. The heir has to be born within ten days. That’s why I changed your flannel pjs for something a little more provocative.”

   “Oh, and it doesn’t matter what Hunter wears? He can look as scruffy as he wants, while I have to be provocative?”

   “Whoa, whoa! I got him to clean up his act a little. He’s got a new hairstyle, too. I tried getting rid of the beard, but trust me, he looks better with it.”

   “Okay, that’s an improvement, but what about the camouflage?”

   “We can’t get rid of it entirely, but I did tone it down.”

   “Shades handy, but not obscuring his eyes. I guess I can live with that.”

   “Good – well, I’m off now. Just remember to say yes when he proposes.”

   “Wait –“

   Constance fiddled with the tablet, but she couldn’t get anything other than a book, a tabcast, or a video game. She played with the game a few minutes, then decided to join Hunter outside.

   “Okay, Hunter, it’s time for action. Repeat after me:  Offer protection. Flowers. Kiss. Propose. Blast-off! Got that?”

   “Got it, Watcher.”

   “I’ll leave you to it, then. I’ll stop by later, to see the baby.”

   “Baby? Wait a minute. What baby?”

   Hunter watched nervously as Constance crossed the lawn towards him. He couldn’t quite forget the vision he’d seen that morning, and it was very distracting. What was the first step – offer protection, yeah.

   “Riverview’s gotten a little scarier since yesterday, what with witches and werewolves and zombies, and all, but I want you to know you’ll always be safe with me.”

Step 2 – Flowers

   “Oh, Hunter – how did you guess pink was my favorite color?”

Step 3 – Kiss

Step 4 – Propose

   “Constance, I know I’ve got some personality issues, but I’m working on them, really. And if you say you’ll marry me, I’ll even go get some therapy – promise.”

Step 5 – Blast-off!

   “Not yet,” whispered the Watcher.


   “Now that’s more like it,” commented the Watcher to no one in particular. “Never did ‘Rock-a-Bye, Baby’ sound so sweet.”
When the Zombies Come(Completed)--Before they were (In)famous

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When the Zombies Come -- Chapter Three (Sept 4)
« Reply #14 on: September 04, 2012, 04:36:15 PM »
I'm loving this!