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Chapter 22: The midlife crisis and the property mogul
« Reply #50 on: September 12, 2012, 04:59:14 PM »
VJ had his adult birthday early this morning so the girls wouldn't miss it because of school.

He was so cocky about not getting a midlife crisis and said he was feeling younger and stronger than ever.

After we had cake Emelie helped me make the beds before the maid showed up. It's so nice to have someone help me, VJ refuses and says that's what maids are for.

But I just know there is a maid consortium somewhere out there where they meet and compare notes. Oh, the shame if I was to be marked up as a slob! I actually wanted us to stop hiring a maid because of this, thinking we could all help out keep the house clean - but that was voted down by the others.

There is something funny with the maids I tell you, ever so often new ones just show up. Some days there are two coming to work at the same day, they call it on the job training, but I know what it really is. That's when they grade our self cleaning performance - the trick is figuring out what days they will come grade you, and really work hard the night before. I haven't quite figured out their system yet, but I'm keeping notes. Soon they will slip up - and I will get the highest marks!

Selma, being her fathers daughter, refused to help. She was chasing robbers off from the postilion or something like that. Well, at least she has a great imagination, that's one thing the writer in me can admire.

When dinnertime rolled around this had happened. Apparently VJ was having a midlife crisis anyway, he'd found one, ONE, greyish hair and refused to take of the helmet. His childish trait really was showing and I got annoyed.

Klara: You are not wearing that helmet for the rest of your days VJ!
VJ: You can't make me take it of.
Klara: But I can make you sleep on the couch is that's what you want.
Chris: VJ, pleas just take of the helmet. I can't deal with any more of this screeching.
Sylvester: Dude, that helmet has to go.
VJ: But my hair, my beautiful hair is betraying me. I can't show myself in public like this!
Selma/Emalie: Dad, grow up!

This is Akasha. She showed up the next morning and proclaimed us her faithful subjects. She said the gloom and doom of this house suited her mood. VJ immediately accused her of eating his plasma fruit. I think he has a point, but her only response was "Servant, you are boring me - begone from here and let me rest in peace."

Inexplicably the whole household are now early risers (when did this happen? Maybe because we were so exhausted trying to keep up with the toddlers that we went to bed earlier and earlier each night?)

So when Sylvester once again wanted to pull the early party trick we were all there cheering for him. (Agnes, knowing her boy, had bought a cake the day before.

I think he's become more his own person now rather than Chris clone. Good for him!

His wardrobe is a bit artsy, since he has the Visionary LTW.

When Sylvester went down to City Hall to register as a self-employed painter, I decided to tag along and check two things off my to do list. I bought Divisaro Budget Books (building) and Stoney Falls (property). Even if the career cap hadn't increased very fast the royalties from all my books were stacking up, so I traveled up to Stony Falls the same afternoon to oversee the construction.

I didn't know what kind of people would want to rent this property, but decided it needed some bathrooms and an area to serve meals and relax. Since becoming a parent I'm also more mindful of what a child needs. So, some basic child and toddler activities were included.

First Floor
Second Floor

Here's just another overview of our house. The girls have the blue bedroom and the boys have the yellow.

Finally, I was trying very hard not to laugh when Agnes got stuck in the bookshelf the other day. I know she's a bookworm like me - but even I don't like books that much!

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty (Chapter 21: Chris almost misses the party)
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Wow, you're great at photography! I've never got the hang of it and it takes me years to just to get on Level 1, even with the highest quality camera  :P

Actually I almost feel like I'm cheating since I'm using the MultiTab, it makes leveling up very easy + you don't have to micromanage everything. Without it I doubt I'd even try.

Now, since I'm not trying to get a good score I mostly just take loads of pictures hoping one will turn up just right. I has been surprisingly enjoyable though, I have some pictures later in the file that I'm particularly proud of. But that panorama of them on the rocking horses was a great idea. I find that it's really hard to take great portraits with the panorama, so I quickly gave up on that.

