Author Topic: Building Contest 2013:5 - Larger than life; Chateau de Toy Box  (Read 925 times)

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Chateau de Toy Box

Lot size: 30x30
Furnished price: §109,795
Unfurnished price: §52,973
Bed spaces: 7 (1 double, 4 single, 1 crib)
Bathrooms: 2 full ensuit, 1 powder room and 1 shower/laundry room
Expansions required: Supernatural, LN, WA, Seasons, Pets, Showtime, Generations, University, Ambitions
Stuff packs required: Town Life, Outdoor living
Store content: None

Have you ever wondered why toddlers spend so much time hiding in the toy box? Ever wanted to join your toddler in there? Here's your chance.

Inside Chateau de Toy Box the inside of every toy box is revealed. The top floor has: 1 master bedroom with en suit, a large children's room with 2 bunk beds and attached nursery with en suit. The ground floor has: a large open plan kitchen/dining/living room, 1 powder room, a laundry/shower room and even your own gym. Outside there is a pool and a bbq area and of course lots and lots of play equipment. The gardens are overflow with purple flowers, just like the original toy box!