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The fantastic adventures of Dr. Baldwin.
« on: July 11, 2010, 03:57:34 AM »
As a young adult, Alex Baldwin set off to Twinbrook with a meager sum of money in hand. Once there, the first thing he did was purchase a huge empty lot, only the hugest and emptiest was good enough for him! Quickly he struggled to build a "house" that was thin and long. (2x9) He placed a bed, a stove, a counter, a fridge, and a bookshelf down inside, painted the walls, and dropped the cheapest flooring he could. Next he set off to achieve his lifetime wish, the never ending desire to help people! He wanted to be a doctor! A surgeon! A world Renown Surgeon! When he arrived at the hospital without any degree or reason why he deserved to be hired as a doctor, he was let on as an organ donor. He rushed home, and took his logic book off of the shelf and read until he was starving. Luckily the fridge came prestocked with some food, so he whipped up a salad, ate until he was full, and went to bed.

In the morning, he rolled out of bed, nibbled on some remaining salad, ran to gym for a quick shower and then began his first day in the medical career. At first things were slow. He came home to a tiny cramped house, and had to jog to the gym each day to get a shower. His diet consisted of salad for so long, he finally decided to splurge on a pizza just for a change of pace. Unfortunately, soon the pizza was gone, and his strict budgeting made him invest in more walls, not more food.

He worked hard, reading his logic book, working out at the gym, and working hard at work no matter how it stressed him. The days flew by, until one day he was cleaning out some bed pans, and a man came in crumpled to the floor, and lay there dying. Quickly moving in action, Alex saved the man with his keen medical skills that had been utterly unappreciated. At seeing his skill, his boss instantly sent him off to be a paramedic. The odd hours didn't suit him, wrecking havoc on his schedule. But he endured it as steadfastedly as he endured those disgusting bed pans. This was his heart's desire! To be a doctor! To save lives! He was well on his way at last, and nothing would stop him!

In a vague, hazy blur of days he slept and nights he worked, he suddenly found himself in front of his boss. The man was beaming, congratulating him. Not until the next day when he showed up for work did he find out what had happened. He was nearly fired that day, because he had been promoted to resident, and was expected to show up during the day! He was warned, one more day of missing work, and he was fired. Alex never again missed a day of work until one fateful day, many promotions later.


Alex woke up in his massive bed. He decided to buy it, because he slept better on it. He toured his decorated hallways, and his grand kitchen. Empty. Everything was empty. This huge house he had built was so devoid of life. He had thought to get a dog, but some how they simply didn't seem to exist. A man had said "Don't worry, they'll show up eventually."

But they hadn't yet, and so Alex was alone. He decided he needed a wife, so he went to the park to find one! Except, somehow like magic, someone showed up on his doorstep, and said "I'm moving in." She had never been in the city before. He had never met her, and nobody he knew had ever heard of her. It was as if she had just spawned out of nothingness and was gifted to him by some higher power in the world. He decided it was fate. Or destiny. Or he was just really, really lucky.

Alex had amassed huge amounts of lifetime happiness, and immediately after she appeared he left his lifetime happiness diminish slightly, but his attractiveness sky rocketed, and he had the feeling nothing he said would ever be dull again. Eyebrow cocked, and masterfully cooked salad in hand, he wooed the new lady. Tassai, as she was called, was quickly in love with him. He worked fast, flirting for hours on end before confessing an obvious attraction, proposing that they go steady, proposing to be wed, and then proposing a private wedding. They were wed within the day she arrived! He was beaming happily, and finally went to bed. Minutes later the carpool showed up for him, but, being asleep, he missed it.

Luckily he wasn't fired, but the promotion that was just out of his reach was now distant. Despite that, Alex went into work as happy and chipper as could be. He chatted aimlessly to everyone, and overall made the hospital a much happier, friendlier place. After only three days of this behavior, he was called into his bosses office one final time.

"Dr. Baldwin, you have now reach level ten of your... err... I mean... You are being promoted to a world renown.... err... no... You are now renown by the entire world! You are a world renown surgeon!" Alex beamed, and then promptly quit his job. When questioned about this, he smiled and said. "It was my life ambition to be a world renown surgeon. Now that I've done it, I'm good. I want to explore the world! Do you realize how miserable it was to do nothing but focus on achieving this? It's time to have fun!"

His meager solo living, despite his rather lavish house, had provided him with nearly $500,000. He kissed his newly wedded wife, and left without her to China. There he found adventure, danger, and treasure! He found so many relics, that he much more than afforded each trip he took. When he was finally done exploring China, he went to Egypt to explore the pyramids. His training in China had prepared him for mummies, traps, and puzzles, so he quickly completed every adventure he could there.

He of course found time for his wife, and his children before adventures. He would swear he had been gone for weeks, but they would disagree and say he had only been gone for a few minutes. Despite that strangeness, he spent all the time he had between adventures with his wife and three children. They grew up slowly while he was away, so he didn't feel like he missed much. He had yet to miss a birthday, a first step, a first word, or even a first day of school. He was favored with both an adventurous life around the world, and a happy, loving family at home.

At last, when he decided there was nothing left for him exploring Egypt, he went to France, land of romance. But he wasn't interested in any of that! Why, he had his growing lovely family, he needed no more love in his life than that! No, he was after was more treasure; more adventure! He cockily walked up to the board which listed requests for help, and grabbed the newest paper. A request for frogs. He declined that, and looked at another. Someone wanted some nectar. No, he was going to be adventurous, dashing, daring, and bold! Not go fishing for frogs, or brew some nectar. That was the skills he did between adventures when he was bored.

He checked the sign again. Another person asking for nectar. And that was the last paper on the board. Sighing his disappointment, Alex went to bed until 12:01 when new adventures would be posted! But there was only more requests for frogs, and nectar. He refused, and waited for the next day, but it was always the same requests. Finally his time there was nearly over. So he went to the store, bought a book on how to catch frogs, and went home to read it. While there he saw his first grand child born.

On his next bold adventure to France, he was again plagued by frog requests, but he rose to the challenge! But he would find this a mission he could not complete.

He quickly found a pond with frogs swimming, and set off to catch some. He was asked for two, but he figured since he was here, he might as well catch several. Suddenly the sky went dark. But Alex ignored it. It was night time, the sky going dark didn't mean anything to him. He was busy catching frogs in case he got more requests for frogs.

And that's when it hit him. Literally. A meteorite hit him. And he died. Maxed out skills, a new granddaughter, and a nearly complete set of relic collections. Over. All over. Was it a vicious flame trap that did him in while exploring vast dungeons? Or a mummy that cursed him while defiling ancient pyramids? Or maybe getting lost and starving while searching nasty catacombs? No. A meteorite crushed him while fishing for frogs.

Uuuuuugggggghhh... I should have been worried when it got dark at night...

Oh well. Now I can haunt that jerk who kept asking for frog legs instead of real adventure!!

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Re: The fantastic adventures of Dr. Baldwin.
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2010, 05:12:55 AM »
That was an awesome story!  Well done!  Did you really have a meteorite come down while in France? 
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Re: The fantastic adventures of Dr. Baldwin.
« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2010, 05:35:40 AM »
I love this story. It's making me giggle so much.  ;D You're a good writer, sir, and I feel bad for Doctor Baldwin. It's too bad you couldn't have made a time machine and been like a certain -other- doctor. ;)
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