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Chapter 23: Sylvester graduates
« Reply #52 on: September 12, 2012, 06:16:13 PM »
Agnes is painting just for fun now. (That painting now hangs in the kitchen, making it a lot more lived in).

Children have their own way of doing things. Since Emelie is a genius, she quickly realized that doing your homework on the MultiTab makes it both fun and fast.

Rikard and Selma haven't caught on yet, so they settle down with their ordinary pens and paper.

Rikard: Why is Emelie always insisting we do the homework outside while she does it inside?

Selma: I don't know. But I bet this math problem would be easier if we only were allowed to use blocks to illustrate it.

Emelie: Now, who's the smartest of them all?

Michelangelo finally decided to come out of hiatus. He made an Ariel.

The next day dawned with Sylvester's Graduation. The kids were excited because they had the day of from school. They all dressed up in their finest and headed down town. I was not with them (I really don't have to repeat why do I?).

Sylvestser was Valedictorian and voted most artistic. He got a official diploma and all.

The group then decided to head to a park where a Simfest was held. Partly because they wanted me to have some peace and quiet in the house, but mostly because they were all going stir crazy.

Unfortunately the children were not allowed to watch (though how they could keep the children from watching when there were no walls I haven't a clue). So, Agnes, Chris and Sylvester watched the performers while VJ played tag with the kids.

The book is coming along slowly - I must have written well over a 1000 pages by now.

The next morning Emelie came to me and told me she had discovered a potion that would reduce my need for sleep even more (I already have the Meditative Trance Sleep LTR). This would mean I could write for several hours more each day - maybe, just maybe I would be successful!

Is it any wonder that I love my sweet Emelie? She's always thinking of me!

Emelie *thinks* next time I'll get Selma to try one of these out, maybe the bladder potion I discovered sometime back

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Chapter 24:Rikard becomes a teen
« Reply #53 on: September 13, 2012, 04:11:14 AM »
Agnes life was nearing the end. She had managed to fulfill her LTW of becoming an Illustrious Author by listening to writing TabCasts (sorry Agnes but the computer is mine).

To keep her hands occupied she kept on painting. She mostly stayed in the living room which gave her a great view of the gate. She muttered something about keeping her eye out for the paparazzi. I have no idea what she is talking about, I've never seen a paparazzi and if they came, I'm sure we could offer them some refreshments.

She also spent as much time as possible with Chris, watching the stars and other crazy things old people like to do.

Rikards birthday came around. We threw a pool party since I still looked hot in my swimsuit and Agnes didn't mind showing herself in hers. The real reason was that an outside pool party suited Rikards loves the outdoors personality to a tee.

Some familiar faces showed up and Lisa Bunch teased Rikard even before he did his spin. Sometimes she's so tiring, but I always invite her hoping she'll one day meet one of my best friends requirement. Unlike some of the other regular party attendees she never misses the cake. Maybe she doesn't get any food at home (could be why she's so skinny).

Rikard aged up to avery handsome teen, and a few brushstrokes later he didn't look as feminine anymore.

He gained the green thumb trait. (VJ is so happy to have someone to share his main third largest interest with. (His main interest of course being me and his second the girls.)

His wardrobe include a lot of yellow and camouflage material since that's sturdy and useful when being outdoors. He wanted to do all camouflage but Agnes put her foot down. I suspect Chris will try to smuggle some to him. He's real happy about his youngest wanting to be an outdoorsman.

I was just happy about being away from the computer for a change and partied all night long.

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Chapter 25: The girls teen birthday
« Reply #54 on: September 13, 2012, 04:38:45 AM »
Sometimes when I write I have to dress in character. It's not something I enjoy, but I suffer through it because of the pressures put on me by the dynasty requirements. But enough about me, the girls are having a party.

