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Crease-3 YAs, 1 Toddler, 1 Horse, 1 Dog
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Household Name: Crease
Number of Sims: 6 (4 Sims, 2 Pets)

When a famous actress and a famous horserider get married and have a child, all that can happen is a growth in popularity and celebrity points. But when Dahlia’s twin sister moves in, who also happens to be famous, what trouble will come out of this? Will the Crease family be able stay happy or will the Crease family be no more?
*If a download a sim alone, it won’t have any skills, a career, inventory and celebrity points*

Sim Name: Dahlia Crease
Age: Young Adult
Celebrity Level: 4
Traits: Star Quality, Great Kisser, Loves the Outdoors, Diva, Charismatic
Lifetime Wish: Superstar Actress
Favourites: Cookies, Pop, Pink
EP and SP: Late Night, (Trait, Shoes, Formal Top, Lifetime Wish) Town Life, (Athletic Outfit) Master Suite, (Sleepwear) Showtime, (Trait, Formal Jeans) Supernatural (Everyday Dress)
Store Items: Bountiful Beret (Hair)
Skills: Charisma Lvl 8
Career: Feature Actress (Film Lvl 7)
Dahlia and her twin sister were very close. Their parents, Damien and Emily, taught them that but when the parents divorced and each child was separated, the two got different last names and never spoke to each other until Dahlia’s first big movie. Now that her sister has moved in, will Dahlia be able to bond with the sister she hasn’t seen for years or will Christy break up the fantastic Crease marriage?

Sim Name:  Cody Crease
Age: Young Adult
Celebrity Level: 3
Traits: Star Quality, Slob, Animal Lover, Family-Orientated, Athletic
Lifetime Wish: Surrounded by Family
Favourites: Hot Dogs, Soul, Red
EP and SP: Fast Lane, (Formal) Late Night, (Trait) Town Life, (Hair) Pets, (Trait, Athletic Wear) Master Suite, (Sleepwear) Supernatural (Everyday Outfit)
Skills: Riding Lvl 8
Career: Pony Partner (Horseman Lvl 7)
There has only been one thing that Cody has wanted in life. He never wanted to be famous; it just came when he began winning races. He only wants a family. With one child, a happy beautiful wife and two pets, will Dahlia’s sister cause enough trouble with her mysterious acts around town to ruin the Crease marriage? Cody wants 5 children, but will one be enough for Dahlia?

Sim Name: Chris Crease
Age: Toddler
Celebrity Level: 3
Traits: Clumsy, Friendly
Favourites: Country, Spaghetti, White
EP and SP: Generations (IF Doll)
Chris is the only child of Dahlia (Tolliver) Crease and Cody Crease but if Cody gets his way, he won’t be his last. Will Chris be a celebrity like his parents or will he choose a path less travelled by the children of celebrities?

Sim Name:  Christy Drapen
Age: Young Adult
Celebrity Level: 2
Traits: Artistic, Savvy Sculptor, Kleptomaniac, Light Sleeper, Friendly
Lifetime Wish: Fashion Phenomenon
Favourites: Country, Firecracker Shrimp, Blue
EP and SP: Ambitions, (Career, Lifetime Wish, Trait) Late Night, (Swimwear) Master Suite, (Sleepwear) Showtime, (Athletic Top, Formal Dress) Supernatural (Everyday Outfit)
Skills: Painting Lvl 5, Sculpting Lvl 3, Cooking Lvl 1
Career: Trendsetter in Training (Stylist Lvl 5)
Christy accepts that she lives in her sisters’ shadow but she accepts it and uses it to her advantage. She is able to get more clients and sells more clothes that each have Christy’s style in it. But has she also been using the limelight to steal? And she may make art and sculptures each day, but where does it all go at the end of day? Why is there no art in the Crease house?

Pet Name:Barker Crease
Age: Adult
Traits: Hunter, Hydrophobic, Quiet
Skills: Hunting Lvl 6
Barker was Cody’s wedding present to Dahlia. Dahlia loves this dog and this dog loves everyone in the house. There’s one thing he hates though, water. He can barely drink some water each day to stay alive!

Pet Name: Butter Crease
Age: Adult
Traits: Brave, Obedient, Fast
Skills: Jumping Lvl 3, Riding Lvl 8
Butter is Cody’s only horse. He used to have more but they died and Cody decided it would be les heart breaking to only have one horse. Butter was always Cody’s favourite horse but even Christy and Dahlia have even taken a liking to this beauty.

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