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The Style Warehouse (Salon)
« on: February 18, 2015, 09:52:09 PM »
I made this a year ago for Flash Mob on the offical forum.  It's pretty much my favorite build that I've made, so I thought I'd share it here too. 

What if Katieeee's blog were a place where sims could shop? If it were, I imagine, it would be The Style Warehouse. Here, sims can try on the latest fashions, and stylist sims can work on creating their newest designs. 

Note: to make the venue match the photos, your sim will need to add frames to the pictures above the coffee bar and in the bathrooms. :-)

The mannequin on the platform is unroutable, but I thought it looked nice.  The mannequins may not show up as the female YA formal, female teen formal, and male YA formal as shown in the picture, but Sims will change them anyways to browse the outfits they're looking to purchase. 

Lot Size: 20x15
Type: Salon

First floor:

Second floor:

EPs: Ambitions, Generations, Into the Future, Island Paradise, Late Night, Pets, Seasons, Showtime, Supernatural, University Life, World Adventures
SPs: 70s, 80s, & 90s, Diesel, High End Loft, Master Suite
Store Worlds/Venues/Sets: Aurora Skies, Lucky Palms, Happy Halloween: Gory Goodies, JCP Teen Set, The Lucky Simoleon Casino, Prism Art Studio
Store buy items: II-Stand Corkboard, Delicacy Server Stand, Gothique Cushion and Pearls, Graceful Gelatin Taste and Style Sculpture, Grove Cone Ceiling Light, Leaves of Tears, Little Trees, Loitering Luggage, Mmmmmm! Cupcakes!, O.M.G. Chair, Plants In Glass, Realtor's Baggage Props, Souped Up Napkin Holder, Spa Necessities, Stacked Planters, Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice Wall Shelf, The Traveler's Choice Hat Box (Box Version), The Traveler's Choice Hat Box (Round Version)
Store CAS items: The Accelerator, All the Things Skirt Set, Business on the Top Vintage, Chime Charm Top, Classic NightShirt, Color Blocked Top, Dashingly Dapper, Eight Button Trench Coat, Floral Swim Trunks, Forgive Me Not Club Dress, Fruity Bikini Top, High Heel with Stone Accent (YA/adult), Inevitable Pain High Heels (teen), Little Gentleman, Long Sleeve Shirt and Scarf, Messenger Brogues, The Natural Suit, Naval Gazing Vintage, One Stone to Rule Them All Necklace (teen), Parfait Baby Cross Bow, Pearl Draped Vintage, R&R Vintage, Pentuple Earrings, Ruffles and Bows Swimsuit, Sawyer Shorts, Seven Stones of Wonder Necklace (teen), Snap and Sprint Shoes, Sporty Tank Top, Start-Up Chic, T-Shirt Tuxedo, TriSuit (elder), The Tux

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Re: The Style Warehouse (Salon)
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2015, 09:53:20 PM »
Here is how the outfits on the mannequins were set:

Young Adult & Adult




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Re: The Style Warehouse (Salon)
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2015, 10:33:58 AM »
This looks great, I love how spacious it is and the colour choices used. It the sort of retail outlet I love visiting  ;)
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