Klara: Hello, I'd like to register a complaint.
Maids Inc.: Are you not happy with your service mam?
Klara: The toilets are filthy, the beds are remade in an unsatisfactory manner and you have once again stolen all our laundry. I'm having an important party later today - if this mess isn't fixed I'll go somewhere else with my money.
Maids Inc.: We'll send someone over asap, no need to switch to Butlers 'r Us.
Klara: Thank you kindly.

VJ had bought some special planters but they didn't bloom in time for the party. He was really upset, but I doubt the girls will mind.

That night we had a family party for the girls. After the big bash the day before we thought it would be nice to have some family time.

Both girls aged up with my hair - I don't know who found that more disturbing, me or them. After a quick trip to the mirror they once again had their own looks. Selma wanted something sporty while Emelie was happy to keep her old style.

Selma gained good sense of humor to had to her disciplined, brave and adventurous traits.
Emalie became a savvy sculptor in addition to being neurotic, a genius and artistic.

Selma is looking more and more like me each day and Emelie more and more like her dad. I think they are both really beautiful.

When it came to wardrobe choices the girls continued on as they had as children. Selma almost refused to wear a dress, but I told her she might regret not wearing one if she goes prom, so she relented. But she absolutely refused to wear heels which is fine with me. Emelie had a Gothic theme going on (I caught her reading my horror novel Prometheus wife the other night, maybe that's what inspired her?

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Chapter 26: Selma chooses her way
« Reply #55 on: September 13, 2012, 05:15:31 AM »
I may sit in front of the computer most of each day but I'm not completely blind or oblivious to what happens in the house (regardless what others may insinuate). 

So when I looked out the window on my way to the kitchen and saw this, it really struck me as odd. Not Selma being outdoors, she's really more of an outdoors person than an indoors one (even if she doesn't love the outdoors like Rikard). But because she was reading a book.

Now, you have to understand that with me being both a bookworm and a self-employed author our house have masses and masses of books to dig into. And I have always tried to impart good reading habits whenever I spent time with the girls. I just never felt I was very successful with Selma.

When I went outside and asked her what she was reading, she told me it was a text about Sim Fu she'd gotten from he dad. Sim Fu! That's just like VJ to encourage her to more violent tendencies. Nest thing I know she will probably want to go to Shang Simla to learn more about it. But VJ will have to take her - I'm not getting on a plane!

As I suspected she was completely taken with the idea of becoming a Sim Fu King. I caught her practicing her moves alone in the garden, fighting ghosts or what not.

She also started to make up stories of how she went on adventures in foreign lands, adventures who often ended is long Sim Fu battles she managed to win. She scared that poor papergirl so much that she started taking on another paper route.

With her flair for the dramatic I started hoping that my daughter would go into acting, something creative like me. But that hope was crushed when I overheard her conversation with Rikard one night.

Selma: I don't know how she does it.
Rikard: What?
Selma: Sitting in front of the computer each and every day. I would go mental if it was me.
Rikard: Me too, unless the computer was outside, then I guess I could do it for a while.

Selma: I still don't think I could deal with it. When I become a YA I'm going to go far away from here.
Rikard: You can't move out, that's against the rules.
Selma: Who told you that?
Rikard: Mom, she's all about the rules, you know she has your mom agreeing with that too.
Selma: Hm, yeah, so moving is out. Oh, I get it! I know what I'll do.
Rikard: What?

Selma: I'll be just like her - then staying in this house won't suck so much.

I guess I have to accept the fact that my oldest daughter and husband are conspiring against me. Selma will walk her own path, I just hope she knows that once she makes her choice of SuperMax it's forever. Also, I told VJ that now when he started Selma down this road, he was responsible in keeping her on the right path- as mentioned earlier I will not go to Shang Simla, that's for sure!

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Chapter 27: Sylvester makes a move
« Reply #56 on: September 13, 2012, 05:50:51 AM »
Sometime after dark Sylvester's girlfriend Cari arrived.

