Author Topic: Building Contest 2013-3 Valentine's Venue: The Organ Grinder  (Read 1272 times)

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Building Contest 2013-3 Valentine's Venue: The Organ Grinder
« on: February 14, 2013, 12:36:42 PM »
The Organ Grinder - Live Show Venue
Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Value: $70,000
Content Used: All Expansions
Description:  Fed up with flowers?  Sick of serenades under the stars?  In the mood for excitement, mystery, and a dash of danger?  Look no further than The Organ Grinder!  Leave the kids at home and head on down to the abandoned rail yard, where grease and glitter shine equally as bright under the lights of the big top. 

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the midway, where magicians and acrobats perform feats of amazement amongst the arcade machines.  Grab a seat in the theatre and watch the astounding, death-defying stage acts.  Or take a risk and stroll through the Hall of Mirrors - if you dare.

Grab a bite and let Mesmera the Serpent Queen charm your hearts up on the Jungle Catwalk.  Try a taste of the art of trapeze and swing out beyond the railing, high above the stage and midway.  Dance the night away at the Hearts Afire bar, where you and your sweetheart can take turns immortalizing the thrills of the evening in the tattoo chair.  Beatrice the Bearded Lady is one lean, mean bartending machine - seriously, don't get on her bad side!

There's so much to see and do - get your fortune told, skinny dip in the sinkhole out back, try out poses in the photo booth - you'll return again and again to The Organ Grinder!

Almost every activity on the lot will automatically be shared by a date, or offers a "do with" option.

-The venue is currently a Live Show venue.  Due to the venue's hours, the seasonal vendors might show up to work "early" to find the doors closed, then will stand outside all day rather than going to their booths once the venue opens.  They still function as a vendor, but stand in the wrong spot.  If this happens in your game and bothers you, an easy fix is to change the venue type to Coffeehouse (open 24 hours), or to move the booths outside.
-The lot is fully functional as a show venue, spawning a proprietor and allowing performers to book gigs and use the stage.
-It might not look it, but the sinkhole out back is a hot tub, and the caution tape creates a separate room for it.
-Master Romancers will find this venue especially thrilling.   ;)

This build can be freely used in stories, etc.