Sylvester: Hey baby, looking good.
Cari: Thank you, you too.
Sylvetser: I have something for you.

Sylvester: So, did you like the flowers?
Cari:Stop talking and kiss me again.

Sylvester: ...but there really isn't much room for privacy at the house, so I thought we could spend some time here instead.
Cari:I like the way you're thinking.

Sylvetser: So...
Cari: So...

What ever Sylvester did, Cari seemed very happy. She snuck in to use the girls bathroom though, since Sylvester hadn't added one to his secret love nest.

And that's when VJ caught on to what had been going on and took exception.

VJ: You don't come to my house and take advantage of my boy like that!
Cari: But I was invited, besides he's a YA he can do whateve. Ow, stop, HELP!
VJ: Take that you user!

Once he felt he had put Cari in her place, and Sylvester had promised he wan't being used by her, VJ apologized and asked is he wanted to play tag. Really, who can resist such a  friendly offer. She quickly became his new best friend.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty-Chapter 27: Sylvester makes a move
« Reply #57 on: September 13, 2012, 06:00:03 AM »
I love how Agnes is totally ignoring the fight behind her. :P

Excellent set of updates!

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty-Chapter 27: Sylvester makes a move
« Reply #58 on: September 13, 2012, 06:02:55 AM »

Me too. High free will is really hilarious some times. I just step back and watch and great things happen.

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Chapter 28: Aged to perfection
« Reply #59 on: September 13, 2012, 06:21:06 AM »
The morning kicked of quietly with Selma getting her teen sculpute done.

But the house was soon buzzing with the preparations for my elder birthday. This was a big deal and Agnes had pulled out all the stops. Chris made perfect dim sum after perfect dim sum for the guests to snack on, and Agnes tailored the guest list for maximum non-death and best friend potential (no point inviting to many old people - even if I was now joining their ranks).

VJ gave me flowers before the guests arrived, a private celebration with just me, VJ and the girls.

Klara *thinking* Is there something I missed. I did get all my pieces for the museum, right?

It was my last birthday, so I embraced it with enthusiasm.

But I still got a bit of a shock when the sparkles hit me.

And I aged up wearing something rather old fashioned. I know I was saying earlier about all my books being seen as historical fiction in the future, but I don't think I need to dress the part yet - do I?

I tried several different hairstyles, but none seemed quite right. Why mess with the original? And I am keeping the red! Have to look hot for my younger husband.

After experimenting with the hairstyles I felt it better just to go with a safe bet when it came to wardrobe choices, I guess I finally can call myself one of the Golden Girls.

Rikard and Selma kept to themselves most of the evening, sneaking looks at each other over the table. Like I don't know what that means!

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty-Chapter 28: Aged to perfection
« Reply #60 on: September 13, 2012, 06:29:00 AM »
The individual personality of all your characters really comes through. I really like this story.

Please follow the forum rules.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty-Chapter 28: Aged to perfection
« Reply #61 on: September 13, 2012, 06:43:21 AM »
The individual personality of all your characters really comes through.

Thank you Rachel, that means a lot.

I feel that I post maybe to often? compared to most people here. But I just want to let the characters speak, and they need space to get heard.

Also, this is a great way for me to remind myself of what happened during my game. I wanted to be more focused than usual when trying this challenge. I usually play a lot on gamespeed3, so now my sims get to be more versatile in their interests, since I have more time for them. 

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Chapter 29: Young love
« Reply #62 on: September 13, 2012, 08:27:45 AM »
The next morning Agnes got her first indication to as to what had been going on with those two last night. She later told me, that it wasn't that she was unhappy about it, she it just made her realize she was getting older. But then we booth settled in for a gossip session about the possibility of future nooboos, and we felt even closer then before.

The young ones were oblivious to anything other than themselves.

She didn't find Rikards flirty face disturbing (even though I totally would).

I was now 3/4 done with my fourth masterpiece Dealing with your friends dying and the end seemed in sight. It was slow going though, and I often wondered if I would have been better of just sticking to romance novels. I bet I could have finished four of them in the time it had taken me to get this far on this masterpiece.

While I was slaving away Chris had a construction crew come in and build a pond next to the pool.

He then stocked it with all three kinds of fish. Agnes was very excited, and mumbled something about one less thing to worry about. What is she talking about? As far as I am concerned there is only one thing to worry about - and that is to max the writing career. Everything hinges on me getting that done.

When evening came I posed for my elder statue. I'm proud of getting this far. I only wish I had time to enjoy it more.

That night Rikard and Selma snuck out after bedtime to go watch the stars.

Rikard *thinking* Should I ask her? What if she says no? I'll ask her tomorrow. But then someone else might ask her? Ok, here it goes.

Rikard: So, I was thinking that maybe, you know, you'd want to go with me to prom?
Selma *thinking* He asked me?! O My Good. He finally asked me. We could get matching outfits and everything - oh wait, maybe I shouldn't say that. Best to not seem too enthusiastic? But how should I answer?
Rikard: Uh, Selma - are you listening?
Selma: Yes, I'll go with you to prom. * squealing inside* We can, you know, hang out and stuff.

Rikard: So this is what the parents are always up to, huh?
Selma: Yep, not really much exciting going on is there?
Rikard: Wanna go inside and watch some more action TV?
Selma: You know I'm always up for some action TV.

Later I caught them cuddling on the sofa. When I asked what they were doing, they quickly moved apart and said "watching TV" in unison. Yeah, right! I might be an elder, but no one is old enough to buy that.

Lately Emelie has been practicing her painting. Agnes has very generously allowed to use her living room easel, in return for her vigilance on the paparazzi watch. Lately she has had more troublesome noises from sofa the than the street.

Emelie: Hey stop it you guys. Ew, get a room!

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Chapter 30: Chris joins our ranks
« Reply #63 on: September 13, 2012, 08:45:43 AM »
We held a small family celebration when Chris joined Agnes and me in elderhood. (The kids actully had to organize the party since Agnes was working on my elder portrait and I was busy in my study. No one dared leave the details in VJ's hands).

After the sparkels Chris had a somewhat sober enable on. Flashy, but hardly well suited for a fisherman like him.

He went back to his green duds once again. The kids got him a special present, fancy slippers with pointy ends.

Three elders in the house made me long for the days when I was young and pretty. Fortunately I had just the cure for that. When I had that photo session for my adult exhibit I had Sylvester take 2 different photos of me. One is in the museum - and the other one in my bathroom. Now every time I feel bad about my age I just go look at it (pretending it's a mirror not a photograph) and I feel better.

As for my fourth masterpiece. I'm so, so close. I can almost taste the victory.

I stay up all night working, I don't even care I get black circles around my eyes as I race for the finnishline.

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Chapter 31: Prom night
« Reply #64 on: September 13, 2012, 10:09:00 AM »
VJ's tireless determination finally payed off, and in time for the girls (and Rikards) first formal too.

Here they are waiting for the limo to show up.

Traveling in style.

Walking in to prom.

Emelie: It's ok, you can hold hands now, the parents are back at the house.

My sweet Emelie had a rough time. She got in a fight, was rejected for a dance and saw someone wearing the same outfit. She also ended up with a romantic interest. But she tells me she expects someone spiking the punch, because she'd never seen him before.

Selma had as blast at prom - as seen by the expression on her prom picture.

She and Rikard got prom king and queen, and decided to go steady.

The next day I realized something strange. It seems Selma had a growth spurt over night, making her half a head taller than Rikard.

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Chapter 32: When the teens are away
« Reply #65 on: September 13, 2012, 10:23:07 AM »
So, I bet you are wondering how we all spend out time while waiting for the masterpiece to finally come together?

Well, Chris and Agnes usually read together. Chris is going through recipe books, and Agnes are on her second rotation of my works.

VJ finds other ways to occupy his mind.

Chris and Agnes also spend some "quality" time together.

Once Chris learnt the recipe for ambrosia he decided to retire.

We also made sure the museum exhibits were completed. I put an extra photo in mine to remind me of the one thing that has stood by my side all through this generations fight against the goals - my computer, and trusty friend deserves to be immortalized.

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Chapter 33: Helping hands
« Reply #66 on: September 13, 2012, 10:48:39 AM »
The tension has been rising in the house. Every day I fail to max the writing career Agnes furrows her forehead even more. She is still holding on to life, says she wants to see me reach my goals even if she has to live till she's over a hundred. And she might just get her wish.

Of course, sometimes wanting to help and actually helping are two different things.

VJ: How hard can it be, I mean, why don't you just scribble some words and send it in early? As long as it seems to be I doubt anyone will read the whole thing anyway.

Klara: No one understands the pressure I'm under! Now leave me alone to finish this book in peace!

Selma: So dad, how did you say the talk with mom went?
VJ: If she talks to me ever again I'd be surprised.
Emelie: Oh, but that's horrible. We've got to do something!
Selma: I know what I'll do. I'll just leave her alone so that she can write her book like she asked.

Emelie decided she'd help doing the things she did best, making potions.

VJ was as always willing to try a different track. Without success I might add.

VJ: Listen, I don't care about ethics and crap like that. How much is it going to take to get my wife at the top of the writer career? What do you mean City Hall doesn't controll that. I'm never voting for you again!

Sylvester: So, anyone want to watch the game?
Selma: Keep you voice down, we agreed to no loud noises. Let's just watch the Halls of History for now.

Then suddenly (2,384 pager later?).

Just 5,000 more to go.

Thank you watcher! At 80 days old I had finally maxed the writing career.

Sylvester: So, do you want to...
Klara: Sh, just let me watch Romantic Rendevous in peace and quiet for now.
Everyone: Ok.

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Chapter 34: Bring on the parties!
« Reply #67 on: September 13, 2012, 11:02:47 AM »
Bright and early the next day the house was busy setting up for my celebratory bash. We even acquired a karaoke machine.

Klara: Welcome to my I got a promotion party !. Please stay all night and be my friend by the time you are leaving.
Sofia: OK, strange lady. I'll think about it.

As more guests started arriving it was time to break out the nectar. It had been stored in the basement since the early days when Chris frequented the Consignment Store. I felt now was the perfect time to drink it.

The Karaoke machine was a hit. Agnes and Rikard did a great duet.

Emelie certainly approved.

I worked the floor like a seasoned politician, catching up with old acquaintances like River McIrish and Lisa Bunch.

Sylvester and Rikards cousin Mortimer tried to sing a few songs.

Emelie was less than impressed.

By the end of the night I didn't have any new best friends, but I had a couple of good ones, and I figured that was a good start. I really wanted to reach immortality keeping Agnes as one of my best friends, since she had stood beside me since the beginning.

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Chapter 35: A little convincing
« Reply #68 on: September 15, 2012, 05:25:49 AM »
This morning I walked in the kitchen - and this was the first thing I saw. I quickly backed out again (they were so cute I couldn't break them up. Besides, now when I'm almost ready to hand over the reins to this dynasty thoughts of the future are always on my mind. Selma will have to produce an heir herself one day - and me and Agnes are really hoping we will be grandmothers of the same child). All I can say is, that at the rate this thing is going, I'm very happy their birthdays are coming up soon.

I had more important business than snooping on my daughter anyway. I needed to gain 5 more best friends, I could of course have counted VJ or the girls as my best friends, but I wanted to prove to myself that I was good for more than just writing about friendship you know? I don't mind not being a socialite, but honestly - with the prospect of me living forever, I would have to learn to make new friends, since my old once would start dying. (Morbid, you are my second name this morning).

I decided to call up the five most likely suspects from yesterdays party. All of the conversations were along these lines:

Klara: Hey, so thank you for coming to my party yesterday. I hope you had a great time.
Potential best friend: Yes, thank you! I had a blast.
Klara: If you would consider becoming my best friend I can promise you more parties just as awsome.

Klara: You'd always be welcome to the house to hang out as well.

Klara: If you're hungry we always cook with the freshest produce. Oh, if you like gardening I bet my husband can give you a tour of the garden.

Klara: And don't worry about having to clean up after yourself if you're here till late, we have a maid servide for that.

Klara: Well, enough of this trash talk. Are you in or out?

Mirja Alvi: In.
River McIrish: In.
Tori Kimura: In.
Lisa Bunch: In.
Arlo Bunch: In.
Klara: Thank you kindly. *click*

Agnes: So, all set?
Klara: All set, now where's your husband.
Agnes: I think he went to the graveyard. Said he'd see you tomorrow.
Klara: All right. Wanna watch some Romantic Rendevouz?
Agnes: I'm with you girlfriend.

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Chapter 36: Who want's to live forever?
« Reply #69 on: September 15, 2012, 05:50:20 AM »
Me! Me! I want to live forever! (I'm so psyched I did it! I managed to complete all requirements, and today I would get my just reward.)

I was up bright and early. Unfortunately Chris was not. He hadn't gotten home until the early morning hours, so I whiled away the time playing some HumanInteraction on my MultiTab. It was so much fun, I hadn't let myself simply enjoy muself in what felt like forever. If this was what immortality will be like, I think I'll like it!

Eventually Chris dragged himself out of bed and began preparing my ambrosia (food of the Gods you know).

It took a really loooong time. I kept myself busy checking the sinks, and the stove. Thankfully, ever since fireproofing the house nothing bad had happened. But I was ever vigilant.

I was eager to partake of this supposedly magical dish.

The first bite was - not what I expected. I thought it would be heavely good, or horrible (I've heard rumors it 's supposed to be awful) but in reality it was kind of, well, bland.

Kind of disappointed I started to stand when a strange light started to rise from the empty plate...

...soon I was surounded by sparkels and I thought "Not good! I can't die now, I've just eaten ambrosia!" But once the sparkles dissipated I felt invigorated, stronger and at peace. I would live forever! Only one thing marred my excitement - I would also be forever old.

To celebrate this momentous day I went down to City Hall to donate 100 copies of my first masterpiece The First Immortal. I felt it was a fitting gesture.

So all in all I can say I had a pretty good day. How was yours?

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The First Immortal
« Reply #70 on: September 15, 2012, 06:20:58 AM »

Name: Klara Aurora Alvi

LTW: Professional Author

Career: Self-employed author

MaxSkill: Writing

Building: Divisaro Budget Books
Property: Stoney Falls

1. Acclaimed Author
2. Fireproof Homestead
3. Young Again Potion

Best Friends:
1. Agnes Crumplebottom
2. Mirja Alvi
3. River McIrish
4.Tori Kimura
5. Lisa Bunch
6. Arlo Bunch

1. It's a living
2. Rising writer
3. Correcting past mistakes
4. Add a little drama
5. A history of one
6. The great novelist

Portraits/museum exhibit:

Young Adult



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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - The First Immortal
« Reply #71 on: September 15, 2012, 09:35:59 AM »
Congrats on the 1st immortal!

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - The First Immortal
« Reply #72 on: September 15, 2012, 09:50:00 AM »
Congratulations on your first immortal. One down just seven more to go.

Please follow the forum rules.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - The First Immortal
« Reply #73 on: September 15, 2012, 11:14:35 AM »

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - The First Immortal
« Reply #74 on: September 15, 2012, 01:13:28 PM »
Yay Klara!
I think you've taken a fabulous approach to this challenge and I can't wait for the next seven generations.
I assume Selma will be taking over with the story telling?
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